Toast of the Town - Season 3

CBS (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • September 2, 1951
    September 2, 1951
    Episode 51

    Scheduled guests:
    --Dolores Gray (guest host)
    --Buster Keaton (famous silent movie comedian)
    --Arlene Dahl (movie actress)
    --Henny Youngman (comedian)
    --Buddy Lester
    --Dick Dana and 'Peanuts' Mann (comedy team)
    --Andre, Andre and Bonnie (dance trio)

  • August 26, 1951
    August 26, 1951
    Episode 50

    Scheduled guests:
    --Robert Alda and Isabel Bigley (actors, from the Broadway cast of "Guys and Dolls"). Robert Alda appears as guest host.
    --Eddie Mayehoff (actor)
    --Bobby Sargent (comedian)
    --The Christianis (acrobatic family)
    --Delarge & Shirley (magic act)

  • August 19, 1951
    August 19, 1951
    Episode 49

    --Victor Borge (humorist and piano player, appearing as guest host)
    --Les Paul & Mary Ford (guitarist & singer) - "The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" & "Caravan." (Paul Gives Borge a guitar)
    --The Hurricanes (acrobat trio, 2 men & 1 woman do an acrobatic routine)
    --Tommy Wonder & Margaret Banks (dancers) - swing dance to "Organ Grinder's Swing"
    --Zola May Shaulis (also spelled Zella Maye Schola) - child prodigy plays "Spinning Song" By Mendelson.
    --The Maxwells (comedic acrobats) - do basketball stunts in slow motion
    --Francis X. Bushman (movie actor) - promotes the movie "David And Bathsheba" (in which he plays King Saul). Then he demonstrates different acting .
    --Victor Borge - towards end of show performs "Nocturne" by Chopin (with dancers)

  • August 12, 1951
    August 12, 1951
    Episode 48

    Guest host:
    --Johnny Johnston (Broadway performer) sings "I'm In Love Again" and "My Truly, Truly Fair."
    --Finale: Johnny Johnston closes the show by singing "Black Ball Ferry Line."
    --Johnny Johnston and Marcia Van Dyke (actors, from the Broadway musical "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn") reprise the play's rooftop scene with Johnston singing "I'll Buy You a Star."
    Also appearing:
    --Will Mastin Trio (nightclub trio consisting of Will Mastin, Sammy Davis Sr. and Sammy Davis Jr.) - appear in a 12-minute segment which includes Sammy Davis Jr. doing vocal impressions of various actors and singers.
    --Maria Tallchief (American prima ballerina)
    --Eddie Mayehoff (comedian-actor) - does a monologue about football.
    --The Myrons (acrobatic-balancing act from Radio City Music Hall).

  • August 5, 1951
    August 5, 1951
    Episode 47

    (Verified) Guests:
    --Gene Raymond (actor, appearing as guest host)
    --Peg Leg Bates (Vaudeville performer)

    Scheduled guests:
    --Jeannette MacDonald (singer-actress)
    --Harvey Stone (comedian)
    --De Santos Trio (dance trio)
    --Dolly Barr (roller skater)

  • July 29, 1951
    July 29, 1951
    Episode 46

    Scheduled guests:
    --Yul Brynner (actor, from Broadway's "The King and I")
    --Cab Calloway (orchestra singer)
    --Rose Marie (actress-singer-comedian)
    --Tony Fontaine (singer)
    --Pinky Lee (comedian)
    --Professor Backwards (comedian)
    --Dollinoff and the Reya Sisters (novelty dancers)
    --Tommy Wonder and Margaret Banks (dancers)

  • July 22, 1951
    July 22, 1951
    Episode 45

    --The Nicholas Brothers (singers-dancers) - tap dance & sing "Mama Mia."
    --Robert Merrill (Metropolitan opera baritone) sings "The Flea."
    --Robert Merrill - "La Pierta" production number.
    --Jane Morgan sings "I Love Paris" (production number with dancers dressed as US soldiers).
    --Jerry Colonna (radio & movie comedian) - does a routine about an Italian organ grinder & his monkey.
    --Cliff Norton (a series regular on "Garroway at Large") - does a monologue about a big league baseball manager.
    Also appearing:
    --Renald and Rudy (two-man gymnastic team) - perform a balancing act.
    --Eddie S. Dworchek - an 11-year-old from Paoli, PA, who volunteered to travel 10 miles to read to blind veterans at Valley Forge Army Hospital.
    --On-stage bow: "Jersey" Joe Walcott (boxer who became the World's Heavyweight champion on July 18).
    --Audience bows: Peter Dalessandro (military hero) and Johnny Dundee (boxer).
    --Audience bows: Colonel Sidney L. Huff (military hero), Felix Bocchicchio (retired boxer & Jersey Joe Walcott's manager), and Eddie Dworchek's mother.

  • July 15, 1951
    July 15, 1951
    Episode 44

    --Louis Prima (singer & orchestra leader) - "Oh Babe!" and "Come On-A My House."

