Toast of the Town - Season 6

CBS (ended 1955)



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Episode Guide

  • September 5, 1954
    September 5, 1954
    Episode 51

    Scheduled guests (broadcast from Atlantic City's Convention Hall):
    --John Harris' "Ice Capades of 1955" (40-minute segment planned) - starring Donna Atwood and Bobby Specht, with a cast of 110 skaters.
    Also scheduled:
    --Roberta Peters (opera singer)
    --Sonny Howard (impressionist)
    --The Harmonicaires (also listed as "The Harmonicats")

  • August 29, 1954
    August 29, 1954
    Episode 50

    --Eddie Fisher (singer, appearing as guest host)
    --The American Legion's Jackson Zouaves drill team
    --Serenade of Strings (violinists)
    --Alice Riley and Raleigh Isaacs (winners of the Chicago Tribune's Chicagoland Musical Festival)
    --Joyce's Camels (novelty act)

  • August 22, 1954: Eartha Kitt, John Raitt, Celeste Holm, Janis Paige, Nanci Crompton

    Episode originally in color.
    --Eartha Kitt sings "Mink, Schmink" and "Monotonous."
    --John Raitt - "Hey There" (from "The Pajama Game") & "My Boy Bill" (soliloquy from "Carousel").
    --Janis Paige - "Hernando's Hideaway" (from "The Pajama Game").

    Also appearing:
    --Celeste Holm with Hollywood director Michael Curtiz.
    --The Andrea Dancers (formal dancing, with double jointed girl).
    --Nanci Crompton (dancer)
    --The Bogdadis (four brothers, acrobatic-juggling act).
    --Miss Malta and Company (animal act) - dogs in costumes walking and dancing on their hind legs.

  • August 15, 1954
    August 15, 1954
    Episode 48

    (Verified) Guests:
    --Victor Borge (humorist-pianist, appearing as guest host) - repertoire includes Claude Debussy's Claire de Lune."
    --The Four Lads (vocal group)
    --Mata & Hari (dance team)
    --Roy Benson (comic magician)
    --Lita & Pepe (acrobats)
    --Jeanne Volk (mezzo soprano, female winner of a Baltimore singing contest)

    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Janis Paige (star of Broadway's "The Pajama Game")
    --"The Golden Mermaid" (novelty act from the Latin Quarter, New York)
    --Plus, the male winner in the Baltimore singing contest.

  • August 8, 1954
    August 8, 1954
    Episode 47

    Scheduled guests: 
    --Audrey Meadows & Jack Whiting - "I Still Get Jealous" (production number from Broadway's "High Button Shoes").
    --Professor Backwards (comedian)
    --Mary Small (singer) - "Take It Easy" and "Three Little Sisters."
    --Les Charlivels (acrobatic musicians)

  • August 1, 1954
    August 1, 1954
    Episode 46

    Scheduled guests:
    --Polly Bergen (actress) sings "What It This Thing Called Love?"
    --The Ames Brothers (vocal group) - "I Can't Believe That Your In Love With Me."
    --Smith and Dale (comedy team) perform their classic "Dr. Kronkite" sketch.
    --Lee Allen (singer-comedian)
    --The Szonys (dancers)
    --The Carsony Brothers (acrobats)
    --Audience bows: winners of the Women's National A.A.U. track meet.

  • July 25, 1954: U.S. Air Force Talent Show

    "Tops in Blues" - Air force talent show, broadcast from Mitchel Field (in Uniondale, New York), with performers selected from U.S. Air Force bases throughout the world.
    Scheduled performers:
    --Air Four (quartet)
    --A/1c Roy Bolla (guitarist)
    --S/S Carl Gould (dancer)
    --A/2e Doris Johnson (singer)
    --A/3c Marlene Pisoni (singer)
    --Sandy Valley Boys (vocal group)

