Toast of the Town - Season 7

CBS (ended 1955)



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Episode Guide

  • September 12, 1954: The Darryl F. Zanuck Story

    Broadcast from Hollywood:
    A tribute to movie producer and 20th Century Fox executive Darryl F. Zanuck.
    Filmed segments include highlights from some of 20th Century Fox's biggest movies, along with Marilyn Monroe's screen test.

    Verified guests:
    --Darryl F. Zanuck is interviewed by Ed Sullivan.
    --Tony Martin (singer) performs a selection of songs from Fox musicals: "Alexander's Ragtime Band" (from the movie 'There's No Business Like Show Business'), "Mademoiselle" (from 'What Price Glory'), "Three Coins In The Fountain," "It Might As Well Be Spring" (from 'State Fair'), "It's a Woman's World" (from the movie 'Woman's World'), and "Thanks A Million."

    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    Jack Benny, Dan Dailey, Shirley Temple, Gloria DeHaven, Ruby Keeler, Sheree North, Dick Powell, Tyrone Power, Clifton Webb, and The Ken Darby Choir.

  • September 19, 1954: U.S. Navy Talent Show

    Scheduled: "A Salute to the U.S. Navy"
    --All performers on this show will be made up of Navy personnel. (This is similar to previous programs showcasing Army and Air Force talent.)

  • September 26, 1954
    September 26, 1954
    Episode 3

    Scheduled: A salute to the Cleveland Indians on the eve of the World Series (team to appear live from Cleveland).

    Scheduled guests in New York include: --Los Chavales De Espagna with Trini Reyes (Spanish singing and instrumental group) --"The Happy Wanderers" (a children's choir from Obernkirchen, Germany, making their U.S. TV debut) --Augie & Margo (dance team)

  • October 3, 1954: Salute to Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz

    Salute to Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz (entire 60-minute show dedicated to Lucy & Desi).
    Live segments:
    In a comedy sketch, Ed Sullivan pays an unexpected visit to Lucy and Desi's home. Vivian Vance and William Frawley do a vaudeville number.
    Desi Arnaz performs "Babalu."
    A celebrity testimonial luncheon honoring Lucy & Desi with speeches by Tex O'Rourke, Dusty Rhodes, and Ed Sullivan. Harry Chesney, William Frawley, Howard Dietz, Vivian Vance, John Hodiak, and Don Dixon also appear. Ed reads letter from Bernard Barauch. Segment concludes with speeches by Lucy & Desi.
    Filmed segments include excerpts from two 'I Love Lucy' episodes; and clips from the movies "Bataan" and "The Long Long Trailer."

  • October 10, 1954
    October 10, 1954
    Episode 5

    Scheduled: --Patti Page (singer) --Xavier Cugat and his band with singer-dancer Abbe Lane --The Step Brothers (four dancers) --Bobby Jones (golfer, tribute planned) --Rudy Cardenas (billed as "the world's number one juggler") --The Maxcelles (acrobats)

    On film: Clips from the Judy Garland movie "A Star is Born" (Believed to be the first preview of the movie.)

  • October 17, 1954
    October 17, 1954
    Episode 6

    Scheduled: --Irving Berlin --Liberace --Peg Leg Bates and Hal Le Roy (dancers) --Orson Bean (comedian) --Will Jordan (impersonator, known for his Ed Sullivan impression) --Sinclair & Spaulding (dance team)

    On film: A comedy bit between Ed and Bing Crosby filmed at Pebble Beach, CA. The film ends with Bing singing "White Christmas."

  • October 24, 1954
    October 24, 1954
    Episode 7

    Scheduled guests:
    --Pearl Bailey and Robert Merrill (singers) - "Habinera" and "Honeysuckle Rose" duet.
    --Carol Haney (dancer from the Broadway musical "Pajama Game")
    --The Treniers (seven-man jazz combo)
    --Vivien Tessi (acrobatic dancers)

  • October 31, 1954: Grantland Rice Tribute

    Grantland Rice tribute (a salute to the late sportscaster):
    --Ed Sullivan reads passage from Grantland Rice's book "The Tumult & The Shouting"
    --Audience bows: Notre Dame's "Four Horsemen" (Harry Stuhldreher Don Miller, Jim Crowley & Elmer Layden)
    --Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - reads "The Ghost Of The Argonne" written by Grantland Rice.
    --Audience bows: Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Mrs. Babe Ruth, Earle Sande, Vincent Richards, Doc Blanchard, Johnny Weissmuller, Gene Sarazin, Col. Eddie Egan.
    Additional guests:
    --Nat King Cole - "It's Crazy," "Smile," "Hajii Baba" and "Lover Come Back To Me."
    --Bert Lahr & Art Carney (comedy sketch) - sports announcer interviews an old time baseball player.
    --Genevieve (French singer) - "Les Marins" & "A La Bastille."
    --Andres Segovia (Spanish guitarist, performs Menuet & Venezuelan dance songs)
    --Audience bow: Dorothy Dandridge (followed by film clip from "Carmen Jones")

