Toast of the Town

CBS (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

    • October 3, 1954: Salute to Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz

      Salute to Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz (entire 60-minute show dedicated to Lucy & Desi).
      Live segments:
      In a comedy sketch, Ed Sullivan pays an unexpected visit to Lucy and Desi's home. Vivian Vance and William Frawley do a vaudeville number.
      Desi Arnaz performs "Babalu."
      A celebrity testimonial luncheon honoring Lucy & Desi with speeches by Tex O'Rourke, Dusty Rhodes, and Ed Sullivan. Harry Chesney, William Frawley, Howard Dietz, Vivian Vance, John Hodiak, and Don Dixon also appear. Ed reads letter from Bernard Barauch. Segment concludes with speeches by Lucy & Desi.
      Filmed segments include excerpts from two 'I Love Lucy' episodes; and clips from the movies "Bataan" and "The Long Long Trailer."

    • March 7, 1954: Nat King Cole, Janet Blair, Hurd Hatfield, Frank Fontaine

      --Janet Blair - "Our Fathers Played the Palace" (production number).
      --Nat King Cole sings a medley of hits ("Mona Lisa," "Too Young," "Pretend," "Nature Boy" and "Lover Come Back to Me").
      --Nat King Cole - "Answer Me, My Love."

       --Frank Fontaine (comedian) - does an impression of Ed Sullivan, then goes into his "Crazy Guggenheim" character.
      --Lane Brothers - sight gag, two men in big suit

      Also appearing:
      --Hurd Hatfield (actor) - presents a dramatic scene from the off-Broadway play "Bullfight" in which the matador is brought to shame.
      --Novellas (acrobats) - man balances on ladder, juggles and does tricks with a dog.
      --Channing Pollock (magician)
      --Ed introduces college basketball stars
      --Audience bows: Paddy DeMarco (boxing champ); Rita Gam (actress)

    • June 15, 1952: The Richard Rodgers Story, Part 1

      "Toast of the Town" 4th Anniversary show:
      The Richard Rodgers Story, Part 1 (Rodgers & Hart tribute)
      --Bill Lawrence & Cindy Lord - "Manhattan"
      --Sinclair & Spaulding - dance to Rodgers & Hart song "Here In My Heart"
      --Richard Hayes - "Blue Room" (from "The Girlfriend") and "When Or Where" (from "Babes In Arms")
      --Toastettes, Pal Joey Chorus - "The Girlfriend" dance number
      --Jane Froman - "With A Song In My Heart" and "My Heart Stood Still" (2nd song from "A Connecticut Yankee")
      --William Gaxton & Jane Froman - "Thou Swell" (from "A Connecticut Yankee")
      --Lisa Kirk - "10 Cents A Dance" and "The Lady Is A Tramp" (2nd song from "Babes In Arms")
      --Bill Lawrence - "This Can't Be Love" (from "The Boys from Syracuse")
      --Cindy Lord - There's A Small Hotel" (from "On Your Toes")
      --Richard Rodgers (on piano) - "Lover"
      --Vivienne Segal - Bewitched" (from "Pal Joey")
      --Harold Lang & Norma Thorton - "Happy Hunting Horn" (from "Pal Joey")
      Audience bows: Sister Kenny, Bart Sullivan

    • January 2, 1949: Rudy Vallee, Pat C. Flick, The Ravens, Irv Harmon

      --The Ravens (rhythm & blues quartet) - "My Sugar is So Refined."
      --Rudy Vallee - sings "Alouette" (audience sing-a-long) and sings a medley of "Deep Night," "Kitty from Kansas City," "Main Stein Song," "I'm Just a Vagabond Lover," "If You Were the Only Girl (In the World)" and "Betty Co-Ed."
      --Irv Harmon (comedian) - phone booth routine.
      --Pat C. Flick (comedian, sitting in audience) - heckles Ed then hassles lady sitting next to him.
      --Bobby Whaling and Yvette (comedic bicycle act).
      Also appearing:
      --Betty Jane Smith (Copa Cabana dancer) - performs a tap dance routine.
      --Audience bows: George M. Cohan Jr. (son of George M. Cohan); Johnny Farrell (former US Open Golf champion); Jersey Woe Wolcott (heavy weight champion); Arthur Murray; Sydney Blackburn (actor).

    • June 22, 1952: The Richard Rodgers Story, Part 2

      The Richard Rodgers Story, Part 2
      --Yul Brynner (guest host) - narrates the Richard Rodgers story through the program
      --John Raitt - "Oklahoma"
      --Celeste Holm and Ray Middleton - sing "People Will Say We're in Love"
      --Ray Malone, Diane Sinclair and Ken Spalding - "Whistle A Happy Tune," "Getting to Know You" and "Shall We Dance"
      --John Raitt - Soliloquy from "Carousel"
      --Yul Brynner interviews Richard Rodgers.
      --Richard Rodgers (piano duet) - "I'm In Love with a Wonderful Guy"
      --Richard Rodgers and Juanita Hall - "Bali Ha'i"
      --Martha Wright - "Cockeyed Optimist"
      --John Raitt - "If I Loved You"
      --Cloris Leachman - "It Might As Well Be Spring"
      --Celeste Holm - "June Is Busting Out All Over" (production number with dancers)
      --Richard Rodgers - "You'll Never Walk Alone" (with solos by Celeste Holm, John Raitt Martha Wright, Juanita Hall)
      --Yul Brynner closing comments

    • September 16, 1951: Salute to Oscar Hammerstein, Part 2

      Oscar Hammerstein II Story, Part 2 (covering Hammerstein's collaborations with Richard Rodgers).

      Songs from Rodgers and Hammerstein's musicals:
      --Choral sings "Oklahoma."
      --Robert Merrill & Sandra Deel - "People Will Say We're In Love" (from "Oklahoma").
      --Murial Rahn sings "That's Love" (from "Carmen Jones").
      --Dolores Gray sings "It Might as Well Be Spring" (from "State Fair").
      --Dolores Gray - "June Is Busting Out All Over" (from "Carousel").
      --Lisa Kirk - "The Gentleman Is A Dope" (from "Allegro").
      --Robert Merrill - "Some Enchanted Evening" (from "South Pacific").
      --Bill Tabbert sings "You've Got To Be Carefully Taught" (from "South Pacific").
      --Robert Merrill and chorus - "You'll Never Walk Alone" (from "Carousel").
      --Gertrude Lawrence sings "Whistle A Happy Tune" & "Getting To Know You" (from "The King and I").

      Non-musical segments:
      --Oscar Hammerstein talks about how one must respect the audience. Hammerstein also discusses his partnership with Richard Rodgers, who walks on stage.
      --Audience bow: Otto Harbach (Broadway writer, lyricist and composer)

    • September 9, 1951: Salute to Oscar Hammerstein, Part 1

      Ed Sullivan narrates part one of the Oscar Hammerstein story.
      --Lena Horne sings "Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine" (from the musical "Showboat").
      --Bill Tabbert sings "One Alone" (from the 1926 Broadway operetta "Desert Song") with vintage newsreel footage of mobs at Rudolph Valentino's funeral.
      --Robert Merrill and Mimi Benzell - "Indian Love Call" duet (from the 1926-28 Broadway musical "Rose Marie").
      --Robert Merrill sings "Ol' Man River."
      --Mimi Benzell sings "Lover, Come Back to Me."
      --Nanci Crompton (dancer) recreates the late Marilyn Miller's dancing to the song "Who?" (from the 1925 Broadway musical "Sunny").
      --Wally Cox and a straight man act out "The Salt Scene," a comedy sketch scripted by Hammerstein for 1929 Broadway musical-comedy "Sweet Adeline."
      --Oscar Hammerstein recites the lyrics to "The Last Time I Saw Paris."

    • April 22, 1951
      April 22, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 32

      --Jane Froman sings "Make the Man Love Me" (a song from the Broadway musical "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn").
      --Jan Peerce (Metropolitan Opera operatic tenor) sings "Song of Songs" and an aria from "Tosca."
      --Gerald Marks (composer) - performs a medley of his songs.
      --Robert Maxwell (jazz harpist and songwriter) performs "Second Hungarian Rhapsody" and "Spaghetti Rag."
      Also appearing:
      --Myron Cohen (storyteller comedian)
      --Sanger, Ross and Andre (comedy dance act)
      --Jean Babilee and Nathalie Philippart (dancers from Les Ballets des Champs-Elysees, Paris) - perform a pas de deux.
      --Zavetta Troupe (circus acrobats) perform a ladder-balancing act.
      --Ben Hardesty (professional fly-casting champion fisherman)

    • May 21, 1950: Vic Damone, Joan Holloway, Mickey Deems, Katherine Dunham

      --Vic Damone sings "I Hadn't Anyone Til You," "Vagabond Shoe" and "Don't Say Good Bye."
      --Joan Holloway (dancer) - performs a circus-themed dance routine.
      --Mickey Deems (comedian) - stand-up comedy routine.
      --Katherine Dunham (dancer-choreographer, with her dancers) - perform a tropical dance number.
      --Al Flosso (magician) does a comedy magic act with assistance from Ed.
      --Captain Heyer and the Wonder Horse (Equestrian act with dancing horse)
      --Audience bow: Duncan Renaldo (star of "The Cisco Kid"); Irving Sepold (U.S. Attorney); Nancy Andrews, Priscilla Setas, and Roger Parks; Sol Hurok (New York agent-impresario), and Lloyd Risher (Trucker of the Year).
      --Cameo: Babe Didrikson Zaharias appears onstage with her golf trophy.

    • February 24, 1952: The Cole Porter Story, Part 1

      "Tribute To Cole Porter" Part 1
      --Mimi Benzell & Brian Sullivan (singers, from the Metropolitan Opera) - "Wunderbar"
      --Monty Wooley (Yale classmate of Cole Porter) - sings "Miss Otis Regrets"
      --Anna & Pierre D'Angelo - "Old Fashioned Garden"
      --Lisa Kirk (actress, from the Broadway cast of "Kiss Me Kate") - sings "My Heart Belongs To Daddy"
      --Pierre & Anna D'angelo - "Love for Sale"
      --Mimi Benzell (opera singer) - "In The Still Of The Night"
      --Helen Wood, William Gaxton & Delores Gray - "Anything Goes" & "You're The Top"
      --Dolores Gray (from Broadway's "Two on the Aisle") sings "Night and Day"
      Audience bows: the Notre Dame basketball team; Tom Sanders (Temple University student).
      Film clip: Yale Bowl football game.

    • March 2, 1952: The Cole Porter Story, Part 2

      "Tribute To Cole Porter" Part 2
      --Dolores Gray sings "Blow Gabriel, Blow"
      --Lisa Kirk sings "Always True to You Darling"
      --Jane Froman sings "Just One of those Things"
      --Audience bow: Captain John Curtis Brown (Jane Froman's husband)
      --Nanci Crompton (ballerina), with dancing chorus, dances to a medley of Cole Porter's hits: "You Do Something to Me," "Let's Do It" and "I Get A Kick Out of You"
      --Dolores Gray and William Gaxton (joined by Ed) - sing "Friendship"
      --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - sings "I Love You" and "So In Love"
      --Jane Froman sings "Begin the Beguine" and "I've Got You Under My Skin"

    • March 27, 1955: Tribute to Rodgers & Hammerstein

      Tribute to Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein
      --Celeste Holm - I Can't Say No" (from "Oklahoma") and "A Fellow Needs A Girl" (from "Allegro")
      --Florence Henderson & John Raitt - "People Will Say We're In Love."
      --Florence Henderson & Gary Wright - "Be Kind to Your Parents."
      --University Of Oklahoma Glee Club - "Oklahoma."
      --Robert S. Kerr - Senator From Oklahoma talks about the musical "Oklahoma," his state & America.
      --Barbara Cook - "Many A New Day" (from "Oklahoma" with dancers).
      --Richard Colett sings "Surry With Fringe On Top" in Swedish.
      --Augustana College Choir sings "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" in Swedish.
      --Ed Interviews Oscar Hammerstein & Richard Rodgers who discuss the song writing process.
      --Richard Rodgers conducts orchestra for "Oklahoma" with entire cast joining in vocals.
      --Emmett Kelly (cameo, wanders on stage towards end of show)

    • January 6, 1952: Johnnie Ray, Margaret O'Brien, Joe E. Lewis, Eddie Dowling, Willie Mosconi

      --Johnnie Ray - "Cry" and "The Little White Cloud That Cried."
      --Les Compagnons De La Chanson - "Appassionatamente."
      --Les Compagnons De La Chanson - "Les Trois Cloches" ("The Three Bells").

      --Scene from the play "Angel in the Pawnshop" with Eddie Dowling and Margaret O'Brien.

      Also appearing:
      --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) - talks about Sophie Tucker in his stand-up routine, sings "Poor Little February."
      --Willie Mosconi (champion billiard player) - demonstrates pool & Billiards trick shots.
      --The D'Andreas (European adagio dancers) - woman & men do acrobatic dancing.
      --Cameo: Major Jim Jabara, WWII Jet flying ace.

    • July 17, 1955
      July 17, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 45

      --Ethel Merman (guest host) sings "You Gotta Have Heart."
      --Russell Nype and Ethel Merman - "You're Just In Love, I Wonder Why" (duet from "Call Me Madam").
      --Russel Nype sings "It's A Lovely Day Today" (from "Call Me Madam").
      --Ethel Merman sings "That's The Kind Of Dame I Am."
      --Gloria Lane (operatic mezzo-soprano) sings "The Gypsy Song" (from "Carmen").
      Also appearing:
      --Professor Backwards (comedian Jimmy Edmonson dressed in a cap & gown) - comedy monologue.
      --Mrs. Catherine E. Kreitzer (Bible expert & "The $64,000 Question" contestant) - reads verses from The Bible.
      --De Lage and Shirley (magic act)
      --The Peiro Brothers (jugglers)
      --The Rhythmettes (Las Vegas High School dance group & drill band).

    • October 14, 1951
      October 14, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 6

      --Jose Greco (Flamenco dancer) - "La Petenava"
      --Michael Bentine (hyper British comedian, listed as "England's number 1 comic")
      --Yul Brynner (actor) sings "Puzzlement" (from the Broadway musical "The King And I" in which he played The King of Siam. Unlike the play, Brynner is not in costume for this performance.)
      --Bobby Winters (comic juggler)
      --Gil McDougald, Yogi Berra & Phil Rizzuto (three baseball greats) - are interviewed by Ed, with film highlights.
      --Humphrey Bogart (movie actor) - in an interview conducted by Ed, talks about his life.
      --Audience bow: Lauren Bacall (actress & Bogart's wife)
      --Annette Warren - "Along Came Bill"

    • October 17, 1954
      October 17, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 6

      --Liberace (pianist) - songs include "Rhapsody By Candlelight" (and possibly "Candelabra Rhapsody").
      --Orson Bean (comedian) - routine about a droll announcer at a Yale-Harvard football game.
      --Will Jordan (comedian-impressionist) - does his Ed Sullivan imitation and pokes fun at Liberace.
      Also appearing:
      --Hal Leroy & Peg-Leg Bates (tap dancers) - appear together in a "Challenge Dance" segment.
      --On film: Bing Crosby talks with Ed in a segment filmed at a Pebble Beach, California golf course. Bing sings a few bars from "White Christmas" (the title song of his new movie), "Mandy" and, with accompaniment, "Gee, I Wish I Was Back In The Army."

    • December 26, 1954
      December 26, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 16

      --Cab Calloway sings "Birth of the Blues." Later in show, Calloway sings the Spiritual song "Let My People Go" (and possibly "Go Down Moses")
      --Tun Tun (entertainer from Mexico) - sings and dances "Che Bonito Mambo" & does impressions of Nat King Cole singing "Too Young"
      --Joan Weber (singer) - "Let Me Go Lover" and "I'm Sitting on Top of the World"
      --The Dunhills (tap dancers) - 3 men do a tap medley
      --Hermione Gingold & Billy DeWolfe (British comedians)
      --The Bryants (clown troupe) - does a pantomime act
      --Carl Ballantine (comic magician, aka "The Amazing Mr. Ballantine") - his magic tricks fail
      --The Harmonicaires (harmonica duet)
      --On film: A clip from the movie "Not As A Stranger" starring Robert Mitchum, Olivia De Havilland and Frank Sinatra.

    • January 23, 1955
      January 23, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 20

      Jerome Kern salute:
      --William Warfield (concert bass-baritone) sings "Old Man River."
      --Roberta Peters (coloratura soprano) - "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," "All The Things You Are" and "I've Told Every Little Star."
      --Eugenie Leontovich and Viveca Lindfors perform a scene from Broadway's "Anastasia."
      Also appearing:
      --Robert Taylor introduces scenes from his film "Many Rivers To Cross."
      --The Vargas Brothers

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --Tony & Sally De Marco (dancers)
      --Sybil Bowen (comedian)
      --Alfredi's All-Accordion Symphony (30-piece band consisting of young people).

    • June 10, 1951
      June 10, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 39

      --A condensed version of "The Front Page," with Walter Abel (as the editor) and Ian Martin (portraying 'Hildy Johnson'), is presented.
      --Joyce Bryant (vocalist & actress) - performs a song from the musical "Porgy and Bess."
      --Jan Peerce (operatic tenor) sings "Because" and an aria from the opera "Martha."
      Also appearing:
      --The Amazing Mr. Ballantine (comic magician Carl Ballantine)
      --Peggy Ryan and Ray MacDonald (dancers from Broadway's Roxy Theatre)
      --Bil and Cora Baird's Puppets - includes a puppet replica of Ed Sullivan.
      --Hammond's Birds (trained animal act)

    • May 16, 1954
      May 16, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 35

      --Nat "King" Cole sings "Answer Me, My Love" "This Can't Be Love," "It Happens To Be Me" and "Calypso Blues."
      --Ted Lewis (singer-entertainer) - "Me and My Shadow." Later in show, Ted Lewis performs "Count Your Blessings, Not Your Years" and "The Cop on the Beat, The Man In The Moon and Me."
      --Dick Contino (accordion player) - "Lady of Spain."
      --John Forsythe (as Capt. Fisby) and David Wayne (as the Japanese interpreter Sakini) perform a scene from John Patrick's Pulitzer prize-winning Broadway play "Teahouse of the August Moon."
      --Richard "Mr. Pastry" Hearne (English comedian) - "Lancers" routine.
      Also appearing:
      --Stan Musial (St. Louis Cardinal outfielder, via a remote from Philadelphia)
      --Byron Nelson (golfer) - does a golf instruction.
      --Audience bows: General Claire Chennault and members of his "Flying Tiger" division.

    • October 11, 1953
      October 11, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 5

      --Harry Belafonte sings "Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)" and "Matilda."
      --Gwen Verdon (dancer, from the Broadway musical "Can-Can").
      --Teresa Brewer sings "Baby Baby Baby" and "Ricochet (Rick-O-Shay)."
      --The Georgia Tech Glee Club - "(I'm a) Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech" (a.k.a. "Georgia Tech Fight Song").

      Scheduled guests (need to verify):
      --Dewey 'Pigmeat' Markham (comedian)
      --Linon (tightrope walker)
      --The Des Moines Rope Skippers (seven high school girls)

    • March 29, 1953
      March 29, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 29

      Rodgers & Hammerstein segments:
      A salute to Rodgers & Hammerstein on the 10th Anniversary of their first collaboration ("Oklahoma" which opened March 31, 1943 on Broadway).
      --Rise Stevens (operatic mezzo-soprano) sings "It Might As Well Be Spring" and "If I Loved You."
      --Mario Del Monaco (operatic tenor) performs "Some Enchanted Evening."
      --On film: Gertrude Lawrence sings "Getting to Know You" and "Whistle a Happy Tune" in kinescope excerpts from Ed Sullivan's Sept. 16, 1951 show (when Lawrence was starring on Broadway in "The King & I.")

      --Will Jordan - does impressions of Ed Sullivan.
      --The Harlem Globetrotters (comic basketball players)
      Also appearing:
      --Georgie Tapps (tap dancer) - "Birth of the Blues" song-and-dance routine.
      --University of Indiana basketball coach Branch McCracken talks with Ed.
      --On film: Excerpts from the movie "Call Me Madam" with Ethel Merman singing Irving Berlin's "Hostess With the Mostest on the Ball" and "International Rag."
      Series regulars:
      --The Gae Foster Toastettes do a precision dance to the song "American Patrol."

    • September 6, 1953
      September 6, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 52

      Scheduled guests:
      --Vaughn Monroe (singer)
      --Brandon de Wilde (young actor)
      --Anna Maria Alberghetti (coloratura soprano)
      --Peg Leg Bates (dancer)
      --Jay Lawrence (comedian)
      --Bobby Winters (juggler)
      --Sharkie the Seal (aka Sharky the Seal)
      --Chris Cross

    • June 20, 1948: Series premiere w/Martin & Lewis, Rodgers and Hammerstein

      Guests (compiled from various sources):
      --Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis (comedy team)
      --Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II (Broadway legends)
      --Eugene List (concert pianist)
      --John Kokoman (a singing New York fireman)
      --Kathryn Lee (a ballerina)
      --Monica Lewis (singer)
      --Lee Goodman and Jim Kirkwood (comedy team)
      --Ruby Goldstein (the referee of the upcoming Louis-Wolcott boxing match)
      --The Toastettes (6 female dancers recruited from the June Taylor Dancers)

    • October 17, 1948
      October 17, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 18

      --Frances Faye (vocalist) - sings a few songs from her nightclub act.
      --Les Compagnons De La Chanson (French vocal group)
      --Doc Marcus (nightclub comedy magician, aka "Doctor Marcus")
      --Bobby Lane and Claire ("acro" dance team)
      --Raquel [Raquel Nelson?] (toe-juggler from the Barnum & Bailey circus)
      --Martin Puppets
      --Finale: The show ends with a "County Fair" production number.

    • August 21, 1955
      August 21, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 50

      A Salute to the movie "The Girl Rush."
      --Rosalind Russell and Eddie Albert - "Out of Doors."
      --Ella Mae Morse sings "Birmin'ham."
      --Tony Bennett sings "If You'll Only Take a Chance."
      --Gloria DeHaven sings "An Occasional Man."
      --Rosalind Russell & male chorus - "Homesick Hillbilly" (begins as a film clip).
      --The Girl Rush cast sings (lip-syncs?) "The Girl Rush" theme.
      --Songwriters Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane perform "The Trolley Song."
      --Marion Lorne plays a scatter-brained woman at a gambling table.
      Filmed segments (clips from the movie):
      --Nightclub revue with Gloria DeHaven & others singing "Champagne."
      --Rosalind Russell, Bob Fortier, Matt Maddox and Don Crichton - "If You'll Only Take a Chance" excerpt.

    • August 26, 1951
      August 26, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 50

      Scheduled guests:
      --Robert Alda and Isabel Bigley (actors, from the Broadway cast of "Guys and Dolls"). Robert Alda appears as guest host.
      --Eddie Mayehoff (actor)
      --Bobby Sargent (comedian)
      --The Christianis (acrobatic family)
      --Delarge & Shirley (magic act)

    • February 27, 1955
      February 27, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 25

      --Eartha Kitt sings "My Heart's Delight" and "The Heel."
      --The DeJohn Sisters (vocal duo) - "A Present For Bob" and "No More."
      --The Citadel College Glee Club (directed by Captain Nichols) sing "The Citadel Alma Mater" and "The Lord's Prayer."
      --Scenes from the play "Plain and Fancy": Gloria Marlowe and David Daniels (sing "Young and Foolish"); Shirl Conway, Nancy Andrews and others (perform a comic scene set in an Amish kitchen); Nancy Andrews & five others (sing "City Mouse, Country Mouse").
      --Billy De Wolfe (comedian) plays "Mrs. Murgatroyd" in a comedy sketch.
      --Carol Haney and Peter Gennaro dance to "On the Sunny Side of the Street."
      --Audience bows: Ann Miller (MGM dancing star), Robert Wagner (actor), Win Min Than (actress, a co-star in the Gregory Peck movie "The Purple Plain"), and General Mark Clark (WWII hero).
      --Audience bows: Victor Seixas and Tony Trabert (both from the 1955 US Davis Cup Team).

    • June 5, 1949: Harold Lloyd, Mindy Carson, Tod Andrews, Vincent Richards, Rolly Rolls

      Scheduled guests: --Harold Lloyd (silent-film comedian) --Vincent Richards

    • July 17, 1949: Cab Calloway, Jackie Robinson, Stan Musial

      --Cab Calloway sings a song about Jackie Robinson (with Robinson and Stan Musial).
      --Cab Calloway sings "I've Got The World on a String" and "The Hucklebuck."
      --Cab Calloway sings "Calloway Boogie" (as part of the show's finale).
      --Anne Russel (singer-comedienne) - does impressions of different types of singers.
      --Ted Lester (novelty musician) - plays various musical instruments (flute, harmonica, xylophone, violin, ukulele, trombone, saxophone and an accordion) in a song medley.
      Also appearing:
      --Jackie Robinson & Stan Musial, on stage with Ed, give baseball tips.
      --Burns & his Feathered Friends (trained parakeet act).
      --Manuel and Marita Viera (trained animal act with rhesus monkeys "Professor" Tippy and Cobina).
      --Larchmont Children - children who put on show for charity.
      --Cameo: Buddy Rogers (next week's guest host) talks with Ed.
      --The Toastettes (series regulars) open and close the show with a "TV as Babysitter" themed production number.

    • January 4, 1953
      January 4, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 17

      Scheduled guests:
      --Billy Eckstine (singer, billed as "the Great Mr. 'B'")
      --Bill Sears, Maria Riva and Mickey Deems appear in a comedy sketch.
      --Phil Spitalny with his all-girl orchestra.
      --The Phil Jones Dancers
      --Eileen O'Dare (French acrobat & Folies Bergere headliner)
      --Billy Spears (puppeteer)
      --Bobby Clark
      --Tony Despirito (jockey)

    • March 6, 1955
      March 6, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 26

      Musical guests:
      --Lillian Roth (singer) -possibly "Sing You Sinners"/"Honey" medley.
      --Roy Hamilton -possibly "I Believe."
      --The Fontane Sisters (vocal trio) -possibly "Rock Love" and "Heart of Stone."
      --Arnold Dover (impressionist) - imitates Ed Sullivan.
      --Joe Jackson Jr.
      Also appearing:
      --Alistair Cook presents the opera "The Mighty Casey," based on the classic poem "Casey At The Bat."
      --Mata & Hari (dance team)
      --Collier's All-American basketball team (five top players)
      --Paul Sidell and Susie (trainer with his dog)

    • August 16, 1953
      August 16, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 49

      --Frankie Laine - "Hey Joe" & "New Orleans"
      --Frankie Laine & Jimmy Boyd - "Poor Little Piggy Bank"
      --Mitch Miller, of Columbia Records, presents Frankie Laine with a Gold Record (one million records sold).
      --Betty Dodd - "Don't the Moon Look Lonesome" (sings & plays guitar)
      --Babe, Betty Dodd & Jimmy Boyd - "Little Train A Chuggin'"
      --Nanci Crompton (ballet dancer) - does a waltz with the Toastettes and a ballet solo.
      --Gene Nelson (Hollywood dancer) - dances to "St. Louis Blues" in a production number (with ballroom set & extras)
      --Babe Didrikson Zaharias (female golfer) - does a golf demo, then plays "Begin The Beguine" on harmonica
      --The Romano Brothers - perform acrobatic stunts & Italian medley
      --Carl Ballantine (comic magician, aka "The Amazing Mr. Ballantine") - none of his tricks work)
      --Zippy the Monkey (plays tic tac toe with trainer cleans chalkboard & dances)
      Audience bows: Jerome Thome & wife; Ward Morehouse (newspaperman); General Brandon Burns

    • August 12, 1951
      August 12, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 48

      Guest host:
      --Johnny Johnston (Broadway performer) sings "I'm In Love Again" and "My Truly, Truly Fair."
      --Finale: Johnny Johnston closes the show by singing "Black Ball Ferry Line."
      --Johnny Johnston and Marcia Van Dyke (actors, from the Broadway musical "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn") reprise the play's rooftop scene with Johnston singing "I'll Buy You a Star."
      Also appearing:
      --Will Mastin Trio (nightclub trio consisting of Will Mastin, Sammy Davis Sr. and Sammy Davis Jr.) - appear in a 12-minute segment which includes Sammy Davis Jr. doing vocal impressions of various actors and singers.
      --Maria Tallchief (American prima ballerina)
      --Eddie Mayehoff (comedian-actor) - does a monologue about football.
      --The Myrons (acrobatic-balancing act from Radio City Music Hall).

    • November 11, 1951
      November 11, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 10

      Scheduled guests:
      --Dane Clark and Martha Scott (actors from the Broadway play "The Number")
      --Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy (husband and wife TV personalities)
      --Billy Daniels (singer)
      --Norman Wisdom (comedian)
      --Harold Lang and Helen Gallagher (dance team)
      --Renee Strange (puppeteer)

    • June 26, 1949
      June 26, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 54

      --Sarah Vaughan sings "Sunday Dream" & "Bianca."
      --Elaine Street (does Street Vendor routine & sings parodies).
      --Ken Carr (Ken Card?) (comedian) routine includes playing "12th Street Rag" on banjo.
      --Virginia Lee (comic acrobatics).
      --Businessmen of Rhythm (three-man tap team) - perform to "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
      --Christine & Moll (male & female tap dance team).
      --Harold & Lola - "The Cobra Dance" ballet.
      --Audience bows: Richard Nay, Ethel Smith.
      --Finale: Carmen Cavallaro & Ray Bloch joins Ethel Smith on stage; The Toastettes dance to "Hi Neighbor."

    • June 19, 1949: 1st Anniversary Show

      First Anniversary Show with scheduled guests:
      --Richard Rodgers
      --Juanita Hall (singer & actress, from Broadway's "South Pacific")
      --Harvey Stone

    • January 21, 1951
      January 21, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 19

      --Margaret Truman (daughter of Harry S. Truman) - sings "My Lovely Celia" (by George Monro) and "Gavotte" (by David Copper).
      --Jimmy Wakely (country & western singer) - "San Antonio Rose" and "My Heart Cries For You."
      --Evalyn Tyner (jazz pianist w/small combo) performs "Night and Day" (with assistance by Ed).
      --Jan Murray (comedian) - routine about the feeding of an infant.
      --Roland Young (movie actor) - plays a bumbling public speaker in the comedy sketch "The Treasurer's Report" (a role originated by the late Robert Benchley).
      --The Nonchalants (comic tumbling act).
      Also appearing:
      --Junius Kellogg (Manhattan College basketball player who helped expose a racketeering scheme).
      --Cameo: Arthur J. Wallander (New York City's Civil Defense Director).
      --Cameo: Irving Sapold (Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney General).
      Also, a B'nai B'rith award is presented to Ed Sullivan.

    • September 30, 1951
      September 30, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 4

      "The Helen Hayes Story"
      --Helen Hayes sings "Froggie Went A-Courtin'" in a scene from her 1950 play "The Wisteria Trees," about a Southern belle who returns to her family's crumbling Southern plantation.
      --Martha Scott recreates Hayes' 1927-28 role as Norma Besant in a scene from "Coquette."
      --Mary McCarty and Raymond Boyle perform a scene from "Happy Birthday" (with McCartney playing "Addie," a role originated by Ms. Hayes).
      --In a specially filmed segment, Helen Hayes recreates her role as "Victoria Regina."
      Other segments:
      --Jenny Hecht (young daughter of Ben Hecht) portrays 6-year-old Helen Hayes as a Gibson girl.
      --On film: Scenes from Hayes' 1931 movie "Arrowsmith" co-starring Ronald Colman and Myrna Loy.

    • June 12, 1949: Pat Henning, Sam Levenson, John Blair, Toni Harper

      --Pat Henning - stand-up routine topics: Tobacco Road, hair, impressions, etc.
      --Sam Levenson (comedian) - stand up routine with family jokes.
      --John Blair sings "A Song Lives With My Heart" (correct song title?)
      --Toni Harper (11-year-old singer) - "The Muffin Man" and "Three Blind Mice."
      --Mary Lou McCue (winner of 1949's Jenny Lynn contest) sings "Coming Through The Rhine."
      --Los Montez De Ocha (man and woman trampoline act)
      --Finale: The Toastettes & guests - "Sunday in The park" themed production with Tina Harper singing "'Rock-a-bye Baby."

    • December 18, 1949: W.C. Handy, Bill Tabbert, Harry Armstrong, Maude Nugent, Lenny Kent

      --Harry Armstrong sings his composition "Sweet Adeline" (accompanied by barbershop quartet).
      --W.C. Handy plays "St. Louis Blues" on horn.
      --Maude Nugent sings her composition "Sweet Rosie O'Grady."

      --Lee Benedict (female singer, winner of Chicago's Harvest Moon Festival) sings "Fool That I Am."
      --William Tabbert (of "South Pacific") sings "Dear Santa Claus."

      --George Kirby (comedian) - does imitations of radio and movie actors, along with other personalities.
      --Lenny Kent (comedian)

      Also appearing:
      --Tommy Trent (puppeteer) - one-man puppet show.
      --Howard and Wanda Bell (acrobatic team, balancers)
      --Joyce Credit (8-year-old girl) - lip-synchs to Judy Garland's record "I Don't Care."
      --Audience bows: Native Americans from New Mexico.
      --Audience bows: the University of Kansas Basketball Team with Coach Phog Allen.

    • April 3, 1949: Kirk Douglas, Kitty Kallen, Emmett Kelly, Ronny Graham

      --Kirk Douglas (actor) - appears in audience, then comes on stage to talk with Ed.
      --Emmett Kelly (circus clown) - talks to Ed about the circus.
      --Ronny Graham (night-club comedian, songwriter) - talks to audience while playing a medley of his songs on piano.
      --Piero Brothers (acrobats) - two brothers juggle hoops, pins, and sticks.
      --Cameos/Audience bows: Gen. Red Mike Edson (war hero); Virginia Fields (actress)
      --Kitty Kallen sings "Blue Skies," which goes directly into the finale production number with the Toastettes and other cast members.

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --John Carradine (actor)
      --The Costello Twins

    • April 10, 1949: Edward Everett Horton, Patricia Morison, Brother Bones, Ray & Nardo

      --Patricia Morrison sings "Wunderbar" from "Kiss Me Kate."
      --Brother Bones (whistling musician) performs "Sweet Georgia Brown."
      --The Jaywalkers (comedy trio)
      --Ray and Nardo (comedy team of Frank Ray and Don Nardo)
      Also appearing:
      --Gali Gali (Indian magician) - is assisted by actors Edward Everett Horton and Josh Shelley.
      --The Marvellos (comic magicians)
      --Purcell & Ray (dance team)
      --Cameos: Max Cohen and Harry Brandt (theater owners) and Jack Entratter (Copacabana manager) present checks for the Heart Fund.
      --The cast sings "Sweet Georgia Brown" followed by a reprise of "Wunderbar."

    • April 17, 1949: Jack E. Leonard, Jean Carroll, Gali-Gali, Sonja Henie (cameo)

      Scheduled guests: --Jack Leonard --Gali Gali (magician) --The Notre Dame Singers

    • April 24, 1949: Joey Adams, Pat Rooney, Yvonne Adair

      Scheduled guests: --Joey Adams (comedian) --Pat Rooney --Yvonne Adair (Broadway actress)

    • October 7, 1951
      October 7, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 5

      --Dick Haymes sings "Because of You" and "September Song."
      --Roberta Peters (Met opera coloratura soprano) - "I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls."
      Jack E. Leonard - comedy stand-up with a song-and-dance.
      1951 World Series tribute:
      --New York Giants Sal Maglie (pitcher), Eddie Stanky (second baseman) and Bobby Thomson (outfielder).
      --New York Yankees Allie Reynolds (pitcher) and Phil Rizzuto (shortstop).
      Also appearing:
      --Peggy Ryan & Ray McDonald (dance team) - tap dance to "Blue Skies."
      --Los Gatos (acrobatic trio)
      --The Salzburg Marionettes - "The Dying Swan" ballet performed by a 3 1/2-foot-figure.
      --Audience bows: Connie Mack and Charles Comiskey II.