  • July 18, 1954
    July 18, 1954
    Episode 44

    Broadcast from the Westchester Country Club in Rye, New York
    --Vaughn Monroe (singer-bandleader)
    --Carol Haney (dancer from "The Pajama Game") - dances to "Steam Heat," one of the show's production numbers.
    --Doretta Morrow (singer from "Kismet")
    --Rafael Mendez & sons (trumpet player with his 17-year-old twin sons, Ralph and Robert)
    --The Gautier Steeplechasers (with ponies, dogs and a monkey)
    --Stan Kramer (puppeteer-pantomimist)

  • July 11, 1954
    July 11, 1954
    Episode 43

    Scheduled: --Rosemary Clooney (singer) --The Four Lads (vocal group) --Joan Holloway (dancer) --Romo Vincent (comedian) --Stan Kramer (puppeteer) --finalists in the Miss Universe beauty pageant

  • July 4, 1954
    July 4, 1954
    Episode 42

    Guests (show broadcast from the USS Iowa docked at the Hudson River):
    --Dolores Gray (musical comedy star) - "Yankee Doodle Dandy" & "Harrigan" (dances with the Toastettes chorus girls)
    --Bill Kenny (from the Ink Spots) - "Mary" and a medley of hits: "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall," "To Each His Own," "If I Didn't Care" & "September Song"
    --The Step Brothers (tap dancers) - dance to "Give My Regards To Broadway"
    --Dolores Gray - "Grand Old Flag" (with the Marine Drill Team)
    --Les Marcellis (gymnasts, acrobat act) - acrobats using one table & two chairs in their performance.
    --Jay Marshall (stand-up comedy)
    --Eileen O'Dare (acrobatic dancer surrounded by Navy audience)
    --Jackie (acrobat)
    --Dolores Gray - "I Ought To Know More About You" & "Just One Of Those Things" (surrounded by sailors)
    --Navy Captain Wayne Loud - talks to Ed about his life and career. Then presents Ed with an Ed charactature drawn by Herb Hazelton, who also appears.
    --Ed reads telegram from Robert Carney, Chief Of Naval Operations.
    --Arthur Connell (Commander Of American Legion) - leads the "Pledge Of Allegiance"
    --The Step Brothers (tap dancers) - appear again at end of show, the two take turns tap dancing solo.

  • June 27, 1954
    June 27, 1954
    Episode 41

    Scheduled guests (live from New York):
    --Bert Lahr (comedian)
    --Joni James (singer)
    --Ben Hogan (golfer)
    --Pat Henning (comedian)
    --The Dancing Szonys

    On film:
    --European acts, including chanteuse Patachou, pay tribute to Sullivan.
    --Ed interviews Genevieve de Galard-Terraube, the French flight nurse known as the "Angel of Dien Bien Phu."

  • June 20, 1954: 6th Anniversary Show

    6th Anniversary Show
    --Rise Stevens - "Stars In My Eyes."
    --Harold Arlen - composer doing a medley of his hits ("Get Happy," "Let's Fall In Love," "I've Got The World On A String," "Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea," "One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)," "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive," "Come Rain Or Come Shine (w/Rise Stevens)," "Stormy Weather," "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "That Old Black Magic" & "The Man That Got Away.")
    --Jackie Gleason sketch: "The Poor Soul Visits a Cafeteria" (with Art Carney).
    --Will Jordan (comedian) - impersonations Ed Sullivan and other celebrities.
    Also appearing:
    --Rocky Marciano (boxer) - Sullivan interview, the two compare muscles.
    --Ezra Charles (boxer) & Ed Fergolt (golfer) join Rocky & Ed onstage.
    --Hal Leroy & Peg Leg Bates (tap dancers) - tap dance challenge between the two.
    --Darvas and Julia (dance team)
    --Eight beauty queens from Florida (present gifts to Ed on behalf of Florida civic groups.)
    --Audience bows: Debbie Reynolds (actress); Ray Jablonski (baseball player)