  • November 7, 1954
    November 7, 1954
    Episode 9

    --The Mills Brothers (vocal group) - perform a medley of "Tiger Rag (Hold That Tiger)," "Paper Doll" "The Jones Boy" and "Up A Lazy River."
    --Kitty Kallen sings "Don't Let the Kitty Geddin" and "In the Chapel in the Moonlight."
    --Eddie Fisher - "Swanee," "There's No Business Like Show Business," "Hey There" and "Fanny."
    --Eddie Fisher - "Count Your Blessings (instead Of Sheep)."
    --Dane Clark, Don Taylor and Andrew Duggan - perform a scene from their Broadway drama "The Fragile Fox" set in WWII.
    --Richard Hearne (British comedian, a.k.a. "Mr. Pastry") does his "The Lancers" pantomime bit and demonstrates the Passing Out Ceremony (to Kitty Kallen and Julia Meade).

  • November 14, 1954
    November 14, 1954
    Episode 10

    --Elizabeth Taylor & Van Johnson (talk about their new movie "The Last Time I Saw Paris" & clip from the movie)
    --Elaine Stritch - "You Took Advantage Of Me" (Richard Rodgers song)
    --Harlem Globetrotters
    --Julius LaRosa - "My Baby Cares For Me," "Mobile" and "The Gal That Got Away"
    --Richard Hearn (England's Mr. Pastry) - gets Ed to sing, causes confusion in the bandstand.
    --The Farias (acrobats)
    --The University of Pennsylvania Mask And Wig Club (men in drag do a production number with colonial dress and Spanish costumes).
    --Rosanna Carteri (soprano) - "Mi Chiamno Mimi" (Mimi's aria from "La Boheme")
    --Contest winners from Seventeen magazine's Save The Children doll contest.

  • November 21, 1954
    November 21, 1954
    Episode 11

    Scheduled guests:
    --Victor Borge
    --Roberta Peters (Metropolitan opera soprano) appears with Cesare Siepi, Cesare Valletti and Fernando Corena (known as the Met's "Three Musketeers")
    --Jimmy Boyd (young singer of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" fame)
    --The Ballets Espagnols with Terese & Luisillo (dancing company that appeared on Broadway, authentic Spanish dancing)
    --Rudi Horn (balancer)
    --On film: Ed visits the London set of the John Huston movie "Moby Dick." Included is an interview with Gregory Peck, who plays Captain Ahab.

  • November 28, 1954
    November 28, 1954
    Episode 12

    --Teresa Brewer - "My Sweetie Went Away" and "Let Me Go, Lover."
    --The cast of "Fanny" perform songs from the play:
    --Florence Henderson and Lloyd Reese - "Be Kind to Your Parents."
    --Florence Henderson and William Tabbert - duet from "Fanny."
    --Tabbert, Henderson and Ezio Pinza - "Why Be Afraid to Dance?"
    --Harold Rome ("Fanny" songwriter) also appears.
    --Jay Marshall (comedian)
    Also appearing:
    --Cameos: Members of the Colliers All-American Football Team.
    --Audience bow: Paul Young (who coached two All-American football teams).
    --Princeton Triangle Club perform scenes from their latest production. The troupe (including men in drag) does a Charleston dance number.
    --Cameos: Members of the Little All-American Football Team.
    --Filmed segment: A movie clip from "Moby Dick" featuring Gregory Peck.

  • December 5, 1954
    December 5, 1954
    Episode 13

    Scheduled guests:
    --Kirk Douglas (actor) plays guitar and sings "Whale of a Tail" from his new film "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"
    --Eartha Kitt (star of Broadway's "Mrs. Patterson")
    --The Ames Brothers (singers)
    --Carol Haney (dancer)
    --Jackie Miles (comedian)
    --The Wassan (teeterboard acrobats)
    On film: A clip from "There's No Business Like Show Business," starring Ethel Merman, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Dailey, Johnnie Ray, Mitzi Gaynor and Donald O'Connor.

