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Toon Disney Premiered Jun 01, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • As A Matter Of Factoid, As The Patrol Went Through The Fairy Ring, They Are Officially Immune To Becoming A Toadstool. But The Instruments In Season 2 Is An Exception.

    After 2 Years Of Staying At Toon Disney, The Patrol Get Replaced By The Network For Better Shows. This Proves Jetix, The Weekday Movie Show, And The Bonus Stacks Made The Ratings Low! By Jove, We Got To Stop This Carnage! But Let Me Give You The Heads Up. Season 1: The Toad Patrol Race To The Portal To Toad Hollow, The Fairy Ring. Season 2: The Toadlets Except Earth Star, Leave Toad Hollow To Save All The Toadlets And Earth Star From Their Toadstool Prisons And Succeeded! It Is A Astonishing Series!
    Toad Patrol Fans, Unite! And Thank You! There's yet to be a 3rd season to be revealed, so don't be arranging the show's funeral yet.
  • Toad Patrol Must Come Back!

    Whether toads hatch on land or in the water, they all soon make their way to the water. There they grow as tadpoles, change into toads and, when their limbs have grown and their tails have disappeared, they crawl back out onto land.

    Instinctively, these young toads, who we call Toadlets, are drawn by the celestial movements of the sun and moon to migrate to the legendary Fairy Ring. This Ring allows them to pass into a peaceful and protected haven known as Toad Hollow.

    Toadlets take the migration very seriously because the Fairy Ring grows smaller each time the sun crosses the moon, until at last it disappears. Any Toadlet who has not passed through its portal is instantly turned into a toadstool. But, what happens when something goes wrong? What happens when eight brothers and sisters are born very late in the season, crawl up onto the land and discover that they've missed the great migration? What do they do when they are lost - stranded - not knowing where or how to find the Fairy Ring? How do they survive when the world which confronts them seems huge and frightening? Against nearly insurmountable odds, our eight Toadlets band together and set out on an amazing quest - a race against time that takes them through the woods in search of the Fairy Ring and the Toad Hollow haven.

    The first 13 episodes tell the story of that quest. Every episode thrills us with one of the delightful, enchanting, scary, mystical, heartwarming and action-packed adventures of the Toad Patrol™. As each Toad Patrol™ adventure unfolds, we become more familiar with our courageous little Toadlets. Fur Foot bravely leads them where no toad has hopped before. Beauty Stem becomes the keeper of the light. Elf Cup’s music captures the beauty of the forest, while Shaggy Mane distinguishes himself as the giver of names. Puff Ball’s strength often saves the day, and the twins, Oyster and Slippery Jack, spend much of their time in harmonious disagreement. But even the twins agree that Panther Cap is special, not because he is the youngest and smallest, but because he has the gift, the ability to hear the ancient Thunder Trees that guide migrating Toadlets toward the Fairy Ring and the safety of Toad Hollow. Their world becomes our world. We see it from their perspective; Trees are as big as skyscrapers; a large leaf can shelter them from a summer downpour; fallen logs are gigantic obstacles to overcome; and a small stream has all the force of a raging river. From their perspective, even danger takes a different form. Being too small for bears, wolves and cougars to bother with, our Toadlets do not fear the big forest predators. Instead, it is a nasty but somewhat dim-witted hog-nosed snake named Erebus, and a swiftly swooping osprey called Medea, who continually make their lives miserable. Danger from Stompers (humans) comes not from a hunter’s rifle, but from their big, heavy boots.

    Even worse are the evil eyes and deafening roar of the terrible Rumble Crushers (cars, trucks, RVs) that terrorize any Toadlet who foolishly contemplates crossing the Big Black Trails (roads) that wind through the forest. But nature balances terror with wonder: While the constant threat of danger and the hair-raising escapes provide the action for our series, the mystical beauty of the forest gives Toad Patrol™ its heart and soul. For the forest can be a wondrous playground, constantly changing with a shift of light, the rustle of wind through leaves, or the shimmering of morning dew. Hills become slides, twigs become jungle gyms, and mud puddles become...pure mud fun.

    Here the Toadlets discover that not everyone they meet is intent on having them for dinner. They meet friendly salamanders and turtles. A wise-cracking bullfrog offers helpful advice. Even the Stompers have been thoughtful enough to create toad tunnels so that migrating toads can cross the roads in safety.

