Toast of the Town - Season 4

CBS (ended 1955)



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Episode Guide

  • September 7, 1952
    September 7, 1952
    Episode 53

    --Mary Small (singer) - "Learn to Lose" and, later in show, "I've Got A Pocketful of Dreams" and "You Can Have Him (I Don't Want Him)"
    --The Ashtons (6 men & 1 woman acrobatic act)
    --George Prentis (or Prentiss) (puppeteer) - does a Punch and Judy act
    --The "Top Banana" Broadway cast (with Phil Silvers as Jerry Biffle, Jack Albertson as Vic Davis, and Lindy Doherty as Cliff Lane).
    Scene set in Bifle's dressing room.
    --Lindy Doherty - "You're So Beautiful That"
    --Phil Silvers - "Top Banana" (with Jack Albertson & Lindy Doherty)

  • August 31, 1952
    August 31, 1952
    Episode 52

    Scheduled guests: --Hal Leroy (tap dancer) --The De Marco Sisters (vocal group) --Bobby Shantz (pitcher for the Philadelphia Athletics) --Scotty Burbank (musical comedian)

  • August 24, 1952
    August 24, 1952
    Episode 51

    Scheduled guests:
    --William Bendix (Hollywood actor)
    --Patti Page (singer)
    --Al Bernie (comedian)
    --Howard and Helene (dancers)
    --Nicoli Rossi Lemeni (Italian singer making his American TV debut)
    --The American Legion Chorus (aka The American Legion Zouaves Group of Jackson, Mich.)
    --Unus (acrobat)

  • August 17, 1952
    August 17, 1952
    Episode 50

    Scheduled guests:
    --Victor Borge (pianist & humorist, appearing as guest host)
    --Artie Auerbach (comedian, played "Mr. Kitzel" on Jack Benny's radio program)
    --Rosemary O'Reilly (singer, from the Broadway revue "Leonard Sillman's New Faces of 1952")
    --The Ashtons (acrobats, aka The Seven Ashtons) --Chandra Kali (or Chandra Kall) (Asian dancing trio)
    --Ken Whitner (or Ken Whitmer) (pantomimist)

  • August 10, 1952
    August 10, 1952
    Episode 49

    Scheduled guests:
    --Jack Carter (guest host)
    --Pearl Bailey (Broadway singer)
    --Anna Maria Alberghetti (concert singer)
    --The Dublin Players (acting troupe) - perform a scene from Bernard Shaw’s "Pygmalion"
    --The Maxwells (comedy ice skaters from "The Ice Capades")
    --Valentine's Trained Cockatoos

  • August 3, 1952
    August 3, 1952
    Episode 48

    Scheduled guests:
    --Tony Martin (singer)
    --Joel Gray (actor)
    --The Step Brothers (dancers, aka The Four Step Brothers)
    --The Amin Brothers (European acrobats)
    --Ben Dova (circus clown contortionist)

  • July 27, 1952
    July 27, 1952
    Episode 47

    Scheduled guests:
    --Ted Lewis (veteran song-and-dance man)
    --Jimmy Nelson
    --Roger Price (TV & nightclub comedian)
    --The Pensacola Naval Choir (60-voice choir, aka The Naval Cadet Choir, aka Naval Aviation Choir)
    Additional scheduled guests (correct spelling unknown):
    --Mena Marucci (or Maria Marucci) (11-year-old concert pianist)
    --Maurice Calleano/Calieano and his Troupe (aka Maurice Colliano/Calliano Acrobatic Troupe)
    --Ken Whittmer/Whitmer/Whitner (listed as a "pantomimist")
    --Zing Merlin (or Ving Merlin) (instrumental group)

  • July 20, 1952
    July 20, 1952
    Episode 46

    Scheduled guests:
    --Will Rogers Jr. (actor, played his father in the 1952 movie "The Story of Will Rogers")
    --Rise Stevens (singer, of the Metropolitan Opera)
    --Jack Carter (comedian)
    --Ben Hogan (golfer)
    --Sonny Howard (singer-impressionist)
    --Trini Reyes (flamenco dancer)

  • July 13, 1952
    July 13, 1952
    Episode 45

    Scheduled guests:
    --Teresa Brewer (singer)
    --Orson Bean (comedian)
    --Sir Cedric Hardwicke (British actor)
    --Bobby Feller (pitcher, of the Cleveland Indians)
    --Bobbie Winters (comic juggler)
    --Joan Laste (French ballet dancer)