  • December 12, 1954
    December 12, 1954
    Episode 14

    Scheduled guests:
    --The Crew-Cuts (vocal group, known for their cover of "Sh-boom")
    --Sophie Tucker (singer-entertainer)
    --Virginia Mayo (actress) - appears live on stage & introduces a film clip from "The Silver Chalice" (her new movie which also stars Jack Palance).
    --Sam Levenson
    --David Whitfield (English operatic tenor) --Angna Enters (singer) (another source lists this guest as a "dance impressionist")
    --The Rudells (or The Rudies) (acrobats, trampoline act)

  • December 19, 1954
    December 19, 1954
    Episode 15

    Scheduled guests (live from New York):
    --The Chordettes (vocal group) sing "Mr. Sandman"
    --Patti Page (singer)
    --Julius LaRosa (singer)
    --Sam Levenson (comedian)
    --Mata & Hari (dance team)
    On film (from Hollywood):
    --Ed talks with the stars of the movie "Not As A Stranger" (Olivia De Havilland, Frank Sinatra, Broderick Crawford, Gloria Grahame, Charles Bickford, and Robert Mitchum). Also appearing is director Stanley Kramer.
    --Also on film: "Star of Bethlehem" starring James Mason and his daughter Portland, who appear with a cast of forty. The six (or seven) year old Portland Mason plays the part of the Virgin Mary!

  • December 26, 1954
    December 26, 1954
    Episode 16

    --Cab Calloway sings "Birth of the Blues." Later in show, Calloway sings the Spiritual song "Let My People Go" (and possibly "Go Down Moses")
    --Tun Tun (entertainer from Mexico) - sings and dances "Che Bonito Mambo" & does impressions of Nat King Cole singing "Too Young"
    --Joan Weber (singer) - "Let Me Go Lover" and "I'm Sitting on Top of the World"
    --The Dunhills (tap dancers) - 3 men do a tap medley
    --Hermione Gingold & Billy DeWolfe (British comedians)
    --The Bryants (clown troupe) - does a pantomime act
    --Carl Ballantine (comic magician, aka "The Amazing Mr. Ballantine") - his magic tricks fail
    --The Harmonicaires (harmonica duet)
    --On film: A clip from the movie "Not As A Stranger" starring Robert Mitchum, Olivia De Havilland and Frank Sinatra.

  • January 2, 1955
    January 2, 1955
    Episode 17

    Scheduled guests:
    --Pearl Bailey (singer)
    --Francis L. Sullivan and Patricia Jessel (actors) - perform a scene from their Broadway play "Witness for the Prosecution."
    --Ted Lewis (singer)
    --June Valli (singer)
    --Sam Levenson (comedian)
    --Maria Neglia (violinist, opera star)
    --Also, a salute to the Associated Press.

  • January 9, 1955
    January 9, 1955
    Episode 18

    Scheduled guests (from New York):
    --Actress Grace Kelly and author James Michener discuss their movie "Bridges at Toko-Ri" and introduce a scene from the film.
    --Guy Mitchell (singer)
    --The USO Hollywood Troupe, headed by actor Forrest Tucker.
    --Elaine Malbin (operatic soprano)
    --Jose Greco (Spanish dancer)
    --The Trio Gypsies (an adagio dance team)
    Also: The 1955 edition of Shipstad & Johnson's "Ice Follies" (in a remote from Philadelphia) with Marie Crimmins (the show's star), Richard Dwyer (skater); Mr. Frick (trick skater, a.k.a. Werner Groebli); the Kermond Brothers (comedy team) and a production number featuring a cast of 100.

  • January 16, 1955
    January 16, 1955
    Episode 19

    Scheduled guests:
    --Esther Williams (actress) introduces scenes from her film "Jupiter's Darling"
    --Hermione Gingold (comedian)
    --Alice Pearce (comedian)
    --The Broadway cast of "The Saint of Bleecker Street," including David Poleri and Gloria Lane, perform scenes from the musical/opera. Also appearing are the show's composer Gian-Carlo Menotti and producer Chandler Cowles.
    --Arthur Worsley (listed as Arthur Wardsley) (ventriloquist)
    --Olivette Miller & Gibson (dance team)
    --Ganjou Brothers and Juanita (adagio dancers)

  • January 23, 1955
    January 23, 1955
    Episode 20

    Scheduled guests:
    --Robert Taylor introduces scenes from his film "Many Rivers To Cross."
    --Roberta Peters and William Warfield (opera stars) perform a salute to Jerome Kern.
    --Eugenie Leonitovich and Viveca Linfors (actors) perform a scene from their play "Anastasia."
    --Tony & Sally De Marco (dancers)
    --Sybil Bowen (comedian)
    --Alfredi's all-accordion symphony band consisting of 30 young people.