    Our heroes become best friends with Earth Star, a lovable do-your-own- thing, guitar-playing Toadlet who foolishly missed last season’s migration and was turned into a toadstool. Earth Star became the talk of the forest when he inexplicably reverted back to Toadlet form - the only Toadlet to have done so. No one knows why, least of all Earth Star, who now roams the forest enjoying life as a wandering minstrel. He has no idea if he’ll turn into a toadstool again, but it doesn’t bother him much.

    The most fascinating and important character that the Toadlets meet is the legendary Mistle-Toad™. Generations ago, Mistle-Toad™ left the sanctuary of Toad Hollow and returned to the woods, determined that one day he would solve the mystery of the toadstools and turn them all back into toads. Though very caring, Mistle-Toad™ is a loner who is revered and respected by many woodland creatures as one of the forest’s oldest and wisest inhabitants.

    It is Mistle-Toad™ who explains the need to find the Fairy Ring, and it is he who recognizes Panther Cap’s special ability. The Toadlets are a little frightened of Mistle-Toad™, but it is through their sporadic contact with him that they begin to see beyond their hostile environment. They soon understand the mystical majesty of Mother Nature and the overwhelming beauty of her Great Forest.

    Their greatest victories, however, are the things they discover about themselves and each other. In their race against time, our Toadlets are forced, through trial and error, to learn many lessons about friendship, trust, caring and sharing, empathy, caution, determination, self-esteem, responsibility, selflessness, sacrifice and respect for others. With warmth, humour and sensitivity, Toad Patrol™ explores each Toadlet’s struggle to come of age and join with the others to reach their goal.

    I remember watching Toad Patrol on Toon Disney. It was one of the best shows I had ever watched. I hope Toad Patrol comes back for it's third season soon.
  • IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S TOAD PATROL!!! season one was the start of a major journey for these eight spontaneous little creatures called toadlets and the next season only gets better. what is the name of this awesome show again?!

    *sings* Toad Patrol, we're going on a Toad Patrol!

    yes. Toad Patrol. that one major phenomenon that goes unnoticed by the ignorant eyes of today's youth and media. this show is absolutely fabulous and well worth watching whether you are seven or seventy! I haven't seen all the episodes but I can tell you that what I have seen was absolutely fantastic. oh, and did you know that Toad Patrol is actually an Animé? yes. it was animated in Asia, very carefully, I might add.

    Toad Patrol is a very classic very easy-to-follow tale of both truth and fiction. most of Toad Patrol was based on actual knowledge, real life things. Fur Foot, Beauty Stem, Elf Cup, Shaggy Mane, Puff Ball, Slippery Jack, Oyster and Panther Cap are all named after toadstools as well as our cute hippified little buddy with the lil bitty crush, Earth Star. ahhh yes... Earth Star... the little toadlet everyone loves. the one always around to help our eight little buddies get along.

    one thing I like about Toad Patrol is... really, there is no main character. yes, Panther Cap plays a major part in the series but I honestly wouldn't call him the "main" character. all the characters play an important role in helping our little friends overcome obstacles and make their way to there lovely migration place, Toad Hollow.

    you may think that all eight of them are related but personally my theory is that Fur Foot is related to the twins, Beauty Stem is related to Shaggy Mane and Panther Cap and Elf Cup is related to Puff Ball. that's one of the more complicated aspects of the series. figuring out if they are all truly related or if they are infact separate families who have come together and learned to get along and consider each other family.

    Toad Patrol teaches you alot about things like racism; the episode where they meet Barnaby and since than, Puff Ball and Elf Cup have disliked frogs... see? it's abit like real life.

    Fur Foot is the proud leader of his group. he plays an important role in the group, leading them from place to place, keeping their spirits up and assisting them whenever they need.

    Beauty Stem is the second in command. granted the gift of beauty and an incredible singing voice. she also has a knack for healing. she is like a mother figure to everyone.

    Elf Cup is third oldest though she hardly acts it. even though sometimes she may seem like a pain in the neck, her heart is truly in the right place. she just tries her best to help her friends.

    Shaggy Mane is fourth oldest. truly a poet at heart and a real klutz if I've ever seen one... X.x but he just does his best. he loves to explore and spend time with his best bud, SJ.

