Toad Patrol

Season 1 Episode 13

The Fairy Ring

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2002 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

The toadlets, including Mistle Toad have followed the drying river to the Fairy Ring located within a cracked rock. To reach it they must pass over highly cracked dried mud. Medea attacks and all but Earth Star and Panther Cap are near the ring. As the sun sets, Mistle Toad warns the toadlets that unless they enter the Fairy Ring before the sun sets, they will turn into toadstools. The Toad Patrol refuse to leave, stating that without Panther Cap they never would have found the Fairy Ring. They won't go without him. Erebus shows up and wants revenge on Panther Cap for tricking him in previous episode. Mistle Toad jumps on Erebus to distract him so Panther Cap can get to the Fairy Ring. Medea returns and Mistle Toad makes it to where Medea ends up carrying away an angry Erebus. Meanwhile all the toadlets have gone through to Toad Hollow. As the gate is disapearing Earth Star jumps through with Panther Cap. Mistle Toad returns to find that all is well, before continuing on his way to locate the Ancients.