  • January 30, 1955: A Cavalcade of Radio

    Scheduled: "A Cavalcade of Radio, 1920 - 1955" based on the Ben Gross book "I Looked and I Listened."
    Stars are scheduled to appear from New York and Hollywood to recreate past radio programs and historic radio moments.
    --Scheduled guests from New York: Eve Arden; Edward Arnold; Gene Autry; Red Barber; Andre Baruch; Jack Benny; Gertrude Berg; Edgar Bergen & Charlie; Norman Brokenshire; Eddie Cantor; William Conrad; Milton Cross; Jessica Dragonette; the Fitzgeralds; John Gambling; Jay Jostyn; Vincent Lopez; Ted Mack; Edward R. Murrow; Pickens Sisters; Frank Parker: Peter Potter; Roger Pryor; Bob Rockwell; David Ross; Lanny Ross; George Seaton; George Shelton; Rudy Valee; Paul Whiteman; and Ed Wynn.
    --Scheduled guests from Hollywood: Jack Bailey; Bob Burns; Ed Gardner; George Givot; Jean Hersholt; Art Linkletter; Ken Murray; J. Carroll Naish; Hal Peary; Ginny Simms; Jimmy Wallington. (The Hollywood segments hosted by Harry Von Zell.)
    --Also scheduled: Radio soap opera heroines.

  • February 6, 1955: The Columbia Pictures Story

    "The Columbia Pictures Story" with guests:

    --Maureen O'Hara (actress) - talks to Ed about her movie "The Long Grey Line" followed by a clip from the film. (Film also stars Tyrone Power.)
    --Eddie Fisher - "April Showers," "Mammy" & "A Man Chases A Girl" (backed up by an unseen Debbie Reynolds)
    --Teresa Brewer - sings "I've Got A Crush On You" & "How Come You Do Me Like You Do"
    --Marge & Gower Champion (dancers) - "Let's Dance" & "Meetin' Time" (song & dance)
    --Actors appearing together on stage: Diane Foster, Robert Francis, Kim Novak, Donald Crisp, Maureen O'Hara & Merty Maher. (Note: Jack Lemmon, Betsy Palmer, Harry Carey Jr., and Gloria Krieger were also scheduled to appear but they are not mentioned on the transcript.)
    --General Jacob L. Devers & Merty Maher (writer of the book "Bring Up The Brass") are brought on stage with O'Hara. General Devers makes a patriotic speech.
    --The West Point Glee Club - "America The Beautiful"
    --Audience bows: Rod Steiger; Jack Cohn (Columbia Pictures president); Carol Haney

    Film clips: --"It Happened One Night" clip with Claudette Colbert & Clark Gable where Gable undresses --"Mr. Deeds Goes To Town" clip with Gary Cooper & Jean Arthur --"Gilda" clip with Rita Hayworth singing and dancing --"Born Yesterday" clip with Judy Holliday & Broderick Crawford --"From Here To Eternity" clip where Burt Lancaster & Deborah Kerr roll in the surf. Also: Montgomery Clift & Frank Sinatra --"The Caine Mutiny" clip with Humphrey Bogart, Jose Ferrer, Van Johnson --"On The Waterfront" clip with Marlon Brando & Rod Steiger

  • February 13, 1955
    February 13, 1955
    Episode 23

    Scheduled guests:
    --Les Paul and Mary Ford
    --Pearl Bailey and her brother Bill
    --Suzan Ball and her husband Richard Long (both actors)
    --Mata & Hari (dancers)
    --Don Cossack Chorus (32 member chorus)
    --Willy West & McGinty (comedians)
    --The University of Illinois Glee Club

  • February 20, 1955: Tribute to Gertrude Lawrence

    Tribute to Gertrude Lawrence (1898 - 1952)

    --Film clip: Gertrude Lawrence sings "Getting to Know You" (1951 "Toast of the Town" clip)
    --Sarah Churchill talks about Gertrude Lawrence & her Cockney roots.
    --Mindy Carson - "Sunny Side of the Street" & "Someday I'll Find You Jenny."
    --Lily Pons - "The Bell Song" from "Lakme."
    --Gracie Fields (comedian, does a party routine & sings "Whistle A Happy Tune")
    --Judith Anderson - scene from "Medea."
    --Helen Hayes - talks about Gertrude Lawrence, does a Bible reading.
    --Dorothy Sarnoff - "Shall We Dance?" from "The King and I."
    --Audience bows: Richard Stoddard Aldridge (Gertrude Lawrence's husband); Grady Harris, Harry Ruggles.
    --On film: Beatrice Lillie on stage in London singing Life Is Sweet."