  • July 6, 1952
    July 6, 1952
    Episode 44

    --The Broadway cast of "Wish You Were Here" (Patricia Moran, Jack Cassidy, Sheila Bond and John Perkins) perform excerpts from the play.
    --Jack Cassidy and Patricia Moran - "Wish You Were Here" and "Where Did the Night Go?"
    --Sheila Bond - "Just Shopping Around"
    Also appearing:
    --Lonzo, Oscar & Cousin Jody (or Dody) (act from the Grand Ole Opry) - "Why Should I Cry Over You?"
    --Captain Leroy Anderson (composer of "Blue Tango") - plays "Blue Tango"
    --Billy Daniels (singer) - "Sunny Side of the Street," "My Yiddish Mother" and "Black Magic"
    --Jim Lynch (archery act)
    --The Wolfrett Dachsunds (or Woolford's Dachshunds) (trained animal act, circus act) - 5 Dachsunds perform.
    --Audience bows: The United States Olympic Boxing Team; Jimmy DeMaris (golfer); Josh Logan and Netta Harrigan; Harold Rome
    --On-stage bow: Corp. Vito Biondo

  • June 29, 1952
    June 29, 1952
    Episode 43

    Scheduled guests:
    --Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy (husband and wife TV personalities, appearing as guest hosts)
    --Bill Lawrence (singer)
    --Roger Price (comedian)
    --Nanci Crompton (ballet dancer)
    --The Amin Brothers (European acrobats)
    --The Texas Tumbleweeds (instrumental-vocal group)

  • June 22, 1952: The Richard Rodgers Story, Part 2

    The Richard Rodgers Story, Part 2
    --Yul Brynner (guest host) - narrates the Richard Rodgers story through the program
    --John Raitt - "Oklahoma"
    --Celeste Holm and Ray Middleton - sing "People Will Say We're in Love"
    --Ray Malone, Diane Sinclair and Ken Spalding - "Whistle A Happy Tune," "Getting to Know You" and "Shall We Dance"
    --John Raitt - Soliloquy from "Carousel"
    --Yul Brynner interviews Richard Rodgers.
    --Richard Rodgers (piano duet) - "I'm In Love with a Wonderful Guy"
    --Richard Rodgers and Juanita Hall - "Bali Ha'i"
    --Martha Wright - "Cockeyed Optimist"
    --John Raitt - "If I Loved You"
    --Cloris Leachman - "It Might As Well Be Spring"
    --Celeste Holm - "June Is Busting Out All Over" (production number with dancers)
    --Richard Rodgers - "You'll Never Walk Alone" (with solos by Celeste Holm, John Raitt Martha Wright, Juanita Hall)
    --Yul Brynner closing comments

  • June 15, 1952: The Richard Rodgers Story, Part 1

    "Toast of the Town" 4th Anniversary show:
    The Richard Rodgers Story, Part 1 (Rodgers & Hart tribute)
    --Bill Lawrence & Cindy Lord - "Manhattan"
    --Sinclair & Spaulding - dance to Rodgers & Hart song "Here In My Heart"
    --Richard Hayes - "Blue Room" (from "The Girlfriend") and "When Or Where" (from "Babes In Arms")
    --Toastettes, Pal Joey Chorus - "The Girlfriend" dance number
    --Jane Froman - "With A Song In My Heart" and "My Heart Stood Still" (2nd song from "A Connecticut Yankee")
    --William Gaxton & Jane Froman - "Thou Swell" (from "A Connecticut Yankee")
    --Lisa Kirk - "10 Cents A Dance" and "The Lady Is A Tramp" (2nd song from "Babes In Arms")
    --Bill Lawrence - "This Can't Be Love" (from "The Boys from Syracuse")
    --Cindy Lord - There's A Small Hotel" (from "On Your Toes")
    --Richard Rodgers (on piano) - "Lover"
    --Vivienne Segal - Bewitched" (from "Pal Joey")
    --Harold Lang & Norma Thorton - "Happy Hunting Horn" (from "Pal Joey")
    Audience bows: Sister Kenny, Bart Sullivan

  • June 8, 1952
    June 8, 1952
    Episode 40

    Scheduled guests:
    --Jesse Owens (track star, famous for winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics)
    --Tony Martin (singer)
    --Blanche Thebom (mezzo-soprano, of the Metropolitan Opera)
    --Willie Hoppe (billiards player)
    --The Kilgore Rangerettes (girls' precision drill team from Texas)