    Scheduled guests:
    --Bobby Sargent (comedian)
    --Ethel Smith (organist)
    --Lauritz Melchior (tenor)
    --The Dunhills (dance trio)
    --Elsa & Waldo (comedy dancers)
    --Will Mahoney (dancer)

  • July 8, 1951
    July 8, 1951
    Episode 43

    Scheduled guests:
    --Eddie Anderson (comedian, Rochester of "The Jack Benny Program")
    --Anna Marie Alberghetti (singer, appering with her brother, Paolo)
    --Joan Halloway (tap dancer)
    --Monica Moore (singer)
    --Georgie Kaye (comedian)
    --Cass Franklin (singer)
    --The Dassies (European clown act) (also listed as "Rochester and the Dassies")
    --Texas Tommie and Baby Doll (trained pony act)

  • July 1, 1951
    July 1, 1951
    Episode 42

    Scheduled guests:
    --Robert Merrill (opera singer)
    --Anna Maria Alberghetti (singer, appearing with her brother)
    --Pat Rooney Sr. (soft shoe dancer)
    --The Schmitt Brothers (barber shop quartet)
    --The Tong Brothers (acrobats)
    --Maxie the Clown

  • June 24, 1951
    June 24, 1951
    Episode 41

    Scheduled guests:
    --William Warfield (baritone, from the 1951 movie "Show Boat")
    --Pinky Lee (comedian)
    --Maria Neglia (violinist)
    --Smith & Dale (comedy team)
    --De Raye (or Delray) (magician)
    --Baudy's Greyhound and Monkey Act (trained animal act)
    --The Szonys (brother and sister ballet team)

  • June 17, 1951
    June 17, 1951
    Episode 40

    Third Anniversary Show.
    --Arthur Godfrey, Victor Borge, Mimi Benzell, Gloria Swanson and Paul Winchell sing "Happy Birthday" to Ed.
    --Blanche Thebom (Met Opera mezzo-soprano) sings "Habanera" and "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You."
    --Graham Jackson (concert pianist)
    --Johnny Hopp, Ed Lopat, Tommy Henrich and Hank Bauer (of the New York Yankees) - perform as a barbershop quartet.
    --Pat C. Flick - heckles Ed from a theatre box.
    --Pinky Lee - act featuring wild comic dancing.
    Also appearing:
    --Nanci Crompton (dancer)
    --Hubbell Robinson Jr. (CBS program vice-president) congratulates Ed on the show's anniversary.
    --On film: To commemorate Ben Hogan's recent U.S. Open win, a kinescope of the golfer (appearing on a previous Sullivan episode) is shown.
    Series regulars:
    --The Toastettes

  • June 10, 1951
    June 10, 1951
    Episode 39

    --A condensed version of "The Front Page," with Walter Abel (as the editor) and Ian Martin (portraying 'Hildy Johnson'), is presented.
    --Joyce Bryant (vocalist & actress) - performs a song from the musical "Porgy and Bess."
    --Jan Peerce (operatic tenor) sings "Because" and an aria from the opera "Martha."
    Also appearing:
    --The Amazing Mr. Ballantine (comic magician Carl Ballantine)
    --Peggy Ryan and Ray MacDonald (dancers from Broadway's Roxy Theatre)
    --Bil and Cora Baird's Puppets - includes a puppet replica of Ed Sullivan.
    --Hammond's Birds (trained animal act)

  • June 3, 1951
    June 3, 1951
    Episode 38

    Show broadcast from Pittsburgh's Syria Mosque.
    --Frankie Laine sings "Dream Your Troubles Away" and "Jezebel."
    --Roberta Peters (coloratura soprano) - sings "The Bell Song" from Lakme.
    --The Tucson Boys Chorus (troupe founded by Eduardo Caso) - (possibly) "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" and "Thumbelina."
    --Pinky Lee - does a comedy act with Ed Sullivan.
    --Elsa and Waldo (comedy dance duo)
    Also appearing:
    --Nita and Peppi Borza (brother and sister acrobatic act).
    --Gautier's Steeplechase (animal circus act with miniature horses/ponies).
    --Audience bow: Charles E. Kelly (WWII Medal Of Honor winner, aka "Commando Kelly").
    --Audience bow: Billy Conn (retired boxer known as "The Pittsburgh Kid").
    --Cameos: Pittsburgh citizens Tom Troy (Chamber Of Commerce president), Admiral Ben Moreell, and Clifford Hood (Vice President of U.S. Steel) present a trophy to the winner of the Steamboat Race, which took place the previous day.

  • May 27, 1951
    May 27, 1951
    Episode 37

    --Russell Nype (Broadway performer) and Yvette (nightclub singer) - "I Hear Music" (song from "Call Me Madam").
    --Gino Bechi (La Scala opera baritone) sings "Sorrento" and an aria from "Faust."
    --Anita Aros (violinist)
    --Pinky Lee (comedian)
    --Kirkwood and Goodman (comedy team of James Kirkwood Jr. and Lee Goodman).
    Also appearing:
    --Bunny Briggs (tap dancer)
    --The Five Armandis (Danish acrobats) - teeter-board act.

