Toast of the Town

Season 5 Episode 9

November 9, 1952

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

--Show begins with Ed Sullivan introducing Barry Fitzgerald, "the 'Toast of the Town' comedian."
Ed reads fan letters to Fitzgerald. Sullivan then talks about the upcoming Presidential election (as an introduction to the next segment).
--Pat Harrington, Jay Villa and Rob Chambers - salute the upcoming Presidential election by singing "I Like Ike," a song written by Irving Berlin.
--Barry Fitzgerald (comedian) - in a non-comic appearance, recites the final lines from Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural speech.
--Sullivan introduces Bert Lahr (Broadway and movie star)
--Bert Lahr and Art Carney - do a comedy sketch with baseball coach Lahr being interviewed by sportscaster Carney.
--Commercial: Lincoln automobiles
--The Delta Ryhthm Boys (R&B group) - sing "Dry Bones."
--Sullivan introduces ballerina Nancy Crompton who appears on stage with Sullivan.
--Harry Mimmo (Italian pantomime artist & tap dancer) - tap-dances to "I Can't Give You Anything but Love," does an Spanish dancer impersonation, then imitates a receptionist at typewriter putting on her makeup.
--Bert Lahr - 2nd comedy sketch: "Schneider's Miracle" about a garbage man picking up litter in Central Park. He talks with nannies with babies and a little girl eating popcorn.
--Mimi Benzell (opera soprano) - "Sweethearts."
--Commercial spot for Lincoln Mercury dealers.
--Bert Lahr - 3rd sketch: Lahr sings to his ax in "The Woodchopper's Song."
--Announcer Art Hannis announces next week's guests: Henry Fonda, Edith Piaf, the University Of Pennsylvania Mask & Wig Club, Leslie Randall, Harrison Fisher and Met opera singer Mario Del Monico.
--Show closes with ballet dancers on performing on stage (closing credits roll).

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