    • January 28, 1951
      January 28, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 20

      Scheduled guests:
      --Gloria Swanson (actress)
      --Roberta Peters (opera singer)
      --Vaughn Monroe (singer & host of the TV series "Camel Caravan")
      --The Harmonicats (vocal trio)
      --Granny Hamner (Philadelphia Phillies shortstop)
      --Harold Barnes (wire walker)
      --The Vierra Monkeys

    • February 4, 1951
      February 4, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 21

      --Jane Morgan (singer) - "April in Paris."
      --Russell Nype (actor, from Broadway's "Call Me Madam") sings "It's a Lovely Day Today."
      --Jane Morgan and Russell Nype - "You're Just in Love" duet.
      --Nancy Walker (comedienne) - does a slapstick murder mystery sketch with five actors.
      Also appearing:
      --Margot Fonteyn and Michael Somes (Sadler's Wells Ballet dancers) - "Swan Lake" pas de deux.
      --Bobby Vance (dancer) - tap dance and soft shoe routine.
      --Renald and Rudy (acrobats)
      --Cameo: Skeets Minton (ventriloquist) - scheduled to perform, but reduced to a cameo after the show ran out of time.

    • January 15, 1950
      January 15, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 18

      --Frankie Laine (2nd of two consecutive appearances) sings "That's My Desire" and "On the Sunny Side Of The Street."
      --Lillian Roth (singer) - sings a medley of songs that she helped popularize.
      --Gene Jimae (6-year-old harmonica player)
      Also appearing:
      --Anita Alvarez (dancer, from Broadway's "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes") - Latin dance routine.
      --Virginia Lee (actress-dancer) - performs balancing stunts with a dancing partner.
      --Jimmy Hague of Ohio State University and Jim Monachino of the University of California, rivals in the 1950 Rose Bowl, demonstrate place-kicking.
      --The Pelletiers (a trained dog act)

    • May 6, 1951
      May 6, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 34

      Scheduled guests:
      --Billy De Wolfe (actor)
      --Pinky Lee (comedian)
      --Marcia Van Dyke and Johnny Johnston (singers, from the Broadway musical "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn")
      --Eddie Arcaro (jockey)
      --Linon (clown & wire-walker)

    • June 3, 1951
      June 3, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 38

      Show broadcast from Pittsburgh's Syria Mosque.
      --Frankie Laine sings "Dream Your Troubles Away" and "Jezebel."
      --Roberta Peters (coloratura soprano) - sings "The Bell Song" from Lakme.
      --The Tucson Boys Chorus (troupe founded by Eduardo Caso) - (possibly) "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" and "Thumbelina."
      --Pinky Lee - does a comedy act with Ed Sullivan.
      --Elsa and Waldo (comedy dance duo)
      Also appearing:
      --Nita and Peppi Borza (brother and sister acrobatic act).
      --Gautier's Steeplechase (animal circus act with miniature horses/ponies).
      --Audience bow: Charles E. Kelly (WWII Medal Of Honor winner, aka "Commando Kelly").
      --Audience bow: Billy Conn (retired boxer known as "The Pittsburgh Kid").
      --Cameos: Pittsburgh citizens Tom Troy (Chamber Of Commerce president), Admiral Ben Moreell, and Clifford Hood (Vice President of U.S. Steel) present a trophy to the winner of the Steamboat Race, which took place the previous day.

    • July 1, 1951
      July 1, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 42

      Scheduled guests:
      --Robert Merrill (opera singer)
      --Anna Maria Alberghetti (singer, appearing with her brother)
      --Pat Rooney Sr. (soft shoe dancer)
      --The Schmitt Brothers (barber shop quartet)
      --The Tong Brothers (acrobats)
      --Maxie the Clown

    • January 8, 1950
      January 8, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 17

      --Frankie Laine (singer, with pianist Carl Fisher and drummer Morey Feld) - "Baby, That Ain't Right," "That Lucky Old Sun" and "Mule Train."
      --Dick Drake (musician-deadpan comedian) plays "Bright Shines The Moon" on mandolin and "12th Street Rag."
      --Betty & Jane Kean (singing-comedy sister act) - routine includes impressions of famous singers and sing "South America, Take It Away."
      --Kate Murtagh (tall actress from the Broadway musical "Texas, Li'l Darlin'") picks up Ed Sullivan and carries him off the stage.
      Also appearing:
      --Randy Brown (paddle-ball novelty act)
      --Audience bow: Wendell Corey (movie actor)
      --Audience bows: Van Arser (correct name? - NYPD Police Officer Patrolman) and Cameron Waterman (inventor of the outboard motor).

    • August 5, 1951
      August 5, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 47

      (Verified) Guests:
      --Gene Raymond (actor, appearing as guest host)
      --Peg Leg Bates (Vaudeville performer)

      Scheduled guests:
      --Jeannette MacDonald (singer-actress)
      --Harvey Stone (comedian)
      --De Santos Trio (dance trio)
      --Dolly Barr (roller skater)

    • September 2, 1951
      September 2, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 51

      Scheduled guests:
      --Dolores Gray (guest host)
      --Buster Keaton (famous silent movie comedian)
      --Arlene Dahl (movie actress)
      --Henny Youngman (comedian)
      --Buddy Lester
      --Dick Dana and 'Peanuts' Mann (comedy team)
      --Andre, Andre and Bonnie (dance trio)

    • April 8, 1951
      April 8, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 30

      --Anita and Pippin (circus act, from Florida)
      --Billy Eckstine sings two songs - the 2nd song is "I Apologize" (first song is unknown)
      --Claude Rains (actor) - performs a scene from the Broadway play "Darkness at Noon," written and directed by Sidney Kingsley.
      The 1950-51 New York Drama Critics Circle Awards. Presenters include John Chapman (the president of the Critics Circle). Sidney Kingsley, John C. Wilson and John Gielgud accept awards.
      --Joan Holloway (dancer) - tap dance routine
      --Doretta Morrow and Larry Douglas - "I Have Dreamed" (from "The King & I")
      --Audience bows: Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein
      --Audience bow: Donald Crisp (Hollywood star)
      --Paul Gallico and The Fencer's Club of New York (aka New York Fencing Team) - fencing demonstration.

    • March 18, 1951
      March 18, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 27

      --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - "If I Were on the Stage."
      --Lucienne Boyer (French chanteuse) sings "Speak To Me of Love."
      --Carmen Cavallero (pianist)
      --Nancy Walker (comedian) - performs "I'm the First Girl in the Second Row," a parody of ballet from the Broadway musical "Look, Ma, I'm Dancin'!"
      Also appearing:
      --Hugh Laing & Diana Adams (husband-and-wife ballet dancers) - perform the pas-de-deux from Antony Tudor's "Lady of the Camellias."
      --Byron Nelson (golfer) - 3rd in a series of golf lessons.
      --Ala Ming (female tightrope walker) - does a flip while walking the wire.
      --Excess Baggage (trained dog act presented by Alma Michaels).
      --Audience bow: Jimmy McHale (golfer?)

    • April 1, 1951
      April 1, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 29

      --Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (actor) - talks about his recent European adventure and reads from Kipling's "If."
      --Les Paul & Mary Ford - "How High The Moon?" and "Cryin''."
      --Phil Spitalny and His Hour of Charm Orchestra (aka "Phil Spitalny and His All-Girl Orchestra") - medley of 'Spring' songs: Strauss' "Voices Of Spring," Mendelssohn's "Spring Song" and "April Song."
      --Martin Keane (Irish tenor) sings "A Little Bit Of Heaven" (with Irish Step Dancers).
      --Mickey Carton (accordion player) and Francis Flanagan - "Rickets Hornpipe" (with Irish Step Dancers).
      --Artie Dann (fast-talking comedian) - monologue.
      Also appearing:
      --Dorothy Hayden's Irish Memories Revue (Irish step dancers) - perform an Irish jig at beginning of show.
      --Nino (trained dog act from France) - balances on ball, etc.
      --Audience bow: Jane Wurster (selected "Miss New York Press Photographer" of 1951)
      --On-stage bow: Jack Dempsey

    • March 25, 1951
      March 25, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 28

      1951 Easter Show.
      --Terry-Thomas (comedian) - routine includes an impression of an Italian opera singer.
      --The Phil Spitalny's Hour Of Charm All-Girl Orchestra - "Hallelujah Chorus" (from Handel's "Messiah") and "Battle Hymn Of The Republic."
      --Evelyn Silverstone (violinist with Phil Spitalny's orchestra) - performs Franz Schubert's "Ave Maria."
      --The Notre Dame Glee Club - sing hymns and college songs.
      Also appearing:
      --The King Brothers (hand-balancers)
      --Paul and Grace Hartman (aka The Hartmans, dancers) - do a dancing school spoof with comedy dancing.

      Additional guests (tentatively scheduled):
      --Byron Nelson (golfer) - 4th in a series of golf lessons.
      --Ted Puckwood (coin expert)

    • June 1, 1952: Eartha Kitt, Orson Bean, Robert Merrill, Roberta Peters, Yehudi Menuhin

      --Eartha Kitt sings "Bal Petit Bal" and "Love Is A Simple Thing."
      --Robert Merrill (baritone)- "I'm Falling In Love With Someone."
      --Roberta Peters (soprano)- "Kiss Me Again."
      --Roberta Peters & Robert Merrill (husband and wife, stars of the Metropolitan Opera) - "Will You Remember?"
      --Yehudi Menuhin (violin virtuoso & conductor) - "Caprice Viennois" (accompanied by Arthur Balsam) and "Ravel's Habanera."
      --The Harmonicats (harmonica playing musicians)- "Little Brown Jug"/"12th Street Rag" and "Peg O' My Heart."

      --Orson Bean (comedian) - stand-up monologue.

      Also appearing:
      --Sinclair & Spaulding (dance team).
      --The Toastettes dance in a Paris scene production number.
      --Cameo appearance: The cast of "New Faces Of 1952."
      --Baudes Greyhounds and Monkeys - trained animal act with monkeys riding on top of Greyhounds.

    • February 11, 1951
      February 11, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 22

      --Dick Haymes sings "Blue Skies" and "Nevertheless."
      --Dick Haymes - "Today's Gonna Be A Great Day" production number.
      --Smith & Dale (Vaudeville comedy team) - perform a hospital sketch.
      --The Maxwells (acrobats) - pretend to move in slow-motion.
      Also appearing:
      --Dame Judith Anderson (actress) - dramatic reading of the Gettysburg Address.
      --Hudson and Sharae (adagio dancers)
      --Brant and Smith (or Brand & Sisk) - badminton demonstration.
      --Sherman White (Long Island University basketball player) is presented with an award.
      --Audience bow: Larry Doby (baseball star invited on stage).
      --Audience bows: Rutgers University fraternity pledges.

    • February 18, 1951
      February 18, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 23

      --Sugar Ray Robinson - skips rope to "Anchor's Away." Later in show, Sugar Ray watches a clip from an earlier show with Sam Snead, Bob Williams & himself. Sugar Ray talks about Terry Moore.
      --Molly Picon (Yiddish actress) - sings "Heaven Help A Working Girl," "Daisy" and "The Story Of Grandma's Shawl"
      --Ray McKinley (band leader & singer) - "Don't Mess With Mr. In Between" Later in show, sings "Came A Long Way From St. Louis"
      --Mila Raymon (violin player)
      --Paul Schon (clarinet playing young boy) - plays "Army Air Corps"
      --Chief American Horse (Chief of Sioux Nation) - gives Ed the name "Laughing Heart" & an Indian headdress. (Six American Indian chiefs appear on stage.)
      --The Jaywalkers (3 male acrobats)
      --Rudy Cardenas (young juggler from Mexico)
      --Audience bows: General John Reed Kilpatrick; Mrs. Sugar Ray Robinson; Nancy Chaffe; Irv Kupcinet; Major Alexander; Mrs. Disiversky; Col. Robert Johnson

    • January 29, 1950: Dinah Shore, Vic Damone, Alice Pearce, Joan Holloway

      --Vic Damone sings "Sitting By The Window" & "Why Was I Born?"
      --Dinah Shore sings "It Had To Be You" and "Dear Hearts and Gentle People."
      --Vic Damone and Dinah Shore - "Tea For Two" duet.

      --Alice Pearce (actress-comedienne) does a comedy routine with Ed. Later in show, Pearce sings "Constantinople" and "Two Cigarettes In The Dark."
      --The Jaywalkers (physical comedy trio).

      Also appearing:
      --Joan Holloway (tap dancer)
      --Ross and Ross (novelty punching bag act)

    • January 22, 1950
      January 22, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 19

      --Les Compagnons de la Chanson (French vocal group)
      --Ilona Massey (Hungarian-born actress & singer)
      --Joey Adams (nightclub comedian)
      --Joey Adams, Tony Canzoneri and Mark Plant - do a sketch about a retired boxer coaxed back into the ring.
      --Billy Vine (comedian)
      Also appearing:
      --Paul Draper (dancer) - routine includes ballet and tap dancing.
      --Oldfield and Ware (acrobatic team) - perform pantomime and physical comedy.
      --The Roulettes (novelty roller skating act)

    • February 25, 1951
      February 25, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 24

      --Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy (actors) perform a scene from the 1939 Broadway drama "The White Steed."
      --Russell Nype (Broadway actor) - sings "When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love" and “It's a Lovely Day Today.”
      --Jo Sullivan (operatic soprano)
      --Alan Young (actor-comedian) - comedy bit about a man taking care of a loud, crying baby.
      Also appearing:
      --Bobby Van (Broadway performer) dance routine with impressions of famous movie actors.
      --Rod Alexander and Bambi Lynn (husband-and-wife dancers) - do a lullaby-dance.
      --Jimmy Garner and Yvonne (trampoline act)

    • June 8, 1952
      June 8, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 40

      Scheduled guests:
      --Jesse Owens (track star, famous for winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics)
      --Tony Martin (singer)
      --Blanche Thebom (mezzo-soprano, of the Metropolitan Opera)
      --Willie Hoppe (billiards player)
      --The Kilgore Rangerettes (girls' precision drill team from Texas)

    • December 11, 1949
      December 11, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 13

      --Sigmund Romberg (composer) is interviewed by Ed Sullivan.
      --Jarmila Novotna (Czech soprano) sings "One Kiss" and "Lover, Come Back to Me" (both songs composed by Sigmund Romberg).
      --Luba Malina (singer) - does a comedy song about a TV-obsessed husband.
      --Sara Bemer (radio actress) - comedy monologue.
      --Robert Devore and Ray McGregor (entertainers)
      --Jimmy Valentine and Rita (peg-legged dancer and his female partner)
      --Dolinoff and the Raya Sisters (trio specializing in the "black art" of dancing)
      --Bobby "Tables" Davis ("strong jaw" novelty dancer) - dances while lifting furniture with his teeth.

    • November 27, 1949
      November 27, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 11

      --Lisa Kirk (Broadway performer) sings "The Gentleman Is a Dope" (from "Allegro") and "Always True to You (In My Fashion)" (from "Kiss Me, Kate").
      --Steve Condos and Jerry Brandow (nightclub song-and-dance act)
      --Ralph Branca (Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher) sings "That Lucky Ol' Sun."
      --George Hall (comedian, from the Broadway revue "Touch and Go) - plays a deadpan butler who heckles Ed throughout the show.
      --The Calgary Brothers (Vaudeville act from Europe) - hobo routine.
      --Don Francisco (wire walker) - pretends to be intoxicated while walking the high wire.
      Also appearing:
      --Sharkey the Seal (trained seal) - act includes balancing balls and playing "Bells of St. Mary's" on an instrumental with bells.
      --Audience bow: Marie Windsor (movie actress).
      --Cameos: College football coaches Tuss McLaughry (of Dartmouth) and Bernie Bierman (of the University of Minnesota).
      --Cameo: Rex Barney (of the Brooklyn Dodgers).

    • February 1, 1953
      February 1, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 21

      Scheduled guests:
      --Gary Cooper (actor) - introduces a film clip from his movie "High Noon"
      --Ted Lewis
      --Myron Cohen (comedian, story teller)
      --The Harmonicats
      --Mario Del Monico (opera singer)
      --Monica Lewis and Bert Nagle
      --Gae Foster Roxyettes

    • January 11, 1953
      January 11, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 18

      --Margaret Sullavan, Alan Webb and James Hanley perform a scene from the Broadway drama "The Deep Blue Sea."
      --Guy Mitchell sings "She Wears Red Feathers."
      Also appearing:
      --Ogden Nash (poet, writer & lyricist) recites an excerpt from Saint-Saens' "Carnival of Animals" (with special effects from puppeteers Bil and Cora Baird).
      --Robert Taylor (actor) receives a citation of honor from the Air Force Association for his role as Colonel Paul Tibbets in "Above and Beyond."
      --On film: A clip from the movie "Above and Beyond" starring Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker.

    • March 22, 1953
      March 22, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 28

      --Burl Ives (folk singer) performs "Foggy Foggy Dew," "Blue Tail Fly" and "Big Rock Candy Mountain."
      --Roberta Peters (Metropolitan Opera coloratura soprano) sings "Caro Nome."
      --The Vienna Boys Choir sing "Hallelujah."
      --David Burns and Michael Mann present "And a Little Child," a scene from the Broadway revue "Two's Company," about a stage star who tries to upstage a scene-stealing child actor.
      --Lilli Palmer and David Burns perform "Jealousy," also from the "Two's Company" revue, about a overly-suspicious husband who believes his dowdy wife is cheating on him.
      Also appearing:
      --Movie actresses Rita Hayworth and Debbie Reynolds promote their new motion pictures. Hayworth's new release is the Biblical epic "Salome," and Reynold's latest picture is the musical-comedy "I Love Melvin."
      --Audience bow: Shirley Booth (actress, then appearing in the Broadway play "The Time of the Cuckoo").
      --On film: A scene from "I Love Melvin," a motion picture featuring Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor.

    • December 14, 1952
      December 14, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 14

      Guest host:
      --Jackie Gleason (TV comedian) takes over as host (while Ed was hospitalized due to an ulcer attack).
      --Red Buttons (comedian) reprises his punch-drunk prizefighter character.
      --Lisa Kirk sings "Love Is A Boomerang" and "The Gentleman Is A Dope."
      --Gene Jimae (10-year-old harmonica prodigy) performs "Peg O' My Heart."
      Also appearing:
      --The Step Brothers (acrobatic tap dancers)
      --Jose Greco (dancer) performs with three male members of his Spanish dance troupe.
      --Baudy's Greyhounds (trained animal act with dogs and monkeys).
      --On film: A clip from Bob Hope's 1944 film "The Princess and the Pirate."

    • December 21, 1952
      December 21, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 15

      1952 Christmas Show, broadcast from the Roxy Theatre.
      --Sonja Henie (ice skater & movie actress) performs four routines from the Roxy's ice rink stage.
      --Hume Cronyn & Jessica Tandy (actors) - perform a scene from "Alice in Wonderland" with Cronyn as Humpty Dumpty and Tandy playing Alice.
      --Lilli Palmer (stage and movie actress) reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas."
      --Victoria de Los Angeles (Metropolitan Opera lyric soprano, from Spain) sings Gounod's "Ave Maria" and a Spanish holiday song that she composed.
      --The Belles and Blades (16 male & 16 female skaters from the Roxy Theatre's ice show).
      --The Student Nurses Choir of New York City's Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital - sing two songs.
      --The 80-piece U. S. Marine Band, conducted by actor Clifton Webb, performs "Stars and Stripes Forever."
      (Clifton Webb's appearance was part of a salute to composer-conductor John Philip Sousa, whom Webb portrayed in the 1952 movie "Stars and Stripes Forever.")

    • October 8, 1950: Ethel Waters, Julie Harris, Brandon DeWilde, Reginald Gardiner

      --Ethel Waters, Julie Harris and Brandon de Wilde (Broadway actors) - perform a scene from their Broadway play "The Member of the Wedding."
      --Jean Carroll (comedienne)
      --Leonard Warren (Baritone opera singer)
      --Reginald Gardiner (actor)
      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --Chai and Somay (Chinese acrobats)


    • October 15, 1950: Sarah Churchill, John O'Hare, Myron Cohen, Reginald Gardiner, Lauritz Melchoir

      --Sarah Churchill (Winston Churchill's daughter) and John O'Hare - perform the balcony scene from "Romeo and Juliet."
      --Reginald Gardiner (British actor & comedian) - comedy routine in which he lip-synchs to Bing Crosby's "Mississippi Mud" recording.
      --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) - comedy monologue.
      --Carol Bruce (singer) - "My Bill" and "Blues in the Night"
      --Lauritz Melchoir (tenor, from the Metropolitan Opera) - sings "Longren's Farewell" and "Without A Song."
      --Jacques Cordon (unicyclist-juggler from France) - does tricks including riding a unicycle, jumping rope, and juggling with a knife in his mouth.
      --Tim Herbert and Don Saxon (comedy team) - do a psychiatrist routine.
      --Audience bows: Harry Newman (former All-American Michigan quarterback) and Tommy Kerrigan (pro-golfer)

    • October 22, 1950: Peggy Lee, Dave Barbour, Jerome Hines, Flora Robson, Eddie Mayhoff

      --Peggy Lee (with her husband, Dave Barbour, accompanying her on guitar) performs "Show Me the Way to Get Out of This World" and "La Vie en Rose."
      --Jerome Hines (operatic bass) sings "Some Enchanted Evening" and "Ol' Man River."
      --Flora Robson (British actress) - performs a scene from her Broadway play "Black Chiffon" (with other actors from the cast).
      --Eddie Mayhoff (comedian) - does an inspirational coach routine to the song "Football Hero."
      --Al Bernie (stand-up comedian) - talks about vacationing in Florida, insurance, then does impressions.
      --The Mazonni Abbott Dancers (six females and one male) sing and dance "Mon Amour" in a French bar room fight setting.
      --Johnny Lander (novelty act) - plays "Three Blind Mice" on the violin while balancing on ladder.

    • October 29, 1950
      October 29, 1950
      Season 3 - Episode 7

      --Margaret Truman (lyric soprano and daughter of President Harry S. Truman) sings "O'er the Hill" and "My Johann."
      --Clark Dennis sings "Jealousy" (segment begins with a ballet dancer).
      --Victor Borge (comedian-pianist)
      --Smith and Dale (comedy team) - try to pick up girls in a sketch set aboard a ship.
      Also appearing:
      --Cornelia Otis Skinner (actress & author) - does a monologue about some of the characters found on Broadway.
      --Sing Lee Sing (acrobatic trio) - routine includes plate spinning and a pyramid stunt.
      --Cameo: The Merry Mutes (comedy duo of Dick Van Dyke and Phil Erickson).

    • October 26, 1952
      October 26, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 7

      Scheduled guests:
      --Joe E. Lewis (comedian & nightclub entertainer)
      --Connie Russell (entertainer, billed as "Connie Russel & The Boys")
      --Smith and Dale (comedy team)
      --Harry Mimmo (Italian comedian)
      --Vera McNary & Group (marimba quintet, xylophonists)
      --Lew Parker (comedian)
      --On film: a movie clip from "Happy Time" with Charles Boyer, Marsha Hunt, Louis Jourdan and Linda Christian.

    • July 18, 1948
      July 18, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 5

      --Ella Fitzgerald (jazz vocalist)
      --Bill "Bojangles" Robinson (tap dancer) - after a solo dance, does a "Hard Shoe" encore with The Toastettes.
      --Ella Fitzgerald and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson - join together for an "Easter Parade" duet.
      --Kate Murtah (singer, formerly of The Murtagh Sisters trio)
      --Dick "Lord" Buckley - does a comedy routine using audience members as ventriloquist dummies.
      Also appearing:
      --Toy and Wing (acrobatic dance duo of Dorothy Takahashi and Paul Wing Jew)
      --Leonard Gautier's Bricklayers (trained dog act) - dogs as construction workers on a building site.
      Amateur talent:
      --Elmert Reinhart (baritone singer from Baltimore) sings "Home on the Range."

    • September 10, 1950
      September 10, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 52

      --Frankie Laine sings "Cry of the Wild Goose" and "That Lucky Old Sun."
      --Patti Page sings "Back in Your Own Backyard."
      --Patti Page and Frankie Laine - "If I Were You, Baby (I'd Love Me) duet."
      --Victor Borge (comic pianist) - performance incorporating comedy and music.
      --Smith & Dale (comedy team) - doctor's office sketch.
      Also appearing:
      --Captain Shaw & Bobby (trained monkey act)
      --Margaret Brown (tap dancer)
      --Chester Gould (cartoonist and creator of "Dick Tracy") - talks with Ed Sullivan and draws.
      --The Romanos (acrobats)

    • July 25, 1948
      July 25, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 6

      --Jane Kean (Broadway actress) - novelty songs and celebrity impressions. 
      --Jan Murray (comedian)  
      --Al Kelly ("double-talk" comedian) 
      --Son and Sonny (tap dancers Roland James and Sonny Montgomery) 
      --Golden Gate Quartet (vocal group) 
      --Duval, the Magician

    • August 29, 1948
      August 29, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 11

      --Count Basie & band - perform "One O'Clock Jump."
      --The Ames Brothers (vocal quartet)
      --David Powell (drummer, a.k.a. Jack Powell, Jr.) - does a trick drumming routine originally performed by his father, vaudevillian Jack Powell.
      --Jane and Betty Kean (comedy and singing duo)
      Also appearing:
      --Lon Chaney Jr. (actor) - does a "Of Mice and Men" sketch.
      --The Costello Twins (dancers Dorothy and Ruth)
      --Kathryn Lee (ballet star) - does a ballet excerpt.
      --Audience bow: Joe E. Brown (comedian-actor, who recently joined the Broadway cast of "Harvey").
      --Audience bows: Jerry Colonna (comedian), Hal Block (comedy writer), and Benny Rubin (comedian).

    • October 31, 1948
      October 31, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 20

      --Bunny Briggs (tap dancer & singer) 
      --Betty and Jane Kean (nightclub entertainers) - comedy, song and dance routine.
      --George Prentice (puppeteer) - does a 'Punch and Judy' puppet act.
      --Jay Marshall (magician-ventriloquist)
      --The Honey Brothers (comedy-dance trio) - do an acrobatic "knockabout" routine.

    • November 28, 1948: Margaret Phelan, Ray Morgan, Block and Sully, Eddie Garr

      --Margaret Phelan (operatic-singing)
      --Eddie Garr (comedian) - stand-up routine
      --Ray Morgan (comedian) - pretends to interview a singer who's become obsessed with fame after one record.
      --Olsen and Joy (comedy-musical duo) - performs a comic song-and-dance routine about a French girl and a sailor.
      --Greg and Lober (dance team) - perform an exotic Asian-dance routine.
      --Block and Sully (dancers Jesse Block and Eva Sully Block) - do a Spanish production number.
      Also appearing:
      --Virginia Austin (puppeteer and puppet designer) - does a musical puppet show.
      --Baltimore Colts Majorettes - routine with dancing and baton twirling.
      --Cameos/audience bows: Jack LaRue, Temple Texas, Nicholas Joy, and Billy Hildebrand.
      --Cameo: The Mayor of Baltimore (probably Thomas L. J. D'Alesandro, Jr.) presents Ed with a key to the city.

    • February 6, 1949: 218 Years of Tin Pan Alley / Luise Rainer, Jackie Gleason, Pat Henning

      Music - 218 Years of Tin Pan Alley segment:
      --William J. McKenna (songwriter) - "Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?"
      --W.C. Handy (songwriter) performs "St. Louis Blues."
      --Harry Armstrong (songwriter) sings "Sweet Adeline."
      --Cameo: Rudy Vallee (appears backstage)
      --Jackie Gleason (comedian) - monologue includes a dramatic movie scene.
      --Pat Henning (comedian) - stand up routine with celebrity imitations.
      Also appearing:
      --Luise Rainer (actress) talks about her career, then performs a scene from her 1935 film "Escapade."
      --Marybeth Olds (dancer-contortionist) - acrobatic novelty act.
      --Viola Essen and John "Johnny" Coy (dancers, from Broadway's "Along Fifth Avenue") - tap dance vs. ballet challenge dance.
      Series regulars:
      --The Toastettes (a.k.a. The June Taylor Girls) - open the show with a dance number.

    • January 30, 1949: Tony Martin, Carol Bruce, Dick 'Lord' Buckley, Jean Carroll

      --Tony Martin sings "Begin The Beguine" and "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee."
      --Carol Bruce sings "The Best Time of Day" (from her Broadway musical 'Along Fifth Avenue') and "My Bill."
      --Bill Graves and Sons - "Little Sue" song and dance number, and tap dances with two kids.
      --Dick "Lord" Buckley (comedian) - throws his voice in a routine with with Kid Gavilan, Bonita Granville, and Buddy Baer.
      --Jean Carroll (comedian) - topics include gambling.
      Also appearing:
      --Audience bows: K.D. Gavalan (probably boxer Kid Gavilán); Harvey Stone; Cyd Charisse (dancer); Brig General Ralph G. Devoe (director of Kingsbridge Rd. Veterans Hospital in The Bronx); Irving Geist; Buddy Baer (boxer); and Bonita Granville (actress).

    • February 27, 1949: Larry Storch, Patricia Morison, Patricia Wymour, Miguelito Valdez

      --Larry Storch (comedian) - does a Cary Grant impression and plays a Frenchman in a British Colonial army skit.
      --Patricia Wymour (sings & tap dances) - "No Time for Love" from the Broadway musical "All For Love."
      --Patricia Morison sings "So In Love With You Am I" & "Wunderbar" (both songs from her Broadway musical "Kiss Me Kate").
      --Miguelito Valdez (singer & conga drum player) - performs "Babaloo" and "El Cumbanchero."
      --Cynthia Raglin (9-year-old Broadway singer) - sings "On the Sunny Side of the Street."
      --Don Cummings (entertainer-comedian) - stand-up routine topics include jokes about cigarettes and drinking.
      --Fred Marc & Ernest Schon (violinist & pianist).
      --Audience bow: Fruchio Burko (9-year-old symphony conductor).

    • July 11, 1948: Lena Horne, Joe Howard, Joey Adams

      --Lena Horne sings "Do I Love You?" and "Honeysuckle Rose."
      --Illinois Jacquet (jazz saxophonist) with his band.
      --Skitch Henderson (bandleader-pianist)
      --Joe E. Howard (songwriter-entertainer) sings "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" and does a Cakewalk dance.
      --Joey Adams, Tony Canzoneri and Mark Plant (nightclub comedy trio)
      (Tony Canzoneri was also a former lightweight boxing champion.)
      Also appearing:
      --The Costello Twins (dancers Dorothy and Ruth)
      Amateur talent:
      --A Post Office Quartet

    • November 5, 1950: King Cole Trio, Buster Keaton, Milton Berle, Nanette Fabray

      --The Nat King Cole Trio performs "Orange-Colored Sky" and, later in show,"Calypso" (both production numbers with dancers).
      --Buster Keaton (silent era movie comedian) - does a pantomime fishing sketch.
      --Nanette Fabray sings "On A Sunday By The Sea" from her Broadway musical "High Button Shoes."
      --Milton Berle (comedian) - stand-up routine.
      --Leonard Sues plays "Blue Skies" on trumpet, then attempts a duet with Milton Berle.
      --Rosella Hightower and Andre Eglevsky (dance team, of the American Ballet) perform the 'Nutcracker' pas de deux.
      --Audience bow: Monsignor Wagner (of Boy's Town)
      --The Boys Town Choir (aka The Father Flanagan Boys Choir) - perform a song.
      --Montes de Oca (trampoline act) - performs a head-to-hand balancing act.

      Scheduled guest:
      --Jack Whiting scheduled to appear with Nanette Fabray.

    • November 12, 1950
      November 12, 1950
      Season 3 - Episode 9

      --Phil Spitalny's Hour Of Charm (Spitalny's "All-Girl Orchestra" featuring Evelyn and 'Her Magic Violin') - perform a medley of North-Eastern College songs, along with "The Swan," "Our Lady Of Fatima" and "National Emblem March."
      --Buster Keaton and Eleanor Keaton (silent movie era comedian and his wife) - do a pantomime sketch about a politician and his wife, both exhausted from campaigning, preparing for bed.
      Jimmy Nelson (ventriloquist) - routine with puppets Danny O'Day and Humphrey Higsbye.
      Also appearing:
      --Arthur Lake (actor) - talks about playing "Dagwood" in the "Blondie" film series, introduces "Daisy" and her litter of puppies, and sings "Daisy, Daisy" and "The Gang's All Here."
      --Alan & Blanche Lund (ballroom dancers)
      --Vincent R. Impellitteri (New York City mayor)
      --Audience bow: Betty Impellitteri (NYC mayor's wife)
      --Ross Harvey - tap dances while trained parakeets move around his hands.
      --On-stage bow: Gladys Gollahon (songwriter, composed the tune "Our Lady Of Fatima")

    • September 12, 1948
      September 12, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 13

      --Sarah Vaughan sings "It's Magic."
      --Myron Cohen (storytelling comedian)
      --Dewey "Pigmeat" Markham & Company (comedy troupe from Harlem's Apollo Theater)
      --The Dennis Sisters (Vaudeville song-and-comedy duo)
      Also appearing:
      --Luxor Gali-Gali (Egyptian magician) - does sleight-of-hand tricks with the assistance of baseball's Leo Durocher and boxer Georges Carpentier.
      --Nick Long (Broadway performer) dances with the June Taylor Dancers.
      --The Whirlaways (roller-skating trio)

    • September 19, 1948
      September 19, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 14

      --Louis Jordan & his Orchestra - perform two songs.
      --Morton Downey (American-born Irish tenor) - sings a medley of Irish tunes.
      --Benny Rubin (movie and radio comedian) - does a lighthearted tribute to Vaudeville stars of the past.
      --Al Bernie (nightclub comedian)
      --Walton and O'Rourke's Marionettes (puppeteers Paul E. Walton and Michael O'Rourke)
      Also appearing:
      --Nellie Arnaut and Brothers (novelty violin and whistling act) - includes imitations of chirping birds.
      --The Yoeman Brothers and Frances (novelty trio) - listed in "Variety" magazine as an "instrumental pyrotechnics" act.

    • February 14, 1954: MGM's 30th Anniversary Tribute

      Ed salutes the 30th Anniversary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (broadcast from CBS's Television City in Hollywood).
      Guests include:
      --Fred Astaire (in his 1st TV appearance)
      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      Desi Arnaz, Pier Angeli, Lucille Ball, Lionel Barrymore, Ann Blyth, Louis Calhern, Cyd Charisse, Vera Ellen, Greer Garson, Van Johnson, Howard Keel, Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Walter Pidgeon, Jane Powell, Edmund Purdom, Debbie Reynolds, Dore Schary (film producer & writer), Lana Turner, Esther Williams and Keenan Wynn.
      Also, Johnny Green conducts the orchestra.

    • February 15, 1953: The Record Industry Story

      "The Record Industry Story" - A Salute to the Recording Industry's 75th Anniversary.
      --Jimmy Boyd (14-year-old singer) - "Early Bird."
      --Joni James, Toni Arden, Sunny Gale, Eileen Barton and Teresa Brewer - each singer performs a song.
      --Gene Autry, accompanied by the Cass County Boys, sings "Down Yonder" and "That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine."
      --Roberta Peters (coloratura soprano) sings an aria from "La Traviata" (probably "Sempre Libera").
      --Helen Kane (1920's Jazz-era singer) - "I Wanna Be Loved By You."
      --Will Oakland (counter-tenor) sings "Danny Boy."
      --Finale: George M. Cohan Jr. is featured in a production number of his father's song "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
      --Plus, a 9-minute portion of the NBC opera "Amahl and the Night Visitors" is presented.
      Filmed segment:
      --Bing Crosby sings "Silent Night" with a boys' choir in a scene from the 1944 movie "Going My Way."

    • February 22, 1953
      February 22, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 24

      --Frankie Laine sings "I Believe."
      --Frankie Laine and Jimmy Boyd sing "Tell Me a Story."
      --Andrés Segovia (Spanish guitarist)
      --John Forsythe and Maria Riva (actors) present the honeymoon cruise scene from Noel Coward's "Cavalcade."
      --Sheree North (from the Broadway cast of "Hazel Flagg") - dance performance.
      Also appearing:
      --George Gobel (comedian-humorist) - talks about his mischievous son.
      --Artie James (roller skater) - act includes acrobatic spinning on one skate.
      --Jack Sharkey (retired heavyweight boxing champion) demonstrates some of his fly fishing techniques to Mickey Mantle.