  • February 27, 1955
    February 27, 1955
    Episode 25

    --Eartha Kitt sings "My Heart's Delight" and "The Heel."
    --The DeJohn Sisters (vocal duo) - "A Present For Bob" and "No More."
    --The Citadel College Glee Club (directed by Captain Nichols) sing "The Citadel Alma Mater" and "The Lord's Prayer."
    --Scenes from the play "Plain and Fancy": Gloria Marlowe and David Daniels (sing "Young and Foolish"); Shirl Conway, Nancy Andrews and others (perform a comic scene set in an Amish kitchen); Nancy Andrews & five others (sing "City Mouse, Country Mouse").
    --Billy De Wolfe (comedian) plays "Mrs. Murgatroyd" in a comedy sketch.
    --Carol Haney and Peter Gennaro dance to "On the Sunny Side of the Street."
    --Audience bows: Ann Miller (MGM dancing star), Robert Wagner (actor), Win Min Than (actress, a co-star in the Gregory Peck movie "The Purple Plain"), and General Mark Clark (WWII hero).
    --Audience bows: Victor Seixas and Tony Trabert (both from the 1955 US Davis Cup Team).

  • March 6, 1955
    March 6, 1955
    Episode 26

    Scheduled: --Lillian Roth (singer) --Fontane Sisters (singers) --Roy Franklin (singer) --Mata & Hari (dance stylists) --The All-American basketball team (five men selected by Collier's magazine)

  • March 13, 1955
    March 13, 1955
    Episode 27

    Ice Capades of 1955 (broadcast from Chicago):

    --Victor Borge (skates out on ice) --Peg Leg Bates (tap dancer; dance routine, tap dance routine, tells leg jokes) --The Maxsons (ice skating pair) --The Old Smoothies (older couple dance to "Shine On Harvest Moon") --Ice Capades "Tropicana" production number. --Rudy Horn (unicyclist, tosses cups, saucers, etc on his head) --Donna Atwood (skater, skates to medley of Irish songs) --Irish Festival Singers - perform an Irish medley --Forgie And Larson ("Ice Capade" performers, do a badminton match) --Vernon & Bumpy (child acrobats)

  • March 20, 1955
    March 20, 1955
    Episode 28

    --Sarah Vaughan - "S'wonderful" & "How Important Can It Be"
    --Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane - "Brazil" & "Sway"
    --Tony & Sally DeMarco (dance team) - dance to "Easter Parade" & "Crazy Rhythm"
    --Frankie Marlowe (comedian) - does Brando impressions, closes with song "It All Depends On You"
    --Sam Levenson (stand-up comedian, topic: education)
    --Dartmouth Glee Club (led by Paul Zeller) --Sam Levenson (comedian)
    --The Dartmouth College Glee Club
    --Lottie's Doves (might be "Wlades Doves") - trained animal act

    Audience bows: Dahl H. Davis, Robert Baster

  • March 27, 1955: Tribute to Rodgers & Hammerstein

    Tribute to Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein
    --Celeste Holm - I Can't Say No" (from "Oklahoma") and "A Fellow Needs A Girl" (from "Allegro")
    --Florence Henderson & John Raitt - "People Will Say We're In Love."
    --Florence Henderson & Gary Wright - "Be Kind to Your Parents."
    --University Of Oklahoma Glee Club - "Oklahoma."
    --Robert S. Kerr - Senator From Oklahoma talks about the musical "Oklahoma," his state & America.
    --Barbara Cook - "Many A New Day" (from "Oklahoma" with dancers).
    --Richard Colett sings "Surry With Fringe On Top" in Swedish.
    --Augustana College Choir sings "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" in Swedish.
    --Ed Interviews Oscar Hammerstein & Richard Rodgers who discuss the song writing process.
    --Richard Rodgers conducts orchestra for "Oklahoma" with entire cast joining in vocals.
    --Emmett Kelly (cameo, wanders on stage towards end of show)

  • April 3, 1955
    April 3, 1955
    Episode 30

    Guests: -- Fred Astaire - On stage, Astaire talks with Ed about dancing & golf, then combines the two by dancing with a golf club. Also: A film clip from "Daddy Longlegs" (with Leslie Caron) is shown. --Dorothy Dandridge - "Good For Nothing Joe" & "I Got Rhythm" --Sammy Davis, Jr. and the Will Maston Trio (Sammy dances and sings with his father and uncle). --Julius Larosa - "Pass It On" & "Let's Stay Home Tonight" --Joan Rhodes (British strong-woman, bends a piece of iron with her mouth) --Excess Baggage (dog act)

    Audience bows: Tony Demarco; Charlotte Brooks

  • April 10, 1955
    April 10, 1955
    Episode 31

    Scheduled guests:
    --James Cagney (shows a film clip from his latest movie, "Run for Cover")
    --Rosemary Clooney
    --The Ballet Theater of David Lichine's "Graduation Ball"
    --Los Chavales de Espana (with Trini Reyes)
    --sports stars: Willie Mays, Pee Wee Reese, Dusty Rhodes, Robin Roberts, Warren Spahn, Vic Wertz and Jerry Coleman
    --The Notre Dame Glee Club
    --David Whitfield (English singer)

