Toast of the Town

Season 7 Episode 42

June 26, 1955: 7th Anniversary Show

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

June 26, 1955

7th Anniversary Show - Tribute to Vaudeville
--Opening of show with Mercury Lincoln dealer promo
--A cake is shown as Ed appears with Charles Coburn (actor), Burl Ives, Victor Borge, Phil Silvers, Polly bergen, Eartha Kitt, Tony Bennett, Eddie Fisher, Johnnie Ray and Julius LaRosa. The guests sing "Happy Anniversary" (to tune of "Happy Birthday") to Ed.
--Audience bows: group of men also named "Ed Sullivan" stand up.
--Joe Howard (Vaudeville song-and-dance man) - sings "Hello My Baby," "Goodbye My Lady Love" and one other song (possibly "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now")
--On film: vintage footage of W.C. Fields, home movies of Eddy Foy and the Little Foys.
--Bob Hope, wearing a bowler hat, does a little bit of a comedy routine. Hope then does "The Sand Dance" routine from "The Seven Little Foys." (Hope first appeared on "Talk of the Town" in 1948).
--Sullivan speaks with Bob Hope
--Commercial: Mercury ad with couple who purchased the 2 millionth Mercury.
--Pearl Bailey sings "Nobody" (imitating Bert Williams)
--Ed Sullivan displays a derby hat that belonged to Bill "Bojangles Robinson"
--Pearl Baily tap dances
--Smith and Dale (comedians Joe Smith & Charles Dale) - perform their "Doctor Kronkheit" sketch (as part of the Avon Comedy Four?)
--Famous athletes (introduced by Ed): Jack (Jim) Flick (golf champ), Archie Moore (boxer) , Charlie Johnson (Moore's manager)
--The Port Arthur High School Glee Club - perform a song
--Will Jordan (impressionist) - does his Ed Sullivan impersonation. Jordan acts out The Life of Ed Sullivan: Ed as a high school cheerleader, a high school valedictorian, then the host of "Toast of the Town."
--Ed Sullivan then does an impersonation of Jordan impersonating him.
--Commercial: Mercury ad with singer Pat Kirby
--On film: a clip from the movie "The Seven Little Foys"
--On stage: Bob Hope appears with the children from "The Seven Little Foys" feature.
--Children from "The Seven Little Foys" appear with Hope.
--Commercial: Mercury
--Sigma Kai members appear to celebrate their 100th Anniversary.
--Milton Caniff (cartoonist) appears
--Show ends abruptly.

Scheduled to appear:
--The Port Chester, N.Y. High School Band