Toast of the Town

CBS (ended 1955)



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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • June 20, 1948: Series premiere w/Martin & Lewis, Rodgers and Hammerstein

      Guests (compiled from various sources):
      --Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis (comedy team)
      --Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II (Broadway legends)
      --Eugene List (concert pianist)
      --John Kokoman (a singing New York fireman)
      --Kathryn Lee (a ballerina)
      --Monica Lewis (singer)
      --Lee Goodman and Jim Kirkwood (comedy team)
      --Ruby Goldstein (the referee of the upcoming Louis-Wolcott boxing match)
      --The Toastettes (6 female dancers recruited from the June Taylor Dancers)

    • June 27, 1948: Irving Berlin, The Ink Spots, Peter Lynd Hayes, Paul Winchell

      Guests (mentioned in a 04-Jul-1948 New York Times article): 
      --Irving Berlin
      --The Ink Spots
      --Peter Lind Hayes (Vaudeville entertainer)
      --Paul Winchell (ventriloquist)
      --Mary Raye and Naldi (dancers)
      --Nan Wynn (singer)
      --A singing patrolman.
      --A troupe of dancers (probably The Toastettes).

    • July 4, 1948: Joe DiMaggio; Bill Robinson
      The scheduled guests included Joe DiMaggio, Bill Robinson, and Miles.
    • July 11, 1948: Lena Horne, Joe Howard, Joey Adams
      Scheduled guests include Lena Horne (singer); Joey Adams (comedian); Joe Howard (vaudeville veteran); and Tony Canzoneri (former lightweight boxing champion).
    • July 18, 1948
      July 18, 1948
      Episode 5
      No details available.
    • July 25, 1948
      July 25, 1948
      Episode 6
      No details available.
    • August 1, 1948: Cab Calloway
      Scheduled guests include:
      Cab Calloway
    • August 8, 1948
      August 8, 1948
      Episode 8

      --Peggy Lee
      --The De Marco Sisters
      --Harry Hershfield
      --Jody Gilbert (tap dancer)
      --Al Kelly
      --Jerry Bergen
      --Jimmy Smith (xylophone player)
      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      Willie and Eugene Howard

    • August 15, 1948
      August 15, 1948
      Episode 9

      Guests include:
      Irving Berlin
      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      Russ Morgan
      Vincent Lopez
      Nancy Donovan

    • August 22, 1948
      August 22, 1948
      Episode 10

      Scheduled guests include:
      Jan August
      The Mayo Brothers

    • August 29, 1948
      August 29, 1948
      Episode 11

      Scheduled guests include:
      Count Basie
      Lon Chaney, Jr.

    • September 5, 1948
      September 5, 1948
      Episode 12

      Scheduled guests:
      --Noro Morales (rhumba and mambo musician, band leader)
      --Patricia Bright (actress & singer)

    • September 12, 1948
      September 12, 1948
      Episode 13

      Scheduled guests:
      --Sarah Vaughan (singer)
      --Gali-Gali (Egyptian magician)

    • September 19, 1948
      September 19, 1948
      Episode 14

      Scheduled guests include:
      --Louis Jordan (Jazz/R&B musician, bandleader)
      --Benny Rubin (movie and radio comedian)

    • September 26, 1948: Al Bernie, Bob Hope (cameo)

      Guests include:
      --Al Bernie (comedian)
      --Bob Hope (cameo appearance)
      --Jerry Colonna (may have also appeared).


    • October 3, 1948
      October 3, 1948
      Episode 16

      Scheduled guests:
      --Betty Reilly (singer)
      --Les Compagnons De La Chanson (vocal group) 
      --Dean Murphy (impressionist)

    • October 10, 1948
      October 10, 1948
      Episode 17

      Scheduled guests:
      --Bill Robinson (dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson)
      --Joey Adams (comedian)
      --Tony Canzoneri (former lightweight boxing champion)
      --Mark Plant


    • October 17, 1948
      October 17, 1948
      Episode 18

      Scheduled guests:
      --Francis Faye (singer)
      --Doc Marcus (jazz musician)
      --Les Compagnons De La Chanson (singing group)

    • October 24, 1948
      October 24, 1948
      Episode 19

      Scheduled guests:
      --Benny Goodman (jazz musician with his instrumental quintet)
      --The Ink Spots (vocal quartet)
      --Myron Cohen ("dialect comedian")
      --Cass Franklin & Monica Moore (vocal duo, nightclub act).