  • April 17, 1955
    April 17, 1955
    Episode 32

    Scheduled: --James Stewart --Louis Armstrong --Joey Bishop (comedian) --Robert Merrill (opera singer) --Marguerite Piazza (night club performer) --David Whitfield (English singer)

  • April 24, 1955
    April 24, 1955
    Episode 33

    --Harry Belafonte sings "Scarlet Ribbons"

    Additional guests (scheduled):
    --Marion Marlowe (singer)
    --Carol Haney (dancer)
    --Jackie Miles (comedian)
    --Jack Buchanan (English musical comedy star)
    --The Half Brothers (a unicycle juggling act)

  • May 1, 1955
    May 1, 1955
    Episode 34

    --Eartha Kitt - "C'Est Si Bon."
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --Lionel Hampton
    --Georgia Gibbs
    --Phil Foster (comedian)
    --The combined choruses of New York University and Skidmore College
    --Victor Julian's performing French poodles
    On film: Greetings from Hollywood stars Robert Wagner, Irene Dunn, Dan Dailey, Arlene Dahl, and Richard Todd.

  • May 8, 1955
    May 8, 1955
    Episode 35

    Scheduled: --Eddie Fisher --Mariners (vocal group) --Eileen Barton (singer) --Richard Hearne (England's "Mr. Pastry") --Wonder Boy John (European acrobat) --Robert Lamoret and his talking duck

    On film: Interviews with Hollywood stars Bing Crosby; Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron, Claudette Colbert, Joan Crawford, Jennifer Jones, Jane Russell, Betty Grable (with husband Harry James), Jeanne Crain, Maureen O'Hara, Victor Mature, Clifton Webb and Robert Cummings.

  • May 15, 1955
    May 15, 1955
    Episode 36

    Scheduled guests: --Louis Armstrong --Will Mastin Trio (with Sammy Davis Jr.) --Gary Crosby --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Richard Hearne

  • May 22, 1955
    May 22, 1955
    Episode 37

    Broadcast from the USS Wisconsin, docked in New York harbor

    Scheduled guests (aboard the ship): --Burl Ives --Jack E. Leonard (comedian, billed as "Fat Jack" E. Leonard) --June Valli (singer) Also: Arizona Boys Choir; Richard Hearne; the Balladinis (English jugglers); the Marine Drill Team; and the band of the USS Wisconsin.

  • May 29, 1955
    May 29, 1955
    Episode 38

    Guests: --Andy Griffith (comedy monologue) - imitates a woman's voice, sings "Make Yourself Comfortable," and chats with Ed afterwards. --Betty & Jane Kean, with Lew Parker & Gabriel Dell - "Walk Like a Sailor" (from "Ankles Aweigh") --Pat Henning (comedian) --Stan Kramer and his puppets --Victor Julian and his performing dogs

  • June 5, 1955
    June 5, 1955
    Episode 39

    Scheduled guests:
    --Gloria DeHaven and Ricardo Montalban perform a scene from their Broadway musical "Seventh Heaven."
    --Julius LaRosa and Marion Marlowe (singers & former cast members of the Arthur Godfrey Show) - "Two Lost Souls" duet.
    --Carol Haney (dancer from Broadway's The Pajama Game)(Haney's appearance was postponed from May 22.)
    --Ross & Ross (novelty punching-bag act)

  • June 12, 1955: U.S. Army Talent Show

    The second All-Army Talent Contest featuring performers selected from U.S. Army bases throughout the world.
    These performers, all finalists in the Fort Dix, NJ, competition held a week earlier, are competing in the categories of Vocal Soloist, Instrumental Soloist, Individual Novelty and Group Act.

    The finalists include:
    Cpl. Pat R. Daugherty of Hayward, California;
    Pvt. Roger Balph of Lexington, Kentucky (clarinet-saxophone player performing "The Twelfth Street Rag").

  • June 19, 1955: Mister Roberts Salute

    "Mister Roberts" Salute - A full-hour tribute to the stage drama (written by the late Thomas Heggen) and the recent film version.
    The guests include Henry Fonda, James Cagney and Jack Lemmon, the cast from the movie version.
    Also appearing are John Forsythe and David Wayne from the "Mr. Roberts" Broadway cast).
    Additional guests (scheduled to appear) were Leland Hayward, and Mervyn Le Roy.

    Segments include:
    (1) A Film clip from the movie with Henry Fonda, William Powell and Jack Lemmon.
    (2) Live on stage, James Cagney and Jack Lemmon perform a scene from the movie: The Captain (Cagney) first meets Ensign Pulver (Lemmon).
    (3) John Forsythe and David Wayne, from the Broadway cast, do a scene that wasn't included in the movie.
    (4) The movie cast reenacts the scene in which The Captain won't grant shore leave to the crew unless Mr. Roberts promises to keep quiet about the Captain's faults.