  • May 20, 1951
    May 20, 1951
    Episode 36

    Scheduled guests:
    --Johnny Desmond (singer)
    --Mimi Benzell (singer, from the Metropolitan opera)
    --Ken Murray and Laurie Anders (regulars on CBS TV's "The Ken Murray Show")
    --Billy De Wolfe (comedian)
    --Tit, Tat & Toe (dance team)
    --Lola & Lita (plate-spinning comedy act)

  • May 13, 1951: Tribute to Israel

    Broadcast from Madison Square Garden in celebration of Israel's 3rd Anniversary.
    --Robert Alda and Isabel Bigley (from the Broadway cast of "Guys and Dolls") sing duets and solo numbers.
    --Robert Shaw Chorale (singing group) perform an Israeli folk tune and a Spiritual song.
    --Steve Condos and Jerry Brandow (song-and-dance team)
    --Smith & Dale (comedy team)
    --Menasha Skulnik (Vaudeville & Yiddish Theatre performer) - comedy monologue includes a parody of the song "Besame Mucho."
    Also appearing:
    --Nanci Crompton (dancer)

  • May 6, 1951
    May 6, 1951
    Episode 34

    Scheduled guests:
    --Billy De Wolfe (actor)
    --Pinky Lee (comedian)
    --Marcia Van Dyke and Johnny Johnston (singers, from the Broadway musical "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn")
    --Eddie Arcaro (jockey)
    --Linon (clown & wire-walker)

  • April 29, 1951
    April 29, 1951
    Episode 33

    Scheduled guests:
    --Ralph Bellamy
    --Vaughn Monroe & chorus
    --Marc Connelly
    --Pinky Lee (comedian)
    --Tessie O'Shay (singer)
    --Dorothy Hayden's Irish Revue
    --Margaret Brown (tap dancer)
    --Gali Gali (magician)

  • April 22, 1951
    April 22, 1951
    Episode 32

    --Jane Froman sings "Make the Man Love Me" (a song from the Broadway musical "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn").
    --Jan Peerce (Metropolitan Opera operatic tenor) sings "Song of Songs" and an aria from "Tosca."
    --Gerald Marks (composer) - performs a medley of his songs.
    --Robert Maxwell (jazz harpist and songwriter) performs "Second Hungarian Rhapsody" and "Spaghetti Rag."
    Also appearing:
    --Myron Cohen (storyteller comedian)
    --Sanger, Ross and Andre (comedy dance act)
    --Jean Babilee and Nathalie Philippart (dancers from Les Ballets des Champs-Elysees, Paris) - perform a pas de deux.
    --Zavetta Troupe (circus acrobats) perform a ladder-balancing act.
    --Ben Hardesty (professional fly-casting champion fisherman)

  • April 15, 1951
    April 15, 1951
    Episode 31

    Show broadcast from Detroit:
    --Jane Froman (singer) - "Be My Love" and "Big, Wide, Wonderful World."
    --Bill Tabbert and Jane Froman sing "Younger Than Springtime."
    --Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy (husband & wife TV personalities) - comedy routine includes imitations of Mario Lanza, Russell Nype, and Ethel Merman.
    --Harvey Stone (comedian) - monologue about his days in the Army.
    --Byron Nelson (golfer) - winds up his series of golf lessons.
    --The Dunhills (aka The Dunhill Trio) (tap dancers)
    --The Gaudsmith Brothers (Max and Henry Gaudsmith, with their two French poodles)
    --The Shyrettos (acrobatic bicycle act)

  • April 8, 1951
    April 8, 1951
    Episode 30

    --Anita and Pippin (circus act, from Florida)
    --Billy Eckstine sings two songs - the 2nd song is "I Apologize" (first song is unknown)
    --Claude Rains (actor) - performs a scene from the Broadway play "Darkness at Noon," written and directed by Sidney Kingsley.
    The 1950-51 New York Drama Critics Circle Awards. Presenters include John Chapman (the president of the Critics Circle). Sidney Kingsley, John C. Wilson and John Gielgud accept awards.
    --Joan Holloway (dancer) - tap dance routine
    --Doretta Morrow and Larry Douglas - "I Have Dreamed" (from "The King & I")
    --Audience bows: Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein
    --Audience bow: Donald Crisp (Hollywood star)
    --Paul Gallico and The Fencer's Club of New York (aka New York Fencing Team) - fencing demonstration.