  • June 1, 1952: Eartha Kitt, Orson Bean, Robert Merrill, Roberta Peters, Yehudi Menuhin

    --Eartha Kitt sings "Bal Petit Bal" and "Love Is A Simple Thing."
    --Robert Merrill (baritone)- "I'm Falling In Love With Someone."
    --Roberta Peters (soprano)- "Kiss Me Again."
    --Roberta Peters & Robert Merrill (husband and wife, stars of the Metropolitan Opera) - "Will You Remember?"
    --Yehudi Menuhin (violin virtuoso & conductor) - "Caprice Viennois" (accompanied by Arthur Balsam) and "Ravel's Habanera."
    --The Harmonicats (harmonica playing musicians)- "Little Brown Jug"/"12th Street Rag" and "Peg O' My Heart."

    --Orson Bean (comedian) - stand-up monologue.

    Also appearing:
    --Sinclair & Spaulding (dance team).
    --The Toastettes dance in a Paris scene production number.
    --Cameo appearance: The cast of "New Faces Of 1952."
    --Baudes Greyhounds and Monkeys - trained animal act with monkeys riding on top of Greyhounds.

  • May 25, 1952
    May 25, 1952
    Episode 38

    --Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison (actors) - perform a scene from "Anne of a Thousand Days"
    --Jack Smith sings "Almost Like Being in Love" & "Horse Song"
    --Blanche and Alan Lund (dancers from Canada) - do "farm" dancing (on a farm set)
    --Ginny Smith (Simms?) - "It's Gonna be a Great Day"
    --Elliot Reid (comedian, from Broadway's "Two on the Aisle") - does a sketch that parodies the Kefauver Crime hearings
    --Ginny Simms - "Be Anything But be Mine"
    --Norm Dygon (ventriloquist act, aka "Dygon & Mr. Chips") - Dygon does a duet with his piano playing dummy.
    --Elton Hayes (singer-guitarist) - "Riddle De Diddle De Day" & "Whistle My Love" (from Disney's "Robin Hood")

  • May 18, 1952
    May 18, 1952
    Episode 37

    --Dorothy Dandridge (actress-singer) - sings "Do What Ya Wanna Do" & "Just One Of Those Things"
    --Errol Flynn & Paulette Goddard (actors) - do a Private Eye sketch (with Lew Parker?).
    --Sam Sneed (golf pro) - Snead joins Ed on stage & gives golf swing demonstration.
    --Moishe Oysher (singer) - sings a Hebrew song (unknown title) and "So In Love"
    --Norman Evans (British stand-up comedian)
    --Roger Price (TV & nightclub comedian) - in a stand-up routine, draws pictures to illustrate his stories. Ed Sullivan plays the straight man during routine.
    Audience bows: Ann Claire, Fred Corcharan, Eddie Lawry, Elmer Ward

  • May 11, 1952
    May 11, 1952
    Episode 36

    Scheduled guests:
    --Georgia Gibbs (singer)
    --Errol Flynn (Hollywood actor)
    --Paulette Goddard (actress)
    --Richard Walker and Helen Roberts (singers from the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company) - perform selections from "The Mikado"

  • May 4, 1952
    May 4, 1952
    Episode 35

    --Jackie Gleason (comedian) - appears in three sketches: (1) A "Poor Soul" skit with the character visiting a theatre with his girlfriend. (2) A ten-minute "Honeymooners" sketch with Art Carney (3) A quiz show parody with Jackie as "Finley Babbitt" and Art Carney host of the show.
    --Pearl Bailey (Broadway singer) - unknown song titles.
    --Ringling and Barnum & Bailey Circus Side Show exhibits: "Little People" (dwarves) and the tallest man.
    --Linon (European clown, wire-walker comedian)
    --Luciano Tajoli (crooner, billed as "Italy's top minstrel") - unknown song titles.