    Puff Ball is fifth oldest though he truly acts older than he is. often using sarcasm as a form of self-expression, this huggable toadlet is truly a credit to his group.

    Slippery Jack and Oyster are twins, both fighting for sixth oldest. Slippery Jack is the paranoid smart one who usually devises the plans and looks before every leap. Oyster is the explorer. she loves to play around and cheer others up... whenever she isn't arguing with her brother... >.>

    Panther Cap is the youngest of the bunch. often picked on for his small size and his special gift given to him by a group from long ago called the Ancients. the Ancients play a big part in his life, guiding him through the lightning oaks or as they call them "thunder trees." the spirits within the trees would give him a small riddle and he and his group would have to figure the rest out on their own.

    in Toad Patrol, there is one thing I truly admire... is that through the music and the actions of these brave little creatures, they are able to send out a message and let you actually feel what they are feeling, when they are feeling sad, you feel sad (ex. The Sacrifice or The Healer) or when they feel happy, you do as well (ex. Journey's End or The Fairy Ring) mostly its the endings that truly hit you and make you think. the beginning is abit like a teaser. it makes you wonder just what is going to happen... especially if it's your first time watching. the effect that the beginnings have truly linger... in the middle there are questions asked and questions from previous episodes answered and like I said... the endings are truly something inspired. I truly admire the creators of this fantastic series.

    the music was inspired as well and I'm telling you, nothing about the music was lazily done... it was all just... amazing... the music blows me away every time I hear it... it doesn't matter how many times I've heard it but... it's just amazing the effect the music has...

    the animation is something to be inspired as well. like I said, this is an Animé and I believe there are about a million panels, each hand drawn per episode. they add light computer affects to lighten it up but it is kept simple and classic. 2-D animation, which is what you hardly see anymore. especially such pleasant 2-D animation.

    also each character who helps them like Mistle Toad, Earth Star, the Outsider... they are also such amazing characters. they don't have to be main characters to be well recognized.

    Mistle Toad's name was actually the only made up name in the whole tv series. they say his name came to be when George Sarson was sitting in his office, with a box of eraser frogs on his desk, fiddling with a piece of mistle toe... than he came up with the idea of Mistle Toad... though honestly, Mistle Toad was actually the name of a chocolate. so I believe that is where he got it, but it's all possible. Mistle Toad is basically the guide for the lost toadlets. he doesn't baby any of them but he does what he can to help. he is truly wise and spends most of his time searching for the Ancients.

    Earth Star is a toadlet, named after a toadstool obviously, who somehow managed to turn back into a toadlet. he was a toadstool at one point and it's one of the many mysteries Mistle Toad is trying to solve. our little friend seems to have Elf Cup all over him, poor guy considering he already has a thing for our little healer. that's right. Beauty Stem. his favourite past times are playing music and goofing off. =P

    the Outsider: her name basically says who she is. she is an outsider and I believe she is one of the Ancients. little is known about her but one thing is for sure. she was able to save Beauty Stem from certain death.

    the other characters, toadlets/toads or not are also very helpful... either that or... what is the opposite of helpful? yeah... characters like Medea, Erebus or Green Eyes.

    I don't think I should write anymore seeing as I've probably already given away too much... but anyway... I hope I've told you enough about Toad Patrol to get you interested in actually sitting down and watching it before just being closed-minded and saying you don't like it. try something before saying you don't like it. thanks! ^^

    - Tinker
  • You want adventure? You got adventure. Toad Patrol is one of the wildest adventures of any classically animated cartoon. Follow eight toadlets who've missed the Great Migration as they face many dangers on their impossible quest to safety...

    Toad Patrol is the creme de la creme of childrens animation. A highly engaging adventure show, Toad Patrol pits the eight toadlets we follow against nature in an impossible race for the safe haven known as Toad Hollow. Not only are there many dangers - snakes, birds, weasels, even humans, they must also make it to Toad Hollow in a certain amount of time, or the portal to the hollow will disappear. Our toadlets survive against massive odds, and through it learn respect, kindness, and a little about themselves. Our toadlets are so brave, they'd risk their lives for their friends...and even some toadlets they don't know. Truly a great, gripping show, with strong character development and storylines, a very engaging soundtrack, and high quality animation that has won awards in Canada. Toad Patrol is a wonderful show.
  • Eight late-born toadlets go on the adventure of a lifetime as they make their way home to Toad Hollow before a terrible fate befalls them. Their journey unfolds in this wonderful children's show that can be appreciated by all.