    • October 16, 1949
      October 16, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 5

      --Jessica Samuels and Jimmy Outlaw (dancers) - dance the jitterbug.
      --Mary McCarty (singer, star of Irving Berlin's "Miss Liberty") sings "Prunella" (with cello player?)
      --Carol Lynn (ice skater) - skates to "Limehorse Blues"
      --Art Nicholas appears (designer of the previous ice rink stage set).
      --Jack E. Leonard (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about his weight; sings "Be Bop Riff," "Tea for Two" and "California Here I Come"
      --Frank Cooke (harmonica and guitar player) - plays "William Tell Overture"
      --Little Joe Laurel - does a Charlie Chaplin dance routine.
      --Finale: The Toastettes dance while Jessica Samuels and Jimmy Outlaw dance the jitterbug.
      --Audience bows: Guy Lombardo; Dennis Keefe; Dorothy Odem (Bill Odem's widow)
      --On-stage bow: Eddie Arcardo (jockey)

    • Oct. 23, 1949: Harvey Stone, Peggy Ann Garner, Tommy Wonder, Margaret Phelan

      --Peggy Ann Garner (actress, from the 1945 film "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn") - performs a dramatic scene with Ed Sullivan.
      --Fritzi Scheff (soprano & stage actress) sings "Kiss Me Again" (which she originally performed in the 1905 Victor Herbert operetta "Mlle. Modiste").
      --Margaret Phelan (soprano)
      --Harvey Stone - routine about his days in the Army.
      --Joshua Shelley - satirizes "Schrafft's," a New York City based chain of restaurants that catered to women.
      Also appearing:
      --Tommy Wonder (dancer, formerly with the Ziegfeld Follies) - dance routine.
      --Tennis professionals Bobby Riggs, Ricardo "Pancho" Gonzalez, Jack Kramer, Pancho Segura and Jack Parker.

    • October 30, 1949
      October 30, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 7

      Scheduled guests:
      --Georgia Gibbs (singer)
      --Bunny Briggs (tap dancer)
      --Nancy Andrews (comedian)

    • November 20, 1949
      November 20, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 10

      Scheduled guests:
      --Billy Eckstine (singer)
      --Carol Lynne

    • August 22, 1948
      August 22, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 10

      Scheduled guests include:
      Jan August
      The Mayo Brothers

    • August 15, 1948
      August 15, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 9

      --King Odom Quartet 
      --Yvelte (vocalist) sings "Civilization."
      --Russ Morgan (bandleader)
      --Vincent Lopez (bandleader)
      --Julie Oshins (Catskills-based nightclub comedian) - comedy monologue. 
      --Tommy Trent (puppeteer) - Punch and Judy routine.
      Also appearing:
      --The Holloway Sisters (dancers)

    • November 19, 1950
      November 19, 1950
      Season 3 - Episode 10

      Broadcast from the Boston Opera House.
      --Sarah Vaughn sings "Tenderly."
      --Jerome Hines (Metropolitan Opera operatic bass) sings "Song of the Vagabond."
      --Johnny Alden (baritone) sings an Italian song.
      --Victor Moore (actor) reprises his TV role as Lightnin' Bill Jones in the courtroom scene from the comedy "Lightnin'." (Moore played the role a month earlier when "Lightnin'" was presented on the October 27, 1950 episode of CBS's TV anthology series "The Magnavox Theatre.")
      --Victor Borge (Danish comic pianist) plays Staccato and Minuet while eating a sandwich.
      Also appearing:
      --Partington & Kaiser (dancers) - perform the dance from "Call Me Madame."
      --Gautier's Steeplechase (trained animal act) - animals include ponies (jumping steeples), dogs (riding ponies), and monkeys (performing various tricks).
      --Bobby Winters (juggler) - juggles pins and tambourines.
      --Cameo: Jack Sharkey (boxer)
      --On-stage bow: Walt Dropo (Boston Red Sox first baseman)

    • November 26, 1950
      November 26, 1950
      Season 3 - Episode 11

      --Teresa Brewer sings "The Thing."
      --Leonard Warren (baritone opera singer) - aria from "Rigoletto."
      --Leonard Warren sings "Musketeers" while Rudolf Frimi plays piano.
      --Rudolf Friml (pianist-composer) - performs a piano medley of songs he composed (or co-wrote): "Indian Love Call," "Only A Rose," "Something Seems Tingle-Ingleing," "Hesitation Waltz," "Allah's Holiday" and "L'Amour, Toujours L'amour."
      --Eddie Mayehoff (comedian) - plays a football coach trying to inspire his team with a rousing speech.
      --Pat C. Flick (comedian, sitting in a box seat) heckles Ed Sullivan.
      --Nancy Walker (comedian) sings "Chant D'Amour" (a.k.a. "Irving" - from the Broadway revue "Along Fifth Avenue").
      --Nancy Walker, Looney Lewis and Sammy Birch - printing press sketch.
      Also appearing:
      --The Tong Brothers (3-man acrobat team)

    • December 3, 1950
      December 3, 1950
      Season 3 - Episode 12

      --Stan Kenton and his Orchestra perform "Lover (When You're Near Me)" and "Viva Prado."
      --Maynard Ferguson (trumpet player with Stan Kenton's Orchestra) - trumpet solo.
      --Roberta Peters (coloratura soprano) sings "Bati, Bati O Bel Messatto" and "Se Sara La Rosa" (song spelling?).
      --Jean Carroll - talks about women in Florida, sings "Enjoy Yourself."
      --Ben Wrigley (comedian-actor) - comedy monologue, sings "Give My Regards To Broadway."
      --Kinko (clown contortionist)
      Also appearing:
      --John Bashemin (spelling?) - tap dances then plays "New Orleans Boogie" on piano.
      --Audience bow: Johnny Marks (composer of "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer").
      --Audience bow: Sol Hurok (entertainment business agent and manager).
      --Audience bows: Andrew Kerr, Bernie Bierman, and Dale Connor (football coaches).

    • December 10, 1950
      December 10, 1950
      Season 3 - Episode 13

      --Eddie Fisher sings "Thinking of You."
      --Eddie Fisher accompanied by songwriter Harry Akst on piano - "Good-bye, G.I. Al" (a song dedicated to the late Al Jolson).
      --Jane Morgan sings "La Vie En Rose" and a medley of American songs sung in French.
      --Buster Keaton (silent movie comedian) - plays an unemployed Santa Claus in a pantomime sketch.
      --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
      --The Princeton Triangle Club perform "Steamroller Operators Ball," a satirical Charleston number from their annual show.
      Also appearing:
      --Kathryn Lee (dancer) - reprises a scene from the Broadway musical "As the Girls Go."

    • December 17, 1950
      December 17, 1950
      Season 3 - Episode 14

      --Victor Borge (pianist & humorist)
      --Cornelia Otis Skinner acts out multiple parts in "A Box of Powder," a sketch about a woman wanting to buy face powder at a fancy beauty salon.
      --Nancy Walker plays a cafeteria counter waitress in "What's In The Middle," a sketch from Broadway's "Along Fifth Avenue."
      --Eleanor Steber (Metropolitan opera soprano) sings "Ave Maria."
      Also appearing:
      --Harold Barnes (wire walker) - tightrope balancing act.
      --Phil Rizzuto (New York Yankees shortstop) - tells of how he almost had his leg amputated from complications after stepping into a gopher hole.
      --William P. Lear (inventor, aircraft manufacturer and winner of the 1950 Collier Trophy)
      --On-stage intro: Mena Marucci (10-year-old concert pianist from Rome, New York)
      --At beginning of show, Ed congratulates Norma Thornton, one of the Toastettes, on her upcoming marriage to actor Tiger Andrews.

    • December 24, 1950: Christmas Show
      December 24, 1950: Christmas Show
      Season 3 - Episode 15

      --David Niven (movie actor) does a dramatic scene set in the WWI trenches, then reads from "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland."
      --Rosemary Clooney sings "Crying Myself To Sleep." Later in show, Rosemary Clooney sings "Ain't She Sweet" with the Phil Jones Dancers.
      --Lauritz Melchior (Opera tenor) performs "Viva La Compagnie" and "Some Enchanted Evening."
      --Mickey Deems (comedian) - talks about shopping with a child, and does an "Uncle Sam Wants You" routine.
      Also appearing:
      --The Phil Jones Dancers (young couples) - ballroom dancing to music of "Dancing In The Dark."
      --Ted Mack, host of "The Original Amateur Hour," talks with the Phil Jones Dancers.
      --Ross Harvey's Birds - tap dancing bird routine. Later in show, Ed interviews Ross Harvey and holds a parrot from the show.
      --Cameo: Al Hodge ("Captain Video") and Don Hastings ("The Video Ranger") discuss their roles on the TV series "Captain Video and His Video Rangers."
      --Cameo: "Cactus Jim" (possibly actor William Bailey) talks about Thanksgiving and Santa Claus.
      --Cameo: Carol San Salvarino (8-year-old) talks to Ed.

    • December 31, 1950
      December 31, 1950
      Season 3 - Episode 16

      Scheduled guests:
      --Mimi Benzell (Metropolitan Opera soprano)
      --Jane Morgan (singer)
      --Pat Rooney Sr. ("soft shoe" dancer)
      --Ben Wrigley ("loose-jointed" British comedian)
      --George Johnstone (magician)
      --Joe and Lotta Anders (juggling-bicycling team)

    • January 7, 1951
      January 7, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 17

      --The George Shearing Quintet (jazz group)
      --Ruth Casey sings "That Old Black Magic."
      --James Melton (Metropolitan Opera tenor) - "Ghost Riders In The Sky" and the aria "M'appari" (with piano accompaniment). Melton also does a comic operatic version of "Pistol Packing Mama."
      --Brani and Valenti (comedy team from Italy)
      --Excess Baggage (trained dog act presented by Alma Michaels)
      Also appearing:
      --Harbers & Dale (ballroom dancers)
      --The Sherwoods (acrobatic trio - two men and a woman)
      --Audience bows: Joe Louis (boxer) and Johnny Alden (singer).

    • August 8, 1948
      August 8, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 8

      --Peggy Lee (singer)
      --The De Marco Sisters (vocal quintet)
      --Al Kelly ("double-talk" comedian)
      --Jerry Bergen (comedian) - plays a fiddle as part of his routine.
      --Joey Gilbert (dancer)
      --Jimmy Smith (tap dancer & xylophone player)
      --Balinese dance troupe (dance quartet, a.k.a. The Shoregord Balinese Dancers)
      Also appearing:
      --Harry Hershfield (cartoonist & humorist) - possibly a cameo appearance.

    • October 21, 1951
      October 21, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 7

      --Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (actor) recites "The Risen Soldier," a poem written by Cardinal Francis Joseph Spellman in 1944.
      --Guy Mitchell sings "There's Always Room At Our House."
      --April Stevens sings "I'm In Love Again."
      --Constance Bennett and Eddie Mayehoff - do a comedy routine about baseball and Phil Rizzuto.
      --Jack Pearl and Charlie Hill (comedians) - do a comedy sketch.
      Also appearing:
      --Broderick Crawford (actor) - introduces a clip from his 1949 film "All the King's Men."
      --Bill Wade (ice skater) - does an ice skating routine.
      --Cameo: Jim Thorpe (athlete, sports star)
      --Cameo: Phil Lepar (Head of letter carriers)

    • November 4, 1951
      November 4, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 9

      --The Will Mastin Trio (nightclub act comprised of Will Mastin, Sammy Davis Sr. and Sammy Davis Jr.) - do a portion of their song-and-dance act.
      --Dorothy Sarnoff (operatic soprano) sings "Something Wonderful" and "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm."
      --Nino Martini (operatic tenor) - sings one song (possibly "The World Is Mine Tonight").
      --Michael Bentine (British comedian)
      --Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss (British music hall team)
      --William Gaxton and Victor Moore (comedy duo) - do a sketch about a music teacher's attempts to snag a prospective student.
      Also appearing:
      --The Three Bassis (French acrobatic trio)

    • July 23, 1950
      July 23, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 45

      Scheduled guests:
      --Ray Middleton (guest host, from Broadway's "South Pacific")
      --Phil Foster (comedian)
      --Mel Murray (comedian)
      --Kathryn Lee (ballerina)
      --Yonely (clown) - plays novelty musical instruments
      --Ray and Babette Romaine (acrobatic act)
      --Captain Heyer (trainer, with his dancing horse, Crown Jewel)

    • July 30, 1950
      July 30, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 46

      Scheduled guests:
      --Johnny Johnston (guest host, singer)
      --Ade Duval (magician from Europe)
      --Raul and Eva Reyes (Spanish dancing team)
      --The Gaudsmith Brothers (Max and Henry Gaudsmith, with their two French poodles)
      --The Roulettes (roller skating act)

    • June 11, 1950: Dick Contino, Mindy Carson, Norman Evans, Pauline Betz

      --Mindy Carson (pop vocalist) sings "I'm Bashful."
      --Norman Evans (British comedian) - does a dentist routine.
      --Pauline Betz (tennis champion) and Sandor Glantz - table tennis exhibition.
      --The Three Sons (three male musicians playing the guitar, accordion & organ) perform "That's A Plenty" and possibly "Don't Take Your Love From Me."
      --The DeMattiazzis (specialty-novelty dance act) - a woman portrays a mechanical doll in a store window.
      --Helen Harg's Chimpanzees - trained animal act (blooper: Chimps get into an unexpected fight.)
      --Audience bow: Col. Paul Doxfers (Corps of Engineers)

    • June 18, 1950
      June 18, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 40

      --George Shearing Quintet (jazz band) - "Genevieve's Move."
      --Claire Hogan (singer)
      --Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney (ventriloquist act)
      --Ben Hogan (golfer) - demonstrates his golf swing in "slow-motion."
      --The Szonys (dance duo from the Latin Quarter) - perform a ballet dance.
      --The Jim Wong Troupe (four acrobats) - spin plates, etc.
      --Bill Brinley, of Meriden Connecticut, presents his miniature model circus, made up of pieces that he carved by hand.

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --Ardelle Arden and Ivy Hartman
      --Harold Lang (musical-comedy performer)

    • June 25, 1950
      June 25, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 41

      Scheduled guests:
      --Mimi Benzell (singer)
      --Dick Buckley
      --Sunny Howard (mimic-comedian)
      --The Szonys (classical ballet dancers)
      --Harold King (roller skater)
      --The Rigoletto Brothers (acrobats)
      --Risko (plate juggler from the Cole Brothers Circus)

    • September 7, 1952
      September 7, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 53

      --Mary Small (singer) - "Learn to Lose" and, later in show, "I've Got A Pocketful of Dreams" and "You Can Have Him (I Don't Want Him)"
      --The Ashtons (6 men & 1 woman acrobatic act)
      --George Prentis (or Prentiss) (puppeteer) - does a Punch and Judy act
      --The "Top Banana" Broadway cast (with Phil Silvers as Jerry Biffle, Jack Albertson as Vic Davis, and Lindy Doherty as Cliff Lane).
      Scene set in Bifle's dressing room.
      --Lindy Doherty - "You're So Beautiful That"
      --Phil Silvers - "Top Banana" (with Jack Albertson & Lindy Doherty)

    • September 14, 1952
      September 14, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 1

      Scheduled guests:
      --Phil Silvers (comedian, from Broadway's "Top Banana")
      --Toni Arden (singer)
      --Hubert Castle (wire walker, trapeze comedian)
      --Lou Wills Jr. (tap dancer)
      --Walter Dare Wahl (comedian)
      --The Angeliers (or Angellers) (four women harpists)
      --The Harvest Moon Champions (winners of the dance contest)

    • August 10, 1952
      August 10, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 49

      Scheduled guests:
      --Jack Carter (guest host)
      --Pearl Bailey (Broadway singer)
      --Anna Maria Alberghetti (concert singer)
      --The Dublin Players (acting troupe) - perform a scene from Bernard Shaw’s "Pygmalion"
      --The Maxwells (comedy ice skaters from "The Ice Capades")
      --Valentine's Trained Cockatoos

    • August 17, 1952
      August 17, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 50

      Scheduled guests:
      --Victor Borge (pianist & humorist, appearing as guest host)
      --Artie Auerbach (comedian, played "Mr. Kitzel" on Jack Benny's radio program)
      --Rosemary O'Reilly (singer, from the Broadway revue "Leonard Sillman's New Faces of 1952")
      --The Ashtons (acrobats, aka The Seven Ashtons) --Chandra Kali (or Chandra Kall) (Asian dancing trio)
      --Ken Whitner (or Ken Whitmer) (pantomimist)

    • July 16, 1950
      July 16, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 44

      Jane Froman (guest host)
      Scheduled guests:
      --Danny Crystal (comedian)
      --Harrison & Kay (tap-dancers)
      --Harris & Radcliff (piano & singing act)
      --The Beall Twins (young concert violinists)
      --The Carroll Sisters (acrobats)
      --The Gautlers (steeple chase act)

    • July 9, 1950
      July 9, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 43

      Guest host:
      --Perry Como sings "Hoop-Dee-Doo."

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --John Sebastian (harmonica virtuoso, possibly the father of John Sebastian of the Lovin' Spoonful)
      --Dick "Lord" Buckley (comedian)
      --Toni Harper (12-year-old singer)
      --Chris Nelson (comedienne from Chicago's College Inn)
      --The Novelties (singing and instrumental group)  
      --Pierre De Angelo and Anne (ballroom dancers)

    • May 28, 1950: Joey Bishop, Pat C. Flick, Joan Merrill

      Joan Merrill sings "Sunny Side Of The Street" & "Don't Say Goodbye."
      --Joey Bishop (comedian) - routine with Ed as straight man.
      --Pat C. Flick (comedian) - sitting in audience box seat, heckles Ed.
      --Sherier (comedy dancer from Paris) - man in "Rag Doll" costume does a Can-Can.
      --George Prentis (puppeteer) - Punch and Judy puppets perform "You Made Me Love You."
      Also appearing:
      --Skating Macks (roller skaters) perform on a circular platform.
      --Edison and Miss Safety - Policeman and trained police dog (from Detroit) demonstrate how to cross the street.
      --Audience bows: Philadelphia Phillies players (might be the The Phillies Baseball Club Quartet), Bela Lugosi (actor), Gordon Jenkins (composer), Dorothy Ruth Sullivan (Babe Ruth's daughter), Elliot Lawrence and Rudolph G. Sonnenborn (administrator chair of Zionist Organization of America).

    • January 27, 1952: The Ted Lewis Story

      "The Ted Lewis Story," a salute featuring entertainer Ted Lewis in a 15 minute segment.
      --Lewis' songs include "Me and My Shadow" with 6 Toastettes in the background miming his movements.
      --Jessica Tandy & Hume Cronyn (actors) - perform a scene from their Broadway show "The Fourposter," in which a father realizes that his children are now adults.
      Also appearing:
      --Bert Wheeler (actor-comedian, formerly of the comedy team Wheeler & Woolsey) - does a Burlesque comedy sketch with Ed Sullivan.
      --Eddy Howard (vocalist and bandleader) sings "Sin (It's No Sin)" and "Stolen Love."
      --Nanci Crompton (dancer)
      --Nelson Sanchez Ruiz (top spinner)

    • December 16, 1951
      December 16, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 15

      --Sophie Tucker (singer-entertainer) performs "If I Had My Life To Live Over," "The Curse of an Aching Heart," "What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?" “Alabamy Bound,” "Some Of These Days" and "White Christmas."
      --Ferruccio Tagliavini (Italian operatic tenor) sings "Ave Maria."
      --Harold Lang and Helen Gallagher (song-and-dance team) perform "Suits Me Fine" (a song from their Broadway musical "Make A Wish," which closed on July 14, 1951).
      --Noonan & Marshall (comedy team of Tommy Noonan & Peter Marshall)
      --The Bernard Brothers (comedy duo of George & Burt Bernard) - in drag, lip-sync to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and "Hungarian Rhapsody."
      Also appearing:
      --Cameo: Burt Lancaster appears on stage at beginning of show.
      --The Armandis (5-man acrobatic team) - tumbling & teeter board act.
      --Ed Bang, sports editor of The Cleveland News, presents a posthumous award to "Shoeless" Joe Jackson (retired baseball player who died on Dec. 5, 1951).

    • December 23, 1951
      December 23, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 16

      1951 Christmas show:
      --Julie Harris (Broadway actress) - recites "A Visit from St. Nicholas" (aka " ' Twas the Night Before Christmas").
      --Gloria Swanson (movie & stage actress) - talks to Ed about her New Years resolutions.
      --Ramon Novarro (movie actor) sings a Mexican Christmas carol.
      --Billy DeWolfe (comedian, in character as "Mrs. Murgatroyd") - the seemingly straight-laced Murgatroyd visits a nightclub for a few quick drinks.
      --Roger Price (TV personality & comedy writer) - draws pictures as he talks with Ed.
      --St. Vincent Ferrer Boys Choir (chorus directed by the Rev. Paul C. McKenna)
      --Fedi-Fedi (novelty contortionist-dancer) - imitates the movements of a mechanical dancing doll.

    • December 30, 1951: Top Stars of 1951

      "Toasts" of the Year (Top Stars of 1951)
      Verified guests:
      --Joe E. Brown (comedian)
      --Oscar Hammerstein II (Broadway producer & composer)
      --Helen Hayes (actress)
      --Jeanette MacDonald (singer-actress)
      --Gene Raymond (actor & husband of Jeanette MacDonald)
      --Alfred Lunt (actor)
      --Robert E. Sherwood (playwright & screenwriter)
      --Hilde Gueden (operatic soprano)

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --Sugar Ray Robinson
      --Pat Rooney, Sr. (actor, from Broadway's "Guys and Dolls")
      --Jersey Joe Walcott (Heavyweight champion boxer)

    • August 19, 1951
      August 19, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 49

      --Victor Borge (humorist and piano player, appearing as guest host)
      --Les Paul & Mary Ford (guitarist & singer) - "The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" & "Caravan." (Paul Gives Borge a guitar)
      --The Hurricanes (acrobat trio, 2 men & 1 woman do an acrobatic routine)
      --Tommy Wonder & Margaret Banks (dancers) - swing dance to "Organ Grinder's Swing"
      --Zola May Shaulis (also spelled Zella Maye Schola) - child prodigy plays "Spinning Song" By Mendelson.
      --The Maxwells (comedic acrobats) - do basketball stunts in slow motion
      --Francis X. Bushman (movie actor) - promotes the movie "David And Bathsheba" (in which he plays King Saul). Then he demonstrates different acting .
      --Victor Borge - towards end of show performs "Nocturne" by Chopin (with dancers)

    • August 13, 1950
      August 13, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 48

      --Peg Leg Bates (tap dancer with wooden peg leg).
      --Alice Pearce (comedienne), assisted by Marc Lawrence, sings a few comic songs.
      --Fran Warren sings "Summertime" and is joined by Sullivan for "I Love The Guy."
      --Nip Nelson (comedian)
      --The Sing Lee Sings (circus acrobatic troupe)
      --Vieira's Monkeys (trained by Manuel and Marita Viera).

      Additional guest (scheduled to appear):
      --Danny White (comedy dancer)

    • August 20, 1950
      August 20, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 49

      --Andy Williams sings "Sweetie Pie" and "A Romantic Guy, I."
      --Linda Lee Jones (8-year-old singer & tap dancer) - "Carolina in the Morning" song and dance.
      --Eddie Bracken (actor-comedian) - performs two comedy bits.
      --Tommy Hanlon Jr. (comedian) - bungling guillotine stunt.
      --The Nonchalants (comic tumbling act)
      Also appearing:
      --Estelle Sloane (dancer) - tap and Irish dance.
      --Ted and Flo Vallet (baton twirlers)

    • August 27, 1950
      August 27, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 50

      --Eleanor Steber (operatic soprano) sings "Un Bel Di Vedremo" (from Puccini's "Madame Butterfly") and the American folk tune "On Top Of Old Smokey."
      --Vincent Lopez (pianist)
      --Irving Ceasar (composer) - sings one of his "Safety" songs.
      --Henny Nadel (comedian) plays a nervous draftee.
      Also appearing:
      --The Berry Brothers (dance trio) - tap dance in unison and separately.
      --Alan & Blanche Lund (ballroom dancers) - perform ballroom and square dance.
      --Florence Chadwick (American swimmer who swam the English Channel).
      --Mel Allen (announcer for the New York Yankees) - talks about the Lou Gehrig Foundation.
      --Tom and Jerry (acrobatic act) - includes stunts on the parallel bars.
      --Lenny and Margie Ross (punching bag act) - punch bags while the orchestra plays "Anchors Away."

    • August 24, 1952
      August 24, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 51

      --William Bendix (Hollywood actor) - in a comedy monologue, reminisces about his childhood.
      --Al Bernie (nightclub comedian)
      --Patti Page sings "You Belong to Me" and "I Went to Your Wedding."
      --Nicola Rossi-Lemeni (operatic basso) sings Mussorgsky's "Song of the Flea" in Russian.
      --The Jackson Zouaves American Legion Chorus (from Jackson, Michigan)
      Also appearing:
      --The Jackson Zouaves American Legion Drill Team (from Jackson, Michigan)
      --Unus (acrobat) - balances all his weight on one finger.

    • August 31, 1952
      August 31, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 52

      Scheduled guests: --Hal Leroy (tap dancer) --The De Marco Sisters (vocal group) --Bobby Shantz (pitcher for the Philadelphia Athletics) --Scotty Burbank (musical comedian)

    • June 29, 1952
      June 29, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 43

      Scheduled guests:
      --Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy (husband and wife TV personalities, appearing as guest hosts)
      --Bill Lawrence (singer)
      --Roger Price (comedian)
      --Nanci Crompton (ballet dancer)
      --The Amin Brothers (European acrobats)
      --The Texas Tumbleweeds (instrumental-vocal group)

    • April 29, 1951
      April 29, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 33

      Scheduled guests:
      --Ralph Bellamy
      --Vaughn Monroe & chorus
      --Marc Connelly
      --Pinky Lee (comedian)
      --Tessie O'Shay (singer)
      --Dorothy Hayden's Irish Revue
      --Margaret Brown (tap dancer)
      --Gali Gali (magician)

    • May 13, 1951: Tribute to Israel
      May 13, 1951: Tribute to Israel
      Season 3 - Episode 35

      Broadcast from Madison Square Garden in celebration of Israel's 3rd Anniversary.
      --Robert Alda and Isabel Bigley (from the Broadway cast of "Guys and Dolls") sing duets and solo numbers.
      --Robert Shaw Chorale (singing group) perform an Israeli folk tune and a Spiritual song.
      --Steve Condos and Jerry Brandow (song-and-dance team)
      --Smith & Dale (comedy team)
      --Menasha Skulnik (Vaudeville & Yiddish Theatre performer) - comedy monologue includes a parody of the song "Besame Mucho."
      Also appearing:
      --Nanci Crompton (dancer)

    • May 20, 1951
      May 20, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 36

      Scheduled guests:
      --Johnny Desmond (singer)
      --Mimi Benzell (singer, from the Metropolitan opera)
      --Ken Murray and Laurie Anders (regulars on CBS TV's "The Ken Murray Show")
      --Billy De Wolfe (comedian)
      --Tit, Tat & Toe (dance team)
      --Lola & Lita (plate-spinning comedy act)

    • May 27, 1951
      May 27, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 37

      --Russell Nype (Broadway performer) and Yvette (nightclub singer) - "I Hear Music" (song from "Call Me Madam").
      --Gino Bechi (La Scala opera baritone) sings "Sorrento" and an aria from "Faust."
      --Anita Aros (violinist)
      --Pinky Lee (comedian)
      --Kirkwood and Goodman (comedy team of James Kirkwood Jr. and Lee Goodman).
      Also appearing:
      --Bunny Briggs (tap dancer)
      --The Five Armandis (Danish acrobats) - teeter-board act.

    • June 17, 1951
      June 17, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 40

      Third Anniversary Show.
      --Arthur Godfrey, Victor Borge, Mimi Benzell, Gloria Swanson and Paul Winchell sing "Happy Birthday" to Ed.
      --Blanche Thebom (Met Opera mezzo-soprano) sings "Habanera" and "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You."
      --Graham Jackson (concert pianist)
      --Johnny Hopp, Ed Lopat, Tommy Henrich and Hank Bauer (of the New York Yankees) - perform as a barbershop quartet.
      --Pat C. Flick - heckles Ed from a theatre box.
      --Pinky Lee - act featuring wild comic dancing.
      Also appearing:
      --Nanci Crompton (dancer)
      --Hubbell Robinson Jr. (CBS program vice-president) congratulates Ed on the show's anniversary.
      --On film: To commemorate Ben Hogan's recent U.S. Open win, a kinescope of the golfer (appearing on a previous Sullivan episode) is shown.
      Series regulars:
      --The Toastettes

    • June 24, 1951
      June 24, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 41

      Scheduled guests:
      --William Warfield (baritone, from the 1951 movie "Show Boat")
      --Pinky Lee (comedian)
      --Maria Neglia (violinist)
      --Smith & Dale (comedy team)
      --De Raye (or Delray) (magician)
      --Baudy's Greyhound and Monkey Act (trained animal act)
      --The Szonys (brother and sister ballet team)

    • July 8, 1951
      July 8, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 43

      Scheduled guests:
      --Eddie Anderson (comedian, Rochester of "The Jack Benny Program")
      --Anna Marie Alberghetti (singer, appering with her brother, Paolo)
      --Joan Halloway (tap dancer)
      --Monica Moore (singer)
      --Georgie Kaye (comedian)
      --Cass Franklin (singer)
      --The Dassies (European clown act) (also listed as "Rochester and the Dassies")
      --Texas Tommie and Baby Doll (trained pony act)

    • July 15, 1951
      July 15, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 44

      --Louis Prima (singer & orchestra leader) - "Oh Babe!" and "Come On-A My House."

      Scheduled guests:
      --Bobby Sargent (comedian)
      --Ethel Smith (organist)
      --Lauritz Melchior (tenor)
      --The Dunhills (dance trio)
      --Elsa & Waldo (comedy dancers)
      --Will Mahoney (dancer)

    • July 22, 1951
      July 22, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 45

      --The Nicholas Brothers (singers-dancers) - tap dance & sing "Mama Mia."
      --Robert Merrill (Metropolitan opera baritone) sings "The Flea."
      --Robert Merrill - "La Pierta" production number.
      --Jane Morgan sings "I Love Paris" (production number with dancers dressed as US soldiers).
      --Jerry Colonna (radio & movie comedian) - does a routine about an Italian organ grinder & his monkey.
      --Cliff Norton (a series regular on "Garroway at Large") - does a monologue about a big league baseball manager.
      Also appearing:
      --Renald and Rudy (two-man gymnastic team) - perform a balancing act.
      --Eddie S. Dworchek - an 11-year-old from Paoli, PA, who volunteered to travel 10 miles to read to blind veterans at Valley Forge Army Hospital.
      --On-stage bow: "Jersey" Joe Walcott (boxer who became the World's Heavyweight champion on July 18).
      --Audience bows: Peter Dalessandro (military hero) and Johnny Dundee (boxer).
      --Audience bows: Colonel Sidney L. Huff (military hero), Felix Bocchicchio (retired boxer & Jersey Joe Walcott's manager), and Eddie Dworchek's mother.

    • April 15, 1951
      April 15, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 31

      Show broadcast from Detroit:
      --Jane Froman (singer) - "Be My Love" and "Big, Wide, Wonderful World."
      --Bill Tabbert and Jane Froman sing "Younger Than Springtime."
      --Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy (husband & wife TV personalities) - comedy routine includes imitations of Mario Lanza, Russell Nype, and Ethel Merman.
      --Harvey Stone (comedian) - monologue about his days in the Army.
      --Byron Nelson (golfer) - winds up his series of golf lessons.
      --The Dunhills (aka The Dunhill Trio) (tap dancers)
      --The Gaudsmith Brothers (Max and Henry Gaudsmith, with their two French poodles)
      --The Shyrettos (acrobatic bicycle act)

    • March 11, 1951
      March 11, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 26

      --Rise Stevens (operatic mezzo-soprano) sings an aria from "Carmen" and a light opera tune.
      --Dave Rubinoff (violinist) - plays two tunes.
      --Victor Borge (pianist & humorist) - repertoire includes a rendition of "Happy Birthday."
      --Eva Le Gallienne (Broadway actress, director & producer) - performs an excerpt from Chekhov's "Cherry Orchard." (Le Gallienne was part of the play's 1928 & 1933 Broadway cast.)
      Also appearing:
      --Shirley Van (dancer)
      --The Szonys (Adagio dancers Francois and Giselle Szony)
      --Byron Nelson (golfer) - second in a series of golf lessons.

    • July 6, 1952
      July 6, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 44

      --The Broadway cast of "Wish You Were Here" (Patricia Moran, Jack Cassidy, Sheila Bond and John Perkins) perform excerpts from the play.
      --Jack Cassidy and Patricia Moran - "Wish You Were Here" and "Where Did the Night Go?"
      --Sheila Bond - "Just Shopping Around"
      Also appearing:
      --Lonzo, Oscar & Cousin Jody (or Dody) (act from the Grand Ole Opry) - "Why Should I Cry Over You?"
      --Captain Leroy Anderson (composer of "Blue Tango") - plays "Blue Tango"
      --Billy Daniels (singer) - "Sunny Side of the Street," "My Yiddish Mother" and "Black Magic"
      --Jim Lynch (archery act)
      --The Wolfrett Dachsunds (or Woolford's Dachshunds) (trained animal act, circus act) - 5 Dachsunds perform.
      --Audience bows: The United States Olympic Boxing Team; Jimmy DeMaris (golfer); Josh Logan and Netta Harrigan; Harold Rome
      --On-stage bow: Corp. Vito Biondo

    • July 13, 1952
      July 13, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 45

      --Teresa Brewer - "I Hear The Bluebells Ring" and "Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now."
      --Rusty Draper (singer) - possibly "Bouncing on the Bayou."
      --Orson Bean and Ed Sullivan spoof the recent GOP convention.
      --Sir Cedric Hardwicke (British actor) - reads a short story titled "Craziest Story Ever Written."
      Also appearing:
      --Bobbie Winters (comic juggler)
      --Joan Laste (ballet dancer from France)
      --Bob Feller (Cleveland Indians pitcher) is interviewed by Ed Sullivan.

    • July 20, 1952
      July 20, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 46

      --Rise Stevens (Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano) sings "Chanson Boheme" (an aria from "Carmen") and "One Night of Love."
      --Sonny Howard (singer-impressionist) does vocal impressions of Louis Armstrong, Billy Daniels, Mario Lanza, Frankie Laine and other singers.
      Also appearing:
      --Jack Carter (comedian) - topics include his recent visit to Europe.
      --Will Rogers Jr. (actor & politician) - talks about his father (whom he played in the 1952 movie "The Story of Will Rogers") and demonstrates a few rope spinning tricks.
      --Ben Hogan (professional golfer) - presents a golf lesson.

    • July 27, 1952
      July 27, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 47

      --Ted Lewis (veteran song-and-dance man) performs two solo songs, then leads a five-man jazz combo on "St. Louis Blues."
      --Ving Merlin and his Violins (conductor with four female violinists) - "Blue Tango" and "Flight of the Bumblebee."
      --Mena Marucci (11-year-old concert pianist from Rome, New York) performs Chopin's "Minute Waltz."
      --The Naval Aviation Cadet Choir from Pensacola (60-man chorus) sing a medley of Spirituals and sea chanties.
      --Roger Price (TV & nightclub comedian) - does a monologue about the recent political conventions.
      --Jimmy Nelson (ventriloquist with his puppets Danny O' Day and Farfel the Dog)
      Also appearing:
      --Maurice Colleano and his Troupe (family acrobatic act)

    • March 9, 1952
      March 9, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 27

      Scheduled guests:
      --Lew Parker & Virginia Grey (radio stars, from "The Bickersons" radio series)
      --Nancy Walker (comedian)
      --Romo Vincent
      --Giuseppe di Stefano (tenor)
      --Jeff Dane and Jerry Collins
      --Baudi's Greyhounds (trained animal act)

    • March 16, 1952: St. Patrick's Day Show

      1952 St. Patrick's Day Show.
      --Ted Lewis (singer-entertainer) performs "McNamara's Band" and "In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town."
      --Natalie Evans (Irish singer) - "A Little Bit of Heaven."
      --Alan Dean (English singer) - "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's an Irish Lullaby)."
      --Ireland's Dublin Players, with Eddie Dowling as producer, perform a scene from the William Butler Yeats play "Cathleen Ní Houlihan."
      Also appearing:
      --Dorothy Hayden's Irish Steppers (Irish folk dancers)
      --Ed introduces members of the (UPI?) NCAA Men's All-American basketball team: Johnny O'Brien, Dick Groat, Walter Dukes, Chuck Darling, and Mark Workman.
      --Jane Froman makes an appeal on behalf of Easter Seals, and Ed introduces the Easter Seals Girl.