    • October 31, 1948
      October 31, 1948
      Episode 20

      Scheduled guests:
      --Dorothy Sarnoff (singer-actress from the Broadway musical "Magdalena.")
      --Betty and Jane Kean
      --Leon De Lion

    • November 7, 1948
      November 7, 1948
      Episode 21

      Scheduled guests:
      --Dick "Lord" Buckley (comedian)
      --Monica Lewis (singer)
      --Rachel & Bebe
      --The Dunhills (tap-dancing trio)

    • November 14, 1948
      November 14, 1948
      Episode 22

      Scheduled guests:
      --Elsa and Waldo (comedic dance team)
      --Paula Bane (nightclub singer)

    • November 21, 1948
      November 21, 1948
      Episode 23

      Scheduled guests include:
      --Louis Armstrong (jazz trumpeter and singer)
      --Betty Watson (possibly Betty Jane Watson, singer & Broadway performer)

    • November 28, 1948: Margaret Phelan, Ray Morgan, Block and Sully, Eddie Garr

      --Margaret Phelan (operatic-singing)
      --Eddie Garr (comedian) - stand-up routine
      --Ray Morgan (comedian) - pretends to interview a singer who's become obsessed with fame after one record.
      --Olsen and Joy (comedy-musical duo) - performs a comic song-and-dance routine about a French girl and a sailor.
      --Greg and Lober (dance team) - perform an exotic Asian-dance routine.
      --Block and Sully (dancers Jesse Block and Eva Sully Block) - do a Spanish production number.
      Also appearing:
      --Virginia Austin (puppeteer and puppet designer) - does a musical puppet show.
      --Baltimore Colts Majorettes - routine with dancing and baton twirling.
      --Cameos/audience bows: Jack LaRue, Temple Texas, Nicholas Joy, and Billy Hildebrand.
      --Cameo: The Mayor of Baltimore (probably Thomas L. J. D'Alesandro, Jr.) presents Ed with a key to the city.

    • December 5, 1948
      December 5, 1948
      Episode 25

      --Dave Berry (comedian) - routine includes the songs "I'm Mr. Ripple" and "I'm Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover."
      --Al Bernie (comedian) - stand-up routine includes a parody of Russian radio broadcasts, and the song "You're the Gal for Me."
      --Block and Sully (couple sitting in balcony) - do a routine with Ed Sullivan.
      --Irra Petina (Metropolitan Opera contralto) - sings an excerpt from "Carmen."
      --Cameos & Audience bows: Vincent Richard Impellitteri (acting mayor of New York City); Preston Lane (Governor of Maryland); Ham Fisher ('Joe Palooka' creator & cartoonist); Trudy Michele (author of book 'Inside Tin Pan Alley').
      --Cameo: Norman Thorton appears with Ed Sullivan at end of show.

    • December 12, 1948: Nanette Fabray, Bunny Briggs, Pat C. Flick, McCarthy & Farrell, Nellie Lutcher

      --Nanette Fabray - "Green Up Time" (from Fabray's Broadway play "Love Life") and "Papa Won't You Dance With Me" (from the film "High Button Shoes").
      --Nellie Lutcher (singer & piano player) - "Fine Brown Frame" & "You Better Watch Yourself Bub."
      --Hal Raywin (concert violinist) - "Romanian Rhapsody."
      --Bunny Briggs (tap dancer) - does a dance routine.
      --Delanoff and The Rayes Sisters (magic & "black art" dance routine) - special effects give the illusion of floating heads and headless bodies. Ed makes an appearance by "floating" at the end of the act.
      --Pat C. Flick (Ed's favorite balcony heckler) - interrupts Ed.
      --McCarthy & Farrell (comedy team) - duo imitates other entertainers in radio show sketch. They sing "Inka Dinka Do" & "Spaniard Who Blighted My Life."
      --The Temperton Family with Hope Emerson - performs a skit with Hope Emerson as the family maid.
      Also appearing:
      --Cameos & Audience bows: Jerome Courtland, George White, Mary Stewart, Ken Kling, Ezra Charles (boxer), Al Shact and Harry Ravel.

    • December 19, 1948
      December 19, 1948
      Episode 27

      --John Garfield (actor) talks about his new movie "Force of Evil," and reads a child's letter to Santa Claus.
      --Dorothy Sarnoff sings "Lover" and/or "Magdalena" production number.
      --Dorothy Sarnoff, accompanied by eight back-up singers, sings "Ava Maria."
      --McCarthy & Farrell (comedy team) - radio D.J. routine and lip-synch to records.
      --Mage & Karr (tap dancers) - "Terpsichorean Rhythm" ("Tap City in Rhythm") routine.
      --Pat C. Flick (comedian) - tells jokes about Hollywood and Ed Sullivan.
      --Frank Fontaine (comedian) - topics include taxi drivers, "Amos 'n' Andy," ventriloquist puppets Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd, singers Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.
      --Martin Puppets - Penny the Puppet and other marionettes in a Christmas sketch.
      --Audience bows: Terry Moore (actress, mentions her movie "The Return of October"), Jerome Courtland (actor), Lucy Monroe (went on a 50,000 mile tour of military hospitals), Mae West (actress), Michael O'Shea (actor), Albert Goldman (New York Postmaster), and Steve Cochran (actor).