  • June 26, 1955: 7th Anniversary Show

    7th Anniversary show
    --Bob Hope, who first appeared on "Talk of the Town" in 1948, does a little bit of a comedy routine. Then he performs "The Sand Dance" routine to music from "The Seven Little Foys." (Children from "The Seven Little Foys" appear with Hope later in the show.)
    --Pearl Bailey (singer) - "Nobody"
    --Will Jordan - impersonates Ed Sullivan.
    --Smith and Dale (comedians, perform their Dr. Kronkheit sketch)
    --Joe Howard (Vaudeville song-and-dance man) - sings "Hello My Baby," "Goodbye My Lady Love" and one other song (possibly "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now")
    --Famous athletes (introduced by Ed): Jack (Jim) Flick (golf champion), Archie Moore (boxer) , Charlie Johnson (Moore's manager)
    --Milton Caniff (cartoonist).

  • July 3, 1955
    July 3, 1955
    Episode 43

    Show broadcast from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Antietam anchored in the Hudson River.
    Guests include:
    --The Chordettes (vocal group) - "Hummingbird" & "Dixie Danny."
    --The Step Brothers (acrobatic tap dancers)
    --Priscilla Wright (Canadian vocalist) sings "The Man in the Raincoat."
    --The Naval Aviation Cadet Choir (from Pensacola) - "Anchors Aweigh."
    --Rufe Davis (Western performer) - plays guitar and sings "Old Mac Donald" (makes animal noises).
    --The Gaudsmith Brothers (dog act) - 2 brothers with poodles clown around on deck & do acrobatics.
    --Jay Marshall (comedian doing stand-up in front of big navy guns) - Navy humor, does ring tricks.
    --Beginning of show: Ed is in Navy Helicopter flying over aircraft carrier. The Hudson River & Manhattan Skyline are seen from the harbor. Helicopter lands and Ed introduces his helicopter pilot Lt. Les Taylor.

    Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
    --The Mariners (vocal group)
    --The Piero Brothers (jugglers)
    --The Marcellos (Marcellas?) (acrobats)

  • July 10, 1955
    July 10, 1955
    Episode 44

    --Marion Marlowe (guest host, singer)
    --Eartha Kitt (singer-actress)
    --Joey Bishop (comedian)
    --Joan Holloway (dancer)
    --The Peiro Brothers (jugglers from Argentina)

    Additional guests (scheduled): 
    --The Ghezzis (acrobatic trio)
    --Rolly Rolls (comic pianist)
    --Evers & Dolores (high-wire artists)

  • July 17, 1955
    July 17, 1955
    Episode 45

    Scheduled guests: --Ethel Merman (guest host) --Russell Nype (Broadway singer-actor) --Jimmy Edmonson (a.k.a. "Professor Backwards") --The Peiro Brothers (jugglers) --The Rhythmettes (dance group)

  • July 24, 1955
    July 24, 1955
    Episode 46

    Scheduled guests: --Guy Mitchell (guest host) --Polly Bergen (singer-actress) --Arthur Worsley (English ventriloquist) --The Band and Color Guard of the First Infantry Division

  • July 31, 1955: U.S. Air Force Talent Show


    "Tops in Blue" - the U. S. Air Force world-wide talent contest with featured acts: --the Harmonica Riffs --the Sunset Playboys (singers) --the Harmonettes (singers) --J.R. Berggren (billed as a "card manipulator")

  • August 7, 1955: Bill Haley & his Comets / Jack Palance, Christopher Plummer, Roddy McDowall

    Show broadcast from the American Shakespeare Festival Theater in Stratford, Connecticut:
    --Scenes from Shakespeare's "The Tempest" with actors Raymond Massey, Roddy McDowall, Jack Palance, Jerry Stiller and Rex Eberhart.
    --Scene from "Julius Caesar" with Christopher Plummer performing "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech.
    Also appearing:
    Hurd Hatfield
    --Raymond Massey - Shakespeare speech

    Other guests:
    --Bill Haley and his Comets - "Rock Around The Clock"
    --Mindy Carson - "Wake The Town" and "My Heart Belongs To Daddy"
    --Max Bygraves (British comedian) - routine with singing and comic goose

    Audience bows: Joel McRea; John Kelly (Commissioner of State Police In Connecticut); Lawrence Langer (of the Shakespeare Festival Theater)

  • August 14, 1955
    August 14, 1955
    Episode 49

    --The Mills Brothers - Basin St. Blues," "Opus #1" and "Lazy River"
    --The Four Aces - "Should I" and "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"
    --Film clip from "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" with William Holden & Jennifer Jones
    --Max Bygraves (English comedian) - does stand-up routine with a goose & sings "Anyone Can Be A Millionaire"
    --The Cramerton Square Dancers from Greensboro, N.C
    --Mexican Boys Town Choir - "Auld Lang Syne"
    --Marquis Chimps (animal act) - chimp rides bicycle, unicycle, toy pony, and jumps rope to music.
    --film clip from Santa Barbara Festival with Chief Justice Warren in attendance.