    • March 23, 1952
      March 23, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 29

      --Rex Harrison & Lilli Palmer (actors, currently appearing in Broadway's "Venus Observed") - perform a scene from "Venus Observed"
      --Eddie Fisher sings "Anytime" & "Forgive Me."
      --Virginia Grey & Lew Parker (comedians, from "The Bickersons" radio series) - perform a "Bickerson" sketch about Blanche's sprained ankle.
      --Dick Button (ice-skating star) - appears on stage.
      --The Harmonicaires (2 man harmonica duet) - "Ghost Riders In The Sky," "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "Bicycle Built For Two," "Grand Old Flag" & "Give My Regards To Broadway"
      --Jackie (English acrobat) - performs a balancing act.
      --At beginning of show, Ed brings out miniature circus horse who does tricks.

    • March 30, 1952
      March 30, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 30

      --Jackie Gleason, as "The Poor Soul," does a skit titled "The Cafeteria."
      --Jackie Gleason, Art Carney and Pert Kelton do a "Honeymooners" sketch.
      --Jackie Gleason portrays Fenwick Babbitt in a bakery conveyor belt sketch (with Art Carney playing his supervisor).
      --Señor Wences (ventriloquist) - talks with hand puppet "Johnny" (who smokes a cigarette).
      --Tony Bennett -possibly "Since My Love Has Gone."
      --Steve Gibson & The Red Caps perform "Cow Cow Boogie" and 2 other songs. (One song possibly with singer Damita Jo.)
      --Johnny Campbell sings "Too Young." (Campbell is introduced by actress Gloria Swanson as her protegee.)

    • March 4, 1951
      March 4, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 25

      --Helen Forrest (singer) - "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate."
      --James Melton (Metropolitan Opera tenor) sings "El Rancho Grande."
      --Shaw and Lee (Vaudeville comedy team)
      --Chaz Chase (comedian) - routine includes smoking, then eating, a cigar.
      Also appearing:
      --Trini Reyes (flamenco dancer)
      --Byron Nelson (golfer) - first in a series of golf lessons.
      --The De Mattiazzis (acrobats) - dancing full dolls.
      --Audience bow: Harry Wismer (golfer)
      --Cameo: Patricia Hitchcock (daughter of director Alfred Hitchcock)
      --Audience bow: Bob Murphy and Harvey Mathews (boxers)
      --Audience bow: Gertrude Berg (actress-comedian)

    • May 14, 1950
      May 14, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 35

      --The Ames Brothers (vocal group) - "Rag Mop," "Sentimental Me" and "Noah's Ark."
      --Anna Marie Alberghetti (13-year-old Italian soprano)
      --Joey Bishop (comedian) - "walk on" appearance.
      --Butterbeans and Susie (Vaudeville comedy duo)
      --Jack Marshall (comedian)
      --Rita and Allen Farrell (ballroom dance team)
      --Dave Monahan (puppeteer) - act features xylophone-playing puppets.
      --Captain Tibor's Seals (trained animal act)

    • April 30, 1950
      April 30, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 33

      --Woody Herman and his Orchestra perform "Caledonia."
      --Connee Boswell sings "Basin Street Blues" and "Nobody's Sweetheart."
      --Connee Boswell and Woody Herman's Orchestra - "Rockin' Chair."
      --Joan Barry (dancer)
      --Bobby Winters (comic juggler)
      --Kay Thompson and her trio (singing-dancing group, aka "Kay Thompson and the Boys")
      --George Conley (comedian)
      --Bobby "Tables" Davis ("strong jaw" novelty act) - reportedly tap dances while lifting furniture with his mouth.

    • November 14, 1948
      November 14, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 22

      --Paula Bane (Broadway & Vaudeville performer) sings "Buttons and Bows" and "Donkey Serenade."
      --Ernesto Lecuona (composer-musician) plays his composition "Malaguena" on piano.
      --Frank Fontaine (comedian) - act includes celebrity impressions.
      --Dewey "Pigmeat" Markham & company (comedy troupe)
      --Elsa and Waldo (comedy dance duo)
      --The Martin Brothers (puppet act)

    • November 21, 1948
      November 21, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 23

      --Louis Armstrong and his band perform "Where The Blues Were Born In New Orleans" and "A Song Is Born."
      --Betty Jane Watson (Broadway actress) sings a medley of songs from the Broadway musical "As the Girls Go."
      --Pat C. Flick (comedian) - heckles Ed from a theatre stage-box.
      --Pat Henning - does a comedy monologue that includes impressions.
      Also appearing:
      --The Blackburn Twins (dancers Royce and Ramon Blackburn)
      --Delanoff and The Rayes Sisters ('Black Light Theatre' dance act) - create a "floating ballet" illusion (with Delanoff, dressed entirely in black, blending into the black background).

    • December 19, 1948
      December 19, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 27

      --John Garfield (actor) talks about his new movie "Force of Evil," and reads a child's letter to Santa Claus.
      --Dorothy Sarnoff sings "Lover" and/or "Magdalena" production number.
      --Dorothy Sarnoff, accompanied by eight back-up singers, sings "Ava Maria."
      --McCarthy & Farrell (comedy team) - radio D.J. routine and lip-synch to records.
      --Mage & Karr (tap dancers) - "Terpsichorean Rhythm" ("Tap City in Rhythm") routine.
      --Pat C. Flick (comedian) - tells jokes about Hollywood and Ed Sullivan.
      --Frank Fontaine (comedian) - topics include taxi drivers, "Amos 'n' Andy," ventriloquist puppets Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd, singers Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.
      --Martin Puppets - Penny the Puppet and other marionettes in a Christmas sketch.
      --Audience bows: Terry Moore (actress, mentions her movie "The Return of October"), Jerome Courtland (actor), Lucy Monroe (went on a 50,000 mile tour of military hospitals), Mae West (actress), Michael O'Shea (actor), Albert Goldman (New York Postmaster), and Steve Cochran (actor).

    • December 26, 1948
      December 26, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 28

      --Connee Boswell (vocalist)
      --Hazel Scott (vocalist & pianist)
      --The Harmonicaires (musical trio)
      --Harvey Stone (comedian) - routine about his Army days.
      --Dewey "Pigmeat" Markham
      Also appearing:
      --Mary Norman (listed as an "aero" dancer)(formerly of the dance team Ray and Mary Norman?)

      Additional guest (scheduled to appear):
      --Charles Laughton (actor) does a dramatic reading of the 'Old Testament' story of Noah and the Ark.

    • January 9, 1949
      January 9, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 30

      --Luise Rainer (actress) - reprises her role as "Anna Held" in a reenactment of the telephone scene from the 1936 film "The Great Ziegfeld."
      --Harvey Stone (comedian)
      --Georgie Kaye (comedian)
      --Frank Fontaine - does a comedy bit about a sweepstakes winner.
      --Patricia Bright & Frank Fontaine - impersonate various movie stars in a comedy bit.

    • January 16, 1949: Rudy Vallee, Nanette Fabray, Jean Carroll, Harvey Stone

      --Rudy Valee sings "Buttons and Bows," "Where To?" (The Taxi Driver song) and "Tavern on the Town."
      --Nanette Fabray sings "Mr. Right."
      --Wally Boag (comedian) - does a balloon act and jitterbugs to "Happy Days are Here Again."
      --Jean Carroll (comedian) - "domestic humor" stand-up act, topics include Florida and shopping.
      --Pat C. Flick - heckles Ed Sullivan.
      --Bob Evans (ventriloquist) - appears twice during show: (1) dummy Jerry O'Leary sings "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter." (2) A ventriloquist duel with Rudy Vallee, who brings out his own dummy, "Sally Anne."

    • November 18, 1951: The Robert E. Sherwood Story

      "The Robert E. Sherwood Story" with actors performing scenes from Sherwood's plays.
      Scheduled guests:
      --Robert E. Sherwood (Broadway playwright and producer)
      --Humphrey Bogart (actor)
      --James Mason and Pamela Kellino-Mason (husband-and-wife actors)
      --Helen Hayes (actress)
      --Alfred Lunt (actor, making his TV debut)
      --Raymond Massey (actor)

    • November 25, 1951
      November 25, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 12

      Scheduled guests:
      --Evelyn Knight (singer)
      --James Barton (actor, from the Broadway play "Paint Your Wagon")
      --Bob Scherrer (dancer)
      --Brani & Valenti (Italian comedy team)
      --Texas Tommie and Baby Doll (trained pony act)

    • April 13, 1952: Easter Show
      April 13, 1952: Easter Show
      Season 4 - Episode 32

      1952 Easter show.
      --Marian Anderson (opera contralto) sings "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" and "Ave Maria."
      --Jane Morgan (singer)
      --The Notre Dame Glee Club (collegiate choral group)
      --Cornelia Otis Skinner (actress-author) - performs an scene from her Broadway play "Paris 90" about a Jewish family in Paris whose lives are affected by the Alfred Dreyfus affair.
      Also appearing:
      --Senor Wences (comedian-ventriloquist)
      --Audience bow: Sol Hurok (impresario, Marian Anderson's manager).

    • October 12, 1952: A Night At Sophie Tucker's House

      "A Night At Sophie Tucker's House" (with the theater's stage designed to resemble Tucker's living room).
      --Bill Kenny and the Ink Spots perform "If I Didn't Care," "Java Jive" and "You Are Happiness."
      --Sophie Tucker sings "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover," "After You've Gone," "Nobody Loves a Fat Girl" and "Some of These Days."
      --Gloria Lesser (winner of a Sophie Tucker contest) sings "All of Me."
      --Ronny Graham does his "Dazz Rocco" routine from the Broadway revue "Leonard Sillman's New Faces of 1952."
      --Harry Mimo (Italian comedian) - plays a nervous performer straightening his tie and coat, then does a comedic dancing bit.
      Also appearing:
      --Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer (husband-and-wife actors) reprise a scene from their movie "The Four Poster."
      Prior to the "Four Poster" scene, Harrison and Palmer are interviewed by Ed Sullivan and Sophie Tucker.
      --Ted Shapiro (songwriter & Tucker's accompanist and music director) appears at the beginning of the program.

    • October 5, 1952: The Story of ASCAP, Part 2

      This is the conclusion of the 2-Part ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Story, with a look at the past 50 years of American music.
      Scheduled guests include:
      --W.C. Handy (79-year-old composer, known as the "Father of the Blues")
      --Ray Henderson
      --Vaughn Monroe
      --Fritzi Scheff
      Additional scheduled guests (appearing on this show or the previous week):
      --Les Compagnons de la Chanson
      --Clark Dennis
      --Dorothy Fields
      --Joe Howard
      --Alice Lawler
      --Patricia Marand (singer)
      --Lauritz Melchior
      --Jack Norworth
      --Maude Nugent
      --Ernie Rose
      --Harry Tierney
      --Mabel Wayne

    • December 2, 1951
      December 2, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 13

      Scheduled guests:
      --Joe E. Lewis (nightclub comedian-entertainer, making his TV debut)
      --Roberta Peters (opera singer)
      --Robert Merrill (opera singer)
      --Jimmy Nelson (R&B singer)
      --Mae Murray (actress from the silent movie era)
      --Andre Eglevsky & Melissa Hayden (ballet dancers)

    • December 9, 1951
      December 9, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 14

      Scheduled guests:
      --Dolores Gray (actress-singer, from the Broadway musical "Two on the Aisle")
      --Michael Bentine (comedian)
      --Nino Martini (tenor, movie actor)
      --Ben Blue (pantomimist)
      --The Princeton Triangle Club - song and dance routine
      --The Salzburg Marionettes

    • January 13, 1952: George White Tribute, Part 1

      George White tribute: "The Story of George White's Scandals" (Part 1)
      --Peggy Lee - "Are You Having Any Fun?"
      --Rudy Vallee - "My Song" and "Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries."
      --Rudy Vallee - "This Is The Mrs." (duet with Peggy Lee?).
      --Harry Richman (Broadway performer, appeared in four George White Broadway productions from 1929-32) - "Birth of the Blues."
      --Richard Hayes (Broadway and movie actor) sings "The Thrill Is Gone."
      --Finale: Richard Hayes, Peggy Lee, Hal Leroy and Betty Bruce sing "Thank Your Mother."
      --Rudy Vallee and Horace McMahon reprise "The Man of the Hour."
      --Smith and Dale (comedy team) - "I Can Get it for You Wholesale" routine.
      --Betty Bruce (singer-dancer) dances "The Charleston."
      --Helen Wood and Hal LeRoy reprise the 1920s dance the "Black Bottom."

    • January 20, 1952: New York Critics Awards of 1951

      New York Critics Awards of 1951
      --Ed Announces the names in the Annual N.Y. Film Critics Awards. Ed talks about the Italian film "Miracle In Milan" followed by a clip from that movie with people flying away on brooms.
      --Ed introduces Bosley Crowther of the N.Y. Times, the head of the N.Y. Film Critics presenting award.
      --On film: a clip from "Bright Victory" with Arthur Kennedy.
      --Mahalia Jackson (Gospel singer) - "These Are They"
      --Ed introduces dancers Elaine Dunn, Danny Scholl, Helen Wood and Hal Leroy, who dance to George Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm" & "S'wonderful"
      --Phil Spitalny & the Hour Of Charm Orchestra (aka Phil Spitalny and His All-Girl Orchestra) - "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (all female orchestra & chorus) and "You and the Night and the Music" (2nd song features a couple dancing)
      --John Tio's Talking Parrot (trained animal act) - parrot does imitations: train, kiss, opening bottle pop, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Durante.
      --Audience Bows: Paul Henri, Pat Malurky (Maid of Cotton)
      Scheduled guests (not mentioned on episode transcript):
      --Kirkwood and Goodman (comedy team)
      --The LeRoy Brothers (puppeteers)
      --Also, the Kay Francis tribute, with photo highlights, was cancelled.

    • February 3, 1952: The Beatrice Lillie Story

      "The Beatrice Lillie Story," a salute to the Broadway performer & comedian.

      Bea Lillie and cast reprise some of her best-known sketches:
      (1) A talkative audience member (Lillie) disrupts Reginald Gardiner's stage performance of "Hamlet."
      (2) Beatrice Lille, Les Compagnons de la Chanson, and a female chorus sing "Come, Oh Come to Pittsburgh."
      (3) Society matron Lillie confuses department store clerks with her order for "One Dozen Double Damask Dinner Napkins."
      (4) A catty woman (Lillie) barges into the dressing room of her actress friend (Constance Carpenter).
      (5) Beatrice Lillie sings "There are Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden."
      Also on this show:
      --Les Compagnons de la Chanson sing "Le roi Dagobert" and "The Three Bells."
      --Audience bows: songwriting team Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz.
      --Audience bows: two female nurses with the Army Nurses Corps.

    • April 6, 1952
      April 6, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 31

      --Sophie Tucker (singer-entertainer) - songs include "My Yiddishe Mama" and "Some of These Days."
      --The Tuskegee University Choir (45-voice chorus from Tuskegee, Alabama)
      Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet:
      --Elaine Fifield and David Blair perform a pas de deux.
      --Svetlana Beriosova (ballerina) - excerpt from "Coppelia."
      Also appearing:
      --Mickey Deems (comedian)
      --Montes De Oca (Spanish circus acrobatic duo)

    • May 4, 1952
      May 4, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 35

      --Pearl Bailey sings "Nothin'" and "Toot, Toot, Tootsie! (Good Bye)."
      --Luciano Tajoli (tenor) sings a Neapolitan ballad in Italian and English.
      --Jackie Gleason pantomime: "The Poor Soul" visits a crowded movie theater with his girlfriend.
      --Jackie Gleason, Art Carney and Pert Kelton do a "Honeymooners" sketch: Alice and Ralph argue as they prepare for a formal dance.
      --Jackie Gleason, as Fenwick Babbitt, performs stunts on a game show titled "Can You Do This?" with Art Carney as the quiz-master.
      --Linon (European clown, wire-walker)
      Also appearing:
      --Ed Sullivan interviews Ringling Circus sideshow performers: Nate Eagle's troupe of Little People and the "Tallest Man in Britain" Ted Evans (at 7 feet - 8.5 inches tall).

    • August 3, 1952
      August 3, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 48

      Guest host:
      --Tony Martin (singer) -songs possibly "Kiss Of Fire," "Singing In The Rain" and "There's No Tomorrow."
      --The Four Step Brothers (tap dancing quartet)
      --Joel Grey (Broadway performer & dancer) - dance performance.
      --Ben Dova (contortionist) - plays an intoxicated man climbing atop a swaying lamppost.
      --Bob Gentry (comedian)
      Also appearing:
      --The Amin Brothers (acrobatic duo from Europe)

    • September 28, 1952: The Story of ASCAP, Part 1

      The Story of ASCAP (Part 1)
      A salute to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, which was established in ASCAP was established in 1914.
      Guests (listed in a review of this episode):
      --Harold Arlen, Peter De Rose and Mabel Wayne (composers) - performed their compositions on the piano. Harold Arlen and Mabel Wayne also sang their songs.
      --Joe Howard (composer and vaudeville performer) - performed one of his songs.
      Additional guests (scheduled to appear, this week and next):
      --Les Compagnons de la Chanson
      --Clark Dennis
      --Dorothy Fields
      --W.C. Handy (79-year-old composer, known as the "Father of the Blues")
      --Ray Henderson
      --Alice Lawler
      --Patricia Marand (singer)
      --Lauritz Melchior
      --Vaughn Monroe
      --Jack Norworth
      --Maude Nugent
      --Ernie Rose
      --Fritzi Scheff
      --Harry Tierney

    • April 20, 1952
      April 20, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 33

      Scheduled guests:
      --Billy Eckstine (singer)
      --Nancy Walker (musical-comedy star)
      --Evelyn Knight (singer)
      --Beatrice Lillie (English comedian)

    • April 27, 1952
      April 27, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 34

      Scheduled guests:
      --Jackie Gleason (comedian)
      --Jan Peerce (singer, from the Metropolitan Opera)
      --Dorothy Kirsten
      --Steve Gibson's Redcaps (or "Red Caps") (singing group)
      --Roger Price (comedian)
      --The Dublin Players (troupe of actors)
      --The Tong Brothers (acrobats)

    • May 11, 1952
      May 11, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 36

      --Errol Flynn and Paulette Goddard (movie stars) - spoof Private Eye TV shows in a comedy sketch.
      --Georgia Gibbs sings "Kiss of Fire" and "Come Rain or Come Shine."
      --Richard Walker (baritone) and Helen Roberts (soprano), from the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, sing selections from "The Mikado."
      --George Kirby (comedian-impersonator)
      Also appearing:
      --Jackie (British acrobat) - performs hand-balancing stunts.
      --Eddie Arcaro (jockey) - is interviewed by Ed Sullivan.
      --The Leon Destine Dancers - perform a "native dance."
      --Audience bow: Willie Hoppe (billiard champion).

    • February 12, 1950
      February 12, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 22

      Vaughn Monroe and troupe:
      --Vaughn Monroe (vocalist & orchestra leader)
      --The Moon Maids (female singers with Vaughn Monroe's band)
      --Ziggy Talent (comic singer & saxophonist)
      --Jay Lawrence (impressionist)
      Also appearing:
      --Dewey "Pigmeat" Markham (comedian) - does a courtroom skit.
      --The Phil Jones Dancers (seven couples) perform a waltz.
      --Vic and Adio (Brazilian acrobats) - perform a "hand-to-hand" routine.

    • February 19, 1950
      February 19, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 23

      --Mel Torme - "Gone with The Wind" and "You're The Cream In My Coffee."
      --The Blackburn Twins (dancers) - perform a synchronized tap routine.
      --Martha Stewart (movie actress) sings "I Get A Kick Out Of You."
      --Martha Stewart and the Blackburn Twins - "Thou Swell" and "Ballin' The Jack."
      --Ethel Smith (organist) performs.
      --Ethel Smith and Ed Sullivan - "Keep Smiling Samba."
      --Mickey Deems (comedian) performs a stand-up routine comparing single and married couples.
      Also appearing:
      --Diana Wynyard recites Rudyard Kipling's "If."
      --The Kanazawas (Japanese tumbling trio) - act includes balancing barrels while lying on platforms.
      --On film: Footage of the 15th Annual All-Star Game from Fenway Park (1946) including Ted Williams hitting his second home run of the game.
      --Audience bows: Ted Williams (American League's MVP for 1946 & 1949) and Jack Sharkey (1932-33 heavyweight boxing champion) are invited on stage by Ed.
      --Cyclists Howard Rupprecht and Chris Van Gent compete in an on-stage bicycle race on a treadmill.
      --Cameos: Relatives of Japanese Americans who served combat duty in the US Army.
      --Audience bow: Ilene Wood (voice of Disney's "Cinderella").
      --Audience bows: 6 Women's Army Corps members who were selected as Soldiers of the Month.
      --Audience bows: Beauty queens from Louisiana.

    • February 26, 1950
      February 26, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 24

      --Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra featuring vocalist Betty Brewer - "Don't Cry Joe (Let Her Go, Let Her Go, Let Her Go)."
      --Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra also present a television version of the 1946 record "Manhattan Tower," a tone poem composed by Jenkins.
      --The Harmonicats (vocal group) perform "Peg O' My Heart."
      Also appearing:
      --Dave Barry (comedian)
      --Ginger Kinney (nightclub dancer)
      --Sonny Howard (song impressionist)
      --Margaret O'Brien (movie actress) - talks with Ed.
      --William O'Dwyer (New York City mayor) - presents Gordon Jenkins with a Key To the City.

    • March 12, 1950
      March 12, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 26

      --The Ink Spots (vocal group) sing "With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming," "If You Had to Hurt Someone, Why Did It Have to Be Me?" and "If I Didn't Care."
      --Don Cornell (singer, formerly with Sammy Kaye's orchestra) - "It Isn't Fair" and "There's No Tomorrow."
      --Jack E. Leonard (insult comedian)
      Also appearing:
      --Renault & Rudy (2-man acrobatic-gymnastic team)
      --Sharkey The Seal (trained seal, appearing with his trainer)
      --Cameos: Virginia Gorski and Don Liberto (Broadway performers from 1948's "Look Ma, I'm Dancing") talk with Ed. (They were supposed to perform but the show ran out of time.)
      --Audience bows: Sammy Kaye (orchestra leader), Irving Fields (Tin Pan Alley composer), Bea Kalmus (female disc jockey), and Bernard Delfont (British music & TV producer).

    • March 19, 1950
      March 19, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 27

      --Mimi Benzell (Metropolitan Opera soprano) sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and a song from 'Romeo Et Juliette' (possibly "Que fais-tu blanche tourterelle").
      --David Burns (as Dr. Frisbee), Mickey Deems (as a patient) and Ed Sullivan do a parody of cigarette commercials with a doctor recommending 'Smuggo" cigarettes. (This might be the "Hippocrates Hits the Jackpot" sketch from the Broadway revue "Alive and Kicking.")
      --Herkie (comedian) - stand-up routine with Kazoo.
      --Frieda Wing ('Hillbilly' singer and dancer) - dances to "You Gotta Be a Football Hero."
      Also appearing:
      --Ted and Flo Valette (novelty act) - intricate baton and flag twirling.
      --The Dunhills (3 brothers tap dance)
      --Audience bows (cameos): General Gen. Ephraim F. Jeffe (chairman of the American Red Cross campaign in NYC), Capt. Guilone (captain of Italian Ship), Edward Macdonald Carey (actor), Colleen Gray (actress), George Petty ("pin-up" artist), John "Budge" Edward Patty (tennis player), and Nancy Chaffee Whittaker (tennis player).

    • March 26, 1950
      March 26, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 28

      --Eileen Barton sings "Easter Parade" and "If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd Have Baked A Cake."
      --The Continentals (male quintet) - comedy-musical act.
      --Chris Cross (ventriloquist, with five puppets) sings "Jealous Heart."
      Also appearing:
      --Sheila Bond (Broadway performer) - dances while an unseen chorus provides the singing.
      --The Phil Jones Dancers (dance group) - six couples of varying ages dance to "Easter Parade," "Holiday Of Strings" and "Charleston Rag."
      --Fayne and Foster ("bell-ringing" novelty musicians) - create music using crystal glasses, squeeze dolls, horns, and Swiss bells.
      --Helen Hicks (professional golfer) - does a golf demonstration.
      --Jack Redmond (world champion trick golfer) - demonstrates trick golf shots.
      --Frank Catrone (thoroughbred horse racing jockey) becomes a "human tee" for golf lesson.
      --Audience bows: Dick Schnittker and Bob Donham (Ohio State University basketball players).
      --Audience bow: Dick Foran (movie actor).
      --Audience bow: Nat Holman (head coach of the CCNY Beavers) - joins Ed on stage.

    • April 9, 1950
      April 9, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 30

      --Milton Berle (comedian, appearing as guest host)
      --Henny Youngman (comedian) - tells jokes while holding fiddle
      --Ken Murray (stand-up comedian) - tells story about two eccentric ladies.
      --Duke Dorrell (comic violinist) - plays violin in various positions.
      Music & Dance:
      --Robert Q. Lewis (television personality) - sings "Toot, Toot, Tootsie" and does a soft shoe routine.
      --Kathryn Lee (toe-ballet dancer)
      Knute Rockne tribute:
      --The University of Notre Dame Glee Club (50-singer chorus) - do a tribute to Knute Rockne (joined by "conductor" Ken Murray and "singer" Milton Berle).
      --Audience bows: Mrs. Knute Rockne, widow of the late Notre Dame football coach, and their daughter Mary Jeanne Rockne.
      Also appearing:
      --Captain Shaw & Company (aka Capt. Shaw and his Wonder Monkey) - trained monkey wearing a dress, etc.
      --Romaine and Babette (balancing act)
      --Audience bows: Toni Arden and Alan Reed.

    • April 16, 1950: Tribute to Connie Mack

      Tribute to Connie Mack, broadcast from the Walnut Street Theatre
      in Philadelphia.
      --87-year-old Connie Mack is saluted for his 50-years as manager of the Philadelphia Athletics baseball team.
      --Jan August (pianist) - "Piano Rag Blues" piano duet with his wife Bette.
      --Juanita Hall (from Broadway's "South Pacific") sings "Bali Ha'i."
      --Gene Jimae (6-year-old harmonica player) - plays Mozart's "Dance Of The Turk."
      --Jose Duval (Latin vocalist) - "Why Was I Born?"
      --The Merry Mutes (comedy duo of Dick Van Dyke and Phil Erickson) - lip-synch to records "Temptation" and "You Always Hurt the One You Love."
      --Arthur Treacher and Phil Baker (comedians) - do a butler routine.
      --Phil Baker (comedian) starts to play "Stardust" on the accordion, but is distracted by 'Beelte" (Ward Wilson) and 'Bottle' (Arthur Treacher).
      --Phil Baker - does a parody of Al Jolson singing "I'm Sitting on Top of the World."
      Also appearing:
      --Sheila Bond (tap dancer) - does an interpretive dance of a girl stood up on a date.
      --Audience bows: Mickey Cochrane (former catcher for the Philadelphia Athletics and Detroit Tigers), Jimmy Dykes (played for the Philadelphia Athletics), Bing Miller (former Philadelphia Athletics outfielder), and Lou Tenlor (spelling? - sports figure), and Powers Garreau (Philadelphia Theatre director).
      --Richard W. Slocum, of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, presents an Appreciation Scroll to Connie Mack.
      --Bernard Samuel (Philadelphia mayor) - presents Ed with a "TV Digest" Achievement Award.

    • April 23, 1950
      April 23, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 32

      --The DeMarco Sisters sing "Stanley Steamer" and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."
      --Bobby Sargent - stand-up routine topics include immigration.
      --Joe Browning - monologue about the state of the country.
      Sports figures:
      --Willie Mosconi (champion billiard player) - does a pool table demonstration.
      --Gene Sarazen (golf pro) - gives a golf lesson.
      --Tommy Milton & Wilbur Shaw (race car drivers) - explain how the pace car for the Indy 500 is chosen.
      --Audience bows: Don Newcombe (of the Brooklyn Dodgers) and Fritzie Zivic (boxer).
      Also appearing:
      --Brig. Gen. James P. S. Devereux, USMC (WWII hero) - presents Ed with an award.
      --Christine & Molly (dancers) - Spanish tap duet.
      --The Marvellos (musical magic act, Willie and Ida Kuffer)
      --Chai and Somay (Polack Brothers Circus acrobats)
      --Audience bows: Stewart Irwin and June Collyer (husband and wife actors),

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --Tony Lavelli (accordion player & former Yale basketball star)
      --The Will Mastin Trio
      --Art Lund (recording star)

    • May 29, 1949: Zero Mostel, Kitty Kallen, Dick 'Lord' Buckley, Babe Didrikson Zaharias

      --Kitty Kallen sings "Manhattan" and "If It Weren't For The Irish."
      --The Palmer Squares (Princeton University Quartet) sing "Down in Jungle Town" and "Going Back to Nassau Hall."
      --Zero Mostel (comedian) - does bird whistles, then impersonates Jimmy Durante.
      --Dick "Lord" Buckley (comedian) - demonstrates voice projection with Frank Albertson, Nelson Case, Babe Didrikson and Don DeFore.
      --Johnny Mack (tap dancer) - dances with his "magic cane."
      --Artini & Consuelo (ballroom dance duo) - perform the Samba and other dances.
      Also appearing:
      --Golf demonstration with Babe Didrikson Zaharias (golf pro) and Lou Costello (Westchester Country Club golf pro - NOT the comedian of 'Abbott and Costello' fame).
      --Don Desio (7-year-old golfer & star of the CYO Golf Tournament).
      --Audience bows: John Howard, Don Defore, and Frankie Albertson.
      --Audience bow: Annie Robono (spelling?)(French nurse)
      --Audience bow: Mrs. Hubert Good (American Legion Woman's Auxiliary)
      --The Palmer Squares (sing "She's More To Be Pitied Than Censured"), The Toastettes (tap dance), Zero Mostel (comic dancing), Johnny Mack (dancing), Babe Didrikson Zaharias (golf swing), Kitty Kalen (sings "And the Band Played On"), and a dance by Artini & Consuelo.

    • May 22, 1949: Paul Winchell, Jane Kean, Ladd Lyon, Claude Harmon, Craig Wood

      --Jane Kean sings "Curtain Time" and "Best Time of Day" (song from Broadway's "Along Fifth Avenue").
      --Bill Nervis & Vatstarts (spelling?) perform "Don't Break It Down" and "Some Folks Have Got It."
      --Al Kelly comes up from audience and does a ticket scalping routine with Ed.
      --Paul Winchell (ventriloquist with puppet Jerry Mahoney)
      Also appearing:
      --Walter Long (tap dancer)
      --Leo McCary (director)
      --Craig Wood and Claude Harmon (golf pros) - give a golf lesson. Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney join in.
      --Ladd Lyon (acrobat) - balances on bottles.
      --Audience bows: Arthur Treacher (actor), Nella Webb (actress & astrologer), Robert Villamare (spelling?) (boxer), Todd Andrews (actor), Lawrence Tibbit (opera singer) and New York Police detectives O'Connor and and Toll.
      --Paul Winchell, Toastettes, Nervis & Vatstarts - "Paper Doll" and "It's A Big, Wide, Wonderful World" production numbers.

    • October 10, 1948
      October 10, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 17

      --Pearl Bailey (vocalist)
      --The Deep River Boys (vocal quartet)
      --Joey Adams, Tony Canzoneri and Mark Plant (nightclub comedy trio)
      Also appearing:
      --The Mayo Brothers (dancers)
      --Ray Hammond's Birds (cockatoo act)


    • October 24, 1948
      October 24, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 19

      Scheduled guests:
      --Benny Goodman (jazz musician with his instrumental quintet)
      --The Ink Spots (vocal quartet)
      --Myron Cohen ("dialect comedian")
      --Cass Franklin & Monica Moore (vocal duo, nightclub act).


    • February 13, 1949: Rudy Vallee, Roger Price, Wesson Brothers, Elsa & Waldo, Mayo Brothers

      --Rudy Vallee sings "The Whiffenpoof Song," "Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay," "Another Girl Like You" (possibly "If I Had a Girl Like You"), "Ragtime Gal" "Bamboo Tree" and "Tell Me Pretty Maiden."
      --Roger Price (comedian & comedy writer) - routine includes graphics and drawings.
      --The Wesson Brothers (nightclub and radio comedians, mimics) - do celebrity impressions and sing "Birth of The Blues."
      Also appearing:
      --The Mayo Brothers (tap dancing duo).
      --The Amann Sisters (correct name?) - three young sisters play accordion to a Swiss song and sing a yodeling milking tune.
      --Elsa & Waldo (comedy dance team) - pair dances and performs on a trapeze.
      --Audience bow: Abe Attell (boxer); Sid Gordon (of the New York Giants); and Sen. Herbert O'Conor (Senator from Maryland, former governor).

    • February 20, 1949: Faye Emerson, Donald Richards, Patricia Bright, Ruby Hill, Son & Sonny

      --Ruby Hill sings "(I Had Myself a) True Love" and "Come Rain or Come Shine" (songs from her 1946 Broadway musical 'St. Louis Woman').
      --Donald Richards sings "Old Devil Moon" (song from 'Finian's Rainbow') and "Manhattan Towers" with back up girls.
      --Faye Emerson (actress) & Jim O'Neil - do a traffic court comedy sketch.
      --Patricia Bright (comedienne & nightclub entertainer) - song and comedy routine, sings "That Certain Party."
      Also appearing:
      --Son & Sonny (tap dancers) - dance and sing "Come On and Do It."
      --Manuel and Marita Viera (animal act with trained rhesus monkeys Tippy and Cobina).
      --Audience bows: George Raft (actor), Janet Blair (actress), Lou Brown (actor), Jack La Rue (actor), Lt. Maurice Kelly (policeman from New Rochelle who helped capture jewel thief Gerard Dennis), Danny Kaye (movie comedian), and Elliot Roosevelt (son of Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt).

    • March 13, 1949: Humphrey Bogart, Anne Jeffreys, Buddy Baer, Woody Herman

      --Anne Jeffreys sings "Lovelier Than I Dreamed You Could Be" and "Lover."
      --Buddy Baer sings comic versions of "Buttons and Bows," "It's Magic" and "California Here I Come."
      --Ralph Hart plays "Irish Washer Woman" on accordion (in a production number with the Toastettes).
      --Humphrey Bogart, sitting in the audience, banters with Ralph Hart and Ed.
      --Al Kelly plays a telephone repairman in a skit with Ed Sullivan and Buddy Baer.
      --Woody Herman (bandleader, with his 7-man jazz band) - perform a Be-Bop number.
      --The Rudells (acrobats performing on trampoline).
      --Moke and Poke (Vaudeville comedy dancers) - sing "Breakin' in A New Pair of Shoes" while tap dancing and doing the jitterbug.
      --Cameos/Audience bows: Elliot Lawrence, Robert Sterling (actor), Cameron Mitchell (actor)
      --Cameo: Bill Odom (pilot) comes on stage to talk with Ed
      --Audience bow: Milton Reynolds (pilot)

    • March 20, 1949: Connie Haines, Roll and Tap, Bobby Baxter

      --Connie Haines sings "Take A Chance On Me" and "Stormy Weather."
      --Paul Breckinridge and the Kingdom Choir sing "Rock My Soul" and "Old Man River."
      --Roll and Tap (tap dancers) - dance and sing "Wake Em Up."
      --Calgary Brothers ("knockabout" comics) - two men do a drunken pantomime bit and sing "In The Shadows" and "Let Me Sing To You."
      --Dak Chung Troupe (acrobatic act with dancing and juggling).
      --Bobby Baxter (comic magician) - tricks include pouring milk into hat.
      --Audience bows: Lloyd Nolan (actor); Audie Murphy (WWII hero & actor); William P. O'Brien (New York City Police Commissioner); Jimmy Ritz; Lucky Millinder (bandleader); Lee Savold (boxer).