    • December 26, 1948
      December 26, 1948
      Episode 28

      Scheduled guests:
      --Harvey Stone (actor)
      --Connie "Connee" Boswell (vocalist)
      --Charles Laughton (actor) does a dramatic reading of the 'Old Testament' story of Noah and the Ark.

    • January 2, 1949: Rudy Vallee, Pat C. Flick, The Ravens, Irv Harmon

      --The Ravens (rhythm & blues quartet) - "My Sugar is So Refined."
      --Rudy Vallee - sings "Alouette" (audience sing-a-long) and sings a medley of "Deep Night," "Kitty from Kansas City," "Main Stein Song," "I'm Just a Vagabond Lover," "If You Were the Only Girl (In the World)" and "Betty Co-Ed."
      --Irv Harmon (comedian) - phone booth routine.
      --Pat C. Flick (comedian, sitting in audience) - heckles Ed then hassles lady sitting next to him.
      --Bobby Whaling and Yvette (comedic bicycle act).
      Also appearing:
      --Betty Jane Smith (Copa Cabana dancer) - performs a tap dance routine.
      --Audience bows: George M. Cohan Jr. (son of George M. Cohan); Johnny Farrell (former US Open Golf champion); Jersey Woe Wolcott (heavy weight champion); Arthur Murray; Sydney Blackburn (actor).

    • January 9, 1949
      January 9, 1949
      Episode 30

      Scheduled guests:
      --Luise Rainer (actress)
      --Harvey Stone
      --Georgie Kaye (comedian)
      --Tip Tap and Toe


    • January 16, 1949: Rudy Vallee, Nanette Fabray, Jean Carroll, Harvey Stone

      --Rudy Valee sings "Buttons and Bows," "Where To?" (The Taxi Driver song) and "Tavern on the Town."
      --Nanette Fabray sings "Mr. Right."
      --Wally Boag (comedian) - does a balloon act and jitterbugs to "Happy Days are Here Again."
      --Jean Carroll (comedian) - "domestic humor" stand-up act, topics include Florida and shopping.
      --Pat C. Flick - heckles Ed Sullivan.
      --Bob Evans (ventriloquist) - appears twice during show: (1) dummy Jerry O'Leary sings "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter." (2) A ventriloquist duel with Rudy Vallee, who brings out his own dummy, "Sally Anne."

    • January 23, 1949
      January 23, 1949
      Episode 32

      --Jule Stein (composer) and Sammy Cahn (lyricist) - Sammy sings while Jule plays a medley of hits: "I'll Walk Alone," "It's Been A Long, Long Time," "It's Magic" and "Papa, Won't You Dance with Me?"
      --Byron Palmer & Doretta Morrow sing "My Darling, My Darling" (from their Broadway musical "Where's Charlie").
      --Gloria Hamilton, Antoinette Guhlke, Gene Nelson, Bob Dixon, and William Eythe (from Broadway's "Lend An Ear") - "When Someone You Love, Loves You" production number.
      --Dean Murphy (stand-up comedian) - does Hildegard impressions.
      --Al Kelly (comedian, in character as Finster O'Finster) - Refugee Weatherman routine.
      Also appearing:
      --Manuel and Marita Viera (trained animal act with rhesus monkeys Tippy and Cobina).
      --The Holloway Sisters (two dancers) - tap dance with umbrellas.
      --Audience bows: Lt. General Robert Richardson (WWII commander of the U.S. Army, Pacific/Hawaiian Department); Lon McCallister (actor); Skitch Henderson (musician/bandleader); Forrest Tucker (actor).
      --Cameo: "Lend An Ear" producer, probably William Eythe.

    • January 30, 1949: Tony Martin, Carol Bruce, Dick 'Lord' Buckley, Jean Carroll

      --Tony Martin sings "Begin The Beguine" and "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee."
      --Carol Bruce sings "The Best Time of Day" (from her Broadway musical 'Along Fifth Avenue') and "My Bill."
      --Bill Graves and Sons - "Little Sue" song and dance number, and tap dances with two kids.
      --Dick "Lord" Buckley (comedian) - throws his voice in a routine with with Kid Gavilan, Bonita Granville, and Buddy Baer.
      --Jean Carroll (comedian) - topics include gambling.
      Also appearing:
      --Audience bows: K.D. Gavalan (probably boxer Kid Gavilán); Harvey Stone; Cyd Charisse (dancer); Brig General Ralph G. Devoe (director of Kingsbridge Rd. Veterans Hospital in The Bronx); Irving Geist; Buddy Baer (boxer); and Bonita Granville (actress).

