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Weekdays 6:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Jan 01, 1995 In Season


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  • An informative show.

    This is truly a great show. I enjoy watching it over and over and over again. I can watch the same episode 2 or 3 times in a row just so I can catch things that I might have missed. I think I have all of the episodes recorded and I watch them whenever there is nothing good on TV. It is always entertaining to me. I will also have my friends and family watch the episodes with me and try and get them hooked. So far everyone has because it is that good of a show. Look for it on the air or come over to my house and watch my DVD's.
  • Cast aside the stigma, TT is brilliant! With top notch production values!

    Today Tonight, the Seven Networks flagship current events programme,, is hosted by Naomi Robson in Melbourne for NSW, VIC & QLD and by Leigh McClusky for the Adelaide market and by Monika Kos for the West Australian viewers. Because it is regionalised it has one 40 out of the 42 ratings weeks in 2005, clearly beating Nine's nationalised A Current Affair with Ray Martin in Sydney. Naomi Robson is the most charming and beautifull woman on Australian TV of my opinion, she is witty, smart and sophisticated. The show does cover some usefull, contemporary issues as well as the sensationalised rubbish and becasue of that people have an undeserved stigma attached to it. You should take the show for what it is and don't expect it to be the ABC's 7.30 Report! It is a brilliant show that far outstrips Nine's Sydney-centric ACA with the perpetually seedy Ray Martin.
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