  • June 13, 1954
    June 13, 1954
    Episode 39

    --Janis Paige and John Raitt - "There Was A Man" (from "The Pajama Game")
    --John Raitt - "If I Loved You" (from "Carousel")
    --Victor Borge - plays music of famous composers, then does his interpretations of how they would play "Happy Birthday."
    --The Goofers (instrumental quartet, sing "When The Saints Go Marching In" & do celebrity impressions)
    --The Wichita Orphans (barbershop quartet) - "Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie"
    --Mata And Hari (dance stylists doing a Carnegie Hall sketch)
    --Yokoi Trio (3 female cyclists from Japan)

  • June 6, 1954: U.S. Army Talent Show

    Scheduled guests:
    --Victor Borge (guest host) and 12 finalists from the Army Talent Championship. The finalists include Ezio D. Flagello, Emmanuel Lipman, Charles Malluzza, and Robert Brandstatter, all of the Bronx, Michael Domenico of North Collins, N.Y., Bernard Horowitz, of Brooklyn, Charles Reed, of Newark, and Cephus McGirt.
    --The 12 GI finalists were selected from among 75,000 men who auditioned from 12 worldwide Army command centers.
    --Victor Borge entertains while the judges (made up of prominent celebrities) tally their scores.

  • May 30, 1954
    May 30, 1954
    Episode 37

    Scheduled: --Patti Page --Red Buttons (comedian) --Liberace with Hermione Gingold (Liberace plays "The Warsaw Concerto" as Hermione Gingold accompanies him on the cello.) --Liberace, later in show, appears as a hillbilly. --George Liberace (Liberace's brother) conducts the orchestra. --Richard "Mr. Pastry" Hearne (English comic dances and does pantomime). --Johnny Farrell (golf pro, discusses the coming National Open which takes place at his course) --Bacone Choir (30 American-Indian singers from Muskogee, Oklahoma, appear in costume to sing choral songs.)

  • May 23, 1954
    May 23, 1954
    Episode 36

    --On film: Producer David O. Selznick discusses the re-issue of "Gone With the Wind." A clip from "GWTW" is shown.

    Other scheduled guests:
    --Betty and Jane Kean (comedy team)
    --Mindy Carson (singer)
    --Richard "Mr. Pastry" Hearne (English comedian)
    --Page and Bray (dancers)
    --Dickie Valentine (English singing star)

  • May 16, 1954
    May 16, 1954
    Episode 35

    Scheduled: --Nat "King" Cole (singer) --David Wayne (plays the Japanese interpreter Sakini in a scene from John Patrick's Pulitzer prize-winning play "Teahouse of the August Moon.") --Ted Lewis (entertainer known as the "Is Everybody Happy?" man) --Stan Musial (St. Louis Cardinal outfielder) --Byron Nelson (golfer) --Dick Contino (accordionist) --Richard "Mr. Pastry" Hearne (English comedian) --Scheduled audience bows: General Claire Chennault and members of his "Flying Tiger" division.

  • May 9, 1954: The ASCAP Story, Part 2

    "The ASCAP Story" Part 2 Composers scheduled to appear: --Jack Norworth - composer of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" --Joe E. Howard - composer of "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" --Rudolf Frimi - composer of "Rose Marie" and "Firefly" --Harry Tierney, composer of "Alice Blue Gown"
    Other scheduled guests: --Julius LaRosa sings "Young At Heart." --Richard Whiting's daughters Barbara and Margaret Whiting do a medley of their dad's songs. --Benny Fields sings "My Melancholy Baby." --Nanci Crompton dances "The Bridal Veil Dance." Audience bow: Liberace

  • May 2, 1954: The ASCAP Story, Part 1

    "The ASCAP Story" Part 1 with scheduled guests: --W.C. Handy (composer) --Lionel Hampton and his sextet perform "St. Louis Blues" (composed by W.C. Handy)
    --Bert Lahr (comedian) --Lillian Roth (singer) --Julius LaRosa (singer) --Otto Harbach (ASCAP president) --Maude Nugent Jerone --Geoffrey O'Hara (composer of "K-K-K-Katy") --Roy Smeck (banjo player)