    • February 6, 1949: 218 Years of Tin Pan Alley / Luise Rainer, Jackie Gleason, Pat Henning

      Music - 218 Years of Tin Pan Alley segment:
      --William J. McKenna (songwriter) - "Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?"
      --W.C. Handy (songwriter) performs "St. Louis Blues."
      --Harry Armstrong (songwriter) sings "Sweet Adeline."
      --Cameo: Rudy Vallee (appears backstage)
      --Jackie Gleason (comedian) - monologue includes a dramatic movie scene.
      --Pat Henning (comedian) - stand up routine with celebrity imitations.
      Also appearing:
      --Luise Rainer (actress) talks about her career, then performs a scene from her 1935 film "Escapade."
      --Marybeth Olds (dancer-contortionist) - acrobatic novelty act.
      --Viola Essen and John "Johnny" Coy (dancers, from Broadway's "Along Fifth Avenue") - tap dance vs. ballet challenge dance.
      Series regulars:
      --The Toastettes (a.k.a. The June Taylor Girls) - open the show with a dance number.

    • February 13, 1949: Rudy Vallee, Roger Price, Wesson Brothers, Elsa & Waldo, Mayo Brothers

      --Rudy Vallee sings "The Whiffenpoof Song," "Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay," "Another Girl Like You" (possibly "If I Had a Girl Like You"), "Ragtime Gal" "Bamboo Tree" and "Tell Me Pretty Maiden."
      --Roger Price (comedian & comedy writer) - routine includes graphics and drawings.
      --The Wesson Brothers (nightclub and radio comedians, mimics) - do celebrity impressions and sing "Birth of The Blues."
      Also appearing:
      --The Mayo Brothers (tap dancing duo).
      --The Amann Sisters (correct name?) - three young sisters play accordion to a Swiss song and sing a yodeling milking tune.
      --Elsa & Waldo (comedy dance team) - pair dances and performs on a trapeze.
      --Audience bow: Abe Attell (boxer); Sid Gordon (of the New York Giants); and Sen. Herbert O'Conor (Senator from Maryland, former governor).

    • February 20, 1949: Faye Emerson, Donald Richards, Patricia Bright, Ruby Hill, Son & Sonny

      --Ruby Hill sings "(I Had Myself a) True Love" and "Come Rain or Come Shine" (songs from her 1946 Broadway musical 'St. Louis Woman').
      --Donald Richards sings "Old Devil Moon" (song from 'Finian's Rainbow') and "Manhattan Towers" with back up girls.
      --Faye Emerson (actress) & Jim O'Neil - do a traffic court comedy sketch.
      --Patricia Bright (comedienne & nightclub entertainer) - song and comedy routine, sings "That Certain Party."
      Also appearing:
      --Son & Sonny (tap dancers) - dance and sing "Come On and Do It."
      --Manuel and Marita Viera (animal act with trained rhesus monkeys Tippy and Cobina).
      --Audience bows: George Raft (actor), Janet Blair (actress), Lou Brown (actor), Jack La Rue (actor), Lt. Maurice Kelly (policeman from New Rochelle who helped capture jewel thief Gerard Dennis), Danny Kaye (movie comedian), and Elliot Roosevelt (son of Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt).

    • February 27, 1949: Larry Storch, Patricia Morison, Patricia Wymour, Miguelito Valdez

      --Larry Storch (comedian) - does a Cary Grant impression and plays a Frenchman in a British Colonial army skit.
      --Patricia Wymour (sings & tap dances) - "No Time for Love" from the Broadway musical "All For Love."
      --Patricia Morison sings "So In Love With You Am I" & "Wunderbar" (both songs from her Broadway musical "Kiss Me Kate").
      --Miguelito Valdez (singer & conga drum player) - performs "Babaloo" and "El Cumbanchero."
      --Cynthia Raglin (9-year-old Broadway singer) - sings "On the Sunny Side of the Street."
      --Don Cummings (entertainer-comedian) - stand-up routine topics include jokes about cigarettes and drinking.
      --Fred Marc & Ernest Schon (violinist & pianist).
      --Audience bow: Fruchio Burko (9-year-old symphony conductor).

    • March 6, 1949: Charles Laughton, Frank Fontaine, DeCastro Sisters

      --Charles Laughton (actor) recites the Soliloquy from "Henry V."
      --Frank Fontaine (comedian) - Captain Bly (Laughton) impression and sings "Home On The Range."
      --The DeCastro Sisters (singers & percussion musicians) - perform "The Maharajah of Magador."
      --Jack Powell (musician) plays "Yankee Doodle Dandy" on drums and other, more unusual, instruments.
      --Aida Lynn sings "Be A Clown" with comic antics.
      --Audience bow: Nina Foch (actress); Bert Shepard (left-handed pitcher); Carl Whitmore; Mary Basilone (sister of war hero John Basilone); Alan Carney (comedian); and Dolly Starr (umpire).

