Toad Patrol - Season 2

Toon Disney Premiered Jun 01, 2002 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Journey's End
    Journey's End
    Episode 13
    Both old friends and enemies are out in full force as the toadlets make the final journey to find and play the instruments in the hopes of turning all of the forests' toadstools back into toadlets. Oyster and Puff Ball find themselves in a continuous battle with Medea to prevent the thicksicles from being destroyed. Oyster finds that a talk with Sigmund and some singing helps to calm her down. Meanwhile, Mistle Toad's group hooks up with Loki, who shows them that the strum-along instrument they're looking for is inside a wet drop. He then helps them with a clever ploy to get rid of Erebus, who had decided to set up camp and then go on a toadlet hunt after the music was played. Finally, Fur Foot, Panther Cap and Elf Cup meet up with Calypso Frog. She shows them how to reach the tooter instrument they're looking for, but they realize that it's broken, which is likely why the Ancients stopped playing the music. It becomes a race against time to find an alternate instrument, as Mistle Toad waits until the yellow ball rises again to give the signal.moreless
  • The Bridge
    The Bridge
    Episode 12
    Knowing that they must all play the music at the same time to turn the toadstools back into toadlets, the Toad Patrol continues their journey. Fur Foot, Elf Cup and Panther Cap find themselves in a dilemma when Fur Foot is trapped in a hole underneath a log. They find some help from an old friend while journeying where they were when they got trapped by Erebus. Speaking of Erebus, he's found Mistle Toad and his group trapped underneath a stomper crossing and is doing his best to harass them. That's when Barnaby arrives and works with Shaggy Mane to provide a unique solution to the problem. Meanwhile, Oyster is upset about not being able to go out and pick some smellies, but spending some time with Sigmund, the guardian of the toadstools, cheers her up.moreless
  • The Sacrifice
    The Sacrifice
    Episode 11
    The toadlets are all continuing their journey to play the thicksicles, but it continues to be a hard journey. Panther Cap is worried when it seems he's lost his ability to hear the Thunder Trees. Fur Foot and Elf Cup devise a plan to show Panther Cap that he still has his ability. Meanwhile, Puff Ball and Oyster are troubled by a strange creature scuttling around the caves where the thicksicles are. It turns out to be Sigmund, the guardian of the toadstools, with an important message about one of their own. This has a direct effect on Mistle Toad, Beauty Stem, Slippery Jack and Earth Star, who are having a hard journey. They end up disturbing a rat named Orpheus, who tricks them after they help him out, causing Earth Star to attempt saving his friends with a risky plan.moreless
  • Good Day
    Good Day
    Episode 10
    The toadlets are all looking forward to a good day, but they find that various circumstances are turning things bad. Medea is out and about and what's worse --- the thicksicles are beginning to melt. Furfoot and Elf Cup are trying to cross the big wet and decide to let Panther Cap sleep in. Unfortunately, he gets chased out, but then his life is saved by a new friend, a honker (goose) who's named Artemis, but goes by the name of Artie. Seemingly obsessed with the idea of saving lives, Artie decides to come along with Panther Cap to help Furfoot and Elf Cup, but makes sure to avoid his Mom, for fear she might make him eat his new friend. Meanwhile, Earth Star is in despair over the possibilty of Beauty Stem staying in the forest to become a healer. She does her best to convince him that she has to follow her heart. Finally, Oyster and Puff Ball are guarding the thicksicles that are starting to melt. They work to find a way to turn a bad situation to their advantage so that the thicksicles can stay cool.moreless
  • The Lost Symphony
    The Lost Symphony
    Episode 9
    EarthStar plays the ancient tune on the five giant icicles but fails to change the toadstools back into Toadlets. Learning that 2 more instruments must be found and played together, the Toad Patrol make a hair-raising descent down the big climb on a home made elevator and set out to search the valley before the spring warmth melts the icicles.moreless
  • Invasion
    Episode 8
    While Earth Star and his group return to the temple, the temple group has found themselves in a bit of a jam. They're being chased by two vicious weasels named Snout and Ollie who will do anything to catch them and to torture them. They come up with a number of clever plans to escape, but the dim-witted weasels manage to keep tracking them anyway. After this group gives them the shake for good, they turn their attention on Earth Star's group. Meanwhile, the other group has fallen into a hole where they meet up with a turtle and make some amazing discoveries about just why the Ancients stopped playing the music and the toadlets were turned into toadstools.moreless