  • April 27, 1952
    April 27, 1952
    Episode 34

    Scheduled guests:
    --Jackie Gleason (comedian)
    --Jan Peerce (singer, from the Metropolitan Opera)
    --Dorothy Kirsten
    --Steve Gibson's Redcaps (or "Red Caps") (singing group)
    --Roger Price (comedian)
    --The Dublin Players (troupe of actors)
    --The Tong Brothers (acrobats)

  • April 20, 1952
    April 20, 1952
    Episode 33

    Scheduled guests:
    --Billy Eckstine (singer)
    --Nancy Walker (musical-comedy star)
    --Evelyn Knight (singer)
    --Beatrice Lillie (English comedian)

  • April 13, 1952: Easter Show

    Scheduled guests (1952 Easter show):
    --Marian Anderson (contralto, concert singer) - sings "Ave Maria" and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"
    --Jane Morgan (singer)
    --Cornelia Otis Skinner (actress-author, from the Broadway play "Paris 90")
    --Senor Wences (comedian-ventriloquist)
    --The Notre Dame Glee Club (collegiate choral group)

  • April 6, 1952
    April 6, 1952
    Episode 31

    Scheduled guests:
    --Sophie Tucker (singer-entertainer)
    --Mickey Deems (comedian)
    --Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet
    --Tuskegee Choir (45-voice choir from Tuskegee University in Alabama)
    --Montez & de Oca (Spanish circus duo) - perform a trampoline act

  • March 30, 1952
    March 30, 1952
    Episode 30

    --Jackie Gleason (comedian) - does sketches as The Poor Soul and Fenwick Babbitt.
    --Jackie Gleason and Art Carney do a "Honeymooners" sketch (which runs approx. 10 minutes)
    --Tony Bennett - sings one song (title unknown)
    --Senor Wences - does a ventriloquist routine.
    --Gloria Swanson introduces her singing protoge, Johnny Campbell.
    --Johnny Campbell sings "Too Young."
    --Steve Gibson and the Red Caps (Coppa Cabana peformers) - perform a song with singer Dominic Jones.

  • March 23, 1952
    March 23, 1952
    Episode 29

    --Rex Harrison & Lilli Palmer (actors, currently appearing in Broadway's "Venus Observed") - perform a scene from "Venus Observed"
    --Eddie Fisher sings "Anytime" & "Forgive Me."
    --Virginia Grey & Lew Parker (comedians, from "The Bickersons" radio series) - perform a "Bickerson" sketch about Blanche's sprained ankle.
    --Dick Button (ice-skating star) - appears on stage.
    --The Harmonicaires (2 man harmonica duet) - "Ghost Riders In The Sky," "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "Bicycle Built For Two," "Grand Old Flag" & "Give My Regards To Broadway"
    --Jackie (English acrobat) - performs a balancing act.
    --At beginning of show, Ed brings out miniature circus horse who does tricks.

  • March 16, 1952: St. Patrick's Day Show

    1952 St. Patrick's Day Show
    with scheduled guests:
    --Ted Lewis (singer-entertainer)
    --Eddie Dowling and The Dublin Players perform a scene from the William Butler Yeats play "Cathleen Ní Houlihan"
    --Dorothy Hayden's Irish Steppers (Irish folk dancers, aka Dorothy Hayden Dancers)
    --Allen Dean (English singer)
    --Natalie Evans (Irish singer)

  • March 9, 1952
    March 9, 1952
    Episode 27

    Scheduled guests:
    --Lew Parker & Virginia Grey (radio stars, from "The Bickersons" radio series)
    --Nancy Walker (comedian)
    --Romo Vincent
    --Giuseppe di Stefano (tenor)
    --Jeff Dane and Jerry Collins
    --Baudi's Greyhounds (trained animal act)

  • March 2, 1952: The Cole Porter Story, Part 2

    "Tribute To Cole Porter" Part 2
    --Dolores Gray sings "Blow Gabriel, Blow"
    --Lisa Kirk sings "Always True to You Darling"
    --Jane Froman sings "Just One of those Things"
    --Audience bow: Captain John Curtis Brown (Jane Froman's husband)
    --Nanci Crompton (ballerina), with dancing chorus, dances to a medley of Cole Porter's hits: "You Do Something to Me," "Let's Do It" and "I Get A Kick Out of You"
    --Dolores Gray and William Gaxton (joined by Ed) - sing "Friendship"
    --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - sings "I Love You" and "So In Love"
    --Jane Froman sings "Begin the Beguine" and "I've Got You Under My Skin"

  • February 24, 1952: The Cole Porter Story, Part 1

    "Tribute To Cole Porter" Part 1
    --Mimi Benzell & Brian Sullivan (singers, from the Metropolitan Opera) - "Wunderbar"
    --Monty Wooley (Yale classmate of Cole Porter) - sings "Miss Otis Regrets"
    --Anna & Pierre D'Angelo - "Old Fashioned Garden"
    --Lisa Kirk (actress, from the Broadway cast of "Kiss Me Kate") - sings "My Heart Belongs To Daddy"
    --Pierre & Anna D'angelo - "Love for Sale"
    --Mimi Benzell (opera singer) - "In The Still Of The Night"
    --Helen Wood, William Gaxton & Delores Gray - "Anything Goes" & "You're The Top"
    --Dolores Gray (from Broadway's "Two on the Aisle") sings "Night and Day"
    Audience bows: the Notre Dame basketball team; Tom Sanders (Temple University student).
    Film clip: Yale Bowl football game.