    • March 13, 1949: Humphrey Bogart, Anne Jeffreys, Buddy Baer, Woody Herman

      --Anne Jeffreys sings "Lovelier Than I Dreamed You Could Be" and "Lover."
      --Buddy Baer sings comic versions of "Buttons and Bows," "It's Magic" and "California Here I Come."
      --Ralph Hart plays "Irish Washer Woman" on accordion (in a production number with the Toastettes).
      --Humphrey Bogart, sitting in the audience, banters with Ralph Hart and Ed.
      --Al Kelly plays a telephone repairman in a skit with Ed Sullivan and Buddy Baer.
      --Woody Herman (bandleader, with his 7-man jazz band) - perform a Be-Bop number.
      --The Rudells (acrobats performing on trampoline).
      --Moke and Poke (Vaudeville comedy dancers) - sing "Breakin' in A New Pair of Shoes" while tap dancing and doing the jitterbug.
      --Cameos/Audience bows: Elliot Lawrence, Robert Sterling (actor), Cameron Mitchell (actor)
      --Cameo: Bill Odom (pilot) comes on stage to talk with Ed
      --Audience bow: Milton Reynolds (pilot)

    • March 20, 1949: Connie Haines, Roll and Tap, Bobby Baxter

      --Connie Haines sings "Take A Chance On Me" and "Stormy Weather."
      --Paul Breckinridge and the Kingdom Choir sing "Rock My Soul" and "Old Man River."
      --Roll and Tap (tap dancers) - dance and sing "Wake Em Up."
      --Calgary Brothers ("knockabout" comics) - two men do a drunken pantomime bit and sing "In The Shadows" and "Let Me Sing To You."
      --Dak Chung Troupe (acrobatic act with dancing and juggling).
      --Bobby Baxter (comic magician) - tricks include pouring milk into hat.
      --Audience bows: Lloyd Nolan (actor); Audie Murphy (WWII hero & actor); William P. O'Brien (New York City Police Commissioner); Jimmy Ritz; Lucky Millinder (bandleader); Lee Savold (boxer).

    • March 27, 1949: Nat King Cole Trio, Larry Storch, Hal LeRoy, The Five DeMarco Sisters

      --The Nat King Cole Trio perform "Little Girl," "Portrait of Jenny" and "Dawn in Mexico."
      --Hal LeRoy (Broadway tap dancer) dances to "Tea For Two" and "I'll Get By."
      --The Five DeMarco Sisters sing "Smile, Smile, Smile" and "Pretty Baby."
      --The Nat King Cole Trio perform "Make Believe."
      --The Nat King Cole Trio are joined by Hal LeRoy and the DeMarco Sisters on "I Think You're Wonderful."
      --Larry Storch imitates Gary Cooper, parodies dances teams, and does a routine about a British officer in the desert.
      --Fred Berry and Susan Berry (dance duo) - do a waltz to "Lullaby."
      --Paul Gerrits (roller skater) - performs back flips on roller skates while juggling and telling jokes.
      --Cameo/Audience bows: Marilyn Maxwell (actress); Sammy Atkins (NYC bar & grill owner known as the "5 Cents Beer guy"); Horace McMann (actor); Paul Muni (actor).

    • April 3, 1949: Kirk Douglas, Kitty Kallen, Emmett Kelly, Ronny Graham

      --Kirk Douglas (actor) - appears in audience, then comes on stage to talk with Ed.
      --Emmett Kelly (circus clown) - talks to Ed about the circus.
      --Ronny Graham (night-club comedian, songwriter) - talks to audience while playing a medley of his songs on piano.
      --Piero Brothers (acrobats) - two brothers juggle hoops, pins, and sticks.
      --Cameos/Audience bows: Gen. Red Mike Edson (war hero); Virginia Fields (actress)
      --Kitty Kallen sings "Blue Skies," which goes directly into the finale production number with the Toastettes and other cast members.