    • March 27, 1949: Nat King Cole Trio, Larry Storch, Hal LeRoy, The Five DeMarco Sisters

      --The Nat King Cole Trio perform "Little Girl," "Portrait of Jenny" and "Dawn in Mexico."
      --Hal LeRoy (Broadway tap dancer) dances to "Tea For Two" and "I'll Get By."
      --The Five DeMarco Sisters sing "Smile, Smile, Smile" and "Pretty Baby."
      --The Nat King Cole Trio perform "Make Believe."
      --The Nat King Cole Trio are joined by Hal LeRoy and the DeMarco Sisters on "I Think You're Wonderful."
      --Larry Storch imitates Gary Cooper, parodies dances teams, and does a routine about a British officer in the desert.
      --Fred Berry and Susan Berry (dance duo) - do a waltz to "Lullaby."
      --Paul Gerrits (roller skater) - performs back flips on roller skates while juggling and telling jokes.
      --Cameo/Audience bows: Marilyn Maxwell (actress); Sammy Atkins (NYC bar & grill owner known as the "5 Cents Beer guy"); Horace McMann (actor); Paul Muni (actor).

    • May 8, 1949: Charles Laughton, Nellie Lutcher, Norman Evans, Steve Condos, Johnny Dundee

      --Charles Laughton (actor) - does a dramatic reading of 'Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego' from the Bible book of "Daniel."
      --Nellie Lutcher (singer-pianist) - "My Mother's Eyes" and "A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird."
      --Jobie Reynolds (Queen of the Maryland National Auto Show) sings "Stars Fell On Alabama."
      --Norman Evans (British comedian with puppet) - Panda Bear puppet plays "Three Blind Mice" and "Pop Goes The Weasel" on trumpet.
      --Henny Nadell (comedian) - Army humor, routine about the Army draft board.
      Also appearing:
      --Steve Condos tap dances to "Strike Up The Band" and "Lover When You're Near Me."
      --Johnny Dundee (former featherweight boxing champion) - tap dances with Toastettes, and plays trumpet to "I Can't Give You Anything But Love."
      --Audience bows: Margaret Whiting (singer); Bernarr Macfadden (newspaper publisher); Arleen Whelan (actress); Johnny Dundee (boxer); and Charles Collins (father of quadruplets born May 5, 1949).

    • May 15, 1949: Jamila Novotna, Sigmund Romberg, Al Bernie, Bunny Briggs

      --Sigmund Romberg (Broadway composer) performs "Auf Wiedersehen" and "American Humoresque" on piano.
      --Jarmila Novotna (Metropolitan opera soprano) sings "Sweethearts" (from "Maytime") and "When I Grow too Old to Dream."
      --Al Bernie (comedian) - does a comedy monologue and sings "Mention My Name."
      Also appearing:
      --Buddy Briggs (tap dancer)
      --Bobby Winter (juggler) - does various tricks including juggling an umbrella.
      --Ray Hammond's Birds - act with Cockatoos and a 92-year-old Ruffin.
      --Frank Stranahan (golfer) - seated in audience, is invited by Ed on stage to demonstrate his golf swing.
      --Audience bows: Fay Bainter (actress), Vincent Lopez (bandleader and radio personality), and Charley Fusari (boxer).
      --Audience bows: John W. Meagher (WWII veteran of 77th Division and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient) and Warrant Officer Fisher (also of the 77th Division).
      --Audience bows: Rocky Graziano (boxer), Ruth Donnelly (stage and film actress).

    • December 12, 1948: Nanette Fabray, Bunny Briggs, Pat C. Flick, McCarthy & Farrell, Nellie Lutcher

      --Nanette Fabray - "Green Up Time" (from Fabray's Broadway play "Love Life") and "Papa Won't You Dance With Me" (from the film "High Button Shoes").
      --Nellie Lutcher (singer & piano player) - "Fine Brown Frame" & "You Better Watch Yourself Bub."
      --Hal Raywin (concert violinist) - "Romanian Rhapsody."
      --Bunny Briggs (tap dancer) - does a dance routine.
      --Delanoff and The Rayes Sisters (magic & "black art" dance routine) - special effects give the illusion of floating heads and headless bodies. Ed makes an appearance by "floating" at the end of the act.
      --Pat C. Flick (Ed's favorite balcony heckler) - interrupts Ed.
      --McCarthy & Farrell (comedy team) - duo imitates other entertainers in radio show sketch. They sing "Inka Dinka Do" & "Spaniard Who Blighted My Life."
      --The Temperton Family with Hope Emerson - performs a skit with Hope Emerson as the family maid.
      Also appearing:
      --Cameos & Audience bows: Jerome Courtland, George White, Mary Stewart, Ken Kling, Ezra Charles (boxer), Al Shact and Harry Ravel.

    • December 28, 1952
      December 28, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 16

      Scheduled guests:
      --Gloria DeHaven (singer)
      --Bobby Clark (aka Bobbie Clark) (comedian)
      --Ronnie Graham (aka Ronny Graham) (comedian, from the Broadway revue "New Faces")
      --The Phil Jones Group (dancers)
      --Tony and Sally DeMarco (dancers)
      --Gautier's Steeplechase (trained animal act)

    • December 12, 1954
      December 12, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 14

      --The Crew-Cuts perform "Dance, Mr. Snowman, Dance," "Sh-boom" and "Crazy 'Bout You, Baby." (The group is also presented with a gold record for "Sh-boom.")
      --Sophie Tucker (singer-entertainer) - songs include "I Don't Want To Get Thin" and "Some Of The Days."
      --David Whitfield (English operatic tenor) sings "Cara Mia" and "Santo Natale."
      --Sam Levenson - in a comedy monologue talks about gift-giving when he was a child.
      Also appearing:
      --Virginia Mayo (actress, appearing live on stage) - introduces a film clip from her movie "The Silver Chalice."
      --Channing Pollock (magician)
      --The Rudells (acrobats, trampoline act)

      Scheduled guest:
      --Angna Enters (dance impressionist)

    • February 20, 1955: Tribute to Gertrude Lawrence

      Tribute to Gertrude Lawrence (1898 - 1952)

      --Film clip: Gertrude Lawrence sings "Getting to Know You" (1951 "Toast of the Town" clip)
      --Sarah Churchill talks about Gertrude Lawrence & her Cockney roots.
      --Mindy Carson - "Sunny Side of the Street" & "Someday I'll Find You Jenny."
      --Lily Pons - "The Bell Song" from "Lakme."
      --Gracie Fields (comedian, does a party routine & sings "Whistle A Happy Tune")
      --Judith Anderson - scene from "Medea."
      --Helen Hayes - talks about Gertrude Lawrence, does a Bible reading.
      --Dorothy Sarnoff - "Shall We Dance?" from "The King and I."
      --Audience bows: Richard Stoddard Aldridge (Gertrude Lawrence's husband); Grady Harris, Harry Ruggles.
      --On film: Beatrice Lillie on stage in London singing Life Is Sweet."

    • March 13, 1955
      March 13, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 27

      Ice Capades of 1955 (broadcast from Chicago):

      --Victor Borge (skates out on ice) --Peg Leg Bates (tap dancer; dance routine, tap dance routine, tells leg jokes) --The Maxsons (ice skating pair) --The Old Smoothies (older couple dance to "Shine On Harvest Moon") --Ice Capades "Tropicana" production number. --Rudy Horn (unicyclist, tosses cups, saucers, etc on his head) --Donna Atwood (skater, skates to medley of Irish songs) --Irish Festival Singers - perform an Irish medley --Forgie And Larson ("Ice Capade" performers, do a badminton match) --Vernon & Bumpy (child acrobats)

    • April 5, 1953
      April 5, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 30

      --Cab Calloway sings "There's a Boat That's Leaving Soon for New York" (from "Porgy and Bess") and "That Old Black Magic."
      --Gracie Fields (English music-hall star) sings a medley of "All For One and One For All," "Don't Be Angry With Me Sergeant," "Christopher Robin Is Saying His Prayers," "Walter, Walter (Lead Me To The Altar)" and "Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye)."
      --The Notre Dame Glee Club (choral singers) sing "Hallelujah, Amen," "When Johnny Comes Marchin' Home," "Home Sweet Home" and "Notre Dame Fight Song (Onward To Victory)."
      Also appearing:
      --The Szonys (dance duo of Francois and Giselle Szony)
      --Cavalcade of Clowns (approx. 25 clowns from Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey Circus)
      --Burton's Birds (trained animal act)
      --The Gae Foster Toastettes (regular cast members) dance to an Easter song medley.

    • April 12, 1953
      April 12, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 31

      Scheduled guests:
      --Lilli Palmer and Rex Harrison (actors) - perform a scene from George Bernard Shaw's play "Caesar and Cleopatra"
      --Elaine Dunne (dancer)
      --Charles Coburn and Sherry Jackson (actors) - appear on stage to talk with Ed about their new film "Trouble Along the Way." On film: Clips are shown from "Trouble Along the Way" starring John Wayne, Donna Reed, Charles Coburn and Sherry Jackson.
      --Billy De Wolfe (comedian)
      --Billy Ward's Dominoes (singers-instrumentalists)
      --The University of Michigan Glee Club (choral group)
      --Giuseppe Baggi
      --On film: A scene from the movie "Small Town Girl" with Jane Powell.
      Also appearing:
      --The Gae Foster Toastettes (dancers, regular cast members)

    • April 19, 1953
      April 19, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 32

      Scheduled Guests:
      --Nanette Fabray (actress-singer)
      --Senor Wences (ventriloquist)
      --Bobby Clark (actor, appeared in several Broadway musical comedies)
      --Fisk University Jubilee Singers (from Nashville, TN)
      --The Dunhills (tap dancers)
      --On film: A scene from the movie "Small Town Girl" starring Jane Powell & Farley Granger. --The Gae Foster Toastettes

    • April 26, 1953
      April 26, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 33

      Scheduled guests:
      --Roberta Peters (singer, of the Metropolitan Opera)
      --Jan Peerce (singer)
      --Jimmie McHugh (lyricist-composer, wrote "Sunny Side of the Street," "Don't Blame Me" and "South American Way")
      --Jose Greco (Spanish Flamenco dancer)
      --Mickey Mantle and Johnny Mize (of the New York Yankees)
      --Wally Boag (comedian-ventriloquist)
      --Willie West and McGinty (comedy team)
      --The Maequis Monkeys
      --On film: A scene from the movie "Never Let Me Go" starring Clark Gable and Gene Tierney.

    • May 10, 1953
      May 10, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 35

      --Dorothy Lamour (movie actress, accompanied by the Hawaiian band and dancers from her nightclub act) sings "The Laughing Song" and "For You a Lei."
      --Dorothy Lamour also performs "Kiss, Kiss Me."
      --To prove that he's qualified to guest-host "Arthur Godfrey and His Friends," Ed Sullivan sings "Where Is Your Heart?" while playing a zither-like instrument.
      --Lou Seiler - comedy monologue includes a spoof of the movie "High Noon."
      --The Goofers (novelty-musical act)
      Also appearing:
      --Byron Nelson (golf champion) - gives a golf demonstration.
      --Nitta & Peppi (balancing-acrobatic team)
      --Nicky ReDavid (paddle-ball expert)
      --Cameos: Audience members William ("Hopalong Cassidy") Boyd and his wife Grace Bradley are presented with leis by Lamour during her (previously mentioned) performance of "For You a Lei."

    • May 24, 1953
      May 24, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 37

      Scheduled guests:
      --Harry James (band leader)
      --Nanette Fabray (singer-actress)
      --Richard Greene and Viveca Lindfors (actors) perform a scene from "Henry V."
      --Millard Hopper (checker champion)
      --The Zippy Monkeys (trained animal act)
      --Kajar (magician)

    • August 22, 1954: Eartha Kitt, John Raitt, Celeste Holm, Janis Paige, Nanci Crompton

      Episode originally in color.
      --Eartha Kitt sings "Mink, Schmink" and "Monotonous."
      --John Raitt - "Hey There" (from "The Pajama Game") & "My Boy Bill" (soliloquy from "Carousel").
      --Janis Paige - "Hernando's Hideaway" (from "The Pajama Game").

      Also appearing:
      --Celeste Holm with Hollywood director Michael Curtiz.
      --The Andrea Dancers (formal dancing, with double jointed girl).
      --Nanci Crompton (dancer)
      --The Bogdadis (four brothers, acrobatic-juggling act).
      --Miss Malta and Company (animal act) - dogs in costumes walking and dancing on their hind legs.

    • June 20, 1954: 6th Anniversary Show

      6th Anniversary Show
      --Rise Stevens - "Stars In My Eyes."
      --Harold Arlen - composer doing a medley of his hits ("Get Happy," "Let's Fall In Love," "I've Got The World On A String," "Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea," "One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)," "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive," "Come Rain Or Come Shine (w/Rise Stevens)," "Stormy Weather," "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "That Old Black Magic" & "The Man That Got Away.")
      --Jackie Gleason sketch: "The Poor Soul Visits a Cafeteria" (with Art Carney).
      --Will Jordan (comedian) - impersonations Ed Sullivan and other celebrities.
      Also appearing:
      --Rocky Marciano (boxer) - Sullivan interview, the two compare muscles.
      --Ezra Charles (boxer) & Ed Fergolt (golfer) join Rocky & Ed onstage.
      --Hal Leroy & Peg Leg Bates (tap dancers) - tap dance challenge between the two.
      --Darvas and Julia (dance team)
      --Eight beauty queens from Florida (present gifts to Ed on behalf of Florida civic groups.)
      --Audience bows: Debbie Reynolds (actress); Ray Jablonski (baseball player)

    • March 1, 1953
      March 1, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 25

      --Johnnie Ray sings "Walkin' My Baby Back Home," "The Little White Cloud That Cried" and "I'm Gonna Walk and Talk With My Lord."
      --Helen Gallagher, John Brascia, and the Robert Alton dancers perform "You're Gonna Dance With Me, Willie," the jitterbug number from the Broadway musical "Hazel Flagg."
      --Betty and Jane Kean (nightclub comedy team) - act combining singing with comedy dialogue.
      --Joe Termini (pantomimist & musician) - performs at end of show (act was cut short due to time constraints).
      Also appearing:
      --The Carzoni Brothers (acrobatic trio)
      --Audience bow: Leslie Caron (movie actress)
      --Audience bow: Bevo Francis (high scoring basketball player from Rio Grande College, Ohio).
      --On film: Scenes from the movie "Battle Circus" starring Humphrey Bogart and June Allyson.

    • May 3, 1953
      May 3, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 34

      --Joe Louis (boxer) appears in an extended segment. Leonard Reed, Louis' secretary (and producer of his nightclub act) introduces Louis, who then jokes about his career. Segment ends with Louis tap dancing to the "Joe Louis Shuffle"
      --Mercedes McCambridge (actress) - does a scene from "The First Smile"
      --Dany Dauberson sings "Autumn Leaves" (in French) & "Stormy Weather"
      --Dieter Tasso (tightrope walker & juggler) - while walking on a tightrope, Tasso juggles hats and balances cups.
      --Dr. Runyun talks about cancer research and treatment.
      --Joe Tremini (might be spelled "Joe Termini") (billed as a "pantomime comedy act) - plays the violin.
      --Audience bows: General David Sarnoff (radio pioneer); Private Joe Persuno (former Korean War POW)
      On film: a Also, a film clip from the movie "Titanic" with Barbara Stanwyck and Clifton Webb

    • May 17, 1953: The Josh Logan Story
      May 17, 1953: The Josh Logan Story
      Season 5 - Episode 36

      "The Josh Logan Story" with guests:
      --Gary Merrill, Paul Newman & others - scene from "This Is Paris"
      --Jimmy Stewart - a scene from Princeton Triangle show. Jimmy dressed In Princeton garb recreates song & dance with guy in drag. (probably on film, not live)
      --Ralph Meeker & Eileen Heckert - dramatic scene from "The Picnic" (TV Guide listed a different cast for "Picnic": Kim Stanley, Janice Rule, Scott Jackson)
      --Josh Logan (brief interview with Ed)
      --Janet Blair - "Wonderful Guy" & "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" (from "South Pacific")
      --Gary Merrill & Ralph Meeker - scene from "This Is the Army" ("What's The Name Of The Game") Paul Newman makes a cameo.
      --Juanita Hall - "Happy Talk" (from "South Pacific")
      --Pat Moran - "Could Be?" (from "Wish You Were Here")
      --Sheila Bond - dance number from "Wish You Were Here" (Jack Cassidy was scheduled to appear in this scene)
      --Josh Logan talks about suffering a nervous breakdown.
      Audience bow: Mrs. Josh Logan (Netta Harrigan)
      Scheduled to appear (but not on transcript):
      Scene from "Mr. Roberts" with Gary Merrill, Ralph Meeker, Paul Newman

    • May 31, 1953
      May 31, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 38

      Scheduled guests:
      --Tony Martin (singer)
      --Joey Forman (comedian)
      --Myron Cohen (comedian-humorist)
      --Jose Greco (Spanish dancer)
      --Phil Rizzuto and Tommy Henrich (of the Yankees)
      --Ralph Branca and Roy Campanella (of the Dodgers)
      --The Crack Drill Squad from St. Thomas Military Academy of St. Paul, Minnesota

    • June 7, 1953: The Marge and Gower Champion Story

      "The Marge and Gower Champion Story" - A tribute to Marge and Gower Champion.
      Scheduled guests:
      --Marge and Gower Champion (dancers)
      --Lisa Kirk (singer, who made her night-club debut with Marge and Gower at the Persian Room of the Plaza Hotel).

    • June 28, 1953
      June 28, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 42

      Guest host:
      --Tony Martin sings "Hallelujah!" "The Song from Moulin Rouge," "I Believe" and "Manhattan."
      --Roberta Peters (coloratura soprano) sings "Nightingale."
      --Richard Hayman (harmonica player) - "Ruby."
      --Joey Forman (comedian) - does impressions of politicians in a bit about the Kefauver Committee.
      --The Wiere Brothers (comedy trio) - play violins as part of their routine.
      --Elsa and Waldo (comedy dance duo)
      Also appearing:
      --The Geraldos (acrobatic trapeze act)

    • September 20, 1953: The Gene Autry Story, John Raitt, Dolores Gray, Anna Russell

      Tribute to Gene Autry
      --Gene Autry sings "Rancho Grande" (atop his horse Champion), "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer," "Your Cheatin' Heart" & "Back In The Saddle Again."

      Also appearing:
      --Dolores Gray & John Raitt sing an "Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain)?" and "Till the Clouds Roll By" medley.
      --John Raitt - "You'll Never Walk Alone."
      --Dolores Gray - "I've Got The World On A String."
      --Street carnival scene from the Broadway play "Carnival in Flanders" with three male Flamenco dancers.
      --Anna Russell (comedienne) - portrays a snooty women's club chairwoman & imitates different types of piano players.

    • October 25, 1953
      October 25, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 7

      --Patti Page sings "Father, Father" (a.k.a. "Eli, Eli").
      --Patti Page - medley of hits ("With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming," "I Went To Your Wedding," "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?," "Tennessee Waltz," and "Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)").
      --Julius LaRosa sings "Eh Cumpari," "Rolling Along" and "Anywhere I Wander."
      --The Pensacola Naval Aviation Cadet Choir (aka The Pensacola Naval Air Station Cadet Choir) sing "Anchors Aweigh" and 1 other song.
      Also appearing:
      --The Step Brothers (acrobatic tap dancers)
      --Sam Levenson (comedian-humorist) - does a commentary on "Schnooks and Schlemiels."
      --The Szonys (dance team) - perform a dance from the movie "So This Is Love."
      --Elaine Browning (marimba player & puppeteer) - plays xylophone with a doll puppet.
      --Audience bows: Captain Jack Bergen, Greer Garson (actress, with her mother), Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore LaRosa (Julius' parents).
      --Audience bows: Otto Graham (football quarterback), Val Parnell (show-business impresario).
      --Audience bows: Joe Louis (retired boxing champion), Coley Wallace (boxer & actor who played Lewis in "The Joe Lewis Story").
      --Audience bows: Maria Carmela La Vecchia (9-year-old Italian girl who was "adopted" by the crew of the destroyer USS George E. Davis), and three of the USS George E. Davis sailors who adopted La Vecchia. (The three sailors might be Walter Pfctsch of Poughkeepsie, NY, Gene Goldberg of Baltimore, Md., and Clifford Chapman of Guadalupe, CA).

    • June 13, 1954
      June 13, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 39

      --Janis Paige and John Raitt - "There Was A Man" (from "The Pajama Game")
      --John Raitt - "If I Loved You" (from "Carousel")
      --Victor Borge - plays music of famous composers, then does his interpretations of how they would play "Happy Birthday."
      --The Goofers (instrumental quartet, sing "When The Saints Go Marching In" & do celebrity impressions)
      --The Wichita Orphans (barbershop quartet) - "Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie"
      --Mata And Hari (dance stylists doing a Carnegie Hall sketch)
      --Yokoi Trio (3 female cyclists from Japan)

    • June 14, 1953: 5th Anniversary Show

      5th Anniversary Show - aka "Double Birthday Show" - divided into 2 parts:
      Part I with guests:
      The cast of "Arthur Godfrey and His Friends" featuring performances by Janette Davis, Frank Parker, Julius La Rosa, and tap-dancer Hal LeRoy.
      Plus, cameos by The McGuire Sisters, Harry Roag, and Tony Martin.
      Part II with guests:
      --Smith and Dale (Vaudeville comedy team)
      --Joe E. Howard (singer and songwriter) - performs a medley of some of his compositions.
      --Gracie Fields sings "The Biggest Aspidistra In The World."
      --Will Oakland (tenor) - "Give Me Your Smile."

    • June 21, 1953
      June 21, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 41

      Scheduled guests:
      --Gracie Fields (guest host)
      --Kay Starr
      --Jan Peerce (opera tenor)
      --Jimmy Nelson
      --Ben Hardesty (champion fly caster)
      --The Arnaut Brothers (acrobats)

    • October 4, 1953
      October 4, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 4

      --Lauren Bacall (movie actress) recites "Casey At The Bat" (with Bil & Cora Baird's puppets acting out the story).
      --Guy Mitchell sings "Chick-A-Boom" (production number set in a saloon) and "My Heart Cries For You."
      --The Talbot Brothers (instrumental-vocal group from Bermuda) perform a Calypso song and "Hello Young Lovers."
      --Sam Levenson (comedian-humorist)
      --Walter Dare Wahl and Johnny Trama - do a comedy acrobatic act.
      Also appearing:
      --Jock Mahoney (actor, played the "Range Rider" on TV) and Dickie Jones (played "Dick West," the Range Rider's sidekick) perform a Western-saloon brawl.
      --Helen Wood (dancer) - does a modern dance performance.
      --Phyllis Kinzer and Jimmy McDermott (young winners in a Cincinnati Times-Star dance contest) - perform a jitterbug dance.
      --Charlie Dressen (Brooklyn Dodgers manager) is interviewed by Ed Sullivan.
      --Audience bows: Billy Martin (New York Yankees infielder), Carl Erskine (Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher), and Connie Mack (former baseball player & retired Philadelphia Athletics manager).

    • October 18, 1953
      October 18, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 6

      --David Wayne, John Forsythe, and Paul Ford enact a scene from the Broadway production of "Teahouse of the August Moon."
      --Grace Kelly and Ralph Meeker perform "The French Lesson," a song and dance routine originally seen in the 1947 movie "Good News."
      --Gayla Peevey (10-year-old singer) - "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas."
      --The Herman McCoy Singers (chorus consisting of University of Southern California and UCLA students) - medley including "Alexander's Ragtime Band."
      --In a remote from Carnegie Hall: In honor of Steinway & Sons' centennial, ten pianists (Ethel Bartlett, Alexander Brailowsky, Gaby Casadesus, Sidney Foster, Rudolph Ganz, Eugene List, Moura Lympany, Guiomar Novaes, Rae Robertson and Beveridge Webster) simultaneously play Chopin's "Polonaise in A Major." Dimitri Mitropoulos is the conductor.
      Also appearing:
      --Clifford Guest (ventriloquist from Australia) - routine with puppet "Lester" and a Kangaroo puppet named "Katie."
      --Jackie (acrobat act from England) - balances on bricks.
      --Audience bow: Theodore Steinway of the Steinway Piano family.
      --Audience bow: Florence Chadwick (champion swimmer, first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions).
      --Audience bow: Chuck Dressen (ex-manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers).

    • November 1, 1953
      November 1, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 8

      --Julius La Rosa sings "Tea For Two" (soft shoe routine with two women), "Ebb Tide" & "I'll See You In My Dreams."
      --Patachou (French chanteuse) - "C'Est Si Bon" and "Why Don't You Believe Me?"
      --Bert Lahr & Art Carney - sketch about an overbearing sports announcer (Carney) interviewing an old-time football player (Lahr).
      --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) - talks with Pedro (head in box) and Johnny (hand puppet), and does a telephone routine.
      Also appearing:
      --Cornelia Otis Skinner (author and actress) - performs "Being Presented," a monologue about a Nebraskan woman meeting the Queen of England.
      --Cameo: Ann Miller (movie actress-dancer) - joins La Rosa on stage to show him a few dance steps.
      --Bronco Majurski - All American Minnesota football player
      --Georgie Tapps and other dancers - do a tap and Spanish dance interpretation of Ravel's "Bolero."
      --Audience bows: Grace Kahn (widow of songwriter Gus Kahn); Hank Morino Marino (jockey); Louise Suggs (golfer); and Col. John McNutly.

    • November 8, 1953: Toast to the Met

      "Toast to the Met" - broadcast live from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House in celebration of the Metropolitan Opera's 70th anniversary.
      --Rise Stevens and Richard Tucker - the finale from "Carmen"
      --Rise Stevens, Roberta Peters; Robert Merrill, Richard Tucker - Quartet (from "Rigoletto")
      --Robert Merrill - "Some Enchanted Evening" (from "South Pacific")
      --Cesare Siepi and Paul Franke - "Death of Boris" (from "Boris Godunov"
      --Victor Borge - "Dressing down Mozart" routine

      Additional guest (scheduled to appear):
      --Hilda Gueden

    • November 15, 1953
      November 15, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 10

      Scheduled guests:
      --Gordon MacRae
      --Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healey
      --Zizi Jeanmarie (ballet dancer who appeared in the film "Hans Christian Andersen")
      --Gayla Peevey (child star) sings "Are My Ears On Straight"
      --Rudy Horn (juggler)
      --Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania
      --Minneapolis Lakers (champion pro basketball team)
      --Mrs. Alice Thompson (editor and publisher of Seventeen Magazine)
      --The participants in the Seventeen Magazine doll contest

    • November 22, 1953
      November 22, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 11

      --Dorothy Collins ("Your Hit Parade" regular) sings "Lover Come Back to Me" and "The Man I Love."
      --Kid Gavilan (world welterweight champion, a.k.a. Gerardo González) - makes his debut as a song-and-dance man (backed up by the Facundo Rivera Quintet).
      --Georgie Kaye - does a comedy bit about psychiatry.
      --Robert Lamouret (ventriloquist, with his duck puppet "Dudule")
      Also appearing:
      --Nora Kovach & Istvan Rabovsky (husband-and-wife ballet duo from Hungary)
      --A drill team from Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

    • November 29, 1953
      November 29, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 12

      Scheduled guests: --Sophie Tucker --Julius LaRosa --Joe E. Lewis --The Harmonicats --Dr. Ralph Bunche --"Colliers" All-American football team --The Six Frielanis

    • December 6, 1953
      December 6, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 13

      --Charles Boyer recites the Reply to the Devil monologue from George Bernard Shaw's "Don Juan In Hell."
      --Julius LaRosa sings "Stranger In Paradise," "That Old Black Magic" and "Eh Compari."
      --Roberta Peters sings the Bell Song from "Lakme."
      --Sam Levenson (comedian) - discusses marriage.
      --The Princeton Triangle Club (collegiate musical-comedy troupe) - men in drag perform a Can-Can dance (from their 1953-54 production "Malice in Wonderland").
      Also appearing:
      --Rafael Ruiz (flamenco dancer)
      --Viggo Jahn (magic act)

    • March 21, 1954: Eddie Fisher, Betty and Jane Kean, The Harmonicats

      --Eddie Fisher sings "A Girl, A Girl (Zoom-Ba Di Alli Nella)" and a medley of hits ("Wish You Were Here," "I'm Yours," "Lady of Spain," "I'm Walking Behind You," and "Oh My Papa").
      --The Harmonicats (novelty music act) perform "Peg O' My Heart" and "The Harmonica Boogie."
      --Richard "Mr. Pastry" Hearne (English comedian) - does a pantomime dance.
      --Betty and Jane Kean (song and comedy act) - routine includes impressions of show business legends.
      Also appearing:
      --Gautier's Steeplechase (trained pony-and-dog act)
      --The winners of the Look Awards for press photographers.
      --On film: "A Night with Walt Disney's Artists" featuring the work of three Walt Disney illustrators. Plus, a scene from Walt Disney's "Pinocchio" (1940 film, re-released in 1954).

    • September 27, 1953
      September 27, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 3

      --Patachou (French chanteuse) sings "C'est Magnifique" (with a parody of vocalists who overact while singing) and 1 other song (title unknown).
      --Twelve (horse racing) jockeys, all dressed in top hat and tails, sing a version of "I Got Rhythm."
      --Ted Atkinson and Eddie Arcarro (jockeys) do a "Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean" song-and-dance bit.
      --Stan Freberg, Daws Butler and June Foray perform Freberg's comedy records "Little Blue Riding Hood" and "St. George and the Dragonet" (both records spoof the TV series "Dragnet").
      --Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy (husband-and-wife TV personalities) - do a song and comedy routine about people they encountered while visiting Europe (includes Mary singing "My Lost Melody").
      Also appearing:
      --Darvas and Julia (dance team with half-siblings Nicolas Darvas & Julia Darvas).
      --Audience bows: Rocky Marciano (World Heavyweight Champion) and Ted Williams (of the Boston Red Sox) - both athletes are later called up on stage to talk with Ed.
      --Audience bows: Sylvia Sullivan (Ed's wife), Bob Precht (Ed's son-in-law), and Betty Sullivan Precht (Ed's daughter).

    • February 8, 1953: The Walt Disney Story

      Ed Sullivan narrates "The Life Story of Walt Disney." To prepare for this show, Ed flew to the West Coast and spent 3 days on the Disney lot gathering material including audio recordings and films.
      --Walt Disney guest stars. With help from Donald Duck, Disney tells his life story. Walt demonstrates how he created some of his beloved characters. All of Disney's characters from Mickey Mouse (1928) to "Peter Pan" (1953), his latest production, were to be covered on this show. Also, a look at the filming of his famous productions "Steamboat Willie," "The Three Little Pigs," "Snow White" and "Peter Pan" with behind the scene footage.
      Also scheduled to appear:
      --The Step Brothers (aka The Four Step Brothers) (dance team)

    • July 5, 1953
      July 5, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 43

      --Victor Borge (guest host)
      --Monica Lewis (vocalist)
      --Nip Nelson (vocal impressionist)
      Also appearing:
      --Renald and Rudy ("hand to hand" acrobatic team)  
      --Larry Thompson (roller-skating juggler)
      --Contestants in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

    • July 12, 1953
      July 12, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 44

      Scheduled guests:
      --Gordon MacRae (guest host)
      --Jack Carter (comedian)
      --Baudy's Greyhounds (a dog act)
      --Ben Dova (comic contortionist)
      --Murat Chanters (Shriners chorus from Indianapolis)

    • July 19, 1953
      July 19, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 45

      --Ralph Meeker (singer & actor, from Broadway's "Picnic") - scheduled to sing "Cecilia'' and "Gee, but I'd Like to be a G-Man" (according to the TV Key newspaper column).
      --Ted Lewis (song-and-dance man) performs "Be Yourself," "On the Sunny Side of the Street" and "When My Baby Smiles At Me."
      --Helen Gallagher (singer & Broadway performer) sings "Blow Gabriel Blow."
      Also appearing:
      --Professor Backwards (comedian)
      --Saveen (ventriloquist Albert Saveen)
      --The Amin Brothers (acrobats)

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --The Spanishtown Dons (drill team) perform "Half Moon Bay."

    • July 26, 1953
      July 26, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 46

      --Rosemary Clooney sings "Boy Wanted" and "Stick With Me."
      --Farley Granger, Ray Walston, and Hilde Parks in a scene from "John Loves Mary."
      --Van Heflin and Isabel Bonner perform a scene from "The Shrike."
      --Cast & songs from Rogers and Hammerstein's musical "Me and Juliet": Bill Hayes ("The Big, Black Giant"), Isabel Bigley & Bill Hayes ("No Other Love"), Isabel Bigley ("I'm Your Girl"), and Joan McCracken ("Keep It Gay" production number).
      Filmed segment:
      --U.S. Secretary of Defense Charles Erwin Wilson gives a speech in Quantico, Virginia.

    • August 2, 1953
      August 2, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 47

      --Henry Fonda, Eileen Heckart and Darren McGavin perform a scene from the 1938 Broadway play "Missouri Legend."
      --Jack Whiting sings "Every Street's A Boulevard In Old New York" (from the Broadway musical "Hazel Flagg").
      --The Dell Staton Trio (instrumental group)
      Also appearing:
      --Jay Lawrence (comedian-actor) - does a boxing announcer routine.
      --Zippy the Chimp (trained animal act)
      --Performers from "Elliott Murphy's Aquashow," including The Aquadorables and The Aquamaniacs, appear via a remote from the N.Y. Athletic Club.

    • August 9, 1953
      August 9, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 48

      --Polly Bergen sings "That Old Black Magic" and "S Wonderful."
      --Fritzi Scheff sings "Kiss Me Again."
      --Brucie Weil (6-year-old singer) sings "God Bless Us All."
      --Jimmy Boyd then sings his version of "God Bless Us All."
      Also appearing:
      --Burt Lancaster talks to Ed about "From Here to Eternity."
      --Bobby Brandt (dancer) - does a solo dance. (Segment begins with 6 couples dancing.)
      --Ching (magician)
      --The Pierro Brothers (jugglers from South America) - perform balancing tricks.
      --Nicky Re David (paddle-ball artist)
      --Howard and Wanda Bell (acrobatic team)
      --Audience bows: Civil Air Cadets from 17 countries.
      --Audience bow: Clarence Dozier (pro-golfer)

    • August 23, 1953
      August 23, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 50

      --Roberta Peters (Metropolitan Opera soprano)
      --Ray Anthony and his orchestra - "Dragnet" theme and "When the Saints Go Marching In."
      --The Five DeMarco Sisters sing "When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along," "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," and "Get Happy."
      --Joe E. Brown tells the "Tortoise Story," about 3 turtles in a bar.
      --Mickey Deems (comedian) - talks about the woes of a father on Sunday morning.
      --Marshall Issan (spelling?) (pianist with his Maestro puppet)
      Also appearing:
      --Larry Lynn (unicyclist)
      --Verna and Landry (dance duo)
      --Six couples dance to a Latin American song (possibly "Brazil").
      --Audience bows: Wally Pipp and Joe Dugan (both formerly of the NY Yankees).
      --Audience bow: Commander John O'Hara (29th Division, Manhattan Post 90).
      --Ed introduces a baseball team from Fairmont, West Virginia, champions of the Pony League Baseball World Series.
      --Audience bow: Joe E. Brown (comedian & President of the Pony League).

    • August 30, 1953
      August 30, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 51

      --Nanette Fabray (musical comedy star) - sings "That's Entertainment" and, later in show, does a musical-comedy salute to Texas.
      --Chiquita and Johnson (dance team)
      --Trudie Tache (winner in the Chicago Tribune Musical Festival, best woman singer) sings "My Hero" (scheduled song).
      --McHenry Boatwright (baritone, winner in the Chicago Tribune Musical Festival, best man singer) sings "Because" (scheduled song).
      --Ed introduces the following members of the Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Team: Roy Campanella, Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider, Carl Furillo, Carl Erskine
      --Al Bernie (stand-up comedian)
      --Wally Boag (comedian, novelty act)
      --The Great Rolando (balancing act)

    • September 13, 1953
      September 13, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 1

      --Carmen Miranda (movie actress, dancer and singer) performs "Song from Anna" in a production number with a choral and dance troupe.
      --Joe Jackson Jr. (circus clown) - does a bicycle routine.
      Also appearing:
      --Jerry Coleman (New York Yankees player who served in Korea as a Marine Corps. aviator)
      --A U.S. Marine drill team
      --The Harvest Moon Ball Winners (dance champions from various categories)
      --Audience bows: Marge and Gower Champion (dance duo)
      --Audience bow: Adolph Zukor (founder and chairman of Paramount Pictures).
      Ice Capades Skaters (via a remote from Madison Square Garden):
      --Donna Atwood - does a solo skating exhibition.
      --Hugh Forgie and Stig Larson - play a badminton game on ice.
      --Also, the "Jingle Polka" and "Little Foxes" ice-skating production numbers.

