Toad Patrol

Toon Disney Premiered Jun 01, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • You want adventure? You got adventure. Toad Patrol is one of the wildest adventures of any classically animated cartoon. Follow eight toadlets who've missed the Great Migration as they face many dangers on their impossible quest to safety...

    Toad Patrol is the creme de la creme of childrens animation. A highly engaging adventure show, Toad Patrol pits the eight toadlets we follow against nature in an impossible race for the safe haven known as Toad Hollow. Not only are there many dangers - snakes, birds, weasels, even humans, they must also make it to Toad Hollow in a certain amount of time, or the portal to the hollow will disappear. Our toadlets survive against massive odds, and through it learn respect, kindness, and a little about themselves. Our toadlets are so brave, they'd risk their lives for their friends...and even some toadlets they don't know. Truly a great, gripping show, with strong character development and storylines, a very engaging soundtrack, and high quality animation that has won awards in Canada. Toad Patrol is a wonderful show.