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --John Carradine (actor)
      --The Costello Twins

    • April 10, 1949: Edward Everett Horton, Patricia Morison, Brother Bones, Ray & Nardo

      Scheduled guests: --Patricia Morison (actress) --Gali Gali (magician)

    • April 17, 1949: Jack E. Leonard, Jean Carroll, Gali-Gali, Sonja Henie (cameo)

      Scheduled guests: --Jack Leonard --Gali Gali (magician) --The Notre Dame Singers

    • April 24, 1949: Joey Adams, Pat Rooney, Yvonne Adair

      Scheduled guests: --Joey Adams (comedian) --Pat Rooney --Yvonne Adair (Broadway actress)

    • May 1, 1949: Juanita Hall, Billy Eckstine, Norman Evans, Al Schacht

      --Juanita Hall (from Broadway's "South Pacific") sings "Bali Ha'i."
      --Billy Eckstine sings "Desert Caravan" and "Bewildered."
      --Norman Evans (British comic) - teatime and dentist office sketch.
      --Al Schacht (comedian & former Major League pitcher) - imitates different types of baseball players.
      Also appearing:
      --Ian Hunter and Adrianne Allen (actors) perform a scene from their Broadway drama "Edward, My Son."
      --Jill Doria (teenage tap dancer)
      --Rollie and Bonnie Pickert (tap dancers) - man and woman tap duet.
      --Audience bows: Steven Holling (policeman from Hastings); Nancy Kelly (Broadway & movie actress); Willie Goggin (golf pro); Ben Roman (golf pro); Sidney Franklin (American bullfighter); and John Beckman (retired professional basketball player).

    • May 8, 1949: Charles Laughton, Nellie Lutcher, Norman Evans, Steve Condos, Johnny Dundee
    • May 15, 1949: Jamila Novotna, Sigmund Romberg, Al Bernie, Bunny Briggs

      Scheduled guests:
      --Jarmila Novotna (opera soprano)
      --Sigmund Romberg (Broadway composer)

    • May 22, 1949: Paul Winchell, Jane Kean, Ladd Lyon, Claude Harmon, Craig Wood

      Scheduled guests:
      --Paul Winchell (ventriloquist)
      --Jane Kean
      --Ladd Lyon
      --Claude Harmon (golf pro, winner of the 1948 Masters tournament)
      --Craig Wood (golf pro)

    • May 29, 1949: Zero Mostel, Kitty Kallen, Dick 'Lord' Buckley, Babe Didrikson Zaharias

      Scheduled guests:
      --Zero Mostel (comedian)
      --Kitty Kallen (singer)
      --Gene Sarazen (golf pro)

    • June 5, 1949: Harold Lloyd, Mindy Carson, Tod Andrews, Vincent Richards, Rolly Rolls

      Scheduled guests: --Harold Lloyd (silent-film comedian) --Vincent Richards

    • June 12, 1949: Pat Henning, Sam Levenson, John Blair, Toni Harper

      --Pat Henning - stand-up routine topics: Tobacco Road, hair, impressions, etc.
      --Sam Levenson (comedian) - stand up routine with family jokes.
      --John Blair sings "A Song Lives With My Heart" (correct song title?)
      --Toni Harper (11-year-old singer) - "The Muffin Man" and "Three Blind Mice."
      --Mary Lou McCue (winner of 1949's Jenny Lynn contest) sings "Coming Through The Rhine."
      --Los Montez De Ocha (man and woman trampoline act)
      --Finale: The Toastettes & guests - "Sunday in The park" themed production with Tina Harper singing "'Rock-a-bye Baby."

    • June 19, 1949: 1st Anniversary Show

      First Anniversary Show with scheduled guests:
      --Richard Rodgers
      --Juanita Hall (singer & actress, from Broadway's "South Pacific")
      --Harvey Stone

    • June 26, 1949
      June 26, 1949
      Episode 54

      --Sarah Vaughan sings "Sunday Dream" & "Bianca."
      --Elaine Street (does Street Vendor routine & sings parodies).
      --Ken Carr (Ken Card?) (comedian) routine includes playing "12th Street Rag" on banjo.
      --Virginia Lee (comic acrobatics).
      --Businessmen of Rhythm (three-man tap team) - perform to "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
      --Christine & Moll (male & female tap dance team).
      --Harold & Lola - "The Cobra Dance" ballet.
      --Audience bows: Richard Nay, Ethel Smith.
      --Finale: Carmen Cavallaro & Ray Bloch joins Ethel Smith on stage; The Toastettes dance to "Hi Neighbor."

    • July 3, 1949
      July 3, 1949
      Episode 55

      Scheduled guests: --Toni Harper (singer) --Tony Lavelli (basketball star, accordion player)

    • July 10, 1949: Joan Merrill, Bill Tabbert, Illinois Jacquet, Singing Dodgers

      Guests: --Joan Merrill - "Summertime," "How Did He Look" and "Everywhere I Go" --Bill Tabbert - "Younger Than Springtime" (from "South Pacific") & "Make Believe" --Illinois Jacquet (saxophone player) - plays "Flying Home" & "Blues Part Two" --Singing Dodgers (members of the Brooklyn Dodgers): Ralph Branca, Carl Furillo, Erv Palica & Ray Bloch. Ed talks with Ralph Branca. --Jay Jason (stand-up comedy: Army humor, sings "Inka Dinka Doo" (imitating Durante), "Ghost Riders In the Sky" & "On The Road To Mandalay" --The Rimmer Sisters (tap dance routine) --The Noble Trio (acrobats) - 2 men and a woman on parallel bars.