    • January 25, 1953
      January 25, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 20

      --Ed Wynn (comedian) - is still hanging around back stage from last week, waiting to do his trapeze act.
      --Patricia Marand & Jack Cassidy (actors) - perform scene from the Broadway musical "Wish You Were Here" & sing "So Young But A Moment Ago"
      --Eileen O'Dare (demonstrates a few dance steps for Ed Wynn)
      --Patachou (French chanteuse) - "Au Paris" & "Why Don't You Believe Me"
      --Robert E. Sherwood - introduces Black Watch Regiment to honor Scottish Poet Robert Burns.
      --The Black Watch Regiment Pipe & Drum Corp - unidentified music
      --Gae Foster Roxyettes (dance troupe) - "Take The High Road" & "Auld Lang Syne"
      --Mercedes McCambridge & Jim Nolan (actors) - perform a scene from the 1945 play "Hope for the Best."
      --Audience bows: Piper Laurie, Jeryl Johnson
      --On film: movie clip from "Mississippi Gambler" with Tyrone Power & Piper Laurie

    • January 18, 1953
      January 18, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 19

      --Joni James (vocalist) - "Why Don't You Believe Me?"
      --Tony Martin sings "Tenement Symphony" and (possibly) "Your Broadway and Mine."
      --Ed Wynn does comedy bits while attired in wild costumes.
      --Sitting atop Ed Wynn's piano-on-wheels, Tony Martin sings excerpts from "Shine on Harvest Moon" and "Manhattan" while Wynn pedals him around the stage.
      Also appearing:
      --Margaret Brown (tap dancer) - mixes tap with flamenco- dancing.
      --The American Legion Zouaves Drill Team of Jackson, Michigan (led by drillmaster Carl Mayer) 16 men perform precision drilling and marching maneuvers.
      --Sullivan announces a fashion show featuring models wearing replicas of former First Ladies' Inaugural ball gowns.

    • December 7, 1952: The Samuel Goldwyn Story

      "The Samuel Goldwyn Story"
      featuring Samuel Goldwyn
      Also appearing (possibly film clips):
      --Dana Andrews
      --Vilma Banky
      --Eddie Cantor
      --Ronald Coleman
      --Gary Cooper (on film)
      --Geraldine Farrar
      --Frederic March
      --Merle Oberon
      --Lawrence Olivier
      --Will Rogers (on film)
      --Harold Russell
      --Babe Ruth (on film)
      --Teresa Wright
      Also, a film clip of Will Rogers.
      Clips from memorable Goldwyn movies:
      --Bob Hope, in a scene from "The Princess and the Pirate" (1944)
      --Danny Kaye, in a scene from "Hans Christian Andersen" (1952)
      --Eddie Cantor, in a scene from "Kid from Spain" (1932)

    • September 18, 1949
      September 18, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 1

      --Louis Prima - "I Don't Wanna Marry the Girl from Napoli" & "I'll be Seeing You"
      --Buddy Lester (comedian)
      --Ruby Hill - "One More for the Road" & "The One I Love Belongs to Someone Else"
      --Sonny Howard (vocal impressionist, sings "Sunny Side Of The Street" and does impressions of popular singers)
      --Prince Mandez - magician doing newspaper & card tricks, gets celebrities to assist him in charming a snake (Rocky Graziano, Charlie Fuseri, Sugar Ray Robinson, & Robert Stack)
      --Loretta & Klemis (comical dance team)
      --The Wong Sisters (acrobats)
      --The Toastettes appear at beginning of show Audience bows: Bobby Lane, Johnny Rausch, Gracie Barrie

    • September 25, 1949
      September 25, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 2

      Scheduled guests:
      --Victor Borge
      --Billy Vine
      --George Kirby
      --Dickinson Eastham

    • September 24, 1950: Gloria Swanson, Rudy Vallee, Harvey Stone

      --Gloria Swanson (actress) talks about her movie career and her role in "Sunset Boulevard."
      --Rudy Vallee sings "Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep" and "Wild About Judy."
      --Jimmy Nelson (ventriloquist with his dummy Danny O'Day) sings "Best Things In Life Are Free" as part of a comedy routine.
      --Harvey Stone (comedian) - routine includes jokes about his wife and Army life, sings "Buckles And Bows" & "Army Life."
      Ice-skating segments:
      --Jean Arlen - ice-skating routine.
      --The Rookies (comedic skaters)
      --Phil Romayne and Terry Brent (ice skating duo).

    • July 4, 1948: Joe DiMaggio; Bill Robinson
      The scheduled guests included Joe DiMaggio, Bill Robinson, and Miles.
    • August 1, 1948: Cab Calloway
      August 1, 1948: Cab Calloway
      Season 1 - Episode 7

      --Cab Calloway (singer & bandleader) 
      --Vivian Blaine (actress & singer) 
      --Raul and Eva Reyes (nightclub dance team) 
      --Willie Shore (comedian) - does a routine about golf.
      --Claude Harmon (golf pro, winner of the 1948 Masters Tournament) is interviewed by Ed. 
      --Palermo's Dogs (trained animal act)

    • September 5, 1948
      September 5, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 12

      Scheduled guests:
      --Noro Morales (rhumba and mambo musician, band leader)
      --Patricia Bright (actress & singer)

    • October 3, 1948
      October 3, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 16

      --Les Compagnons De La Chanson (French vocalists) - sing two songs.
      --Betty Reilly (singer-comedienne) - songs include a Latin-number.
      --The Holloway Sisters (dancers)
      --Dean Murphy (comedian-impressionist)
      --George Prentiss (puppeteer) - Punch and Judy routine.
      --Show ends with a production number by Betty Reilly, The Holloway Sisters and the June Taylor Dancers.

    • November 7, 1948
      November 7, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 21

      --Monica Lewis (actress & vocalist) sings two songs.
      --Rolly Rolls (comic pianist)
      --Dick "Lord" Buckley (comedian) - does a ventriloquist routine with human "puppets" mouthing his words. Assisting Buckley are actress Ann Jeffreys, and athletes Ken Strong, Barney Ross, and Dave Burns.
      --David Burns (of the Broadway revue "Make Mine Manhattan") plays Dr. Gallup in a "Gallup Poll" comedy sketch.
      Also appearing:
      --The Dunhills (tap-dancing trio)
      --Rachel & Bebe (comic ballroom dancers, also listed as 'Rochelle & Bee Bee')

    • December 5, 1948
      December 5, 1948
      Season 1 - Episode 25

      --Dave Berry (comedian) - routine includes the songs "I'm Mr. Ripple" and "I'm Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover."
      --Al Bernie (comedian) - stand-up routine includes a parody of Russian radio broadcasts, and the song "You're the Gal for Me."
      --Block and Sully (couple sitting in balcony) - do a routine with Ed Sullivan.
      --Irra Petina (Metropolitan Opera contralto) - sings an excerpt from "Carmen."
      --Cameos & Audience bows: Vincent Richard Impellitteri (acting mayor of New York City); Preston Lane (Governor of Maryland); Ham Fisher ('Joe Palooka' creator & cartoonist); Trudy Michele (author of book 'Inside Tin Pan Alley').
      --Cameo: Norman Thorton appears with Ed Sullivan at end of show.

    • September 11, 1949
      September 11, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 65

      --The Ritz Brothers pretend to rough up Ed Sullivan, who is rescued by George Raft.
      --George Raft (movie actor & dancer) dances to "Sweet Georgia Brown."
      --Alan Dale sings "Darktown Strutter's Ball" and "All The Things You Are."
      --The Harmonicats perform "Isn't It Romantic?" "Peg O' My Heart," and "Harmonica Boogie."
      --Buddy Lester (comedian) - does sings "Oh How I Miss You Tonight" and "Old Man River" in an English music hall routine.
      --Miguel Herrero and Carmen Vasquez (male & female Spanish dancers) - dance routine accompanied by guitarist.
      --Minda Lang (singer-whistler) - "Melody of Strings" and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love."
      --Jack Mahon (unicyclist) - balancing routine.
      --Audience bows: William Boyd ("Hopalong Cassidy" actor); Grace Bradley (dancer-actress); Air Force football team members.

    • September 4, 1949
      September 4, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 64

      --Annabelle Hill (actress, from Broadway's "Kiss Me, Kate") sings "Golden Earrings" and "You're Breaking My Heart."
      --Three Spanish Flamenco dancers (probably Jose Toledano, Julio Toledo, Fernando Vargas) dance to "Tanguilla" and do a Spanish 'Challenge Dance.'
      --Frank Coler (xylophonist) plays "Lady of Spain" and "Spanish Eyes."
      --Jack Williams - tap dance routine includes a comedic "History of Tap" tribute.
      --The Tattlers sing and dance "The Hucklebuck" and "The Old Soft Shoe."
      --The Catron Brothers (tap dancers) - dance and comedy routine.
      --Gene Baylos - does a stand-up comedy routine (approx. 9-minute segment).
      --Cameos: New York City police heroes, patrolmen Mamorella and Raymond Connelly.
      --On-stage cameos: Con McCreary, appears with other jockeys to promote their softball team for charity.
      --Finale: Entire cast participates in a "Hillbilly Party" production number.

      Scheduled guest:
      --Sebastian Castros

    • June 27, 1948: Irving Berlin, The Ink Spots, Peter Lynd Hayes, Paul Winchell

      Guests (mentioned in a 04-Jul-1948 New York Times article): 
      --Irving Berlin
      --The Ink Spots
      --Peter Lind Hayes (Vaudeville entertainer)
      --Paul Winchell (ventriloquist)
      --Mary Raye and Naldi (dancers)
      --Nan Wynn (singer)
      --A singing patrolman.
      --A troupe of dancers (probably The Toastettes).

    • July 3, 1949
      July 3, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 55

      --Tony Lavelli (basketball star) - plays the accordion.
      --Toni Harper (twelve-year-old) sings "Candy Store Blues" and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."
      --Louise Howard (night club entertainer) does vocal impressions while singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep."
      --Wally Dean (comedian) - does a "magician in training" routine.
      Also appearing:
      --The Mercer Brothers (dance team) - act incorporating various dancing .
      --The Woodson Sisters (Vaudeville dance duo)
      --The Roulettes (roller-skating trio)
      --Audience bows: Bill Harrington (singer) and Monty Kennedy (New York Giants pitcher).
      --"A Salute to 1929" production number featuring the entire cast.

    • July 10, 1949: Joan Merrill, Bill Tabbert, Illinois Jacquet, Singing Dodgers

      --Joan Merrill (actress) sings "Summertime," "How Did He Look?" and "Everywhere I Go."
      --Bill Tabbert (Broadway actor) sings "Younger Than Springtime" (from "South Pacific") and "Make Believe."
      --Illinois Jacquet (saxophone player) performs "Flying Home" and "Blues, Part Two."
      --Ralph Branca, Carl Furillo, and Erv Palica (of The Brooklyn Dodgers) sing "The Brooklyn Dodgers' Stomp."
      --Jay Jason - routine includes Army humor, and singing "Inka Dinka Doo" (imitating Jimmy Durante), "Ghost Riders In the Sky" and "On The Road To Mandalay."
      Also appearing:
      --The Rimmer Sisters (dance team) - do a tap dance routine.
      --The Noble Trio (acrobats) - 2 men and a woman on parallel bars.
      --Audience bows: 42nd Rainbow Division Veterans.
      --Audience bow: Bobby Riggs (tennis pro).

    • July 24, 1949: Buddy Rogers (guest host), Sonny Howard, Milt Krauss, Buddy Rogers

      --Buddy Rogers (guest host) performs a duet with Milt Krauss.
      --Sonny Howard (song impressionist) - sings "When You're Smiling," "Chi Chi," "For Every Man There's A Woman," "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah," "The Wildest Girl In Town" and "Bluebird of Happiness" in the of other singers.
      --Eugene Baer sings "These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)" and "Enjoy Yourself."
      --The Matusek Academy Accordion Aces Band (17 piece band, from the Chicago area, comprised of teenage boys and girls).
      --Bourbon & Bain (dance team of Arthur Bourbon and Lydia Baine) - routine includes ballroom dance & soft shoe.
      --Roy Benson (magician) - performs tricks with cue ball and cigarettes.
      --Duke Alden & Puppets - Madame Fifi & Ostrich puppets dance and sing.
      --Cameos: War Veterans from St. Albans Hospital.
      --Cameo: Jimmy Dunne
      --Finale: Buddy Rogers plays various instruments in a performance with the orchestra.

    • July 31, 1949: Edward Everett Horton (guest host), Tommy Hanlon Jr., Ginny Powell, Dick Drake

      Guest host:
      --Edward Everett Horton (stage & screen comedian)
      --Ginny Powell sings "New Shade of Blue" and "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea."
      --Dusty Fletcher (Vaudeville comedian) - performs his 1947 hit record "Open the Door, Richard."
      --Dick Drake (musician & comedian) - plays "Bright Shines The Moon" and "12th Street Rag" on mandolin.
      --Dave Powell (Vaudeville musician) - does a Flamingo dance with scissors, then drums on a chair and the floor to the music of "Mambo" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
      --Tommy Hanlon Jr. (comedian) - routine includes farmer jokes, singing "If You Were The Only Girl in The World," and performing a magic trick.
      Also appearing:
      --The Marino Sisters (dance trio) - do an acrobatic dance routine.
      --The Colstons (dancers) - do a comic dance to "My Blue Heaven."
      --Cameo/Audience bow: Gary Joyce (patrolman, NYC hero).
      --Cameos: tennis players Beverly Baker, Eric Sturges, and a Romanian champ.
      --All guests join in on reprises of "Open The Door Richard" and "Devil and The Deep Blue Sea."

    • August 7, 1949
      August 7, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 60

      --Eddie and Margo Albert (guest hosts) sing "Little Fish in A Big Pond."
      --Teresa Brewer sings "How It Lies, How It Lies, How It Lies" and "Old Man Mose."
      --Ted Steele performs "Home Town Blues."
      --Paul & Paulette Trio (acrobatic team) - perform trampoline tricks, and are joined by Eddie Albert.
      --Roseanne - does a Spanish dance with cartwheels and flips.
      --Nelly Arno & Brothers - perform a medley using various instruments.
      --George Connolly (comedian) - stand-up routine topics include youth, gangster films, and detectives.
      --Audience bow: General Edwin A. Pollock, USMC.
      --Audience bows: Nancy Elverton (Sweetheart of 1st Marine Division); Neal Houslet (Winner of $50,000 Nassau Harness Race. His horse, not appearing on this show, was Grattan McKIyo).
      --Finale: Eddie Albert sings "Granada" and is joined by wife Margo for a dance.

    • August 14, 1949
      August 14, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 61

      --Hazel Scott sings "The Gypsy In My Soul," "The Warsaw Concerto" and "How High The Moon?"
      --Sonny Tufts (movie actor) does a routine with Ed and Ray Bloch.
      --George DeWitt - does impressions of various singers performing "Ghost Riders in The Sky" and demonstrates the different ways people smoke cigarettes.
      Also appearing:
      --Hamilton Dancers (2 men and 1 woman) - perform a South American jazz dance.
      --Joe Laurel (dancer wearing high hat and spats)
      --Grace Drysdale (puppeteer) - woman puppet dances to "Glow Worm," followed by male and female puppets singing "It's DeLovely."
      --General DelKelly talks with Ed.
      --Cameos/Audience bows: Buddy Rogers (musician), Barbara Whiting (singer), Elizabeth Sullivan (Ed's daughter), and Sam McCready (golfer).
      --Cast performs "The Hucklebuck," "Blue Skies" and other songs.

    • August 21, 1949
      August 21, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 62

      --Bill Tabbert sings "Someday" and "All The Things You Are."
      --Billy Vine (comedian) - plays an intoxicated man in a sketch set at a wedding reception.
      --Garland Wilson performs "Big Wide Wonderful World."
      --Thelma Carpenter sings "Something I Dreamed Last Night."
      --Maria Gambarelli (dancer) - Asian-themed ballet and Snowflake dance.
      --Lenny and Margie Ross (punching bag act) - punch bags while the orchestra plays "Stars and Stripes Forever."
      --Lee Marks (juggler) - juggler various objects while orchestra plays "Oklahoma."
      --Cameos: Jack La Rue (actor); Frank Stranahan (golfer); Nelson Case; Ed Tuey; and Billy Vine's father.
      --Audience bow: Ed Tuey (spelling?) - gained notoriety after fighting 12 Russians in bar after being insulted.
      --Finale: Thelma Carpenter sings a reprise of "Big Wide Wonderful World." Bill Tabbert sings a reprise of "Someday."

    • August 28, 1949
      August 28, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 63

      --Harold Lang - "Gotta Dance" (song and dance number from the Broadway musical "Look, Ma, I'm Dancin'!").
      --Toni Arden sings "Temptation" and "You're Breaking My Heart."
      --Frank Cooke plays "12th St. Rag" on guitar & harmonica.
      --Carmen Vasquez (Spanish castanet dancer) performs "A Night In Spain."
      --Sunny Skylar (composer) sings a medley of his songs: "Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina," "Amor," "Besame Mucho,""Waiting For The Train to Come," "Love Is so Terrific (Ouch! Terrific Thing)," "Make Her Mine" (possibly "Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue") and "You're Breaking My Heart."
      --Billy Vine (stand-up comedian)
      Also appearing:
      --The Rigoletto Brothers (acrobats) - appear in two segments: (1) A sleight of hand w/champagne glass and juggling; (2) boxing match routine.
      --Amy Sisters - Two sisters march on their knees to a medley of Phillip Sousa marches (including "The Stars and Stripes Forever").
      --Sister Elizabeth Kenny (Australian nurse) is presented with a check from kids who collected money for polio treatment & research.
      --Valerie Harvey receives money for charity.
      --Maj. C. Adams and veterans from Valley Forge Hospital talk about the Veterans Association.
      --Audience bows: Jack Addy; Buddy Lester
      --Billy Vines and cast perform "No Business Like Show Business" and "Amour" in a segment set in a casting office.

    • January 23, 1949
      January 23, 1949
      Season 1 - Episode 32

      --Jule Stein (composer) and Sammy Cahn (lyricist) - Sammy sings while Jule plays a medley of hits: "I'll Walk Alone," "It's Been A Long, Long Time," "It's Magic" and "Papa, Won't You Dance with Me?"
      --Byron Palmer & Doretta Morrow sing "My Darling, My Darling" (from their Broadway musical "Where's Charlie").
      --Gloria Hamilton, Antoinette Guhlke, Gene Nelson, Bob Dixon, and William Eythe (from Broadway's "Lend An Ear") - "When Someone You Love, Loves You" production number.
      --Dean Murphy (stand-up comedian) - does Hildegard impressions.
      --Al Kelly (comedian, in character as Finster O'Finster) - Refugee Weatherman routine.
      Also appearing:
      --Manuel and Marita Viera (trained animal act with rhesus monkeys Tippy and Cobina).
      --The Holloway Sisters (two dancers) - tap dance with umbrellas.
      --Audience bows: Lt. General Robert Richardson (WWII commander of the U.S. Army, Pacific/Hawaiian Department); Lon McCallister (actor); Skitch Henderson (musician/bandleader); Forrest Tucker (actor).
      --Cameo: "Lend An Ear" producer, probably William Eythe.

    • March 6, 1949: Charles Laughton, Frank Fontaine, DeCastro Sisters

      --Charles Laughton (actor) recites the Soliloquy from "Henry V."
      --Frank Fontaine (comedian) - Captain Bly (Laughton) impression and sings "Home On The Range."
      --The DeCastro Sisters (singers & percussion musicians) - perform "The Maharajah of Magador."
      --Jack Powell (musician) plays "Yankee Doodle Dandy" on drums and other, more unusual, instruments.
      --Aida Lynn sings "Be A Clown" with comic antics.
      --Audience bow: Nina Foch (actress); Bert Shepard (left-handed pitcher); Carl Whitmore; Mary Basilone (sister of war hero John Basilone); Alan Carney (comedian); and Dolly Starr (umpire).

    • September 3, 1950
      September 3, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 51

      --The Ink Spots (vocal group) - "Everybody Loves My Baby," "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" and "Your Feet's Too Big."
      --Maria Neglia (violinist)
      --Billy Vine (actor-comedian) does a courtroom sketch with Mack Pearson.
      Also appearing:
      --Paul Winick and Edna Mae (tap dancers)
      --Sam Urzetta (amateur champion golfer) - hits a few golf balls into the audience.
      --Vincent R. Impellitteri (New York City's acting mayor)
      --The Piero Brothers (jugglers, from the Broadway revue 'Michael Todd's Peep Show')
      --The Gaudsmith Brothers (animal trainers with their two French Poodles)

    • September 17, 1950: Hedy Lamarr, Pat O'Brien, Mimi Benzell, Jean Carroll, The Blackburn Twins

      --Hedy Lamarr (movie actress) sings "Rock-A-Bye Baby."
      --The Blackburn Twins tap dance and sing "Three Little Words."
      --Pat O'Brien (actor) - sings, does a poker pantomime sketch, and recites "America."
      --Mimi Benzell (Metropolitan Opera star) sings the medley from "The Merry Widow."
      --Jean Carroll (comedienne) - does a monologue about men, then sings "It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House."
      --The Ivanoffs (3-men acrobatic act) - perform on the high bar.
      --Cameo: Mervyn Wood (World Sculling champion).
      --Cameo: Tony Rowe (British Sculling champion).
      --Cameo: Commander Maley (National Commander of Disabled American Veterans).
      --Eddie and Tony (comedy team) - lip-synch to a sped up recording of "Baby It's Cold Outside."

    • September 23, 1951
      September 23, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 3

      --Sugar Ray Robinson (boxer) - skips rope to "Anchor's Aweigh"
      --Audience bow: Ruby Goldstein (boxing referee)
      --Wally Cox (comedian) - talks with Sugar Ray about fighting.
      --Later in show, Roger Simon sings a song about Sugar Ray Robinson, who comes out on stage.
      --Tony Bennett - sings "Because of You" and "Sing You Singers"
      --Elsa Lanchester (actress) - talks about pin-up girls, then sings a song.
      --Robert Merrill (singer) - performs one of his own compositions and "America the Beautiful"
      --Winners of the Harvest Moon Dance contest appear. Different catagories: the Fox Trot, Polka, Rumba, Waltz, Jitterbug and the tango.
      On film(?): Herbert Hoover (Former President) - talks about the Crusade for Freedom.
      --All-Star baseball players (presented prizes by Ed):
      --Sal Maglie
      --Roy Campanella (of the the Brooklyn Dodgers)
      --Gil Hodges (of the Brooklyn Dodgers) and Don Newcombe.
      Note: The following baseball players were also scheduled to appear (but are not mentioned on the transcript): Jackie Robinson (of the Brooklyn Dodgers) and Ted Williams (of the Boston Red Sox).
      Additional guests (scheduled, but not listed on transcript):
      --Evelyn Knight
      --Susan Meyer
      --Alfred Dowling

    • October 1, 1950: Jackie Robinson (cameo), Bert Lahr, Jane and Betty Kean

      --Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn Dodgers baseball player) - appears on stage at beginning of show.
      --Bert Lahr (comedian) - does a "Men In White" comedy sketch about a blind doctor.
      --James (Jim) Barton - plays an intoxicated man in comedy sketch.
      --Phil Jones Dance Group (dancers) - do "The Charleston."
      --Betty & Jane Kean - do a music & comedy routine which includes Betty Kean singing "Love Is The Thing."
      --Gordon Jenkins with 55-piece band (orchestra & choir) - perform a medley of songs about Manhattan including "We're Having A Party" and "New York's My Home Sweet Home" in an extended, 15-minute segment.
      --Audience bow: Ezra Charles (heavy weight champion who beat Joe Louis)

    • January 14, 1951
      January 14, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 18

      --Anna Maria Alberghetti (14-year-old singer) - sings the Aria from "Nightingale" & "The Rose"
      --Joey Adams (comedian) - does a stand-up routine with Ed
      --Billy Graves & Sons (tap dancing routine)
      --Joey Adams, Billy Graves & Sons - tap dance to "Sunny Side Of The Street"
      --James Melton (singer, from the Metropolitan Opera) - "Somewhere Beyond The Sea" & "Soul Is A Witness For My Lord"
      --The Carters (roller skating family) - skate to "California Here I Come"
      --Audience bows: James Edwards, Bob Williams, Sugar Ray Robinson
      --Sam Snead (golf pro) - gives golf lesson, with broken wrist. Joined on stage by Sugar Ray Robinson & Bob Williams.
      --Moira Shearer (ballet dancer)
      --Moira Shearer & John Hart - dance the Adagio from "Sleeping Beauty"

    • October 19, 1952
      October 19, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 6

      --Pearl Bailey and her brother Bill Bailey perform "Takes Two to Tango."
      --Bill Bailey does a tap-dance tribute to the late Bill Robinson.
      --Hilde Gueden (Metropolitan Opera soprano) sings "One Night of Love" and "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes."
      --Harry Mimmo (comedian) - does a comedy sketch with Ed Sullivan.
      --Nanci Crompton (ballerina) and comedian Will Mahoney - do a "Cinderella" spoof.
      Also appearing:
      --Jay Marshall (magician-ventriloquist act)
      --Arnell & Brask (acrobatic unicycle duo)
      --Jay Sissler (trained dog act)

    • November 9, 1952
      November 9, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 9

      "The Bert Lahr Story" with Lahr appearing in three sketches:
      --An interview skit with Lahr as a baseball coach and Art Carney as a reporter.
      --"Schneider's Miracle," a sketch from "Two on the Aisle," with Lahr as a "paper picker" collecting litter in Central Park.
      --Bert Lahr sings to his ax in "The Woodchopper's Song."

      --The Delta Rhythm Boys (R&B group) sing "Dry Bones."
      --Pat Harrington, Jay Villa and Rob Chambers - salute the upcoming Presidential election by singing "I Like Ike," a song written by Irving Berlin.
      --Mimi Benzell (opera soprano) sings "Sweethearts."
      Also appearing:
      --Barry Fitzgerald (comedian) - in a non-comic appearance, recites the final lines from Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural speech.
      --Harry Mimmo (Italian pantomime artist) - routine includes an imitation of a Spanish dancer.
      --Cameo: Nanci Crompton (ballerina) appears on stage with Ed.

    • November 16, 1952
      November 16, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 10

      --Edith Piaf (French chanteuse) - "La Vie En Rose" & "La Cordianiste"
      --Henry Fonda (actor) - plays a scene from the play "Mr. Roberts"
      --Mario del Monaco (opera singer) - "Pagliacci"
      --University Of Pennsylvania Mask & Wig Club - 12 men (6 of them dressed as women) perform modern dances in Colonial costumes.
      --Leslie Randall (British comedian) - does a routine about smoking.
      --Harrison And Fisher (comic ballroom dancers) - mock serious dance with intentional blunders

    • November 30, 1952
      November 30, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 12

      Scheduled guests:
      --Nelson Eddy (operatic singer & movie actor)
      --Roberta Peters (opera singer)
      --Ronny Graham (comedian, from the Broadway revue "New Faces" aka "Leonard Sillman's New Faces of 1952")
      --Leslie Randall (British comedian)
      --Collier's All-American Football Team
      --Phil Moore's Flock (aka Phil Moore and His Orchestra)
      --The Princeton Triangle Club
      --The Pierro Brothers

    • August 6, 1950
      August 6, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 47

      --Kay Starr sings "Wabash Cannonball" (with Ed providing sound effects) and "Bonaparte's Retreat" (with dancers).
      --The Stagg McMann Trio (harmonica players) perform "Dance of the Hours."
      --Henny Youngman (comedian) monologue topics include psychiatrists, golfing, Las Vegas and sports.
      --Horace McMahon (Broadway actor) - plays a gangster in a comedy bit with Ed.
      --The LeRoy Brothers (marionette act) - Jimmy Durante marionette tells jokes and sings, and a Gene Krupa puppet plays the drums.
      Also appearing:
      --The Szonys (dance team) - perform an acrobatic dancing duet.
      --Bobby Jule (juggler) - juggles pins and balls while blindfolded.
      --On-stage bow: Lynn Barry (movie actress)
      --Audience bows: Four Army sergeants.
      --Audience bow: Johnny Johnson (singer & actor)

    • July 2, 1950
      July 2, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 42

      --Edward Arnold (actor, appearing as the guest host)
      --Joey Bishop (comedian) - wants to M.C. the show (in a bit with Arnold).
      --Joey Bishop and Edward Arnold - do comedy routines: a bank robbery skit, a lawyer routine and a sardine seller.
      --Mary Curtis (operatic soprano) sings "Visi Da Mori" (spelling?) and "Will You Remember? (Sweetheart)" (2nd song from "Maytime").
      --The Tu-Tones (accordion duo) - perform a medley of "Lady Of Spain," "Twilight," "(Up A) Lazy River," "Chi-Chi Baby" and "Tu-Tone Boogie."
      --Sherier (French dancer) dances to "Take The A Train" & "Varsity Drag."
      --The Fontaines (2 men and 1 woman acrobatic trio)
      --Paul Gerrits (comedy juggler & roller skater)
      --Lea Wallace (novelty act with puppets) - Mexican and French puppets dance to "The Tango" and the "Can-Can."

    • May 1, 1949: Juanita Hall, Billy Eckstine, Norman Evans, Al Schacht

      --Juanita Hall (from Broadway's "South Pacific") sings "Bali Ha'i."
      --Billy Eckstine sings "Desert Caravan" and "Bewildered."
      --Norman Evans (British comic) - teatime and dentist office sketch.
      --Al Schacht (comedian & former Major League pitcher) - imitates different types of baseball players.
      Also appearing:
      --Ian Hunter and Adrianne Allen (actors) perform a scene from their Broadway drama "Edward, My Son."
      --Jill Doria (teenage tap dancer)
      --Rollie and Bonnie Pickert (tap dancers) - man and woman tap duet.
      --Audience bows: Steven Holling (policeman from Hastings); Nancy Kelly (Broadway & movie actress); Willie Goggin (golf pro); Ben Roman (golf pro); Sidney Franklin (American bullfighter); and John Beckman (retired professional basketball player).

    • November 6, 1949
      November 6, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 8

      --Betty Norman (vocalist for George Olson's band) - possibly "There's No Business Like Show Business."
      --Claudia Pinza (soprano, daughter of Ezio Pinza) - "Some Enchanted Evening"
      --Wally Cox (comedian) - reminisces about a childhood friend.
      --Dick "Lord" Buckley (comedian) - does a "hat-passing" routine.
      --Frank Libuse and Margot Brander (nightclub comedy team).
      Also appearing:
      --Joe Chisholm (jazz dancer and acrobat) - routine includes baton twirling.

    • December 4, 1949
      December 4, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 12

      --Sarah Vaughan sings "Fool's Paradise" & "Mean To Me"
      --Allyn McLerie & Adolph Green (husband and wife entertainers) - "Inspiration" (from play "Miss Liberty")
      --Maria Neglia (violinist) - "The Happy Doll"
      --Kinko (clown contortionist from Circus Lutz)
      --Johnny Lander (novelty act) - plays violin while balancing on ladder
      --Park & Clifford (comedy team) - routine includes card tricks & acrobatics, with Ed getting into the act.
      --The Salici Puppets (also spelled "Salizi") - do a puppet version of "Toast Of The Town" (with puppets of Ray Bloch, Ed Sullivan, etc.)
      --The Toastettes (dancers) appear at the opening & closing of show.
      Audience bows: Henry King, Sarah Berner, Bosh Pritchard, Gene Shelton; Captain Paul Lucas (heroic fireman)

    • January 1, 1950
      January 1, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 16

      Verified guest:
      --Charles Laughton (actor) - does a dramatic reading of the story of "Noah and the Ark" from the Old Testament.

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --Mary McCarty (singer & co-star of Irving Berlin's "Miss Liberty" on Broadway)
      --Joan Barton (vocalist & movie actress)
      --Kate Murtagh (actress from the Broadway musical "Texas, Li'l Darlin'")
      --The Tong Brothers (acrobatic trio)
      --Bil & Cora Baird's Marionettes

    • February 5, 1950
      February 5, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 21

      --Teresa Brewer sings "Ol' Man Mose" & "Music, Music, Music."
      --Rosita Serrano (Chilean singer, accompanying herself on guitar) - "Brazil" and "Cielito Lindo."
      Also appearing:
      --Luise Rainer (actress) - does a dramatic reading of a story (possibly titled "Small Tragedy") written by Ed Sullivan for "Cosmopolitan" magazine.
      --Mickey Shaughnessy (stand-up comedian) - topics: New York & a Gene Autry matinee.
      --Walter B. Long (tap dancer) - dances to "Tea for Two" & "Native Drums."
      --Walter Nelson (comedic bicycle act) - unicyclist rides tiny bicycle.
      --Johnny Heldy's Bears (trained animal act) - a pair of bears ride bicycles & roll barrels.

    • March 5, 1950
      March 5, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 25

      --Anton Karas (Viennese zither player and songwriter) performs his composition "The Third Man Theme."
      --Vic Damone - sings a few songs.
      --Monica Lewis (vocalist)
      --Monica Lewis and Vic Damone perform a duet.
      --Mickey Deems (comedian)
      --A montage of clips from silent movies narrated by Ed Sullivan.
      Also appearing:
      --Margaret O'Brien (movie actress)
      --Trini Reyes (flamingo dancer)
      --Jimmy Valentine (one-legged dancer) dances the waltz and jitterbug with his partner.

    • April 2, 1950
      April 2, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 29

      --Rose Murphy (singer-pianist) - "I Can't Give You Anything but Love."
      --Georges Guetary and Fran Keegan sing "La Belle Marguerite" and "A Cow and a Plough and a Frau."
      --Martha Stewart (actress-singer) sings "Ain't She Sweet," and is joined by singers-dancers The Blackburn Twins.
      --Harvey Stone - tells jokes about his wife and Army life, sings "Dear Hearts and Gentle People."
      --Ken Whitmer (comedian) - routine with music.
      --Al Kelly, claiming to be a Census taker, interrupts Ed.
      Also appearing:
      --The Spaulding Trio (precision dancers) dance to "Hernando's Hideaway."
      --Audience bows: Tony Janiro (middleweight boxer), Steve Belloise (boxer), Daniel Mich (editor of "Look" magazine), and Johnny Weissmuller (Olympic swimming champion and "Tarzan" actor).

    • May 7, 1950
      May 7, 1950
      Season 2 - Episode 34

      --Nat 'King' Cole and his Trio perform "It's Only A Paper Moon" and "The Greatest Inventor (Of Them All)."
      --Anna Maria Alberghetti (13-year-old soprano) sings "Caro Nome."
      --Paul & Jini Kohler (xylophone duo)
      --Larry and Trudy Leung (comedy dancers)
      --Tim Herbert and Don Saxon (comedy song and dance team)
      Also appearing:
      --Millard Hopper (checker expert) challenges Ed Sullivan to a game of checkers.

    • June 4, 1950: Patti Page, Deep River Boys, Pat C. Flick, Patricia Bright

      --Patti Page sings "I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine," "With My Eyes Wide Open" and "Oklahoma Blues."
      --The Deep River Boys (Gospel, R&B vocal group) - perform "Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy," "Swiss Yodeling Opera" and "Johnson Rag."
      --Patricia Bright (Broadway actress & comedienne) performs "Tough On Love" from the Broadway musical "Tickets, Please!"
      --Iva Kitchell (comedic dancer) - performs a humorous "History Of Dance" sketch.
      --Pat C. Flick (comedian) - sits in theater balcony and heckles Sullivan.
      Also appearing:
      --Lola & Lita (jugglers & plate spinners)
      --Joe and Lott Anders (man and woman unicycle team)
      --Cameo: Johnnie Parsons (race car driver, won the 1950 Indianapolis 500).
      --Audience bows: Five First Army soldiers; Leroy Prinz (Hollywood director); Benjamin G. Browdy (president of the Zionist Organization of America); and Jack Durant (actor).

