Toad Patrol

Toon Disney Premiered Jun 01, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • As A Matter Of Factoid, As The Patrol Went Through The Fairy Ring, They Are Officially Immune To Becoming A Toadstool. But The Instruments In Season 2 Is An Exception.

    After 2 Years Of Staying At Toon Disney, The Patrol Get Replaced By The Network For Better Shows. This Proves Jetix, The Weekday Movie Show, And The Bonus Stacks Made The Ratings Low! By Jove, We Got To Stop This Carnage! But Let Me Give You The Heads Up. Season 1: The Toad Patrol Race To The Portal To Toad Hollow, The Fairy Ring. Season 2: The Toadlets Except Earth Star, Leave Toad Hollow To Save All The Toadlets And Earth Star From Their Toadstool Prisons And Succeeded! It Is A Astonishing Series!
    Toad Patrol Fans, Unite! And Thank You! There's yet to be a 3rd season to be revealed, so don't be arranging the show's funeral yet.