    Audience bows: Rosalind Russell & her husband Fred; Harry Phillips & Sindey James (publisher & managing editor of Sports Illustrated); Spencer Love (CEO of Burlington Industries, mentioned but not seen until later in show); and Marvie Mayor.

    12-minute segment (probably on film): Interviews with sports stars Eddie Arcaro (jockey), Willie Shoemaker (jockey), Joe Lewis, Jack Dempsey, Ben Hogan (golfer), Maurice Richard, George Welch (Navy football hero), Maurice Stokes, Reverend Bob Richards (pole vaulter), D. Walker, Briggs Cunningham, Bob Grimm, Don Newcombe (baseball star), Bob Cousy (Celtics basketball player); Steve Nagey, Arnold Sowell, and tennis stars Tony Trabert, Louise Brough, & Bill Talbert. [This segment might also include interviews with Arne Sowell (track star) and Ted Williams (baseball star).]

  • August 21, 1955
    August 21, 1955
    Episode 50

    A Salute to the movie "The Girl Rush."
    --Rosalind Russell and Eddie Albert - "Out of Doors."
    --Ella Mae Morse sings "Birmin'ham."
    --Tony Bennett sings "If You'll Only Take a Chance."
    --Gloria DeHaven sings "An Occasional Man."
    --Rosalind Russell & male chorus - "Homesick Hillbilly" (begins as a film clip).
    --The Girl Rush cast sings (lip-syncs?) "The Girl Rush" theme.
    --Songwriters Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane perform "The Trolley Song."
    --Marion Lorne plays a scatter-brained woman at a gambling table.
    Filmed segments (clips from the movie):
    --Nightclub revue with Gloria DeHaven & others singing "Champagne."
    --Rosalind Russell, Bob Fortier, Matt Maddox and Don Crichton - "If You'll Only Take a Chance" excerpt.

  • August 28, 1955
    August 28, 1955
    Episode 51

    Scheduled: --Eartha Kitt (singer) --Jay Lawrence (comedian) --The Mariners (vocal group) --"Wonder Boy John" (child acrobat from Germany) --The Chicago Festival Singers

  • September 4, 1955
    September 4, 1955
    Episode 52

    --Georgia Gibbs (singer)
    --Scenes from the 1956 edition of the "Ice Capades" (from Atlantic City's Convention Hall)
    --Donna Atwood (ice skater) appears in "Peter Pan" (an extended segment scheduled to run a half-hour)
    --Karen Barclay (the "World's Most Beautiful Majorette")
    --Donna Grescoe (violinist)

    Note: Shelley Winters and Lillian Gish were scheduled to perform a scene from their new film, "Night of the Hunter." But Shelley Winters became ill. The director and producer of the movie (Charles Laughton and Paul Gregory) were also scheduled to appear. The "Night of the Hunter" cast and crew were re-scheduled for 25Sep55 show (listed on the "Ed Sullivan Show" guide).

  • September 11, 1955: Jane Russell & Jeanne Crain, The Ames Brothers, Phil Silvers & the "Bilko" cast

    --Phil Silvers, Harvey Lembeck, Paul Ford and Herbie Faye perform a scene from their upcoming TV series "You'll Never Get Rich" (a.k.a. "Sergeant Bilko") which premieres on September 20, 1955.
    ---Jane Russell and Jeanne Crain perform an excerpt (probably a song and dance) from their new film, "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes." Also, a clip from the movie is shown.
    --The Ames Brothers (vocal group) - "Sailing Along on Moonlight Bay."

    Other guests (scheduled to appear):
    --The Brooklyn Dodgers (the entire baseball team).
    --Winners of the Harvest Moon Ball dance contest.

  • September 18, 1955: U.S. Navy Talent Show

    --Julius La Rosa, backed up by a Navy Band, sings "Suddenly There's A Valley."
    --Winners of the U.S. Navy's annual talent contest.

    Scheduled to appear:
    --Admiral Arleigh Albert Burke, the new Chief of Naval Operations, nicknamed "31-knot Burke."
    --Capt. Richard S. McCutchen, a contestant who recently won $64K on the TV quiz show "The $64,000 Question."
    --The Marquis Chimpanzees (trained animal act).

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