    • December 13, 1953
      December 13, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 14

      --The Nicholas Brothers (dancers) - tap dance to "Alligator Crawl" with six female dancers (led by the widow of Bill Robinson).
      --Frankie Laine sings a medley of "That's My Desire," "Cry of the Wild Goose," "On the Sunny Side of the Street," "Jezebel," "High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)" & "I Believe."
      --Pat Henning (actor-comedian) - stand-up routine includes psychiatrist jokes and impressions of actors.
      --Jimmy Boyd sings "Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney" & "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus."
      --Rabovsky & Kovach (Hungarian dance duo).
      --Pauline Di Maura (spelling?) - whistles "Beautiful Dreamer."
      --Ann Penelope Marston (champion archer)
      --Manu (juggler) - twirls knives to a native drum beat.
      --Eric Badicton (balancing act)
      --Ed appears outside on Broadway showing onlookers a tank which was converted from an English (or German) car, and used by a Czech family to escape from the Communists.
      --Frankie Laine introduces Patty Bross of Union City (or Newark), New Jersey, winner of the Columbia Records-Wurlitzer-Franki Laine national disk jocky contest.
      --Audience bows: Dorothy Houghton (U.S. diplomat), Terry Moore & Robert Wagner (actors, from the movie "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef"), Pamela Martin (aviatrix), Aldo Ray (actor), and Al Rosen (of the Cleveland Indians, later appears on stage to talk with Ed).

    • December 20, 1953: Christmas Show
      December 20, 1953: Christmas Show
      Season 6 - Episode 15

      --Julius La Rosa sings "Jingle Bells," "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" and "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)."
      --Rise Stevens recites "Twas the Night Before Christmas."
      --Rise Stevens and the Columbia Glee Club sing "Silent Night."
      --Robert Maxwell (harpist) plays "Ebb Tide" (his own composition), a medley of 1920s songs, and "Tea for Two."
      --The Columbia University Glee Club - "Marching Song," "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" and "I Saw Three Ships (Come Sailing In)."
      --Nanci Crompton (ballerina wearing a costume rabbit head) does a solo dance.
      --The Calgary Brothers - pantomime act about two men exhausted from Christmas shopping.
      --The Salzburg Marionettes - puppets act out the Nativity Scene.
      --Audience bows: Miriam Hopkins (actress), Harold Russell (WWII hero & "Best Years of Our Lives" actor), Louis Alt (transit patrolman who risked his life to help save a man who fell on subway tracks), and Pat Crowley (actress).

    • June 26, 1955: 7th Anniversary Show

      7th Anniversary show
      --Bob Hope, who first appeared on "Talk of the Town" in 1948, does a little bit of a comedy routine. Then he performs "The Sand Dance" routine to music from "The Seven Little Foys." (Children from "The Seven Little Foys" appear with Hope later in the show.)
      --Pearl Bailey (singer) - "Nobody"
      --Will Jordan - impersonates Ed Sullivan.
      --Smith and Dale (comedians, perform their Dr. Kronkheit sketch)
      --Joe Howard (Vaudeville song-and-dance man) - sings "Hello My Baby," "Goodbye My Lady Love" and one other song (possibly "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now")
      --Famous athletes (introduced by Ed): Jack (Jim) Flick (golf champion), Archie Moore (boxer) , Charlie Johnson (Moore's manager)
      --Milton Caniff (cartoonist).

    • May 1, 1955
      May 1, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 34

      --Eartha Kitt - "C'Est Si Bon."
      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --Lionel Hampton
      --Georgia Gibbs
      --Phil Foster (comedian)
      --The combined choruses of New York University and Skidmore College
      --Victor Julian's performing French poodles
      On film: Greetings from Hollywood stars Robert Wagner, Irene Dunn, Dan Dailey, Arlene Dahl, and Richard Todd.

    • May 8, 1955
      May 8, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 35

      --Eddie Fisher sings "(You've Gotta Have) Heart" and "My Mom."
      --The Mariners (vocal group) perform "Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho" and do vocal impressions of Bing Crosby, Billy Kenny, Gene Autry and Johnnie Ray.
      --Eileen Barton (singer) - performs excerpts from her nightclub act.
      --Richard Hearne (comedian, England's "Mr. Pastry") - plays a salesman in a shoe store.
      --Robert Lamoret (ventriloquist with a talking duck)
      Also appearing:
      --"Little John" Seidel (14-year-old Danish acrobat, a.k.a. "Wonder Boy John") - balancing act.
      --On film: The premiere of the Fred Astaire-Leslie Caron movie "Daddy Long Legs." Celebrities interviewed at the premiere include Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron, Claudette Colbert, Joan Crawford, Jennifer Jones, Jane Russell, Betty Grable with husband Harry James, Jeanne Crain, Maureen O'Hara, Victor Mature, Clifton Webb and Robert Cummings.

    • May 15, 1955
      May 15, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 36

      Scheduled guests: --Louis Armstrong --Will Mastin Trio (with Sammy Davis Jr.) --Gary Crosby --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Richard Hearne

    • May 22, 1955
      May 22, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 37

      Broadcast from the aboard the decks of the USS Wisconsin (docked in New York harbor at the Hudson River).
      --Burl Ives sings "The Ballad Of Davy Crockett" and "Jimmy Crack Corn (The Blue Tail Fly)."
      --Peg Leg Bates (tap dancer)

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --June Valli (singer) - "Love Me or Leave Me."
      --Nancy Walker (comedienne) sings "Down to the Sea," about middle-class Long Islanders who sail on weekends, which she performed in the Broadway revue "Phoenix '55."
      --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
      --Richard Hearne (comedian, England's "Mr. Pastry")
      --The Balladinis (European jugglers)
      --The Arizona Boys Choir
      --The Marine Drill Team
      --The USS Wisconsin band.

    • May 29, 1955
      May 29, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 38

      --Betty & Jane Kean, Lew Parker and Gabriel Dell, from the Broadway musical-comedy "Ankles Aweigh," perform "Walk Like a Sailor." The play's chorus line dances to "Ready Cash."
      --Andy Griffith (comedian-actor) - in a monologue, imitates a woman's voice and sings "Make Yourself Comfortable."
      --Pat Henning (comedian)
      Also appearing:
      --Stan Kramer and his puppets
      --Victor Julian and his performing dogs
      --The Baladinis (jugglers)
      --Audience bows: Ed Furgol and Patty Berg (golf champions)
      --Audience bow: Anthony Brady Farrell (owner of the Mark Hellinger Theatre, where "Ankles Away" was performed).

    • June 5, 1955
      June 5, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 39

      --Julius LaRosa sings "Domani (Tomorrow)."
      --Marion Marlowe sings "The Man In The Raincoat."
      --Marion Marlowe & Julius La Rosa (former 'Arthur Godfrey Show' regulars) "Two Lost Souls" duet.

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --In scenes from the Broadway musical "Seventh Heaven," Gloria DeHaven and Ricardo Montalban sing "Sun at My Window, Love at My Door" and dancers perform the "Glove Dance."
      --Carol Haney (dancer from Broadway's 'The Pajama Game')
      --Ross & Ross (novelty punching-bag act)

    • June 12, 1955: U.S. Army Talent Show

      The second All-Army Talent Contest featuring performers selected from U.S. Army bases throughout the world.
      These performers, all finalists in a competition held a week earlier, competed in the categories of vocal soloist, instrumental soloist, individual novelty and group act.

      According to newspaper reports, these are the finalists who performed on this episode:
      --Pvt. Roger Balph of New Lexington, Ohio (clarinetist) - performs "The Twelfth Street Rag."
      --Pvts. Lennell O. Jones of Williamston, NC, and James F. Green of High Point, NC, two members of the Five Harmonizers.
      --The Four Jays, a rhythm and blues vocal group.
      --Lyn Smalling Cobb, of Meridian, Miss. (tenor)
      --Pvt. James V. Cobb Jr. of Wilson, NC (vocal soloist) sings "Scarlett Ribbons."
      --Cpl. (or Col.) Robert R. Measells, of Morton, Miss. (vocal soloist) sings "Through The Years."
      --Sgt. Lloyd E. Lindroth (or Lindreth), a "swing harpist" who won the instrumental soloist category.
      --Pfc. Robert Sherman, a concert pianist, performs "Au Village."
      --The Zacchini Brothers, trampoline act.
      Also appearing?
      --Cpl. Pat R. Daugherty of Hayward, California.

    • June 19, 1955: Mister Roberts Salute

      "Mister Roberts" Salute - A full-hour tribute to the stage drama (written by the late Thomas Heggen) and the recent film version.
      The guests include Henry Fonda, James Cagney and Jack Lemmon, the cast from the movie version.
      Also appearing are John Forsythe and David Wayne from the "Mr. Roberts" Broadway cast).
      Additional guests (scheduled to appear) were Leland Hayward, and Mervyn Le Roy.

      Segments include:
      (1) A Film clip from the movie with Henry Fonda, William Powell and Jack Lemmon.
      (2) Live on stage, James Cagney and Jack Lemmon perform a scene from the movie: The Captain (Cagney) first meets Ensign Pulver (Lemmon).
      (3) John Forsythe and David Wayne, from the Broadway cast, do a scene that wasn't included in the movie.
      (4) The movie cast reenacts the scene in which The Captain won't grant shore leave to the crew unless Mr. Roberts promises to keep quiet about the Captain's faults.

    • April 24, 1955
      April 24, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 33

      --Harry Belafonte sings "Water Boy" and "Melba Massey."
      --Jack Buchanan, Jackie Miles, and Connie Brigham perform "Triplets."
      --Jack Buchanan (Scottish musical comedy star) sings "Josephine and Men" and "Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan."
      --Marion Marlowe sings "The Belle Of The Ball" and "The Story Of Sorrento."
      Also appearing:
      --Jackie Miles (comedian)
      --The Half Brothers (unicycle juggling act from Argentina)
      --Ted Atkinson (jockey)
      --Audience bows: Dick Tracy Creator Chester Gould ("Dick Tracy" artist and creator), Mervyn LeRoy (film producer), Colonel Henry Crown (owner of the Empire State Building), Ernest Borgnine (actor), Stanley Kramer (film director & producer), and Arnold Grant (attorney?).

      Additional guest (scheduled to appear):
      --Carol Haney (dancer) - scheduled to perform the "Steam Heat" number from Broadway's "Pajama Game."

    • April 17, 1955
      April 17, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 32

      Scheduled: --James Stewart --Louis Armstrong --Joey Bishop (comedian) --Robert Merrill (opera singer) --Marguerite Piazza (night club performer) --David Whitfield (English singer)

    • May 18, 1952
      May 18, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 37

      --Errol Flynn & Paulette Goddard (movie stars) - do another parody of private eye TV shows in a sketch with Lew Parker and Art Carney.
      --Dorothy Dandridge (actress-singer) sings "Do What You Wanna Do" (or "You Gotta Take Things Easy") and "Just One Of Those Things."
      --Moishe Oysher (singer-actor) sings the Yiddish song "Eli, Eli" and Cole Porter's "So In Love."
      --Norman Evans (British comedian) - visit to the dentist routine.
      --Roger Price (humorist & Broadway performer) - draws pictures to illustrate his stories (in a bit with Ed Sullivan).
      Also appearing:
      --Sam Sneed (golf pro) - demonstrates his golf swing.
      --Audience bows: Ann Claire, Fred Corcoran (golf tournament promoter), Eddie Lowery (amateur golfer and businessman) and Elmer Ward (former football player).

    • September 26, 1948: Al Bernie, Bob Hope (cameo)

      --Bob Hope and Jerry Colonna (comedians) - perform an impromptu comedy routine after being invited on stage by Ed.
      --Al Bernie (nightclub comedian)
      --Dewey "Pig Meat" Markham and Company (comedy troupe) - do a haunted house sketch.
      --The Briants (slapstick knockabout act)
      Also appearing:
      --Anjos do Inferno (Brazilian vocal quintet)
      --Jack Blair (Broadway performer) - dances with The June Taylor Dancers.
      --Roberto & Alicia (Flamenco dance team)
      --Bobby "Tables" Davis (novelty dancer) - dances and lifts furniture with his mouth.

    • February 6, 1955: The Columbia Pictures Story

      "The Columbia Pictures Story"
      --Eddie Fisher sings a medley of Al Jolson songs: "April Showers" and "My Mammy."
      --Eddie Fisher - "A Man Chases A Girl (Until She Catches Him)" with backing vocals by an unseen Debbie Reynolds.
      --Teresa Brewer sings "I've Got A Crush On You" and "How Come You Do Me Like You Do?"
      --The West Point Glee Club - "America The Beautiful."
      Also appearing:
      --Marge & Gower Champion (dancers) - "Let's Dance" and "Meetin' Time" production numbers.
      --On-stage bows: Dianne Foster, Robert Francis, Kim Novak, Donald Crisp, Maureen O'Hara and Marty Maher.
      --Maureen O'Hara (actress) talks to Ed about her new movie "The Long Gray Line," followed by a clip from the film (which also stars Tyrone Power.)
      --General Jacob L. Devers makes a patriotic speech.
      --Audience bow: Marty Maher (writer of the book "Bring Up The Brass" and the subject of the movie "The Long Gray Line") is invited on stage by Maureen O'Hara.
      --Audience bows: Rod Steiger (actor), Jack Cohn (Columbia Pictures president), and Carol Haney (dancer).
      Filmed segments:
      --Clips from memorable "Columbia Pictures" movies: "It Happened One Night" (1934, with Claudette Colbert & Clark Gable), "Mr. Deeds Goes To Town" (1936, with Gary Cooper & Jean Arthur), "Gilda" (1946, with Rita Hayworth singing and dancing), "Born Yesterday" (1950, with Judy Holliday & Broderick Crawford), "From Here To Eternity" (1953, scene with Burt Lancaster & Deborah Kerr rolling in the surf), "The Caine Mutiny" (1954, with Humphrey Bogart, Jose Ferrer and Van Johnson) and "On The Waterfront" (1954, with Marlon Brando & Rod Steiger).

    • February 13, 1955
      February 13, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 23

      --Les Paul and Mary Ford -possibly "Song In Blue."
      --Pearl Bailey sings "Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home" while her brother Bill tap dances.
      --Don Cossack Chorus (32-member choir & dancers) - "Song of the Volga Boatmen."
      --The University of Illinois Varsity Men's Glee Club (a.k.a. The Singing Illini).
      --Willy West & Andy McGinty (comedians)
      Also appearing:
      --Richard Long and Suzan Ball (husband-and-wife actors)
      --Mata and Hari (dance team)

    • January 16, 1955
      January 16, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 19

      Scheduled guests:
      --Esther Williams (actress) introduces scenes from her film "Jupiter's Darling"
      --Hermione Gingold (comedian)
      --Alice Pearce (comedian)
      --The Broadway cast of "The Saint of Bleecker Street," including David Poleri and Gloria Lane, perform scenes from the musical/opera. Also appearing are the show's composer Gian-Carlo Menotti and producer Chandler Cowles.
      --Arthur Worsley (listed as Arthur Wardsley) (ventriloquist)
      --Olivette Miller & Gibson (dance team)
      --Ganjou Brothers and Juanita (adagio dancers)

    • January 9, 1955
      January 9, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 18

      --The USO Hollywood Troupe, headed by actor Forrest Tucker.
      --Elaine Malbin and Richard Oneto, stars of Broadway's "Kimset," sing "Stranger in Paradise."
      --Jose Greco (Spanish dancer) and his dance troupe.
      --The Trio Gypsies (an adagio dance team).
      --The 1955 edition of Shipstad & Johnson's "Ice Follies" (seen via a remote from Philadelphia) with performers Marie Crimmins (the show's star), Richard Dwyer (skater), "Mr. Frick" (trick skater Werner Groebli), the Kermond Brothers (comedy team), and a production number featuring a cast of 100.

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear but may have cancelled):
      --Guy Mitchell (singer)
      --Jim Reeves (country and western singer) An item in the Jan. 15, 1955 issue of Billboard mentions Jim Reeves' appearance on "Ed Sullivan's TV show from New York Sunday (9)."

    • January 2, 1955
      January 2, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 17

      Scheduled guests:
      --Pearl Bailey (singer)
      --Francis L. Sullivan and Patricia Jessel (actors) - perform a scene from their Broadway play "Witness for the Prosecution."
      --Ted Lewis (singer)
      --June Valli (singer)
      --Sam Levenson (comedian)
      --Maria Neglia (violinist, opera star)
      --Also, a salute to the Associated Press.

    • March 20, 1955
      March 20, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 28

      --Sarah Vaughan - "S'wonderful" & "How Important Can It Be"
      --Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane - "Brazil" & "Sway"
      --Tony & Sally DeMarco (dance team) - dance to "Easter Parade" & "Crazy Rhythm"
      --Frankie Marlowe (comedian) - does Brando impressions, closes with song "It All Depends On You"
      --Sam Levenson (stand-up comedian, topic: education)
      --Dartmouth Glee Club (led by Paul Zeller) --Sam Levenson (comedian)
      --The Dartmouth College Glee Club
      --Lottie's Doves (might be "Wlades Doves") - trained animal act

      Audience bows: Dahl H. Davis, Robert Baster

    • April 10, 1955
      April 10, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 31

      --Rosemary Clooney performs "Mambo Italiano."
      --David Whitfield (English singer)
      --The Notre Dame Glee Club sing "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes."
      --Los Chavales de Espana with Trini Reyes (vocal-instrumental group with Flamenco dancer Reyes)
      Also appearing:
      --James Cagney introduces a clip from his latest movie, "Run for Cover."
      --The American Ballet Theatre perform "Graduation Ball," a ballet choreographed by David Lichine.
      --To salute the new baseball season, Ed talks with Major League players.
      (Baseball stars scheduled to appear: Willie Mays of the New York Giants, Peewee Reese of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Dusty Rhodes of the Giants, Robin Roberts of the Phillies, Warren Spahn of the Milwaukee Braves, Vic Wertz of the Cleveland Indians, and Gerry Coleman of the New York Yankees.)

    • September 11, 1955: Jane Russell & Jeanne Crain, The Ames Brothers, Phil Silvers & the "Bilko" cast

      --The Ames Brothers sing "On Moonlight Bay" and "My Bonnie Lassie."
      --A preview of "You'll Never Get Rich"/"Sargent Bilko" with the show's cast (Phil Silvers, Harvey Lembeck, Paul Ford, Herbie Faye, others) performing an abbreviated version of the "Bivouac" episode.
      --Live on stage, Jane Russell and Jeanne Crain enact a scene from their film "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes."
      --The 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers (individual players) are introduced by Happy Felton.
      --The winning couples in the Harvest Moon Ball dance contest demonstrate dances from different categories.
      --Audience bows: Maureen Connolly Brinker (tennis champion), Spring Byington (of TV's "December Bride"), and Michael Kidd (choreographer).
      --On film: The "Ain't Misbehavin'" production number from the film "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes," with Jane Russell, Jeanne Crain and Alan Young.

    • September 4, 1955
      September 4, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 52

      --Georgia Gibbs (singer)
      --Scenes from the 1956 edition of the "Ice Capades" (from Atlantic City's Convention Hall)
      --Donna Atwood (ice skater) appears in "Peter Pan" (an extended segment scheduled to run a half-hour)
      --Karen Barclay (the "World's Most Beautiful Majorette")
      --Donna Grescoe (violinist)

      Note: Shelley Winters and Lillian Gish were scheduled to perform a scene from their new film, "Night of the Hunter." But Shelley Winters became ill. The director and producer of the movie (Charles Laughton and Paul Gregory) were also scheduled to appear. The "Night of the Hunter" cast and crew were re-scheduled for 25Sep55 show (listed on the "Ed Sullivan Show" guide).

    • November 13, 1949
      November 13, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 9

      --Vaughn Monroe sings "Riders in the Sky" and "Singin' My Way Back Home"
      --Vaughn Monroe sings "Dance Ballerina Dance" (while Raw McGregor dances)
      --Denise Darcel (French actress, of the film "Battleground") - sings a song (while composer Al Stone accompanies her on the piano)
      --Fran Warren (singer, making her television debut) sings "Envy"
      --Leo Fuchs (comedian, his television debut)
      --Jack Waldron (comedian)
      --Bobby Winters (juggler)
      --Renault & Rudy (acrobats)

    • December 25, 1949
      December 25, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 15

      --Rosemary Clooney sings "A Dreamer's Holiday" and "Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me?"
      --Mimi Benzell (operatic soprano) sings "My Caballero" and "Ave Maria."
      Also appearing:
      --Larry Storch (comedian) - does a monologue about foreign films, plays an English explorer and performs a dying scene.
      --Phil Jones Dancers (six young couples from Stamford, Connecticut) - perform various dances: The Tango, Latin dance, Cha-Cha, Russian-dance, the Charleston and the Waltz.
      --Phil Jones (dance instructor) makes a cameo appearance following the dancers' performances.
      --The Rexfords (acrobatic duo) routine includes a balancing act and a stunt with Ed Sullivan.
      --Audience bows: Johnny Marks (wrote the song "Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer"), Jean Michel Reilou

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --Martez and Lucia (dance team)
      --Jimmy Jimane (comedian-musician)
      --The Tattlers (vocal quartet)

    • March 8, 1953
      March 8, 1953
      Season 5 - Episode 26

      --Patachou (French chanteuse) sings "I'm in Love With A Wonderful Guy" and a medley of French songs.
      --Vaughn Monroe (baritone singer, bandleader)
      Also appearing:
      --Sam Levenson (comedian-humorist)
      --Victor Moore (Broadway & movie actor) was scheduled to perform the "fly catching scene" from his then-current Broadway play "On Borrowed Time" (according to the "TV Key" newspaper column). But, in its review of this episode, Variety magazine listed Moore performing a scene from "Our Town."
      --The Gae Foster Toastettes (series regulars) - perform a Marine precision drill dance.
      --On film: A scene from the movie "Destination Gobi" starring Richard Widmark and Don Taylor.

    • March 15, 1953: St. Patrick's Day Show

      1953 St. Patrick's Day show
      --Harry James (trumpeter & bandleader) performs "Flight of the Bumble Bee.
      --Gracie Fields sings "Bridgit" (correct title?), "How Are Things In Glocca Morra?" and "At the End of the Day."
      --Helen Kane (1920's vocalist) sings a medley of oldies.
      --The West Point Cadet Glee Club (95-voice choir) - perform three songs.
      Also appearing:
      --Peg Leg Bates (tap dancer with wooden peg leg)
      --Bill Sears and the Ritts Puppets (from the CBS-TV children's series "In the Park," featuring puppeteers Paul Ritts and Mary Holliday) do a St. Patrick's Day sketch.
      Also appearing:
      --The Gae Foster Toastettes (series regulars) dance to "Peg O' My Heart."

    • October 28, 1951
      October 28, 1951
      Season 4 - Episode 8

      --Morton Downey Sr. sings "Rose Of Tralee," "Long Way To Tipparary" and "My Father's House" (with the Downey Irish Club cast)
      --Anne Jeffreys sings "Dance My Darling" (production number with 'Gypsy' dancers)
      --Rocky Marciano comes on stage (following audience bow) & talks with Ed about his fight with Joe Lewis.
      --Mickey Deems (comedian) - stand-up routine about a father/son conversation
      --Carmen Cavallaro (piano player and orchestra leader) - "Deep Night" (with dancers & chorus) and "Tea for Two"
      --Harold Barnes (tightrope walker)
      --Howell & Bowser (comedy team, listed as 'Harlem comics') - sing "Passing By" & "It's Delovely"
      --The Toastettes (dancers, series regulars) - appear at beginning of show.
      Audience bow: Rocky Marciano; Mrs. Al Jolson; Mayor Clifford (mayor of Brockton, Massachusetts)

    • September 21, 1952
      September 21, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 2

      --Edith Piaf (French chanteuse) sings "Padam ... Padam" and "Jezebel."
      --Pat O'Brian (stage and movie actor) - does a dramatic reading of "What Is A Little Girl" then performs a pantomime titled "The Silent Poker Game."
      --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) - does a stand-up comedy routine and sings "Ghost Riders In The Sky."
      --All-American "Look" Baseball Team of 1952 is presented. The top players are Phil Rizzuto, Bobby Shantz, Allie Reynolds, Yogi Berra, Ferris Fain, Hank Bauer, and Mickey Mantle make up the team. Ed Weir joins the players on stage.
      --The Van De Veldes (acrobatic team of two men & two women).
      --Dancers Of Bali (Indonesian Balinese dancing troupe) - boy & girl dance to "The Bumblebee," and later in show, the entire troupe performs the "Monkey Dance."
      --Audience bows: Jacques Peel, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Harold Arlen.

    • May 25, 1952
      May 25, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 38

      --Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison (actors) - perform a scene from "Anne of a Thousand Days"
      --Jack Smith sings "Almost Like Being in Love" & "Horse Song"
      --Blanche and Alan Lund (dancers from Canada) - do "farm" dancing (on a farm set)
      --Ginny Smith (Simms?) - "It's Gonna be a Great Day"
      --Elliot Reid (comedian, from Broadway's "Two on the Aisle") - does a sketch that parodies the Kefauver Crime hearings
      --Ginny Simms - "Be Anything But be Mine"
      --Norm Dygon (ventriloquist act, aka "Dygon & Mr. Chips") - Dygon does a duet with his piano playing dummy.
      --Elton Hayes (singer-guitarist) - "Riddle De Diddle De Day" & "Whistle My Love" (from Disney's "Robin Hood")

    • November 2, 1952
      November 2, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 8

      --Frankie Laine sings "Jezebel," "High Noon" and "On The Sunny Side Of The Street."
      --Alec Templeton (singer & piano player) - performs "The Grandfather Clock," the Aria from "Samson & Delilah" and "Give Me The Name, Age, Height and S i z e."
      --Les Compagnons De La Chanson (9-man vocal group from France) - "The Three Bells."
      Also appearing:
      --Sugar Ray Robinson (middleweight boxing champion) - tap dances.
      --Barry Fitzgerald (movie actor, appearing live on-stage) - is interviewed by Ed. (Segment includes a film clip of Barry Fitzgerald & Maureen O'Hara in the movie "The Quiet Man.")
      --The Szonys (dance team) - perform a Pas de Deux.
      --Audience bows: Terry Moore and Joy Godbethere.

    • November 23, 1952
      November 23, 1952
      Season 5 - Episode 11

      --Les Paul & Mary Ford perform "Lady Of Spain" and "My Baby's Coming Home."
      --Christopher Lynch (Irish tenor) - "Mighty Lak' a Rose."
      --The Dagenham Girls (10 woman Scottish Bagpipe Band) - play a Scottish jig.
      --Paul Lynde (comedian from the Broadway revue "New Faces") - stand-up routine as Carl Cankerin, an explorer just back from Africa (on crutches and with bandages on his head).
      --Clifford Guest (ventriloquist with puppet Lester) - routine: British Foxhound impression, Lester sings "How Dry We Are" and a "Won't Go In The Case" routine.
      --"My Darling Aida" cast - Forty cast members dance and do the Bull Run Victory Celebration scene from the play "My Darling Aida" (with music by Verde).
      Also appearing:
      --Johnny Mize (of the New York Yankees) - Ed Holds a baseball bat for the introduction, shows film clip of Mize at the 1952 World Series, Mize comes on stage for a demonstration of his batting technique.
      --On film: Henry Fonda does an announcement for Radio Free Europe.
      --The Toastettes (series regulars) - dance during Les Paul & Mary Ford's "Lady of Spain" performance and at end of show.

    • October 9, 1949
      October 9, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 4

      --Pearl Bailey & Oran Page (billed as Oran "Hot Lips" Page) - "It's Cold Outside" & "The Hucklebuck"
      --Gracie Barrie - "Are You Having Any Fun?" & "(I Want) A Sunday Kind of Love" (with Ed as husband reading newspaper).
      --Joey Bishop (comedian, doing stand-up & impressions)
      --Ed Durlacher and square dancers - dance to "Honor Your Partner"
      --Victor Borge (comedian at piano) - comedy routine & (later in show) performs "Little Red School House"
      --Joan Halloway (tap dancer) - dance routine
      --Toastettes appear at beginning of show.
      Cameo: Buddy Young (football star - on-stage bow)

    • October 2, 1949
      October 2, 1949
      Season 2 - Episode 3

      --Ethel Waters - "Little Joe" (the piano player is jazz legend Fletcher Henderson - believed to be the only known footage of him).
      --Ethel Waters - "Stormy Weather."
      --John Golden (Tin Pan Alley song writer) - plays piano & sings "Goodbye Girls," "I'm Through," "Poor Butterfly" and "Venus."
      --The Blackburn Twins (tap dancing & singing twin brothers) - brothers perform mirror act (as if they are one person).
      --Frank Parker - "Nothing Like A Dame" (song from "South Pacific") & "Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie."
      --Harold Lang - "The Trolley Song."
      --Paul Drake (stand-up comedian, tells jokes and sings "When I'm Calling You" as MacDonald & Eddy).
      --Manuel and Marita Viera (trained animal act with rhesus monkeys) - Monkeys Tippy & Cobina are dressed as baseball players, play piano & guitar, etc.
      Also appearing:
      --The Toastettes appear at the beginning and end of show.
      --Audience bows: Joe Page (N. Y. Yankee Relief Pitcher); Joey Adams (comedian); Peter Lawford (actor); William Wilder; Ben Alexander (NYC fireman, decorated 4 times).

    • August 28, 1955
      August 28, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 51

      --Eartha Kitt sings "Hungry Raccoon" and "Looking for a Boy."
      --The Mariners (vocal group) -possibly "Yellow Rose of Texas" and "I Love You Fair Dinkum Dinky Di I Do."
      --Robert Nagy (male winner, Chicago Festival vocal contest) - "Come Back To Sorrento."
      --Dorothy Cole (female winner, Chicago Festival vocal contest) - "And This Is My Beloved."
      --Jay Lawrence (comedian-impressionist)
      Also appearing:
      --Audience bow: actress Margaret O'Brien - joins Ed Sullivan on stage.
      --"Little John" Seidel (14-year-old Danish acrobat, a.k.a. "Wonder Boy John") - balancing act.
      --Civil Air Patrol Unit (drill team)
      --On film: Ed Sullivan talks with boxers Rocky Marciano and Archie Moore.
      --Audience bows: Australian tennis team members and Little League baseball champions.

    • August 14, 1955
      August 14, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 49

      --The Mills Brothers - "Basin Street Blues," "Opus One" and "Lazy River."
      --The Four Aces - "Should I?" and "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing."
      --Mexican Boys Town Choir - "Auld Lang Syne."
      Also appearing:
      --Max Bygraves (English comedian) - does stand-up routine with a goose and sings "Anyone Can Be A Millionaire."
      --The Cramerton Square Dancers from Burlington Mills, Greensboro, N.C
      --Marquis Chimps (animal act) - chimp rides bicycle, unicycle, toy pony, and jumps rope to music.
      --Audience bows: Rosalind Russell & her husband Frederick Brisson; Harry Phillips & Sindey James (publisher & managing editor of Sports Illustrated); Spencer Love (CEO of Burlington Industries, mentioned but not seen until later in show); and Marvie Mayor.
      Sports Illustrated tribute:
      --In celebration of Sports Illustrated magazine's first anniversary, Ed introduces sports stars Eddie Arcaro (jockey), Willie Shoemaker (jockey), Joe Lewis, Jack Dempsey, Ben Hogan (golfer), Maurice Richard (professional ice hockey player from Canada), George Welch (Navy football quaterback), Maurice Stokes, Reverend Bob Richards (pole vaulter), D. Walker, Briggs Cunningham, Bob Grimm, Don Newcombe (baseball star), Bob Cousy (Celtics basketball player); Steve Nagey, Arnold Sowell, and tennis stars Tony Trabert, Louise Brough, & Bill Talbert. [This segment might also include appearances by Arne Sowell (track star) and Ted Williams (baseball star).]
      Filmed segments:
      --Film clip from Santa Barbara Festival with Chief Justice Warren in attendance.
      --Film clip from the movie "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" starring William Holden & Jennifer Jones.

    • August 7, 1955: Bill Haley & his Comets / Jack Palance, Christopher Plummer, Roddy McDowall

      Show broadcast from the American Shakespeare Festival Theater in Stratford, Connecticut:
      --Scenes from Shakespeare's "The Tempest" with actors Raymond Massey, Roddy McDowall, Jack Palance, Jerry Stiller and Rex Eberhart.
      --Scene from "Julius Caesar" with Christopher Plummer performing "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech.
      Also appearing:
      Hurd Hatfield
      --Raymond Massey - Shakespeare speech

      Other guests:
      --Bill Haley and his Comets - "Rock Around The Clock"
      --Mindy Carson - "Wake The Town" and "My Heart Belongs To Daddy"
      --Max Bygraves (British comedian) - routine with singing and comic goose

      Audience bows: Joel McRea; John Kelly (Commissioner of State Police In Connecticut); Lawrence Langer (of the Shakespeare Festival Theater)

    • July 31, 1955: U.S. Air Force Talent Show


      "Tops in Blue" - the U. S. Air Force world-wide talent contest with featured acts: --the Harmonica Riffs --the Sunset Playboys (singers) --the Harmonettes (singers) --J.R. Berggren (billed as a "card manipulator")

    • July 24, 1955
      July 24, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 46

      Scheduled guests: --Guy Mitchell (guest host) --Polly Bergen (singer-actress) --Arthur Worsley (English ventriloquist) --The Band and Color Guard of the First Infantry Division

    • July 3, 1955
      July 3, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 43

      Show broadcast from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Antietam anchored in the Hudson River.
      Guests include:
      --The Chordettes (vocal group) - "Hummingbird" & "Dixie Danny."
      --The Step Brothers (acrobatic tap dancers)
      --Priscilla Wright (Canadian vocalist) sings "The Man in the Raincoat."
      --The Naval Aviation Cadet Choir (from Pensacola) - "Anchors Aweigh."
      --Rufe Davis (Western performer) - plays guitar and sings "Old Mac Donald" (makes animal noises).
      --The Gaudsmith Brothers (dog act) - 2 brothers with poodles clown around on deck & do acrobatics.
      --Jay Marshall (comedian doing stand-up in front of big navy guns) - Navy humor, does ring tricks.
      --Beginning of show: Ed is in Navy Helicopter flying over aircraft carrier. The Hudson River & Manhattan Skyline are seen from the harbor. Helicopter lands and Ed introduces his helicopter pilot Lt. Les Taylor.

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      --The Mariners (vocal group)
      --The Piero Brothers (jugglers)
      --The Marcellos (Marcellas?) (acrobats)

    • Seasons 8 - 23 (26Sep55 through 28Mar71) are on the "Ed Sullivan Show" guide
    • February 17, 1952: George White Tribute, Part 2

      Part 2 of "The Story of George White's Scandals," a tribute to Broadway producer George White.
      --Toni Arden sings "Somebody Loves Me."
      --Frances Williams sings "Pickin' Cotton."
      --Richard Hayes (Broadway and movie actor) - "My Song."
      --Harry Richman performs "It Had to Be You" and "Walkin' My Baby Back Home."
      --Harry Richman, The Costello Twins and the Toastettes - perform a medley of songs written by Buddy DeSylva, Lew Brown, and Ray Henderson.
      --Finale: Toni Arden - "Charleston" production number, with George White demonstrating a few "Charleston" dance steps.
      Also appearing:
      --Smith and Dale (comedy team) perform "Lost Flyers" and "Ambulance Chaser" sketches.
      --Danny Hoctor - tap dance routine.
      --Audience bows: Bob Richards (Olympic pole vaulter) and Michael Vincent DiSalle (former Toledo mayor and ex-director of the Office of Price Stabilization).

    • February 10, 1952
      February 10, 1952
      Season 4 - Episode 23

      --Audrey Hepburn (actress, in her TV debut) and Michael Evans - perform a scene from "Nine Days A Queen" (Note: At the time of this broadcast, Audrey Hepburn and Michael Evans were appearing on Broadway in "Gigi").
      --Ed Sullivan chats with Audrey Hepburn & Gilbert Miller ("Gigi" producer).
      --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - "The Bell Song" (aria from "Lakme")
      --Film clip: Baseball game at Polo Grounds, N. Y. - National League play off game, Bobby Thompson gets winning home run from Ralph Branca.
      --Bobby Thompson (of the New York Giants) sings "Because Of You" to poster of Brooklyn Dodger Branca.
      --Ralph Branca (of the Brooklyn Dodgers) sings "Because Of You" to poster of Thompson (with altered lyrics).
      --Steve Evans (comedian, does sound effects) - imitates audience laughter.
      --Hands of Joy (with Yves Joly) (also listed as "Les Marionettes Jolie," a Parisian "hand ballet") - troupe uses their hands to perform a water ballet, followed by a demonstration of street combat (they fight with their hands).
      --Evelyn Chandler (roller skater) - does Arabian cartwheels on roller skates.