  • April 25, 1954
    April 25, 1954
    Episode 32

    Scheduled: --Chester Gould ("Dick Tracy" creator and artist) --Victoria de Los Angeles (Metropolitan Opera star) --Korean Children's Choir (sent to the U.S. by South Korean president Syngman Rhee, under the patronage of the White House) --Moore and Lessey (comedy team) --Mata and Hari (dancers) --Joe Jackson, Jr. (circus clown) --Tom Packs and his elephant act

  • April 18, 1954
    April 18, 1954
    Episode 31

    --Audience bow: The Georgesceau family (family who refused to spy)
    --The Notre Dame Glee Club (making its 6th annual Easter appearance) - "Celestial Concepts"
    --On film: clip from "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn and Eddie Albert.
    --Eddie Albert appears on stage with Ed.
    --Eddie Albert (with wife Margo) - "Man is For the Woman"
    --Eddie Albert and Margo - "Never Marry an Actor"
    --Eddie Albert - "May to December" (from "Nickerbocker Holiday")
    --Eddie Albert and Margo - "Vaudeville," Tea for Two" and "That's Entertainment"
    --Sam Snead (golfer) - demonstrates a golf swing
    --The Marquis Chimps (trained animal act) - chimps perform tricks
    --Eddie Albert narrates an adaptation of "One God," a children's book about the various religious faiths practiced in America. Albert and three children visit Protestant, Jewish and Catholic services.
    --Audience bow: Florence Mary Fitts (author of "One God")
    --Audience bows: Bill Fulton, Pier Angeli and Terry Brennen.
    --The Notre Dame Glee Club - "Notre Dame Fight Song (Onward to Victory)"

    Scheduled guests (not mentioned on transcript):
    --Columbia University students (sixty performers and a chorus from the university)
    --Joe Jackson, Jr. (clown)

  • April 11, 1954
    April 11, 1954
    Episode 30

    Scheduled: --On film: Ed visits with Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster. The three are in a projection room viewing scenes from the new movie "Vera Cruz" starring Cooper and Lancaster.

    Other scheduled guests: --Leonard Warren (Metropolitan Opera star) --The First Piano Quartet (composed of Adam Garner, Edward Edson, Frank Mittler, and Glauco D'Attili) --Pat D'Or (English juggler) --The Dancing Szonys --Patti Bross (singer, winner of a Frankie Laine contest)

  • April 4, 1954: Eartha Kitt; Hermione Gingold & Billy DeWolf; Roberta Peters

    --Eartha Kitt - "Somebody Bad Stole The Wedding Bell" (with the Bil Baird Puppets) and "Lovin' Spree."
    --Roberta Peters and the "Three Musketeers" of the Metropolitan Opera, Cesare Siepi, Cesare Valletti, and Fernando Corena, perform "Viva De Compagnie," "The Barber Of Seville (Figero)" and "We Are The Musketeers."

    --Hermione Gingold and Billy DeWolf play two old ladies getting drunk in the train sketch from John Murray Anderson's "Almanac."

    Also appearing:
    --In a remote from Miami, Sophie Tucker recites "My Fifty Golden Years" and "Success."
    --In a remote from Atlanta, golfer Ben Hogan demonstrates a golf stroke, does his impression of Ed playing golf, and a fake slow-motion swing.
    --Audience bow: Janet Leigh.

  • March 21, 1954: Eddie Fisher, Betty and Jane Kean, The Harmonicats

    Scheduled guests:
    --Eddie Fisher sings a medley of hits including "Any Time," "Maybe," "Wish You Were Here" and "Bring Back the Thrill."
    --Betty and Jane Kean (comedians) - act includes impressions of Lena Home and Sophie Tucker.
    --The Harmonicats (novelty music act)
    --Richard Hearne (English comedian)
    --Gautier's Steeplechase animal act
    --On film: "A Night with Walt Disney's Artists" with a scene from Walt Disney's "Plnocchio" (1940 film, re-released in 1954).