      Audience bows: 42nd Rainbow Division Veterans; Bobby Riggs

    • July 17, 1949: Cab Calloway, Jackie Robinson, Stan Musial

      Scheduled guests: --Cab Calloway --Jackie Robinson (of the Brooklyn Dodgers) --Stan Musial (of the St. Louis Cardinals)

    • July 24, 1949: Buddy Rogers (guest host), Sonny Howard, Milt Krauss, Buddy Rogers

      --Buddy Rogers (guest host) performs a duet with Milt Krauss.
      --Sonny Howard (song impressionist) - sings "When You're Smiling," "Chi Chi," "For Every Man There's A Woman," "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah," "The Wildest Girl In Town" and "Bluebird of Happiness" in the of other singers.
      --Eugene Baer sings "These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)" and "Enjoy Yourself."
      --The Matusek Academy Accordion Aces Band (17 piece band, from the Chicago area, comprised of teenage boys and girls).
      --Bourbon & Bain (dance team of Arthur Bourbon and Lydia Baine) - routine includes ballroom dance & soft shoe.
      --Roy Benson (magician) - performs tricks with cue ball and cigarettes.
      --Duke Alden & Puppets - Madame Fifi & Ostrich puppets dance and sing.
      --Cameos: War Veterans from St. Albans Hospital.
      --Cameo: Jimmy Dunne
      --Finale: Buddy Rogers plays various instruments in a performance with the orchestra.

    • July 31, 1949: Edward Everett Horton (guest host), Tommy Hanlon Jr., Ginny Powell, Dick Drake

      Guest host:
      --Edward Everett Horton (stage & screen comedian)
      --Ginny Powell sings "New Shade of Blue" and "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea."
      --Dusty Fletcher (Vaudeville comedian) - performs his 1947 hit record "Open the Door, Richard."
      --Dick Drake (musician & comedian) - plays "Bright Shines The Moon" and "12th Street Rag" on mandolin.
      --Dave Powell (Vaudeville musician) - does a Flamingo dance with scissors, then drums on a chair and the floor to the music of "Mambo" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
      --Tommy Hanlon Jr. (comedian) - routine includes farmer jokes, singing "If You Were The Only Girl in The World," and performing a magic trick.
      Also appearing:
      --The Marino Sisters (dance trio) - do an acrobatic dance routine.
      --The Colstons (dancers) - do a comic dance to "My Blue Heaven."
      --Cameo/Audience bow: Gary Joyce (patrolman, NYC hero).
      --Cameos: tennis players Beverly Baker, Eric Sturges, and a Romanian champ.
      --All guests join in on reprises of "Open The Door Richard" and "Devil and The Deep Blue Sea."

    • August 7, 1949
      August 7, 1949
      Episode 60

      --Eddie and Margo Albert (guest hosts) sing "Little Fish in A Big Pond."
      --Teresa Brewer sings "How It Lies, How It Lies, How It Lies" and "Old Man Mose."
      --Ted Steele performs "Home Town Blues."
      --Paul & Paulette Trio (acrobatic team) - perform trampoline tricks, and are joined by Eddie Albert.
      --Roseanne - does a Spanish dance with cartwheels and flips.
      --Nelly Arno & Brothers - perform a medley using various instruments.
      --George Connolly (comedian) - stand-up routine topics include youth, gangster films, and detectives.
      --Audience bow: General Edwin A. Pollock, USMC.
      --Audience bows: Nancy Elverton (Sweetheart of 1st Marine Division); Neal Houslet (Winner of $50,000 Nassau Harness Race. His horse, not appearing on this show, was Grattan McKIyo).
      --Finale: Eddie Albert sings "Granada" and is joined by wife Margo for a dance.

    • August 14, 1949
      August 14, 1949
      Episode 61

      --Hazel Scott sings "The Gypsy In My Soul," "The Warsaw Concerto" and "How High The Moon?"
      --Sonny Tufts (movie actor) does a routine with Ed and Ray Bloch.
      --George DeWitt - does impressions of various singers performing "Ghost Riders in The Sky" and demonstrates the different ways people smoke cigarettes.
      Also appearing:
      --Hamilton Dancers (2 men and 1 woman) - perform a South American jazz dance.
      --Joe Laurel (dancer wearing high hat and spats)
      --Grace Drysdale (puppeteer) - woman puppet dances to "Glow Worm," followed by male and female puppets singing "It's DeLovely."
      --General DelKelly talks with Ed.
      --Cameos/Audience bows: Buddy Rogers (musician), Barbara Whiting (singer), Elizabeth Sullivan (Ed's daughter), and Sam McCready (golfer).
      --Cast performs "The Hucklebuck," "Blue Skies" and other songs.