    Like the classification states, this is a very under appreciated show. Perhaps it's the genre that causes people to disregard it, but anyone with an open mind can discover the true greatness that is Toad Patrol.

    The basic premise revolves around eight late-born toadlets who have missed the Great Migration to the toad sanctuary known as Toad Hollow. The only way to get there is to follow the direction of the mystical Thunder Trees which will lead them to the Fairy Ring, the portal that will transport them to Toad Hollow. The siblings must learn to work together if they are to make it before the Fairy Ring closes. Should they miss their opportunity, they will be transformed into toadstools.

    Sounds simple enough, yes? Well, it would be if there wasn’t a large, hungry snake named Erebus trying to eat you, or a large flying bird named Medea swooping down on you. Not to mention all of the other natural (and some man-made) dangers of the forest. Imagine trying to innocently hop across the road, when all of a sudden a Rumble Crusher (that’s Toad Speak for “vehicle”) nearly runs over you. Not a happy thought. This show does a great job of presenting the many dangers of the world in such a way that it will not scare a young child. If the toadlets can handle it, so can you.

    Speaking of toadlets, there are eight central toadlets, as I mentioned. Fur Foot, Beauty Stem, Elf Cup, Shaggy Mane, Puff Ball, Oyster, Slippery Jack, and Panther Cap. Each character has their own distinctive personality that makes them lovable, whether they’re the brave leader, the motherly sister, the playful rebel, the clumsy name giver, the gruff muscleman, the rascally or genius twin, or the quiet boy with the rare special ability of talking to Thunder Trees. Joining the toadlets are Earth Star, a toadlet that somehow managed to survive being turned into a toadstool, and Mistle Toad, the wise toad that guides the toadlets through the forest and encourages them to do the right thing.

    This show does a good job of teaching morals to people without really shoving it in their face like some kind of after school special. And even if you’re someone like me, who has outgrown children’s programming and moved on to college, you can still manage to find enjoyment in Toad Patrol’s teachings. These morals are also a good way for the characters to develop.

    Season 2 has a different plot from season 1. Season 1 was about getting to the Fairy Ring in one piece. Season 2 picks up right where season 1 leaves off and tackles the disappearance of Mistle Toad, and the search for a way to turn all the toadstools back into toadlets. It’s clear that many stories can be conjured up involving these characters, and that’s a great thing. After spending two seasons with them, you’ll find yourself wanting to know just what happened to all the toadlets.

    The thing I love the most is the amount of detail and history involved with the premise of the show. There is an entire toad vocabulary utilized within it, and I’ll admit, I’ve caught myself calling the sky “big blue” or a lake the “deep wet.” There is also the use of the concept of Toad Tunnels which toads use to cross streets, as well as other miscellaneous information involving toads. Seeing these stories set in such a realistic environment makes it very interesting. The toadlets make use of their surroundings and you start to see things from their point of view and react to them as if they were humans.

    The general adventurous nature of this show makes it fun to watch. Despite the dangers and the outcome they face if they don’t reach the Fairy Ring, they still manage to be a family and enjoy their time in the forest. The comedy is simple, I mean, it is a show for young children, after all. But I still find myself laughing at the things they say. The light hearted nature of the twins Oyster and Slippery Jack picking on each, or Shaggy Mane thinking up poems on the spot contrasts the slightly more serious nature of things like Beauty Stem being poisoned by stream water contaminated with oil, or a hungry fox chasing after a lost Elf Cup in the middle of the night. Overall, I think the two are balanced pretty well.

    The animation is all right for this show. It is also simple, but the forest details are nicely done. The musical score is something to behold. The opening themes and ending themes are wonderful and very catchy. In fact, the themes are what made me wonder what the show was all about in the first place! The background music fits the mood for each scene nicely. The show also has quite a bit of singing involved. Beauty Stem sings quite a few songs of her own. In most shows like this, music is completely ignored, but you’ll find it hard to ignore such great tunes.

    So, after all is said and done, I hope I’ve gotten some people interested in Toad Patrol. It’s a great cartoon to show your children, or other children. You can even watch it yourself and enjoy it! No shame! I only wish more people knew of it. Here’s to hoping that others discover Toad Patrol and enjoy it as much as I do.