  • Choices
    Episode 7
    Puff Ball, Elf Cup and Fur Foot are nearing Toad Hollow, while Mistle Toad has found some new Toad Scratches back at the caves. Slippery Jack is too tired to help, so Oyster offers to come up with a plan all her own. When she's told it's too risky, she grows upset and contemplates trying the dangerous plan all on her own. Meanwhile, the Toad Hollow group comes upon a frog named Calypso. Wary of her due their past experience from Barnaby, they try to hide from her at first what they're after. But when they find themselves getting nowhere fast, they find that they must overcome their prejudice. Later, another toadlet faces a deep, personal fear in deciding to help out the Toad Patrol.moreless
  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 6
    Shaggy Mane has been having some fun boarding, but Beauty Stem tells him to knock it off and help Panther Cap. He tries to board his way to Panther Cap, but ends up taking Panther Cap for a wild ride. The two end up lost, but receive some important help from The Outsider. She shows Panther Cap how he can use his special gift in a way he never knew was possible. Meanwhile, Fur Foot, Puff Ball and Elf Cup are still on their way to return to Toad Hollow and find Earth Star. As they're once again threatened by the flying menace of Medea, they receive some unexpected assistance in the form of a woofer (dog.) They're then faced with a difficult decision as to whether they should leave him behind to make haste, or try to help him out. As if that's not enough, the increasing temperature has awakened an old nemesis.moreless
  • Castaway
    Episode 5
    Fur Foot, Puff Ball and Elf Cup are continuing their journey to Toad Hollow and find themselves forced to cross a melting pond. Meanwhile, Mistle Toad's group has received a new order from Beauty Stem --- to have some fun! It seems that Panther Cap is feeling down and out over not being able to make out the voices in his head, so it's hoped that having some fun will take his mind off the worries. As they have fun with icicles that work like funhouse mirrors, the others find themselves in a tight spot when a flat swimmer cracks the ice, stranding them on an island. At various points, they all want to give up, but find the strength to go on. As they struggle to survive and find a way off, Panther Cap senses their danger. He's upset at not being able to do anything to solve the problem, but then finds himeself face-to-face with the Ancients, chanting a strange incantation that may just be of help.moreless
  • Castle of The Ancients
    The Toad Patrol has reached the big climb and faces a tough journey up. Oyster manages to convince a "finder" to help out. Although the Toad Patrol has to threaten him in a way to get him to help out, it's only because he won't believe them when they tell him that they don't mean any harm. The way up the big climb is not easy, but by working together and trusting each other, they make it. Once there, they find the Castle of the Ancients. There, it's another tough challenge to rescue Mistle Toad, who has some very important information.moreless
  • Winter Woes
    Winter Woes
    Episode 3
    When a fierce storm blows Furfoot, Beauty Stem and Puff Ball across a field, Elf Cup assumes responsibility for the others. A hailstorm, a ride on a stomper's snowshoe and a narrow escape from an angry badger, convinces her that leadership is not an easy task.
  • The Healer
    The Healer
    Episode 2
    The Toad Patrol continues their journey to rescue Mistle Toad, coming upon a big block of thick wet, a frozen lake. They have some rough encounters with rumblecrushers and snowmobiles, but also encounter a new friend, Loki the otter, who helps them to get across the thick wet. Unfortunately, Panther Cap falls through a hole into the chilly wet. Fur Foot dives to save him, but it ends up being Loki who rescues him. He's fallen into a deep sleep and the toadlets all find a toad tunnel. While searching for a way to help Panther Cap, most of the Toad Patrol is trapped outside, while Beauty Stem is inside with Slippery Jack and the sleeping Panther Cap. She must rely on intuition and a friendly visitor to help him out.moreless
  • A Cry For Help
    A Cry For Help
    Episode 1
    The toadlets are having a blast in Toad Hollow, where everything is fun and there are no dangers to worry about. Panther Cap, for his part, is enjoying some nice relaxation time because he's tired from all the adventures. It's then that he receives an urgent call from Mistle Toad, who's in danger, urging him to leave Toad Hollow and make the big climb. Though some toadlets are reluctant to leave Toad Hollow, helping Mistle Toad is too important. Elf Cup, Shaggy Mane, Oyster and Slippery Jack, however, are asked to stay behind. They decide to follow along anyway as the toadlets find themselves in a radically different forest covered with thick white. There, they soon face old and new enemies but find that they're still strong when they stick together.moreless