  • March 14, 1954: St. Patrick's Day Salute

    Guests (St. Patrick's Day Show):
    --Dorothy Hayden's Irish Steppers (step dance) - dance to "Rickett's Hornpipe" & a St. Patrick's Day jig.
    --Robert Maxwell (harp soloist) - medley: Irish Jig, Carey Dancers & Londonderry Air
    --Julius LaRosa (singer) - "Christmas In Killarney" & "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral" (That's An Irish Lullaby)
    --Victor Borge (pianist-comedian) - takes requests from audience & combines them into a medley ("You're In Love," "I Love Paris," "National Emblem March" & "Tea For Two")
    --Audience bow: Oswald Helmut (introduced by Victor Borge)
    --Hal Leroy (tap dancer) - dances to "Sunny Side of the Street"
    --Peg Leg Bates (one-legged tap dancer) - dances to "Sheik of Araby"
    --Hal Leroy and Peg Leg Bates - perform a Bojangles tribute tap dance
    --Julius LaRosa - "Foggy Day In London Town" & "El Compari"
    --Ed starts to sing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" --On film: Clip from "Lili" with Leslie Caron singing "Hi Lili, Hi Lo" with puppet .
    --Audience bow: Leslie Caron (follows clip)
    --On film: "From Hee to Eternity" clip with Montgomery Cliff.
    --Audience bow: Montgomery Cliff (follows clip)
    --On-stage bow: Holy Cross Baseball Team with managers Tom McGovern, John Regan, Bob Cooney, Jack Carroll
    --Gaudsmith Brothers (acrobats with dogs) - two brother acrobats with poodles.

  • March 7, 1954: Nat King Cole, Janet Blair, Hurd Hatfield, Frank Fontaine

    --Janet Blair - "Our Fathers Played the Palace" (production number).
    --Nat King Cole sings a medley of hits ("Mona Lisa," "Too Young," "Pretend," "Nature Boy" and "Lover Come Back to Me").
    --Nat King Cole - "Answer Me, My Love."

     --Frank Fontaine (comedian) - does an impression of Ed Sullivan, then goes into his "Crazy Guggenheim" character.
    --Lane Brothers - sight gag, two men in big suit

    Also appearing:
    --Hurd Hatfield (actor) - presents a dramatic scene from the off-Broadway play "Bullfight" in which the matador is brought to shame.
    --Novellas (acrobats) - man balances on ladder, juggles and does tricks with a dog.
    --Channing Pollock (magician)
    --Ed introduces college basketball stars
    --Audience bows: Paddy DeMarco (boxing champ); Rita Gam (actress)

  • February 28, 1954
    February 28, 1954
    Episode 25

    Scheduled guests: --Betty and Jane Kean (comedians) --Hilde Gueden (soprano) --Eileen O'Dare (dancer) --Colette Marchand (premiere ballerina) --Les Compagnons de la Chanson (French singing group) --Mayo Brothers (novelty act)

  • February 21, 1954
    February 21, 1954
    Episode 24

    Scheduled guests:
    --Tony Martin (singer)
    --Maurice Evans (actor) - appears a scene from his Broaway play "Dial 'M' for Murder"
    --Mattiwilda Dobbs (opera singer)
    --Senor Wences (ventriloquist)
    --Myron Cohen (comedian-humorist)
    --The 4 Rumses

  • February 14, 1954: MGM's 30th Anniversary Tribute

    Ed salutes the 30th Anniversary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (broadcast from CBS's Television City in Hollywood).
    Guests include:
    --Fred Astaire (in his 1st TV appearance)
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    Desi Arnaz, Pier Angeli, Lucille Ball, Lionel Barrymore, Ann Blyth, Louis Calhern, Cyd Charisse, Vera Ellen, Greer Garson, Van Johnson, Howard Keel, Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Walter Pidgeon, Jane Powell, Edmund Purdom, Debbie Reynolds, Dore Schary (film producer & writer), Lana Turner, Esther Williams and Keenan Wynn.
    Also, Johnny Green conducts the orchestra.