  • April 1, 1951
    April 1, 1951
    Episode 29

    --Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (actor) - talks about his recent European adventure and reads from Kipling's "If."
    --Les Paul & Mary Ford - "How High The Moon?" and "Cryin''."
    --Phil Spitalny and His Hour of Charm Orchestra (aka "Phil Spitalny and His All-Girl Orchestra") - medley of 'Spring' songs: Strauss' "Voices Of Spring," Mendelssohn's "Spring Song" and "April Song."
    --Martin Keane (Irish tenor) sings "A Little Bit Of Heaven" (with Irish Step Dancers).
    --Mickey Carton (accordion player) and Francis Flanagan - "Rickets Hornpipe" (with Irish Step Dancers).
    --Artie Dann (fast-talking comedian) - monologue.
    Also appearing:
    --Dorothy Hayden's Irish Memories Revue (Irish step dancers) - perform an Irish jig at beginning of show.
    --Nino (trained dog act from France) - balances on ball, etc.
    --Audience bow: Jane Wurster (selected "Miss New York Press Photographer" of 1951)
    --On-stage bow: Jack Dempsey

  • March 25, 1951
    March 25, 1951
    Episode 28

    1951 Easter Show.
    --Terry-Thomas (comedian) - routine includes an impression of an Italian opera singer.
    --The Phil Spitalny's Hour Of Charm All-Girl Orchestra - "Hallelujah Chorus" (from Handel's "Messiah") and "Battle Hymn Of The Republic."
    --Evelyn Silverstone (violinist with Phil Spitalny's orchestra) - performs Franz Schubert's "Ave Maria."
    --The Notre Dame Glee Club - sing hymns and college songs.
    Also appearing:
    --The King Brothers (hand-balancers)
    --Paul and Grace Hartman (aka The Hartmans, dancers) - do a dancing school spoof with comedy dancing.

    Additional guests (tentatively scheduled):
    --Byron Nelson (golfer) - 4th in a series of golf lessons.
    --Ted Puckwood (coin expert)

  • March 18, 1951
    March 18, 1951
    Episode 27

    --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - "If I Were on the Stage."
    --Lucienne Boyer (French chanteuse) sings "Speak To Me of Love."
    --Carmen Cavallero (pianist)
    --Nancy Walker (comedian) - performs "I'm the First Girl in the Second Row," a parody of ballet from the Broadway musical "Look, Ma, I'm Dancin'!"
    Also appearing:
    --Hugh Laing & Diana Adams (husband-and-wife ballet dancers) - perform the pas-de-deux from Antony Tudor's "Lady of the Camellias."
    --Byron Nelson (golfer) - 3rd in a series of golf lessons.
    --Ala Ming (female tightrope walker) - does a flip while walking the wire.
    --Excess Baggage (trained dog act presented by Alma Michaels).
    --Audience bow: Jimmy McHale (golfer?)

  • March 11, 1951
    March 11, 1951
    Episode 26

    --Rise Stevens (operatic mezzo-soprano) sings an aria from "Carmen" and a light opera tune.
    --Dave Rubinoff (violinist) - plays two tunes.
    --Victor Borge (pianist & humorist) - repertoire includes a rendition of "Happy Birthday."
    --Eva Le Gallienne (Broadway actress, director & producer) - performs an excerpt from Chekhov's "Cherry Orchard." (Le Gallienne was part of the play's 1928 & 1933 Broadway cast.)
    Also appearing:
    --Shirley Van (dancer)
    --The Szonys (Adagio dancers Francois and Giselle Szony)
    --Byron Nelson (golfer) - second in a series of golf lessons.

  • March 4, 1951
    March 4, 1951
    Episode 25

    --Helen Forrest (singer) - "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate."
    --James Melton (Metropolitan Opera tenor) sings "El Rancho Grande."
    --Shaw and Lee (Vaudeville comedy team)
    --Chaz Chase (comedian) - routine includes smoking, then eating, a cigar.
    Also appearing:
    --Trini Reyes (flamenco dancer)
    --Byron Nelson (golfer) - first in a series of golf lessons.
    --The De Mattiazzis (acrobats) - dancing full dolls.
    --Audience bow: Harry Wismer (golfer)
    --Cameo: Patricia Hitchcock (daughter of director Alfred Hitchcock)
    --Audience bow: Bob Murphy and Harvey Mathews (boxers)
    --Audience bow: Gertrude Berg (actress-comedian)

  • February 25, 1951
    February 25, 1951
    Episode 24

    --Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy (actors) perform a scene from the 1939 Broadway drama "The White Steed."
    --Russell Nype (Broadway actor) - sings "When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love" and “It's a Lovely Day Today.”
    --Jo Sullivan (operatic soprano)
    --Alan Young (actor-comedian) - comedy bit about a man taking care of a loud, crying baby.
    Also appearing:
    --Bobby Van (Broadway performer) dance routine with impressions of famous movie actors.
    --Rod Alexander and Bambi Lynn (husband-and-wife dancers) - do a lullaby-dance.
    --Jimmy Garner and Yvonne (trampoline act)