  • February 17, 1952: George White Tribute, Part 2

    Ed Sullivan presents "The George White Scandals"
    Scheduled guests:
    --George White (producer of the famous "Scandals" Broadway revues)
    --Toni Arden (singer)
    --The Costello Twins
    --Richard Hayes (Broadway and movie actor)
    --Danny Hoctor
    --Hal LeRoy (dancer)
    --Harry Richman (Broadway performer, appeared in four George White Broadway productions from 1929-32)
    --Smith and Dale (comedy team)
    --Francis Williams
    --Helen Wood (dancer-singer)

  • February 10, 1952
    February 10, 1952
    Episode 23

    --Audrey Hepburn (actress, in her TV debut) and Michael Evans - perform a scene from "Nine Days A Queen" (Note: At the time of this broadcast, Audrey Hepburn and Michael Evans were appearing on Broadway in "Gigi").
    --Ed Sullivan chats with Audrey Hepburn & Gilbert Miller ("Gigi" producer).
    --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - "The Bell Song" (aria from "Lakme")
    --Film clip: Baseball game at Polo Grounds, N. Y. - National League play off game, Bobby Thompson gets winning home run from Ralph Branca.
    --Bobby Thompson (of the New York Giants) sings "Because Of You" to poster of Brooklyn Dodger Branca.
    --Ralph Branca (of the Brooklyn Dodgers) sings "Because Of You" to poster of Thompson (with altered lyrics).
    --Steve Evans (comedian, does sound effects) - imitates audience laughter.
    --Hands of Joy (with Yves Joly) (also listed as "Les Marionettes Jolie," a Parisian "hand ballet") - troupe uses their hands to perform a water ballet, followed by a demonstration of street combat (they fight with their hands).
    --Evelyn Chandler (roller skater) - does Arabian cartwheels on roller skates.

  • February 3, 1952: The Beatrice Lillie Story

    "The Beatrice Lillie Story" with scheduled guests:
    --Beatrice Lillie (Broadway performer, comedian)
    --Richard Rodgers (Broadway composer and producer)
    --Constance Carpenter (Broadway singer)
    --Reginald Gardiner (Broadway singer, appeared with Lillie in the 1935-1936 Broadway revue "At Home Abroad")
    --Les Compagnons de la Chanson (male singing group from France)
    Bea Lillie and other guests were scheduled to perform the following sketches (made famous by Lillie): "Double Damask Dinner Napkins" (from "At Home Abroad"), "The Pittsburgh Routine" (from the 1948-49 Broadway revue "Inside U.S.A"), "The Girl Friend Sketch" and "The Hamlet Sketch."

  • January 27, 1952: The Ted Lewis Story

    "The Ted Lewis Story" featuring an appearance by entertainer Ted Lewis.
    Other guests (scheduled):
    --Jessica Tandy & Hume Cronyn (actors, known as "The 1st Couple of Broadway")
    --Bert Wheeler (actor-comedian, formerly of the comedy team Wheeler & Woolsey)
    --Nanci Crompton (dancer)
    --Eddie Howard (orchestra leader
    According to one source, Ted Lewis sang "Let's Fall in Love" on this episode. (need to verify)

  • January 20, 1952: New York Critics Awards of 1951

    New York Critics Awards of 1951
    --Ed Announces the names in the Annual N.Y. Film Critics Awards. Ed talks about the Italian film "Miracle In Milan" followed by a clip from that movie with people flying away on brooms.
    --Ed introduces Bosley Crowther of the N.Y. Times, the head of the N.Y. Film Critics presenting award.
    --On film: a clip from "Bright Victory" with Arthur Kennedy.
    --Mahalia Jackson (Gospel singer) - "These Are They"
    --Ed introduces dancers Elaine Dunn, Danny Scholl, Helen Wood and Hal Leroy, who dance to George Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm" & "S'wonderful"
    --Phil Spitalny & the Hour Of Charm Orchestra (aka Phil Spitalny and His All-Girl Orchestra) - "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (all female orchestra & chorus) and "You and the Night and the Music" (2nd song features a couple dancing)
    --John Tio's Talking Parrot (trained animal act) - parrot does imitations: train, kiss, opening bottle pop, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Durante.
    --Audience Bows: Paul Henri, Pat Malurky (Maid of Cotton)
    Scheduled guests (not mentioned on episode transcript):
    --Kirkwood and Goodman (comedy team)
    --The LeRoy Brothers (puppeteers)
    --Also, the Kay Francis tribute, with photo highlights, was cancelled.

