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Toasted tv

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Toasted tv

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Toasted Tv, being evolved from Cheese Tv, is a popular Tv show, shot on the Gold Coast at Seaworld (Australia). Hosted by Kellyn (Kell) Morris and Palmer. When not just both of their personalities join together, but also their stupidity, kids across the nation of Australia flick their televisions on. On Thursday morning's, they have "E Toasted" which informs kids about the latest songs, movies, gadgets and gossip. On every morning they do "Chuck It In" - this is where you send in a gross recipe that Kell and Palmer mix in a blender and MUST drink it! Otherwise they get punished with a disgusting dare. On Tuesdays they do "Brain Squeeze" - The Worlds Dodgiest Game Show, and last but not least "Double Dares By Request" - Where Kell and Dan MUST do Australian kids requested dares. On Wednesday morning's, they do a "Bike wheel of misfortune," which is where request of dares such as "On your head, down your pants, Kell Vs. Palmer, eat it and physical challenge" are requested from kids across the nation. Not only do they air on weekdays, but also on Saturday mornings from 6:30am-7:00am, broadcasting Pokemon, whilst on weekdays they show Yu-Gi-Oh GX from 7:00am-7:30am, from Mondays to Fridays, then Transformers from 7:30am-8:00am, from Mondays to Thursdays, and finally from 8:00am-8:30am Chaotic is on from Mondays to Fridays. Each season, Toasted Tv changes the shows so that they can keep up to date on the latest cartoon shows. They also interview actors/actresses, musicians, choreographers, animators, magicians and sportsmen/woman.moreless
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    I would call my Pokemon "Reshiram" because the legend says that it could burn through anything using the flames on its tail. How cool is that?
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    i would call my pokemon pikachu because its cute and i want it to look like from pikachu like from pokemon.

  • A good source for a bunch of cartoons and anime but I think Cheez TV was better!

    Toasted TV has a great variety of anime and cartoons mixed in with interesting hosting to back them up. Although this may seem trivial, to me it is very frustrating. One bad aspect about Toasted TV is the repetitiveness and poor organisation of the shows that are being aired onto Toasted TV, in my opinion. I do not intend to offend anyone.

    For example, I believe that I have seen roughly the anime series One Piece, season/part one at least five times on Toasted TV and the second season/part two/three times. So out of the seven/eight times that it has been aired on Toasted TV we haven't made it past the introduction as the first season is an introduction to the characters and the second we see them for the first time interacting with people external to the crew. It isn't doing it with only this show but other shows like Bratz (I don't know how people can like that show, sorry to those who do). They also play a whole show, and then couple of months later its back on again. What I'm trying to say is that they should replay it once or twice, more on through the series and let other shows have a chance.

    Apart from that negative side there isn't really anything wrong with Toasted TV, I mean they do provide us with a vast range of cartoons and anime!moreless
  • Toasted TV is hosted by Kell and Palmer

    Toasted TV is an awesome show hosted by Kell and Palmer and its 90 minutes of shows, games, gossip, interviews, sports and much more. There are usually 3 shows on every show and in between are 5 minute breaks where Kell and Palmer talk about whatever the show is about today. Its on at a good time for kids because its just before they go to school and they get to watch some cartoons in the morning. The old hosts were Pip and Dan but only just recently Palmer took over Dan and before that, Kell took over Pip. Most people were sad to see Dan leave after Pip had left not that long ago. I don't think Kell and Palmer are at the same high standard as Pip and Dan.moreless