  • February 18, 1951
    February 18, 1951
    Episode 23

    --Sugar Ray Robinson - skips rope to "Anchor's Away." Later in show, Sugar Ray watches a clip from an earlier show with Sam Snead, Bob Williams & himself. Sugar Ray talks about Terry Moore.
    --Molly Picon (Yiddish actress) - sings "Heaven Help A Working Girl," "Daisy" and "The Story Of Grandma's Shawl"
    --Ray McKinley (band leader & singer) - "Don't Mess With Mr. In Between" Later in show, sings "Came A Long Way From St. Louis"
    --Mila Raymon (violin player)
    --Paul Schon (clarinet playing young boy) - plays "Army Air Corps"
    --Chief American Horse (Chief of Sioux Nation) - gives Ed the name "Laughing Heart" & an Indian headdress. (Six American Indian chiefs appear on stage.)
    --The Jaywalkers (3 male acrobats)
    --Rudy Cardenas (young juggler from Mexico)
    --Audience bows: General John Reed Kilpatrick; Mrs. Sugar Ray Robinson; Nancy Chaffe; Irv Kupcinet; Major Alexander; Mrs. Disiversky; Col. Robert Johnson

  • February 11, 1951
    February 11, 1951
    Episode 22

    --Dick Haymes sings "Blue Skies" and "Nevertheless."
    --Dick Haymes - "Today's Gonna Be A Great Day" production number.
    --Smith & Dale (Vaudeville comedy team) - perform a hospital sketch.
    --The Maxwells (acrobats) - pretend to move in slow-motion.
    Also appearing:
    --Dame Judith Anderson (actress) - dramatic reading of the Gettysburg Address.
    --Hudson and Sharae (adagio dancers)
    --Brant and Smith (or Brand & Sisk) - badminton demonstration.
    --Sherman White (Long Island University basketball player) is presented with an award.
    --Audience bow: Larry Doby (baseball star invited on stage).
    --Audience bows: Rutgers University fraternity pledges.

  • February 4, 1951
    February 4, 1951
    Episode 21

    --Jane Morgan (singer) - "April in Paris."
    --Russell Nype (actor, from Broadway's "Call Me Madam") sings "It's a Lovely Day Today."
    --Jane Morgan and Russell Nype - "You're Just in Love" duet.
    --Nancy Walker (comedienne) - does a slapstick murder mystery sketch with five actors.
    Also appearing:
    --Margot Fonteyn and Michael Somes (Sadler's Wells Ballet dancers) - "Swan Lake" pas de deux.
    --Bobby Vance (dancer) - tap dance and soft shoe routine.
    --Renald and Rudy (acrobats)
    --Cameo: Skeets Minton (ventriloquist) - scheduled to perform, but reduced to a cameo after the show ran out of time.

  • January 28, 1951
    January 28, 1951
    Episode 20

    Scheduled guests:
    --Gloria Swanson (actress)
    --Roberta Peters (opera singer)
    --Vaughn Monroe (singer & host of the TV series "Camel Caravan")
    --The Harmonicats (vocal trio)
    --Granny Hamner (Philadelphia Phillies shortstop)
    --Harold Barnes (wire walker)
    --The Vierra Monkeys

  • January 21, 1951
    January 21, 1951
    Episode 19

    --Margaret Truman (daughter of Harry S. Truman) - sings "My Lovely Celia" (by George Monro) and "Gavotte" (by David Copper).
    --Jimmy Wakely (country & western singer) - "San Antonio Rose" and "My Heart Cries For You."
    --Evalyn Tyner (jazz pianist w/small combo) performs "Night and Day" (with assistance by Ed).
    --Jan Murray (comedian) - routine about the feeding of an infant.
    --Roland Young (movie actor) - plays a bumbling public speaker in the comedy sketch "The Treasurer's Report" (a role originated by the late Robert Benchley).
    --The Nonchalants (comic tumbling act).
    Also appearing:
    --Junius Kellogg (Manhattan College basketball player who helped expose a racketeering scheme).
    --Cameo: Arthur J. Wallander (New York City's Civil Defense Director).
    --Cameo: Irving Sapold (Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney General).
    Also, a B'nai B'rith award is presented to Ed Sullivan.

  • January 14, 1951
    January 14, 1951
    Episode 18

    --Anna Maria Alberghetti (14-year-old singer) - sings the Aria from "Nightingale" & "The Rose"
    --Joey Adams (comedian) - does a stand-up routine with Ed
    --Billy Graves & Sons (tap dancing routine)
    --Joey Adams, Billy Graves & Sons - tap dance to "Sunny Side Of The Street"
    --James Melton (singer, from the Metropolitan Opera) - "Somewhere Beyond The Sea" & "Soul Is A Witness For My Lord"
    --The Carters (roller skating family) - skate to "California Here I Come"
    --Audience bows: James Edwards, Bob Williams, Sugar Ray Robinson
    --Sam Snead (golf pro) - gives golf lesson, with broken wrist. Joined on stage by Sugar Ray Robinson & Bob Williams.
    --Moira Shearer (ballet dancer)
    --Moira Shearer & John Hart - dance the Adagio from "Sleeping Beauty"

  • January 7, 1951
    January 7, 1951
    Episode 17

    --The George Shearing Quintet (jazz group)
    --Ruth Casey sings "That Old Black Magic."
    --James Melton (Metropolitan Opera tenor) - "Ghost Riders In The Sky" and the aria "M'appari" (with piano accompaniment). Melton also does a comic operatic version of "Pistol Packing Mama."
    --Brani and Valenti (comedy team from Italy)
    --Excess Baggage (trained dog act presented by Alma Michaels)
    Also appearing:
    --Harbers & Dale (ballroom dancers)
    --The Sherwoods (acrobatic trio - two men and a woman)
    --Audience bows: Joe Louis (boxer) and Johnny Alden (singer).

