Toad Patrol

Season 1 Episode 6

The Stay Away Place

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 2002 on Toon Disney
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The Stay Away Place
The toadlets are heading towards the next Thunder Tree. They slide into it, but also find themselves facing the Stay Away Place --- a large toadstool graveyard of sorts. Earth Star's there and he explains that this is the place where he and his friends turned to toadstools, having just missed the Fairy Ring. Despite the Thunder Tree's advice to continue forward, the toadlets decide to go around this scary area. They come to large cliff and find Mistle Toad in imminent danger of falling to the bottom. As the toadlets work to keep him from falling, Panther Cap and Beauty Stem make their way back through the Stay Away Place to get help from Earth Star. There, they find help from some unexpected friends and also face some of their deepest fears.moreless

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    Jonathan Koensgen

    Jonathan Koensgen

    Unknown Character (Credited as John Koensgen)

    Sonja Ball

    Sonja Ball

    Panther Cap/Beauty Stem (Credited as Sonia Ball)

    Terrence Scammell

    Terrence Scammell


    Sylvain Landry

    Sylvain Landry

    Unknown Character

    Bryn McAuley

    Bryn McAuley


    Rick Jones

    Rick Jones

    Puff Ball/Erebus/Digger

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    • QUOTES (9)

      • Beauty Stem: Where's Panther Cap going?
        Fur Foot: To get Earth Star.
        Beauty Stem: All that way? Alone?
        Fur Foot: We all have to take chances.
        Beauty Stem: We don't all talk to Thunder Trees. If something happens to him, everyone's in trouble.

      • Earth Star: (laughs) Hey, Mistle Toad, can't you stay out of trouble?
        Mistle Toad: Use your muscles, Earth Star! They're the only thing about you that works.

      • Earth Star: (to Beauty Stem) O fair and sweet toadlet, I am yours to command!
        Panther Cap: Too all mushy.

      • Mistle Toad: The Temple of Bufonidae! This scratch shows it's near a bog.
        Puff Ball: Is that good?
        Mistle Toad: Priceless! Now I know where to look.
        Puff Ball: Great. Next we'll be pulling him out of a bog.
        Mistle Toad: I heard that!

      • Panther Cap: You said everyone's scared of something?
        Beauty Stem: Uh, I did...? ...Okay. There's so much danger in the forest, I'm afraid one of you will get hurt, that we all won't make it to Toad Hollow.
        Panther Cap: Is that why you're always picking on us to be careful?
        Beauty Stem: (giggles) Pretty silly, huh? Being afraid about things that might not even happen?
        Panther Cap: No! It's nice.

      • Panther Cap: I don't like being scared!
        Beauty Stem: Everybody's afraid of something.
        Panther Cap: I'm scared we won't find the Fairy Ring in time, and it'll be my fault!
        Beauty Stem: Your fault?
        Panther Cap: Suppose I mix up what the Thunder Tree says and I tell everybody to go the wrong way? We'll be toadstools... (gulps) ...just like them.
        Beauty Stem: Oh, Panther Cap... Listen to me. You're doing your best. That's all you can do. That's all anyone can do!
        Panther Cap: Really?
        Beauty Stem: We're very proud of you, whether we find the Fairy Ring or not.
        Panther Cap: Really?
        Beauty Stem: Really!

      • Elf Cup: (dreamily) Bye, Earth Star!
        Earth Star: Bye, Elf Cup. See ya 'round.(flirtingly) Bye, Beauty Stem.
        Beauty Stem: Uh, heh, bye, Earth Star.
        Puff Ball: Let me guess. He likes you.

      • Beauty Stem: Move forward? Through there? Oh no. I say we go around.
        Panther Cap: Me too.
        Puff Ball: (walking away) Oh, come on. That'll take ages. This place can't hurt y-- whoa! (falls into a hole) Uh, maybe we should go around.
        Shaggy Mane: Here, catch! (throws his coil in and struggles to lift Puff Ball out)
        Earth Star: Heh! Need some help?
        Puff Ball: (angrily) I'm not that heavy!

      • Puff Ball: (at the Thunder Tree) Ask it if the wet will fall.
        Earth Star: (hiding in the tree) Of course the wet will fall!
        Puff Ball: See? I told you. Wait a minute, I heard it! I-I'm not supposed to hear it!

    • NOTES (1)

      • The Thunder Tree's message to Panther Cap is that its "time has almost come," as it is an old tree and it won't last much longer. It also says "Keep moving forward. A path will be where only wind riders can go."

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