  • January 13, 1952: George White Tribute, Part 1

    George White tribute: "The Story of George White's Scandals"
    Guests include:
    --Peggy Lee - "Are You Having Any Fun?" "Thank Your Mother," "This Is the Mrs." & "My Song"
    --Rudy Vallee & Peggy Lee - "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries"
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --George White (Broadway playwright, producer and director
    --Harry Richman (Broadway performer, appeared in four George White Broadway productions from 1929-32)
    --Helen Wood (dancer-singer)
    --Horace MacMahon (actor, from the movie "Detective Story")
    --Hal LeRoy (dancer)
    --Smith and Dale (comedy team)
    --Richard Hayes (Broadway and movie actor)
    --Betty Bruce (singer-dancer)

  • January 6, 1952: Johnnie Ray, Margaret O'Brien, Joe E. Lewis, Eddie Dowling, Willie Mosconi

    --Johnnie Ray - "Cry" and "The Little White Cloud That Cried."
    --Les Compagnons De La Chanson - "Appassionatamente."
    --Les Compagnons De La Chanson - "Les Trois Cloches" ("The Three Bells").

    --Scene from the play "Angel in the Pawnshop" with Eddie Dowling and Margaret O'Brien.

    Also appearing:
    --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) - talks about Sophie Tucker in his stand-up routine, sings "Poor Little February."
    --Willie Mosconi (champion billiard player) - demonstrates pool & Billiards trick shots.
    --The D'Andreas (European adagio dancers) - woman & men do acrobatic dancing.
    --Cameo: Major Jim Jabara, WWII Jet flying ace.

  • December 30, 1951: Top Stars of 1951

    "Toasts" of the Year (Top Stars of 1951)
    Scheduled guests:
    --Humphrey Bogart (actor)
    --Joe E. Brown
    --Hilde Gueden (operatic soprano)
    --Oscar Hammerstein II
    --Helen Hayes (actress)
    --Alfred Lunt (actor)
    --Jeanette MacDonald (singer-actress)
    --Gene Raymond
    --Sugar Ray Robinson
    --Pat Rooney, Sr. (actor, from Broadway's "Guys and Dolls")
    --Robert E. Sherwood
    --Jersey Joe Walcott (Heavyweight champion boxer)

  • December 23, 1951
    December 23, 1951
    Episode 16

    Scheduled guests:
    --Gloria Swanson (movie & stage actress, currently appearing in the Broadway play "Nina")
    --Julie Harris (actress, star of the Broadway play "I Am a Camera")
    --Ramon Novarro (movie actor)
    --Billy DeWolfe (comedian)
    --The St. Vincent Ferrer Boys Choir

  • December 16, 1951
    December 16, 1951
    Episode 15

    Scheduled guests:
    --Sophie Tucker (singer-entertainer)
    --Ferruccio Tagliavini (tenor)
    --Harold Lang and Helen Gallagher (dance team)
    --Noonan & Marshall (comedy team)
    --The Amandis (acrobatic team)

  • December 9, 1951
    December 9, 1951
    Episode 14

    Scheduled guests:
    --Dolores Gray (actress-singer, from the Broadway musical "Two on the Aisle")
    --Michael Bentine (comedian)
    --Nino Martini (tenor, movie actor)
    --Ben Blue (pantomimist)
    --The Princeton Triangle Club - song and dance routine
    --The Salzburg Marionettes

  • December 2, 1951
    December 2, 1951
    Episode 13

    Scheduled guests:
    --Joe E. Lewis (nightclub comedian-entertainer, making his TV debut)
    --Roberta Peters (opera singer)
    --Robert Merrill (opera singer)
    --Jimmy Nelson (R&B singer)
    --Mae Murray (actress from the silent movie era)
    --Andre Eglevsky & Melissa Hayden (ballet dancers)