  • December 31, 1950
    December 31, 1950
    Episode 16

    Scheduled guests:
    --Mimi Benzell (Metropolitan Opera soprano)
    --Jane Morgan (singer)
    --Pat Rooney Sr. ("soft shoe" dancer)
    --Ben Wrigley ("loose-jointed" British comedian)
    --George Johnstone (magician)
    --Joe and Lotta Anders (juggling-bicycling team)

  • December 24, 1950: Christmas Show

    --David Niven (movie actor) does a dramatic scene set in the WWI trenches, then reads from "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland."
    --Rosemary Clooney sings "Crying Myself To Sleep." Later in show, Rosemary Clooney sings "Ain't She Sweet" with the Phil Jones Dancers.
    --Lauritz Melchior (Opera tenor) performs "Viva La Compagnie" and "Some Enchanted Evening."
    --Mickey Deems (comedian) - talks about shopping with a child, and does an "Uncle Sam Wants You" routine.
    Also appearing:
    --The Phil Jones Dancers (young couples) - ballroom dancing to music of "Dancing In The Dark."
    --Ted Mack, host of "The Original Amateur Hour," talks with the Phil Jones Dancers.
    --Ross Harvey's Birds - tap dancing bird routine. Later in show, Ed interviews Ross Harvey and holds a parrot from the show.
    --Cameo: Al Hodge ("Captain Video") and Don Hastings ("The Video Ranger") discuss their roles on the TV series "Captain Video and His Video Rangers."
    --Cameo: "Cactus Jim" (possibly actor William Bailey) talks about Thanksgiving and Santa Claus.
    --Cameo: Carol San Salvarino (8-year-old) talks to Ed.

  • December 17, 1950
    December 17, 1950
    Episode 14

    --Victor Borge (pianist & humorist)
    --Cornelia Otis Skinner acts out multiple parts in "A Box of Powder," a sketch about a woman wanting to buy face powder at a fancy beauty salon.
    --Nancy Walker plays a cafeteria counter waitress in "What's In The Middle," a sketch from Broadway's "Along Fifth Avenue."
    --Eleanor Steber (Metropolitan opera soprano) sings "Ave Maria."
    Also appearing:
    --Harold Barnes (wire walker) - tightrope balancing act.
    --Phil Rizzuto (New York Yankees shortstop) - tells of how he almost had his leg amputated from complications after stepping into a gopher hole.
    --William P. Lear (inventor, aircraft manufacturer and winner of the 1950 Collier Trophy)
    --On-stage intro: Mena Marucci (10-year-old concert pianist from Rome, New York)
    --At beginning of show, Ed congratulates Norma Thornton, one of the Toastettes, on her upcoming marriage to actor Tiger Andrews.

  • December 10, 1950
    December 10, 1950
    Episode 13

    --Eddie Fisher sings "Thinking of You."
    --Eddie Fisher accompanied by songwriter Harry Akst on piano - "Good-bye, G.I. Al" (a song dedicated to the late Al Jolson).
    --Jane Morgan sings "La Vie En Rose" and a medley of American songs sung in French.
    --Buster Keaton (silent movie comedian) - plays an unemployed Santa Claus in a pantomime sketch.
    --Jack E. Leonard (comedian)
    --The Princeton Triangle Club perform "Steamroller Operators Ball," a satirical Charleston number from their annual show.
    Also appearing:
    --Kathryn Lee (dancer) - reprises a scene from the Broadway musical "As the Girls Go."

  • December 3, 1950
    December 3, 1950
    Episode 12

    --Stan Kenton and his Orchestra perform "Lover (When You're Near Me)" and "Viva Prado."
    --Maynard Ferguson (trumpet player with Stan Kenton's Orchestra) - trumpet solo.
    --Roberta Peters (coloratura soprano) sings "Bati, Bati O Bel Messatto" and "Se Sara La Rosa" (song spelling?).
    --Jean Carroll - talks about women in Florida, sings "Enjoy Yourself."
    --Ben Wrigley (comedian-actor) - comedy monologue, sings "Give My Regards To Broadway."
    --Kinko (clown contortionist)
    Also appearing:
    --John Bashemin (spelling?) - tap dances then plays "New Orleans Boogie" on piano.
    --Audience bow: Johnny Marks (composer of "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer").
    --Audience bow: Sol Hurok (entertainment business agent and manager).
    --Audience bows: Andrew Kerr, Bernie Bierman, and Dale Connor (football coaches).

