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  • Forgot about us again?

    Hi guys, just in case you forgot, Tassie is a part of Australia and has been for a long time. we do have Australia day events - although anyone who watched the Today show this morning would not think so.
  • Re A Posthumous Honor for Robin Williams

    Greetings from the US!

    It's my understanding that Australians were fond of the late Robin Williams, who reportedly frequently vacationed in your country.

    Upon the advice of a Facebook user from your country, I'm writing to inform you that I've launched an online campaign to get the Academy Awards to honor Robin, who was one of Hollywood's most charitable men, with a posthumous Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at next year's Oscars ceremony, scheduled for February 22, 2015.

    Those wishing to support this campaign may contact the Academy Awards either on Facebook, or at .

    While noone can change the sad events of last August 11, we can honor a great humanitarian legacy.

    I hope those reading this will view it as a worthwhile endeavor.

    Thank you.

    Yours Very Sincerely,

    Deborah Earle

  • end the bias

    why is it that each news bulletin features 90% of stories about nsw/sydney? dont events happen in other states??? sydney this sydney that!!

    and it would be nice to have hosts from non rugby league states too
  • lisa's lookalike

    Hi carl and lisa, after living in adelaide for five years and watching you guys we decided it was time to move back to the uk(nothing to do with adelaide or you). Were just watching celebrity dancing on ice and the female judge reminds us of lisa. Today is far better than our breakfast programmes, from mark liane and holly in lincolnshire, england.
  • News reports should not use tactics such as 'shock jockey' techniques to increase their viewer profiles. This only insults the intellegence of people and gives credit to the ones who would use xenophobia to their advantage.

    I was of the understanding that the 'Today' show (Australia) was of a non-biased nature, until this morning. I could not believe that after showing on the news a 'terrorist scare' that they would then show a picture of a lovely woman in full muslim head-dress and clothing! Not only would this appease the masses of the head hunters here who would still vote for the White Australia Policy and Pauline Hanson but what of the poor young woman who may be attending university or work or suchlike? I think your producers and editors should really think about the consequences of such 'shock' jockey news reports in the future. Yes I am a muslim and I do cover, My children do not. I was in Melbourne not long ago and told by a man that I should be not out after dark due to the 'ignorance' of my religion and that he was worried that something would happen to me if I stayed out 'after dark'. I thought this was Australia? By the way .. I am Australian. I live in a small country town which accepts my religion, I wish intelligent people as your selves would stop this type of news reporting, there are better ways of reporting I'm sure.

    Margie Connor
  • A five days a week breakfast show in Australia, modelled on the US Today and GMA.

    This show used to be good, the perfect start to the day. Then 9/11 hit. Suddenly Today became a two-hour festival of gloom and darkness, intended to send Australians off to work with heavy hearts. It\'s all been downhill ever since, and endless cast, crew, set and timeslot changes have only accellerated the decline.