  • November 25, 1951
    November 25, 1951
    Episode 12

    Scheduled guests:
    --Evelyn Knight (singer)
    --James Barton (actor, from the Broadway play "Paint Your Wagon")
    --Bob Scherrer (dancer)
    --Brani & Valenti (Italian comedy team)
    --Texas Tommie and Baby Doll (trained pony act)

  • November 18, 1951: The Robert E. Sherwood Story

    "The Robert E. Sherwood Story" with actors performing scenes from Sherwood's plays.
    Scheduled guests:
    --Robert E. Sherwood (Broadway playwright and producer)
    --Humphrey Bogart (actor)
    --James Mason and Pamela Kellino-Mason (husband-and-wife actors)
    --Helen Hayes (actress)
    --Alfred Lunt (actor, making his TV debut)
    --Raymond Massey (actor)

  • November 11, 1951
    November 11, 1951
    Episode 10

    Scheduled guests:
    --Dane Clark and Martha Scott (actors from the Broadway play "The Number")
    --Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy (husband and wife TV personalities)
    --Billy Daniels (singer)
    --Norman Wisdom (comedian)
    --Harold Lang and Helen Gallagher (dance team)
    --Renee Strange (puppeteer)

  • November 4, 1951
    November 4, 1951
    Episode 9

    Scheduled guests:
    --The Will Mastin Trio (Vaudeville act with Will Mastin, Sammy Davis, Sr. and Sammy Davis, Jr.)
    --Dorothy Sarnoff (opera singer)
    --Nino Martini (tenor, movie actor)
    --Michael Bentine (British comedian)
    --Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss (British comedy team)
    --William Gaxton and Victor Moore (comedy team)
    --The Three Bessies (also spelled as 'The Three Bassis')(French acrobatic trio)

  • October 28, 1951
    October 28, 1951
    Episode 8

    --Morton Downey Sr. sings "Rose Of Tralee," "Long Way To Tipparary" and "My Father's House" (with the Downey Irish Club cast)
    --Anne Jeffreys sings "Dance My Darling" (production number with 'Gypsy' dancers)
    --Rocky Marciano comes on stage (following audience bow) & talks with Ed about his fight with Joe Lewis.
    --Mickey Deems (comedian) - stand-up routine about a father/son conversation
    --Carmen Cavallaro (piano player and orchestra leader) - "Deep Night" (with dancers & chorus) and "Tea for Two"
    --Harold Barnes (tightrope walker)
    --Howell & Bowser (comedy team, listed as 'Harlem comics') - sing "Passing By" & "It's Delovely"
    --The Toastettes (dancers, series regulars) - appear at beginning of show.
    Audience bow: Rocky Marciano; Mrs. Al Jolson; Mayor Clifford (mayor of Brockton, Massachusetts)

  • October 21, 1951
    October 21, 1951
    Episode 7

    --Guy Mitchell sings "You're Always Welcome in Our House"
    --April Stevens sings "I'm In Love Again"
    --Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (actor) - talks to Ed about Cardinal Francis Joseph Spellman. Fairbanks then recites the poem "The Risen Soldier"
    --Broderick Crawford (actor) - introduces a clip from "All the King's Men"
    --Constance Bennett and Eddie Mayehoff - do a comedy routine about baseball and Phil Rizetto.
    --Jack Pearl and Charlie Hill (comedians) - do a comedy sketch
    --Cameo: Jim Thorpe (athlete, sports star)
    --Bill Wade - does an ice skating routine
    --Cameo: Phil Lepar (Head of letter carriers)

  • October 14, 1951
    October 14, 1951
    Episode 6

    --Jose Greco (Flamenco dancer) - "La Petenava"
    --Michael Bentine (hyper British comedian, listed as "England's number 1 comic")
    --Yul Brynner (actor) sings "Puzzlement" (from the Broadway musical "The King And I" in which he played The King of Siam. Unlike the play, Brynner is not in costume for this performance.)
    --Bobby Winters (comic juggler)
    --Gil McDougald, Yogi Berra & Phil Rizzuto (three baseball greats) - are interviewed by Ed, with film highlights.
    --Humphrey Bogart (movie actor) - in an interview conducted by Ed, talks about his life.
    --Audience bow: Lauren Bacall (actress & Bogart's wife)
    --Annette Warren - "Along Came Bill"