  • November 26, 1950
    November 26, 1950
    Episode 11

    --Teresa Brewer sings "The Thing."
    --Leonard Warren (baritone opera singer) - aria from "Rigoletto."
    --Leonard Warren sings "Musketeers" while Rudolf Frimi plays piano.
    --Rudolf Friml (pianist-composer) - performs a piano medley of songs he composed (or co-wrote): "Indian Love Call," "Only A Rose," "Something Seems Tingle-Ingleing," "Hesitation Waltz," "Allah's Holiday" and "L'Amour, Toujours L'amour."
    --Eddie Mayehoff (comedian) - plays a football coach trying to inspire his team with a rousing speech.
    --Pat C. Flick (comedian, sitting in a box seat) heckles Ed Sullivan.
    --Nancy Walker (comedian) sings "Chant D'Amour" (a.k.a. "Irving" - from the Broadway revue "Along Fifth Avenue").
    --Nancy Walker, Looney Lewis and Sammy Birch - printing press sketch.
    Also appearing:
    --The Tong Brothers (3-man acrobat team)

  • November 19, 1950
    November 19, 1950
    Episode 10

    Broadcast from the Boston Opera House.
    --Sarah Vaughn sings "Tenderly."
    --Jerome Hines (Metropolitan Opera operatic bass) sings "Song of the Vagabond."
    --Johnny Alden (baritone) sings an Italian song.
    --Victor Moore (actor) reprises his TV role as Lightnin' Bill Jones in the courtroom scene from the comedy "Lightnin'." (Moore played the role a month earlier when "Lightnin'" was presented on the October 27, 1950 episode of CBS's TV anthology series "The Magnavox Theatre.")
    --Victor Borge (Danish comic pianist) plays Staccato and Minuet while eating a sandwich.
    Also appearing:
    --Partington & Kaiser (dancers) - perform the dance from "Call Me Madame."
    --Gautier's Steeplechase (trained animal act) - animals include ponies (jumping steeples), dogs (riding ponies), and monkeys (performing various tricks).
    --Bobby Winters (juggler) - juggles pins and tambourines.
    --Cameo: Jack Sharkey (boxer)
    --On-stage bow: Walt Dropo (Boston Red Sox first baseman)

  • November 12, 1950
    November 12, 1950
    Episode 9

    --Phil Spitalny's Hour Of Charm (Spitalny's "All-Girl Orchestra" featuring Evelyn and 'Her Magic Violin') - perform a medley of North-Eastern College songs, along with "The Swan," "Our Lady Of Fatima" and "National Emblem March."
    --Buster Keaton and Eleanor Keaton (silent movie era comedian and his wife) - do a pantomime sketch about a politician and his wife, both exhausted from campaigning, preparing for bed.
    Jimmy Nelson (ventriloquist) - routine with puppets Danny O'Day and Humphrey Higsbye.
    Also appearing:
    --Arthur Lake (actor) - talks about playing "Dagwood" in the "Blondie" film series, introduces "Daisy" and her litter of puppies, and sings "Daisy, Daisy" and "The Gang's All Here."
    --Alan & Blanche Lund (ballroom dancers)
    --Vincent R. Impellitteri (New York City mayor)
    --Audience bow: Betty Impellitteri (NYC mayor's wife)
    --Ross Harvey - tap dances while trained parakeets move around his hands.
    --On-stage bow: Gladys Gollahon (songwriter, composed the tune "Our Lady Of Fatima")

  • November 5, 1950: King Cole Trio, Buster Keaton, Milton Berle, Nanette Fabray

    --The Nat King Cole Trio performs "Orange-Colored Sky" and, later in show,"Calypso" (both production numbers with dancers).
    --Buster Keaton (silent era movie comedian) - does a pantomime fishing sketch.
    --Nanette Fabray sings "On A Sunday By The Sea" from her Broadway musical "High Button Shoes."
    --Milton Berle (comedian) - stand-up routine.
    --Leonard Sues plays "Blue Skies" on trumpet, then attempts a duet with Milton Berle.
    --Rosella Hightower and Andre Eglevsky (dance team, of the American Ballet) perform the 'Nutcracker' pas de deux.
    --Audience bow: Monsignor Wagner (of Boy's Town)
    --The Boys Town Choir (aka The Father Flanagan Boys Choir) - perform a song.
    --Montes de Oca (trampoline act) - performs a head-to-hand balancing act.

    Scheduled guest:
    --Jack Whiting scheduled to appear with Nanette Fabray.

  • October 29, 1950
    October 29, 1950
    Episode 7

    --Margaret Truman (lyric soprano and daughter of President Harry S. Truman) sings "O'er the Hill" and "My Johann."
    --Clark Dennis sings "Jealousy" (segment begins with a ballet dancer).
    --Victor Borge (comedian-pianist)
    --Smith and Dale (comedy team) - try to pick up girls in a sketch set aboard a ship.
    Also appearing:
    --Cornelia Otis Skinner (actress & author) - does a monologue about some of the characters found on Broadway.
    --Sing Lee Sing (acrobatic trio) - routine includes plate spinning and a pyramid stunt.
    --Cameo: The Merry Mutes (comedy duo of Dick Van Dyke and Phil Erickson).