  • February 7, 1954
    February 7, 1954
    Episode 22

    Scheduled: --Dorothy Lamour --Orson Bean (comedian, from "John Murray Anderson's Almanac") --Ruth Draper (had a one-woman show on Broadway at the time of this broadcast) --Yehudi Menuhin (violinist) --The Oklahoma University Glee Club

  • January 31, 1954
    January 31, 1954
    Episode 21

    --Patti Page - "Crossover the Bridge," "Changing Partners" & "The Whole World Is Singing My Song"
    --West Point Glee Club - "Onward Christian Soldiers" (military men's choir)
    --Judith Anderson (actress) - comedy sketch set in psychiatrist's office
    --Andre (Andres?) Segovia - classical guitarist, plays 2 songs
    --Richard Tucker (tenor) - "Shere Pa Mach" (Israeli marching song) & an Italian Aria
    --Rudy Horn (juggler) --The Three Rudells (acrobats performing on trampoline)

    On film: St. Paul Winter Carnival (7 minute film narrated by Ed Sullivan).

  • January 24, 1954
    January 24, 1954
    Episode 20

    Sscheduled: --The Ames Brothers --Margot Fonteyn --Michael Somes --Cesare Siepi --Sadler's Wells corps de ballet

  • January 17, 1954
    January 17, 1954
    Episode 19

    Scheduled guests:
    --Harry Belafonte (singer)
    --Tony Bennett (singer)
    --Franchot Tone, Betsy Von Furstenberg, and Gig Young (actors) - perform a scene from their Broadway comedy "Oh, Men! Oh, Women!"
    --Roberta Peters (soprano)
    --Senor Wences (ventriloquist)
    --Ching the Magician

  • January 10, 1954: Andy Griffith, Dolores Gray, Harry Mimmo, Larry Best

    --Andy Griffith (comedian, listed as "Deacon Andy Griffith").
    --Dolores Gray sings "I Got The Sun In The Morning (And The Moon At Night)," "Shrimp Boats" and "The Big Mamou."
    --Harry Mimmo (nightclub comedian)
    --Larry Best (comedian)
    --Willy, West and McGinty (comedy team)
    --The Copacabana Dancers (chorus girls)
    --Joyce's Camels (animal act)

  • January 3, 1954
    January 3, 1954
    Episode 17

    Scheduled: --Ice Capades of '54 --Jose Greco --Richard Hayden --Robert Lamaret --Les Campagnons de la Chanson

  • December 27, 1953
    December 27, 1953
    Episode 16

    Scheduled guests: --Rosemary Clooney (guest host, singer) --Julius LaRosa (singer) --Sam Levenson --The Ashtons (acrobatic troupe)

  • December 20, 1953: Christmas Show

    --Julius La Rosa sings "Jingle Bells," "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" and "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)."
    --Rise Stevens recites "Twas the Night Before Christmas."
    --Rise Stevens and the Columbia Glee Club sing "Silent Night."
    --Robert Maxwell (harpist) plays "Ebb Tide" (his own composition), a medley of 1920s songs, and "Tea for Two."
    --The Columbia University Glee Club - "Marching Song," "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" and "I Saw Three Ships (Come Sailing In)."
    --Nanci Crompton (ballerina wearing a costume rabbit head) does a solo dance.
    --The Calgary Brothers - pantomime act about two men exhausted from Christmas shopping.
    --The Salzburg Marionettes - puppets act out the Nativity Scene.
    --Audience bows: Miriam Hopkins (actress), Harold Russell (WWII hero & "Best Years of Our Lives" actor), Louis Alt (transit patrolman who risked his life to help save a man who fell on subway tracks), and Pat Crowley (actress).