  • October 7, 1951
    October 7, 1951
    Episode 5

    Scheduled guests:
    --Dick Haymes (singer)
    --Roberta Peters (opera singer)
    --Los Gatos (acrobatic trio)
    --The Salzburg Marionettes
    Baseball players (also scheduled to appear):
    --Phil Rizzuto (of the New York Yankees)
    --Allie Reynolds (New York Yankees pitcher)
    --Bobby Thomson (of the New York Giants)
    --Eddie Stanky (of the New York Giants)
    --Sal Maglie (New York Giants pitcher)

  • September 30, 1951
    September 30, 1951
    Episode 4

    "The Helen Hayes Story" - Helen Hayes performs scenes from her Broadway plays "Coquette" (1927-28), "Victoria Regina" (1935-37, 1938), "Twelfth Night" (1940-41), "Happy Birthday" (1946-48) and "The Wisteria Trees" (1950).
    With scheduled guests:
    --Martha Scott (Broadway actress)
    --Mary McCarthy
    --Raymond Boyle
    --Bethel Leslie (actress, appeared with Helen Hayes in Broadway's "The Wisteria Trees")
    Martha Scott, Mary McCarthy and Bethel Leslie were to appear with Ms. Hayes in scenes from her plays.

  • September 23, 1951
    September 23, 1951
    Episode 3

    --Sugar Ray Robinson (boxer) - skips rope to "Anchor's Aweigh"
    --Audience bow: Ruby Goldstein (boxing referee)
    --Wally Cox (comedian) - talks with Sugar Ray about fighting.
    --Later in show, Roger Simon sings a song about Sugar Ray Robinson, who comes out on stage.
    --Tony Bennett - sings "Because of You" and "Sing You Singers"
    --Elsa Lanchester (actress) - talks about pin-up girls, then sings a song.
    --Robert Merrill (singer) - performs one of his own compositions and "America the Beautiful"
    --Winners of the Harvest Moon Dance contest appear. Different catagories: the Fox Trot, Polka, Rumba, Waltz, Jitterbug and the tango.
    On film(?): Herbert Hoover (Former President) - talks about the Crusade for Freedom.
    --All-Star baseball players (presented prizes by Ed):
    --Sal Maglie
    --Roy Campanella (of the the Brooklyn Dodgers)
    --Gil Hodges (of the Brooklyn Dodgers) and Don Newcombe.
    Note: The following baseball players were also scheduled to appear (but are not mentioned on the transcript): Jackie Robinson (of the Brooklyn Dodgers) and Ted Williams (of the Boston Red Sox).
    Additional guests (scheduled, but not listed on transcript):
    --Evelyn Knight
    --Susan Meyer
    --Alfred Dowling

  • September 16, 1951: Salute to Oscar Hammerstein, Part 2

    Rogers & Hammerstein Tribute Show (aka Oscar Hammerstein Story, Part 2)
    --Robert Merrill & Sandra Deel - appear in a scene from Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Oklahoma"
    --Murial Rahn - "Carmen Jones"
    --Dolores Gray sings "Spring" (from "State Fair")
    --Dolores Gray - June Is Busting Out All Over" (from "Carousel")
    --Lisa Kirk - "The Gentleman Is A Dope" (from "Allegro")
    --Robert Merrill - "Some Enchanted Evening" From "South Pacific"
    --Robert Merrill - "You'll Never Walk Alone" (with chorus)
    --Bill Tabbert (actor, from the Broadway cast of "South Pacific") sings "You've Got To Be Carefully Taught"
    --Gertrude Lawrence - "Whistle A Happy Tune" & "Getting To Know You" (according to transcript, the picture is missing on this segment, no video)
    --Oscar Hammerstein (composer) - talks about how you must respect the audience. Later in show, talks about his partnership with Richard Rodgers, who walks on stage.
    --Audience bow: Otto Harbach (Broadway writer, lyricist and composer)

  • September 9, 1951: Salute to Oscar Hammerstein, Part 1

    --Lena Horne sings "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man of Mine" (from the musical "Showboat")
    --Robert Merrill and Mimi Benzell sing "Indian Love Call" (from "Rose Marie")
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Robert Bramley
    --David Burns (Broadway performer)
    --Carol Bruce (actress, played Julie in the 1946-47 Broadway revival of "Show Boat")
    --Wally Cox
    --Nanci Crompton (dancer, listed as a "comic ballerina")
    --George Hall
    --Judson Laire
    --Allen Shane
    --Bill Tabbert (actor, from the Broadway cast of "South Pacific")
    --Charles Winninger (movie star)

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