    • August 21, 1949
      August 21, 1949
      Episode 62

      --Bill Tabbert sings "Someday" and "All The Things You Are."
      --Billy Vine (comedian) - plays an intoxicated man in a sketch set at a wedding reception.
      --Garland Wilson performs "Big Wide Wonderful World."
      --Thelma Carpenter sings "Something I Dreamed Last Night."
      --Maria Gambarelli (dancer) - Asian-themed ballet and Snowflake dance.
      --Lenny and Margie Ross (punching bag act) - punch bags while the orchestra plays "Stars and Stripes Forever."
      --Lee Marks (juggler) - juggler various objects while orchestra plays "Oklahoma."
      --Cameos: Jack La Rue (actor); Frank Stranahan (golfer); Nelson Case; Ed Tuey; and Billy Vine's father.
      --Audience bow: Ed Tuey (spelling?) - gained notoriety after fighting 12 Russians in bar after being insulted.
      --Finale: Thelma Carpenter sings a reprise of "Big Wide Wonderful World." Bill Tabbert sings a reprise of "Someday."

    • August 28, 1949
      August 28, 1949
      Episode 63

      --Harold Lang - "Gotta Dance" (song and dance number from the Broadway musical "Look, Ma, I'm Dancin'!").
      --Toni Arden sings "Temptation" and "You're Breaking My Heart."
      --Frank Cooke plays "12th St. Rag" on guitar & harmonica.
      --Carmen Vasquez (Spanish castanet dancer) performs "A Night In Spain."
      --Sunny Skylar (composer) sings a medley of his songs: "Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina," "Amor," "Besame Mucho,""Waiting For The Train to Come," "Love Is so Terrific (Ouch! Terrific Thing)," "Make Her Mine" (possibly "Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue") and "You're Breaking My Heart."
      --Billy Vine (stand-up comedian)
      Also appearing:
      --The Rigoletto Brothers (acrobats) - appear in two segments: (1) A sleight of hand w/champagne glass and juggling; (2) boxing match routine.
      --Amy Sisters - Two sisters march on their knees to a medley of Phillip Sousa marches (including "The Stars and Stripes Forever").
      --Sister Elizabeth Kenny (Australian nurse) is presented with a check from kids who collected money for polio treatment & research.
      --Valerie Harvey receives money for charity.
      --Maj. C. Adams and veterans from Valley Forge Hospital talk about the Veterans Association.
      --Audience bows: Jack Addy; Buddy Lester
      --Billy Vines and cast perform "No Business Like Show Business" and "Amour" in a segment set in a casting office.

    • September 4, 1949
      September 4, 1949
      Episode 64

      --Annabelle Hill (actress, from Broadway's "Kiss Me, Kate") sings "Golden Earrings" and "You're Breaking My Heart."
      --Three Spanish Flamenco dancers (probably Jose Toledano, Julio Toledo, Fernando Vargas) dance to "Tanguilla" and do a Spanish 'Challenge Dance.'
      --Frank Coler (xylophonist) plays "Lady of Spain" and "Spanish Eyes."
      --Jack Williams - tap dance routine includes a comedic "History of Tap" tribute.
      --The Tattlers sing and dance "The Hucklebuck" and "The Old Soft Shoe."
      --The Catron Brothers (tap dancers) - dance and comedy routine.
      --Gene Baylos - does a stand-up comedy routine (approx. 9-minute segment).
      --Cameos: New York City police heroes, patrolmen Mamorella and Raymond Connelly.
      --On-stage cameos: Con McCreary, appears with other jockeys to promote their softball team for charity.
      --Finale: Entire cast participates in a "Hillbilly Party" production number.

      Scheduled guest:
      --Sebastian Castros

    • September 11, 1949
      September 11, 1949
      Episode 65

      --The Ritz Brothers pretend to rough up Ed Sullivan, who is rescued by George Raft.
      --George Raft (movie actor & dancer) dances to "Sweet Georgia Brown."
      --Alan Dale sings "Darktown Strutter's Ball" and "All The Things You Are."
      --The Harmonicats perform "Isn't It Romantic?" "Peg O' My Heart," and "Harmonica Boogie."
      --Buddy Lester (comedian) - does sings "Oh How I Miss You Tonight" and "Old Man River" in an English music hall routine.
      --Miguel Herrero and Carmen Vasquez (male & female Spanish dancers) - dance routine accompanied by guitarist.
      --Minda Lang (singer-whistler) - "Melody of Strings" and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love."
      --Jack Mahon (unicyclist) - balancing routine.
      --Audience bows: William Boyd ("Hopalong Cassidy" actor); Grace Bradley (dancer-actress); Air Force football team members.

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