  • December 13, 1953
    December 13, 1953
    Episode 14

    --The Nicholas Brothers (dancers) - tap dance to "Alligator Crawl" with six female dancers (led by the widow of Bill Robinson).
    --Frankie Laine sings a medley of "That's My Desire," "Cry of the Wild Goose," "On the Sunny Side of the Street," "Jezebel," "High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)" & "I Believe."
    --Pat Henning (actor-comedian) - stand-up routine includes psychiatrist jokes and impressions of actors.
    --Jimmy Boyd sings "Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney" & "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus."
    --Rabovsky & Kovach (Hungarian dance duo).
    --Pauline Di Maura (spelling?) - whistles "Beautiful Dreamer."
    --Ann Penelope Marston (champion archer)
    --Manu (juggler) - twirls knives to a native drum beat.
    --Eric Badicton (balancing act)
    --Ed appears outside on Broadway showing onlookers a tank which was converted from an English (or German) car, and used by a Czech family to escape from the Communists.
    --Frankie Laine introduces Patty Bross of Union City (or Newark), New Jersey, winner of the Columbia Records-Wurlitzer-Franki Laine national disk jocky contest.
    --Audience bows: Dorothy Houghton (U.S. diplomat), Terry Moore & Robert Wagner (actors, from the movie "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef"), Pamela Martin (aviatrix), Aldo Ray (actor), and Al Rosen (of the Cleveland Indians, later appears on stage to talk with Ed).

  • December 6, 1953
    December 6, 1953
    Episode 13

    Scheduled: --Charles Boyer (in a scene from "Don Juan in Hell") --Roberta Peters --Julius LaRosa --Sam Levenson --members of the Princeton Triangle Club

    Regulars: The Jack Cole Dancers

  • November 29, 1953
    November 29, 1953
    Episode 12

    Scheduled guests: --Sophie Tucker --Julius LaRosa --Joe E. Lewis --The Harmonicats --Dr. Ralph Bunche --"Colliers" All-American football team --The Six Frielanis

  • November 22, 1953
    November 22, 1953
    Episode 11

    Scheduled guests:
    --Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer (actors) - perform a scene from S.N. Behrman's "No Time for Comedy"
    --Charles Boyer (actor) - appears in a scene from the Broadway play "Don Juan in Hell"
    --Nora Kovach & Istan Rabovsky (husband-and-wife ballet team)
    --Norman Evans (British comedian)
    --Vigo Jahn (novelty act)

  • November 15, 1953
    November 15, 1953
    Episode 10

    Scheduled guests:
    --Gordon MacRae
    --Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healey
    --Zizi Jeanmarie (ballet dancer who appeared in the film "Hans Christian Andersen")
    --Gayla Peevey (child star) sings "Are My Ears On Straight"
    --Rudy Horn (juggler)
    --Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania
    --Minneapolis Lakers (champion pro basketball team)
    --Mrs. Alice Thompson (editor and publisher of Seventeen Magazine)
    --The participants in the Seventeen Magazine doll contest

  • November 8, 1953: Toast to the Met

    "Toast to the Met" - broadcast live from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House in celebration of the Metropolitan Opera's 70th anniversary.
    --Rise Stevens and Richard Tucker - the finale from "Carmen"
    --Rise Stevens, Roberta Peters; Robert Merrill, Richard Tucker - Quartet (from "Rigoletto")
    --Robert Merrill - "Some Enchanted Evening" (from "South Pacific")
    --Cesare Siepi and Paul Franke - "Death of Boris" (from "Boris Godunov"
    --Victor Borge - "Dressing down Mozart" routine

    Additional guest (scheduled to appear):
    --Hilda Gueden

  • November 1, 1953
    November 1, 1953
    Episode 8

    --Julius Larossa - "Tea For Two" (soft shoe routine with two women), "Ebb Tide" & "I'll See You In My Dreams."
    --Ann Miller - shows Julius a dance step
    --Bert Lahr & Art Carney - sketch: sports announcer interviews old time football player
    --Patachou (French chanteuse)
    --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) - talks with Pedro (head in box) and Johnny (hand puppet); and does a telephone routine.
    --Bronco Majurski - All American Minnesota football player
    --Cornelia Otis Skinner - recites monologue titled "Being Presented"
    --Georgie Tapps - tap dances to "Ravel's Bolero" with other dancers

    Audience bows: Mrs. Gus Kahn (songwriter's widow); Hank Morino Marino (jockey); Louise Suggs (golfer); Col. John McNutly