    • January 30, 1955: A Cavalcade of Radio

      "A Cavalcade of Radio, 1920 - 1955," broadcast from New York City and Hollywood.
      Stars of radio's Golden Age recreate past radio programs and historic radio moments.
      --Rudy Vallee sings "My Time Is Your Time," "I'm Just a Vagabond Lover" and the "Maine Stein Song."
      --Paul Whiteman's Orchestra, with pianist Vincent Lopez, perform "Nola."
      --The Pickens Sisters sing a medley of their greatest hits.
      --Radio soap opera stars sing "Happy Birthday."
      --In Hollywood, Jack Benny tells a few jokes, then is joined by George Burns.
      --Eve Arden and Gale Gordon do an "Our Miss Brooks" radio sketch.
      --Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy (ventriloquist act)
      Also appearing:
      --Edward R. Murrow recalls famous moments in radio news.
      --Radio veterans Norman Brokenshire, David Ross, H.V. Kaltenborn, and Milton Cross remember their biggest on-air blunders.
      --Harry Von Zell repeats his famous 1931 flub when he referred to President Herbert Hoover as "Hoobert Heever."
      --Audience bows (in Hollywood, introduced by Harry Von Zell): Ed Wynn, Bob "Bazooka" Burns, Jean Hersholt, Ken Murray and Art Linkletter.
      --Cameos: Don McNeill, Jack Bailey and Rubinoff.
      --Audience bows: Jimmy Wallingford, J. Carroll Naish, Hal Peary (the original "Gildersleeve"), George Givot, John Gambling, and Peter Potter.
      --Audience bow: Ben Gross, author of "I Looked and I Listened," a book which gave Ed Sullivan the idea for this episode.
      --Paul Whiteman leads his orchestra on "When Day Is Done."

    • December 19, 1954
      December 19, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 15

      Guests (appearing live):
      --The Chordettes (vocal group) - "Mr. Sandman."
      --Patti Page sings "Let Me Go, Lover!"
      --Patti Page and Julius LaRosa - "Winter Wonderland" and "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)" duets.
      --Mata & Hari (dance team)
      --Audience bow: Johnnie Ray (singer)
      Filmed segments:
      --Ed talks with Olivia De Havilland, Frank Sinatra, Gloria Grahame, Charles Bickford, and Robert Mitchum, the stars of the movie "Not As A Stranger," along with Stanley Kramer, the movie's director.
      --James Mason presents "Star of Bethlehem," a 15-minute Nativity film featuring an all-child cast. This cast includes Mason's six-year-old daughter Portland as the Virgin Mary.
      --In a segment filmed at an English orphanage, actress Jane Russell offers a Christmas greeting.

    • December 5, 1954
      December 5, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 13

      --Kirk Douglas (actor) plays guitar and sings "Whale of a Tail" from his new film "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
      --Eartha Kitt (singer-actress) - "Hey Jacque" and "(If I Love Ya Then I Need Ya Then) I Wantcha Around."
      --The Ames Brothers sing "Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane," then do vocal impressions of other pop singers.
      Also appearing:
      --Carol Haney (dancer) - performs a mambo dance number with a male partner.
      --Jackie Miles (comedian)
      --The Wassan Troupe (acrobats) - tumbling routine.
      --Cameo: Mitzi Gaynor (actress) makes a bow, followed by a clip from her upcoming movie "There's No Business Like Show Business" (which also stars Ethel Merman, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Dailey, Johnnie Ray and Donald O'Connor).
      --Cameo: the teenage winner of an International Livestock prize.

    • April 4, 1954: Eartha Kitt; Hermione Gingold & Billy DeWolf; Roberta Peters

      --Eartha Kitt - "Somebody Bad Stole The Wedding Bell" (with the Bil Baird Puppets) and "Lovin' Spree."
      --Teresa Brewer sings a medley of "Music! Music! Music!," "Till I Waltz Again With You," "Ricochet" and "Jilted."
      --Roberta Peters and the "Three Musketeers" of the Metropolitan Opera, Cesare Siepi, Cesare Valletti, and Fernando Corena, perform "Viva De Compagnie," "The Barber Of Seville (Figaro)" and "March of the Musketeers."
      --Sophie Tucker recites "My Fifty Golden Years" and "Success" (in a remote from the ballroom of Miami's Saxony Hotel).
      --Hermione Gingold and Billy DeWolf play two old ladies getting drunk in the train sketch from John Murray Anderson's "Almanac."
      Also appearing:
      --Ben Hogan (golfer, in a remote from Atlanta) - demonstrates a golf stroke, does an impression of Ed playing golf and a fake slow-motion swing.
      --Cameos: Mary Garden (operatic soprano) and John Perona (owner of the El Morocco, a Manhanttan nightclub).
      --Audience bow: Janet Leigh.

    • April 11, 1954
      April 11, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 30

      Scheduled: --On film: Ed visits with Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster. The three are in a projection room viewing scenes from the new movie "Vera Cruz" starring Cooper and Lancaster.

      Other scheduled guests: --Leonard Warren (Metropolitan Opera star) --The First Piano Quartet (composed of Adam Garner, Edward Edson, Frank Mittler, and Glauco D'Attili) --Pat D'Or (English juggler) --The Dancing Szonys --Patti Bross (singer, winner of a Frankie Laine contest)

    • April 18, 1954
      April 18, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 31

      1954 Easter Show.
      --Eddie Albert and Margo (husband-and-wife) sing "Man is For the Woman," "Never Marry an Actor," "May to December" (Eddie solo), and a medley of "Vaudeville," "Tea for Two" and "That's Entertainment."
      --The Notre Dame Glee Club (making their 6th annual Easter appearance) perform "Celestial Concepts" and "Notre Dame Fight Song (Onward to Victory)."
      'One God' segment:
      --A 20-minute excerpt from the LP "One God - The Ways We Worship Him" featuring narration by Eddie Albert and music by Columbia University’s Teachers College Choir. Eddie Albert and three children attend Protestant, Jewish, & Catholic services.
      --Audience bow: Florence Mary Fitch (author of the 1944 "One God" book, upon which the LP is based).
      Also appearing:
      --Sam Snead (golfer) - demonstrates his golf swing.
      --Audience bows: The Georgescu family, a Romanian family of four who were recently reunited. (The parents had not seen their two sons since 1947 after the father, Valeriu C. Georgescu, refused to spy for the Communists.)
      --Audience bows: Bill Fulton, Pier Angeli (actress), and Terry Brennen.
      --The Marquis Chimps (trained animal act) - chimps perform tricks.
      --On film: A clip from "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn and Eddie Albert.

    • April 25, 1954
      April 25, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 32

      --Ed Wynn (TV and movie comedian) - demonstrates a Rube Goldberg invention.
      --Patti Moore and Ben Lessy (nightclub comedy duo) - sing a parody of the tune "You'll Never Get Away."
      --Joe Jackson, Jr. (circus clown) - pantomime routine with props.
      --Victoria de Los Angeles (Metropolitan Opera star) - sings an aria.
      --The Korean Children's Choir - medley of American songs.
      Also appearing:
      --Chester Gould ("Dick Tracy" creator and artist) - does a few drawings while talking with Ed Sullivan.
      --Mata and Hari (dance team) - imitate the movements of marionettes.

      Scheduled guest:
      --Tom Packs and his elephant act

    • May 2, 1954: The ASCAP Story, Part 1

      Part One of a 2-part tribute to The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.
      --Lillian Roth sings six songs she made famous: "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking," "Sing You Sinners," "I'm In Love with You Honey," "If I Could Be With You One Hour, Tonight," "Ain't She Sweet" and "Goody-Goody."
      --Lionel Hampton and his band perform "St. Louis Blues" (composed by W.C. Handy) and "Hamp's Boogie Woogie."
      --Bert Lahr (comedian) sings "I'm A Mountie Who Never Got His Man" (which he performed in the 1954 movie "Rose Marie").
      --Celeste Holm sings "It Might As Well Be Spring" and "June Is Bustin' Out All Over."
      --Maude Nugent-Jerome sings her composition "Sweet Rosie O'Grady."
      --Alice Lawlor performs her composition "Sidewalks of New York (East Side, West Side)."
      --Ed Sullivan talks with songwriter & ASCAP president Otto Harbach.
      --Mimi Benzell & Earl Wrightson sing a medley of Otto Harbach compositions: "Indian Love Call," "Let's Dream Together" and "The Night Was Made For Love."

    • May 9, 1954: The ASCAP Story, Part 2

      Part Two of a 2-part tribute to The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.
      --Julius LaRosa sings "Young At Heart" and "Three Coins in the Fountain."
      --Julius La Rosa and The Whiting Sisters (Barbara and Margaret) perform "Ain't We Got Fun?"
      --Barbara and Margaret Whiting - do a medley of songs written by their father, Richard Whiting, including "The Japanese Sandman," "Honey" and "Beyond the Blue Horizon."
      --Margaret Whiting sings "My Ideal."
      --Dolores Gray sings "Melancholy Baby" and "From This Moment On."
      --Jack Norworth sings his composition "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with assistance by three members of the Philadelphia Athletics (probably Bobby Shantz, Bob Trice and Vic Powers).
      --Joe E. Howard (Vaudeville performer & songwriter) performs "Goodbye My Lady Love" and "Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now."
      --Audience bow: Grace Kahn (widow of lyricist Gus Kahn).

    • May 23, 1954
      May 23, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 36

      --Dickie Valentine (English singing star) performs "Secret Love," "Because You're Mine" (Mario Lanza impression) and "Glad Rag Doll" (imitating Johnnie Ray).
      --Mindy Carson (vocalist) - sings a medley of Bert Williams songs.
      --Betty and Jane Kean (music and comedy team) - "Cargo" production number in a 'South Seas' setting.
      --Richard "Mr. Pastry" Hearne (English comedian)
      Also appearing:
      --Producer David O. Selznick discusses the theatrical re-release of "Gone With the Wind," and presents scenes from the film.
      --The Ghizzio Brothers (acrobats)

    • May 30, 1954
      May 30, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 37

      --Liberace (pianist) - songs include "Warsaw Concerto."
      --Patti Page sings "Steam Heat" and "Autumn In Rome."
      --Patti Page and Liberace (dressed as Hillbillies) perform "Hey Liberace."
      --Bacone College Choir (30 American-Indian singers from Muskogee, Oklahoma, in Native American costumes) - sing choral songs (possibly "23rd Psalm" and "This Is My Country").
      --Hermione Gingold (comedienne) - sings a humorous song with a cello as a prop.
      --Red Buttons (comedian-actor) - does a prize fight sketch.
      --Richard "Mr. Pastry" Hearne (English comedian)

      Additional guests (tentatively scheduled):
      --George Liberace (Liberace's brother) conducts the orchestra.
      --Johnny Farrell (golf pro) - discusses the upcoming National Open which takes place at his golf course.

    • June 6, 1954: U.S. Army Talent Show

      Scheduled guests:
      --Victor Borge (guest host) and 12 finalists from the Army Talent Championship. The finalists include Ezio D. Flagello, Emmanuel Lipman, Charles Malluzza, and Robert Brandstatter, all of the Bronx, Michael Domenico of North Collins, N.Y., Bernard Horowitz, of Brooklyn, Charles Reed, of Newark, and Cephus McGirt.
      --The 12 GI finalists were selected from among 75,000 men who auditioned from 12 worldwide Army command centers.
      --Victor Borge entertains while the judges (made up of prominent celebrities) tally their scores.

    • March 14, 1954: St. Patrick's Day Salute

      1954 St. Patrick's Day Show.
      --Julius LaRosa (singer) - "Christmas In Killarney" and "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's an Irish Lullaby)."
      --Julius LaRosa (later in show) - "Foggy Day In London Town" & "El Compari."
      --Robert Maxwell (harp soloist) - medley: "Irish Jig" "Kerry Dancers" and "Londonderry Air."
      --Ed sings a few lines from "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling."
      --Victor Borge (pianist-comedian) - takes requests from audience, which he combines into a medley ("You're In Love," "I Love Paris," "National Emblem March" and "Tea For Two")
      --Hal Leroy (tap dancer) - dances to "Sunny Side of the Street."
      --Peg Leg Bates (one-legged tap dancer) - dances to "Sheik of Araby"
      --Hal Leroy and Peg-Leg Bates - perform a tribute tap dance to Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. Julius La Rosa joins them.
      --Dorothy Hayden's Irish Steppers (step dance) - dance to "Rickett's Hornpipe" and do a St. Patrick's Day jig.
      Also appearing:
      --The Gaudsmith Brothers (two-brother acrobatic act with poodles)
      --Audience bow: Leslie Caron (with a clip from "Lili" of Caron singing "Hi Lili, Hi Lo").
      --Audience bow: Montgomery Cliff (with a clip from his movie "From Here to Eternity").
      --Audience bow: Osvald Helmuth (Danish actor & singer) is introduced by Victor Borge.
      --On-stage bow: The Holy Cross College Crusaders championship basketball team with manager Tom McGovern, assistant coach Jack Whalen, and others.

    • February 28, 1954
      February 28, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 25

      Scheduled guests: --Betty and Jane Kean (comedians) --Hilde Gueden (soprano) --Eileen O'Dare (dancer) --Colette Marchand (premiere ballerina) --Les Compagnons de la Chanson (French singing group) --Mayo Brothers (novelty act)

    • December 27, 1953
      December 27, 1953
      Season 6 - Episode 16

      --Rosemary Clooney (guest host) sings "Winter Wonderland."
      --Rosemary and Betty Clooney (both former vocalists with the Tony Pastor Band) - sing a duet.
      --Julius LaRosa (singer)
      --Sam Levenson (comedian) - tells anecdotes about selecting gifts for children.
      --George Prentice (puppeteer) - does a Punch and Judy routine.
      Also appearing:
      --Johnny Mack (tap dancer) - dances with his "magic cane."
      --The Seven Ashtons (acrobatic troupe)
      --The Gaudsmith Brothers (Max and Henry Gaudsmith, with their two French poodles).

    • September 18, 1955: U.S. Navy Talent Show

      --Julius La Rosa, backed up by a Navy Band, sings "Suddenly There's A Valley."
      --Winners of the U.S. Navy's annual talent contest.

      Scheduled to appear:
      --Admiral Arleigh Albert Burke, the new Chief of Naval Operations, nicknamed "31-knot Burke."
      --Capt. Richard S. McCutchen, a contestant who recently won $64K on the TV quiz show "The $64,000 Question."
      --The Marquis Chimpanzees (trained animal act).

    • January 3, 1954
      January 3, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 17

      Scheduled: --Ice Capades of '54 --Jose Greco --Richard Hayden --Robert Lamaret --Les Campagnons de la Chanson

    • January 10, 1954: Andy Griffith, Dolores Gray, Harry Mimmo, Larry Best

      --Andy Griffith (comedian, listed as "Deacon Andy Griffith").
      --Dolores Gray sings "I Got The Sun In The Morning (And The Moon At Night)," "Shrimp Boats" and "The Big Mamou."
      --Harry Mimmo (nightclub comedian)
      --Larry Best (comedian)
      --Willy, West and McGinty (comedy team)
      --The Copacabana Dancers (chorus girls)
      --Joyce's Camels (animal act)

    • January 17, 1954
      January 17, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 19

      --Tony Bennett sings a medley of hits: "Because Of You," "Cold, Cold Heart" and "Rags To Riches."
      --Tony Bennett sings "Stranger In Paradise."
      --Roberta Peters (Metropolitan Opera coloratura soprano) - "One Kiss" and "Sweetheart."
      --Franchot Tone, Betsy Von Furstenberg, and Gig Young (actors) - perform a scene from their Broadway comedy "Oh, Men! Oh, Women!"
      Also appearing:
      --Mitch Miller (Columbia Records executive) presents Tony Bennett with a gold record for "Rags To Riches."
      --Senor Wences (ventriloquist)
      --Ching the Magician - does card tricks with a miniature deck of cards.
      --The Four Ramses (acrobats)
      --Audience bow: Ben Alexander.

    • January 24, 1954
      January 24, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 20

      Sscheduled: --The Ames Brothers --Margot Fonteyn --Michael Somes --Cesare Siepi --Sadler's Wells corps de ballet

    • January 31, 1954
      January 31, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 21

      --Patti Page - "Crossover the Bridge," "Changing Partners" & "The Whole World Is Singing My Song"
      --West Point Glee Club - "Onward Christian Soldiers" (military men's choir)
      --Judith Anderson (actress) - comedy sketch set in psychiatrist's office
      --Andre (Andres?) Segovia - classical guitarist, plays 2 songs
      --Richard Tucker (tenor) - "Shere Pa Mach" (Israeli marching song) & an Italian Aria
      --Rudy Horn (juggler) --The Three Rudells (acrobats performing on trampoline)

      On film: St. Paul Winter Carnival (7 minute film narrated by Ed Sullivan).

    • February 7, 1954
      February 7, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 22

      --Dorothy Lamour (actress) sings "What Is This Thing Called Love?" and "Road to Bali."
      --Yehudi Menuhin (violinist)
      --The University of Oklahoma Glee Club
      --Merle Oberon (movie actress) - in a comedy bit, gives an acceptance speech after receiving a TV award.
      --Ruth Draper (actress, then appearing on Broadway in a one-woman show) - does a monologue titled "At An Art Exhibition in Boston."
      Also appearing:
      --On film: Henry Ford II and Vice-President Richard Nixon talk about Radio Free Europe's crusade against Communism.
      --Audience bow: Phil Silvers, the star of the new movie "Top Banana." A clip from the film is shown.

    • February 21, 1954
      February 21, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 24

      Scheduled guests:
      --Tony Martin (singer)
      --Maurice Evans (actor) - appears a scene from his Broaway play "Dial 'M' for Murder"
      --Mattiwilda Dobbs (opera singer)
      --Senor Wences (ventriloquist)
      --Myron Cohen (comedian-humorist)
      --The 4 Rumses

    • June 27, 1954
      June 27, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 41

      --Bert Lahr (comedian) - does an income tax sketch with Cliff Hall.
      --Joni James sings "In A Garden Of Roses" and a medley of her past hits.
      --Pat Henning (comedian) - imitates Bette Davis and participants in a small-town parade.
      --Willie Mays (of the NY Giants) talks briefly with Ed.
      --Audience bows: Shirley Booth (actress), Thomas Mitchell (actor), Robert Aldrich (director), and Karl Maiden (actor).
      Filmed segments:
      --Richard Hearne and Patachou perform at the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris.
      --French chanteuse Patachou sings "Je Suis Heureuse."
      --English comedian Richard "Mr. Pastry" Hearne dances "The Lancers."
      --Ed interviews Genevieve de Galard-Terraube, the French flight nurse known as the "Angel of Dien Bien Phu."

    • April 3, 1955
      April 3, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 30

      --Fred Astaire discusses his love of dancing and golf, then combines the two by dancing with a golf club.
      --Dorothy Dandridge (actress) sings "Good For Nothing Joe" and "I Got Rhythm."
      --Sammy Davis Jr. sings "Hey There" (imitating Nat King Cole, Frankie Lane, and other singers), then does a "That's Entertainment" song and tap dance.
      --The Will Mastin Trio (Sammy Davis Jr., Sammy Davis Sr. and Will Mastin) - perform a soft shoe dance to "Tea for Two."
      --Julius LaRosa - "Pass It On" & "Let's Stay Home Tonight."
      Also appearing:
      --Joan Rhodes (British strong-woman) - bends a piece of iron with her mouth.
      --Excess Baggage (trained dog act)
      --Audience bows: Tony DeMarco (world welterweight boxing champion) and Charlotte Brooks ("Look" magazine photographer).
      --On film: A clip from the movie "Daddy Longlegs" with Fred Astaire singing and dancing to "Something's Gotta Give" with co-star Leslie Caron.

    • September 19, 1954: U.S. Navy Talent Show

      Scheduled: "A Salute to the U.S. Navy"
      --All performers on this show will be made up of Navy personnel. (This is similar to previous programs showcasing Army and Air Force talent.)

    • September 26, 1954
      September 26, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 3

      --Harry Belafonte sings "Hold 'Em Joe" and "Mark Twain."
      --Los Chavales De Espana (aka "The Kids from Spain," an 11-man musical group) - appear with flamingo dancer Trini Reyes.
      --The Obernkirchen Children's Choir - 'The Happy Wanderer" and "The Spangled Banner."
      Also appearing:
      --Sam Levenson (stand-up) - talks about teaching children about money.
      --Augie & Margo (adagio dance team of Augie and Margo Rodriguez) - perform a Mambo dance.
      --Audience bows: Warren Brown (Chicago-based sportswriter), Sarita Montiel (Spanish actress and singer), Lew Fonseca (former baseball player & manager), Michael Benthall (director of London's Old Vic Theatre), and Sol Hurok (show business impresario, agent & manager).

      Salute to the Cleveland Indians (on the eve of the 1954 World Series):
      --Via a remote from Cleveland: Ed Bang, sports editor of the "Cleveland News," introduces Cleveland Indians pitchers Early Wynn, Bob Lemon, Mike Garcia and Bob Feller. The rest of the team is then introduced.
      --Using a split-screen, Cleveland Indians manager Al Lopez (in Cleveland) talks with Ed & Willie Mays.

    • October 10, 1954
      October 10, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 5

      --Patti Page sings "Oklahoma Blues," "The Mama Doll Song" and "I Cried."
      --Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra - "My Shawl" and "Alma Llanera."
      --Abbe Lane and Xavier Cugat & orchestra - "Bim Bam Boom."
      --Harold Arlen (composer) - performs a medley of his songs: "The Man That Got Away," "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "Come Rain Or Come Shine" and "Stormy Weather."
      Also appearing:
      --The Step Brothers (four tap dancers)
      --Rudy Cardenas (juggler)
      --Les Marcellis (two-man acrobatic team)
      --Audience bows: Robert Q. Lewis, Janet Kern, Bob Strauss & Elaine Stewart.
      --Audience bows: Bobby Jones, Homer Johnson, and Claude Harmon.
      --On film: Scenes from the Judy Garland movie "A Star is Born." (This is believed to be the first preview of the movie.)

    • October 24, 1954
      October 24, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 7

      --Pearl Bailey sings "I'm Tired."
      --The Treniers (seven-man jazz combo) - "Go, Go, Go."
      --Robert Merrill (operatic baritone) sings "Vesti La Giubba" (aria from the opera "Pagliacci") and "You'll Never Walk Alone."
      --Pearl Bailey and Robert Merrill do a jazz-opera challenge routine with Bailey singing "Habinera" and Merill performing "Honeysuckle Rose.'
      Also appearing:
      --Carol Haney (dancer from the Broadway musical "Pajama Game") - "Mamie Is Mimi" production number with two male dancers.
      --Dancers from the off-Broadway play "I Feel Wonderful" perform the show's Charleston dance number.
      --Vivian and Tassie (juggling team).
      --Tobey Anderson (of the US Navy WAVES) - pantomimes (lip-syncs) to records.
      --During his plug for the movie "Phffft," Ed mentions that rival columnist Walter Winchell coined the word "phfft."

    • October 31, 1954: Grantland Rice Tribute

      Grantland Rice tribute (a salute to the late sportscaster):
      --Ed Sullivan reads passage from Grantland Rice's book "The Tumult & The Shouting"
      --Audience bows: Notre Dame's "Four Horsemen" (Harry Stuhldreher Don Miller, Jim Crowley & Elmer Layden)
      --Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - reads "The Ghost Of The Argonne" written by Grantland Rice.
      --Audience bows: Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Mrs. Babe Ruth, Earle Sande, Vincent Richards, Doc Blanchard, Johnny Weissmuller, Gene Sarazin, Col. Eddie Egan.
      Additional guests:
      --Nat King Cole - "It's Crazy," "Smile," "Hajii Baba" and "Lover Come Back To Me."
      --Bert Lahr & Art Carney (comedy sketch) - sports announcer interviews an old time baseball player.
      --Genevieve (French singer) - "Les Marins" & "A La Bastille."
      --Andres Segovia (Spanish guitarist, performs Menuet & Venezuelan dance songs)
      --Audience bow: Dorothy Dandridge (followed by film clip from "Carmen Jones")

    • November 7, 1954
      November 7, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 9

      --The Mills Brothers (vocal group) - perform a medley of "Tiger Rag (Hold That Tiger)," "Paper Doll" "The Jones Boy" and "Up A Lazy River."
      --Kitty Kallen sings "Don't Let the Kitty Geddin" and "In the Chapel in the Moonlight."
      --Eddie Fisher - "Swanee," "There's No Business Like Show Business," "Hey There" and "Fanny."
      --Eddie Fisher - "Count Your Blessings (instead Of Sheep)."
      --Dane Clark, Don Taylor and Andrew Duggan - perform a scene from their Broadway drama "The Fragile Fox" set in WWII.
      --Richard Hearne (British comedian, a.k.a. "Mr. Pastry") does his "The Lancers" pantomime bit and demonstrates the Passing Out Ceremony (to Kitty Kallen and Julia Meade).

    • November 14, 1954
      November 14, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 10

      --Elizabeth Taylor & Van Johnson (talk about their new movie "The Last Time I Saw Paris" & clip from the movie)
      --Elaine Stritch - "You Took Advantage Of Me" (Richard Rodgers song)
      --Harlem Globetrotters
      --Julius LaRosa - "My Baby Cares For Me," "Mobile" and "The Gal That Got Away"
      --Richard Hearn (England's Mr. Pastry) - gets Ed to sing, causes confusion in the bandstand.
      --The Farias (acrobats)
      --The University of Pennsylvania Mask And Wig Club (men in drag do a production number with colonial dress and Spanish costumes).
      --Rosanna Carteri (soprano) - "Mi Chiamno Mimi" (Mimi's aria from "La Boheme")
      --Contest winners from Seventeen magazine's Save The Children doll contest.

    • November 21, 1954
      November 21, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 11

      Scheduled guests:
      --Victor Borge
      --Roberta Peters (Metropolitan opera soprano) appears with Cesare Siepi, Cesare Valletti and Fernando Corena (known as the Met's "Three Musketeers")
      --Jimmy Boyd (young singer of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" fame)
      --The Ballets Espagnols with Terese & Luisillo (dancing company that appeared on Broadway, authentic Spanish dancing)
      --Rudi Horn (balancer)
      --On film: Ed visits the London set of the John Huston movie "Moby Dick." Included is an interview with Gregory Peck, who plays Captain Ahab.

    • November 28, 1954
      November 28, 1954
      Season 7 - Episode 12

      --Teresa Brewer - "My Sweetie Went Away" and "Let Me Go, Lover."
      --The cast of "Fanny" perform songs from the play:
      --Florence Henderson and Lloyd Reese - "Be Kind to Your Parents."
      --Florence Henderson and William Tabbert - duet from "Fanny."
      --Tabbert, Henderson and Ezio Pinza - "Why Be Afraid to Dance?"
      --Harold Rome ("Fanny" songwriter) also appears.
      --Jay Marshall (comedian)
      Also appearing:
      --Cameos: Members of the Colliers All-American Football Team.
      --Audience bow: Paul Young (who coached two All-American football teams).
      --Princeton Triangle Club perform scenes from their latest production. The troupe (including men in drag) does a Charleston dance number.
      --Cameos: Members of the Little All-American Football Team.
      --Filmed segment: A movie clip from "Moby Dick" featuring Gregory Peck.

    • September 12, 1954: The Darryl F. Zanuck Story

      Broadcast from Hollywood:
      A tribute to movie producer and 20th Century Fox executive Darryl F. Zanuck.
      Filmed segments include highlights from some of 20th Century Fox's biggest movies, along with Marilyn Monroe's screen test.

      Verified guests:
      --Darryl F. Zanuck is interviewed by Ed Sullivan.
      --Tony Martin (singer) performs a selection of songs from Fox musicals: "Alexander's Ragtime Band" (from the movie 'There's No Business Like Show Business'), "Mademoiselle" (from 'What Price Glory'), "Three Coins In The Fountain," "It Might As Well Be Spring" (from 'State Fair'), "It's a Woman's World" (from the movie 'Woman's World'), and "Thanks A Million."

      Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
      Jack Benny, Dan Dailey, Shirley Temple, Gloria DeHaven, Ruby Keeler, Sheree North, Dick Powell, Tyrone Power, Clifton Webb, and The Ken Darby Choir.

    • September 5, 1954
      September 5, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 51

      Scheduled guests (broadcast from Atlantic City's Convention Hall):
      --John Harris' "Ice Capades of 1955" (40-minute segment planned) - starring Donna Atwood and Bobby Specht, with a cast of 110 skaters.
      Also scheduled:
      --Roberta Peters (opera singer)
      --Sonny Howard (impressionist)
      --The Harmonicaires (also listed as "The Harmonicats")

    • July 10, 1955
      July 10, 1955
      Season 7 - Episode 44

      --Marion Marlowe (guest host) sings "I'm in Love Again," "Midnight In Paris" and "My Man's Gone Now."
      --Eartha Kitt sings "Mambo De Paris" and "Sandy's Tune."
      --Joey Bishop (comedian) - topics include the heatwave (which was affecting the North-Eastern and Midwestern parts of the country).
      --Rolly Rolls (comic pianist)
      Also appearing:
      --Joan Holloway (dancer) performs the "Can-Can."
      --The Peiro Brothers (jugglers from Argentina) - juggle sticks, blocks and hats.
      --Evers & Dolores (tightrope duo) - dance on a high-wire.

    • July 4, 1954
      July 4, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 42

      Show broadcast from the USS Iowa, docked at the Hudson River.
      --Bill Kenny (formerly of the Ink Spots) sings "Mary" and a medley of Ink Spots' hits.
      --Dolores Gray sings "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and four other songs.
      --Jay Marshall (stand-up comedian)
      Also appearing:
      --The Step Brothers (tap dancers) - appear in two segments.
      --Eileen O'Dare (acrobatic dancer)
      --Les Marcellis (acrobatic duo)
      --Jackie (acrobat)
      --Navy Captain Wayne Loud - is interviewed by Ed.
      --Arthur Connell (American Legion commander) leads the "Pledge Of Allegiance."
      --Herb Hazelton (caricature artist)
      --Audience bows: Charles Vines (blind Marine hero) - appears with his mother.
      --Audience bows: Sgt. Leonard A. Funk, Jr. (Medal of Honor recipient); Lt. George Henry Gay, Jr. (WWII pilot); Donald Mackey (New York Navy League president), and Frank Lange.

    • July 11, 1954
      July 11, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 43

      Scheduled: --Rosemary Clooney (singer) --The Four Lads (vocal group) --Joan Holloway (dancer) --Romo Vincent (comedian) --Stan Kramer (puppeteer) --finalists in the Miss Universe beauty pageant

    • July 18, 1954
      July 18, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 44

      Broadcast from the Westchester Country Club in Rye, New York
      --Vaughn Monroe (singer-bandleader)
      --Carol Haney (dancer from "The Pajama Game") - dances to "Steam Heat," one of the show's production numbers.
      --Doretta Morrow (singer from "Kismet")
      --Rafael Mendez & sons (trumpet player with his 17-year-old twin sons, Ralph and Robert)
      --The Gautier Steeplechasers (with ponies, dogs and a monkey)
      --Stan Kramer (puppeteer-pantomimist)

    • July 25, 1954: U.S. Air Force Talent Show

      Air Force Talent Show a.k.a. "Tops in Blue"
      Broadcast from Mitchel Air Force Base in Hempstead, Long Island.
      --Jerry Van Dyke (comedian, then serving in the Air Force) - plays a failed Channel swimmer in a comedy bit.
      --Roy Bolla (comedian)
      --David Hunter (ventriloquist)
      --First Air Force Band, Mitchel Air Force Base Honor & Color Guard perform "The U.S. Air Force Song."
      --The Air Four sing "I Believe (For Every Drop Of Rain That Falls)."
      --Staff Sgt Carl Gould tap dances while The Aristocats sing.
      --Marlene Pizoni sings "The Nearness Of You."
      --Hap Arnold Honor Flight from Sampson Air Force Base - appears twice in show.
      --Tong Il Han (child prodigy from Korea, adopted by the 5th Air Force) - plays Chopin on piano.
      --Doris Johnson sings "Almost Like Being In Love."
      --Staff Sgt. Keith Fisher sings "That Old Black Magic"
      --Harmonica Rifts (harmonica trio) - "Bunny Hop."
      --The Sandy Valley Boys - "You Better Not Do That."
      Also appearing:
      --The Trojans (acrobats, from Reese Air Force Base Lubbock, Texas)
      --Cameo: Lt. General Leon W. Johnson (medal of Honor recipient and Mitchel Air Force Base commander)
      --Cameo: Air Force Reserve Lt. Col. Arthur C. Carroll (Air Force reservist) appears with Major Martino.

    • August 1, 1954
      August 1, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 46

      Scheduled guests:
      --Polly Bergen (actress) sings "What It This Thing Called Love?"
      --The Ames Brothers (vocal group) - "I Can't Believe That Your In Love With Me."
      --Smith and Dale (comedy team) perform their classic "Dr. Kronkite" sketch.
      --Lee Allen (singer-comedian)
      --The Szonys (dancers)
      --The Carsony Brothers (acrobats)
      --Audience bows: winners of the Women's National A.A.U. track meet.

    • August 8, 1954
      August 8, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 47

      --Audrey Meadows & Jack Whiting - "I Still Get Jealous" song-and-dance (song from the 1947-49 Broadway musical "High Button Shoes").
      --Mary Small (singer) and her husband Vic Mizzy (on piano) - perform a medley of Mizzy's compositions including "I Had a Little Talk with the Lord."
      --Stan Fisher (harmonica player) - "Jungle Fantasy" and "Rumanian Rhapsody."
      --Professor Backwards (comedian Jimmy Edmondson) - gives a demonstration of backward writing.
      Also appearing:
      --Les Charlivels (acrobatic dance trio)
      --Nicky ReDavid (paddle-ball expert)
      --Paul Sydell and Susie (trained dog act)

    • August 15, 1954
      August 15, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 48

      Guest host:
      --Victor Borge (humorist-pianist) - repertoire includes Claude Debussy's "Claire de Lune."
      --The Four Lads (vocal group) perform "Skokiaan" and "Why Should I Love You?"
      --Jeanne Volk (mezzo soprano, winner of a Baltimore singing contest) - sings "My Hero."
      Also appearing:
      --Roy Benson (comic magician)
      --Mata & Hari (dance team)
      --Nita and Peppi Borza (young acrobats)
      --"The Golden Mermaid" (novelty act from the Latin Quarter New York nightclub)

    • August 29, 1954
      August 29, 1954
      Season 6 - Episode 50

      --Eddie Fisher (guest host) sings "I Need You Now."
      --Eddie Fisher - medley of songs associated with other singers ("Someone Waits For Me," "Begin The Beguine," "I'm Just a Vagabond Lover," "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody" and "Night and Day").
      --Serenade of Strings (group of 13 violinists)
      --Alice Riley (soprano, female winner in Chicago Tribune's Chicagoland Music Festival)
      --Raleigh Isaacs (tenor, male winner in Chicago Tribune's Chicagoland Music Festival)
      --Steve Evans (impressionist)
      Also appearing:
      --The American Legion Zouaves Drill Team of Jackson, Michigan (troupe of 12 Legionnaires).
      --Audience bow: Debbie Reynolds (movie actress)
      --Joyce's Camels (novelty act)

    • July 29, 1951
      July 29, 1951
      Season 3 - Episode 46

      Scheduled guests:
      --Yul Brynner (actor, from Broadway's "The King and I")
      --Cab Calloway (orchestra singer)
      --Rose Marie (actress-singer-comedian)
      --Tony Fontaine (singer)
      --Pinky Lee (comedian)
      --Professor Backwards (comedian)
      --Dollinoff and the Reya Sisters (novelty dancers)
      --Tommy Wonder and Margaret Banks (dancers)