  • October 22, 1950: Peggy Lee, Dave Barbour, Jerome Hines, Flora Robson, Eddie Mayhoff

    --Peggy Lee (with her husband, Dave Barbour, accompanying her on guitar) performs "Show Me the Way to Get Out of This World" and "La Vie en Rose."
    --Jerome Hines (operatic bass) sings "Some Enchanted Evening" and "Ol' Man River."
    --Flora Robson (British actress) - performs a scene from her Broadway play "Black Chiffon" (with other actors from the cast).
    --Eddie Mayhoff (comedian) - does an inspirational coach routine to the song "Football Hero."
    --Al Bernie (stand-up comedian) - talks about vacationing in Florida, insurance, then does impressions.
    --The Mazonni Abbott Dancers (six females and one male) sing and dance "Mon Amour" in a French bar room fight setting.
    --Johnny Lander (novelty act) - plays "Three Blind Mice" on the violin while balancing on ladder.

  • October 15, 1950: Sarah Churchill, John O'Hare, Myron Cohen, Reginald Gardiner, Lauritz Melchoir

    --Sarah Churchill (Winston Churchill's daughter) and John O'Hare - perform the balcony scene from "Romeo and Juliet."
    --Reginald Gardiner (British actor & comedian) - comedy routine in which he lip-synchs to Bing Crosby's "Mississippi Mud" recording.
    --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) - comedy monologue.
    --Carol Bruce (singer) - "My Bill" and "Blues in the Night"
    --Lauritz Melchoir (tenor, from the Metropolitan Opera) - sings "Longren's Farewell" and "Without A Song."
    --Jacques Cordon (unicyclist-juggler from France) - does tricks including riding a unicycle, jumping rope, and juggling with a knife in his mouth.
    --Tim Herbert and Don Saxon (comedy team) - do a psychiatrist routine.
    --Audience bows: Harry Newman (former All-American Michigan quarterback) and Tommy Kerrigan (pro-golfer)

  • October 8, 1950: Ethel Waters, Julie Harris, Brandon DeWilde, Reginald Gardiner

    --Ethel Waters, Julie Harris and Brandon de Wilde (Broadway actors) - perform a scene from their Broadway play "The Member of the Wedding."
    --Jean Carroll (comedienne)
    --Leonard Warren (Baritone opera singer)
    --Reginald Gardiner (actor)
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Chai and Somay (Chinese acrobats)


  • October 1, 1950: Jackie Robinson (cameo), Bert Lahr, Jane and Betty Kean

    --Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn Dodgers baseball player) - appears on stage at beginning of show.
    --Bert Lahr (comedian) - does a "Men In White" comedy sketch about a blind doctor.
    --James (Jim) Barton - plays an intoxicated man in comedy sketch.
    --Phil Jones Dance Group (dancers) - do "The Charleston."
    --Betty & Jane Kean - do a music & comedy routine which includes Betty Kean singing "Love Is The Thing."
    --Gordon Jenkins with 55-piece band (orchestra & choir) - perform a medley of songs about Manhattan including "We're Having A Party" and "New York's My Home Sweet Home" in an extended, 15-minute segment.
    --Audience bow: Ezra Charles (heavy weight champion who beat Joe Louis)

  • September 24, 1950: Gloria Swanson, Rudy Vallee, Harvey Stone

    --Gloria Swanson (actress) talks about her movie career and her role in "Sunset Boulevard."
    --Rudy Vallee sings "Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep" and "Wild About Judy."
    --Jimmy Nelson (ventriloquist with his dummy Danny O'Day) sings "Best Things In Life Are Free" as part of a comedy routine.
    --Harvey Stone (comedian) - routine includes jokes about his wife and Army life, sings "Buckles And Bows" & "Army Life."
    Ice-skating segments:
    --Jean Arlen - ice-skating routine.
    --The Rookies (comedic skaters)
    --Phil Romayne and Terry Brent (ice skating duo).

  • September 17, 1950: Hedy Lamarr, Pat O'Brien, Mimi Benzell, Jean Carroll, The Blackburn Twins

    --Hedy Lamarr (movie actress) sings "Rock-A-Bye Baby."
    --The Blackburn Twins tap dance and sing "Three Little Words."
    --Pat O'Brien (actor) - sings, does a poker pantomime sketch, and recites "America."
    --Mimi Benzell (Metropolitan Opera star) sings the medley from "The Merry Widow."
    --Jean Carroll (comedienne) - does a monologue about men, then sings "It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House."
    --The Ivanoffs (3-men acrobatic act) - perform on the high bar.
    --Cameo: Mervyn Wood (World Sculling champion).
    --Cameo: Tony Rowe (British Sculling champion).
    --Cameo: Commander Maley (National Commander of Disabled American Veterans).
    --Eddie and Tony (comedy team) - lip-synch to a sped up recording of "Baby It's Cold Outside."