  • October 25, 1953
    October 25, 1953
    Episode 7

    --Patti Page sings "Father, Father" & medley ("With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming," "I Went To Your Wedding," "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?," "Tennessee Waltz," and "Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)")
    --Julius LaRosa sings "Eh Cumpari" (listed as "El Compari" on transcript), "Rolling Along" & "Anywhere I Roam"
    --The Step Brothers (acrobatic tap dancers)
    --The Pensacola Naval Aviation Cadet Choir (aka The Pensacola Naval Air Station Cadet Choir) - sing "Anchors Aweigh" (aboard ship)
    --Sam Levenson (comedian-humorist) - does a commentary on Schnooks and Schemiels
    --The Szonys (dance team) - perform a dance from the film "So This Is Love"
    --Elaine Browning (marimba player & puppeteer) - plays xylophone with a doll puppet
    --Audience bows: Captain Jack Bergen; Greer Garson (actress, with her mother); Mr. And Mrs. Salvatore Larosa; Otto Grahaml Val Parnell; Joe Louis; Coley Wallace; Maria Veccia (adopted Italian girl); and three members from the USS George Davis.

  • October 18, 1953
    October 18, 1953
    Episode 6

    Scheduled guests:
    --Grace Kelly and Ralph Meeker perform "The French Lesson" (from the play "Good News")
    --David Wayne and John Forsythe (actors) - appear in a scene from the Broadway play "The Teahouse of the August Moon"
    From Carnegie Hall:
    --A preview of the Steinway Centennial concert with 34 pianists including Eugene List, and conductor Dimitri Mitropoulos. The musicians are scheduled to perform Chopin's Polonaise in 'A' Major.

  • October 11, 1953
    October 11, 1953
    Episode 5

    --Harry Belafonte sings "Matilda"
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Gwen Verdon (dancer)
    --Dewey 'Pigmeat' Markham (comedian)
    --Linon (Clown wire-walker)
    --The Georgia Tech Glee Club
    --The Des Moines Rope Skippers

  • October 4, 1953
    October 4, 1953
    Episode 4

    Scheduled guests:
    --Lauren Bacall (movie actress, in her television debut)
    --Teresa Brewer and Guy Mitchell (singers) - perform songs from their new movie "Those Redheads from Seattle." Plus, clips from the film are shown.
    --Joe Louis
    --Peter Lawford
    --Sam Levenson (comedian-humorist)
    --Helen Wood
    --Toba Mazaroff
    --Bil and Cora Baird's Marionettes
    --Charlie Dressen (manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers)
    --The Talbot Brothers

  • September 27, 1953
    September 27, 1953
    Episode 3

    Scheduled guests:
    --Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy (husband-and-wife TV personalities) - do a routine mixing music with comedy.
    --Patachou (French chanteuse)
    --Darvas and Julia (dance team)
    --Walter Dare Wahl (comedian)

  • September 20, 1953: The Gene Autry Story, John Raitt, Dolores Gray, Anna Russell

    Tribute to Gene Autry
    --Gene Autry sings "Rancho Grande" (atop his horse Champion), "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer," "Your Cheatin' Heart" & "Back In The Saddle Again."

    Also appearing:
    --Dolores Gray & John Raitt sing an "Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain)?" and "Till the Clouds Roll By" medley.
    --John Raitt - "You'll Never Walk Alone."
    --Dolores Gray - "I've Got The World On A String."
    --Street carnival scene from the Broadway play "Carnival in Flanders" with three male Flamenco dancers.
    --Anna Russell (comedienne) - portrays a snooty women's club chairwoman & imitates different types of piano players.

  • September 13, 1953
    September 13, 1953
    Episode 1

    Scheduled guests:
    --Carmen Miranda (singer & movie star)
    --Joe Jackson Jr. (comedian, circus clown)
    --Jerry Coleman (of the New York Yankees)
    --The Harvest Moon Ball Winners (dance champions)
    Also: "The Ice Capades of 1954" in a remote pickup from Madison Square Garden.

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