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TVO (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • Memories
      Episode 11
      When the store holds a "favorite memories" contest for all the employees, everyone has a distinctive memory that is dear to them - except for Jeff. Because Jeff had no memories before he came to the store, Muffy, Jodie, and Sam decide to give him a hand so that he, too, can reminisce.moreless
    • Locks
      Episode 10
      When the store gets a high-tech upgrade on their security system, Sam accidentally locks everyone in the storeroom. Meanwhile, Muffy can't find the key to her diary's lock.
    • Bedtime
      Episode 9
      Morning means bedtime for Muffy and time for Jodie and Sam to go home, and for Jeff to become a mannequin again. Muffy can't sleep, so she solicits bedtime stories from her three friends.
    • Ice Cream
      Ice Cream
      Episode 8
      The store is on edge when Flora Frimble, perfectionist sister of the owner, begins taking inventory of each department. After she insists that Jodie come up with a brand new ice cream flavor, Jodie enlists Sam's help.
    • Rich and Famous
      Rich and Famous
      Episode 7
      Sam is attempting to get in the world record books and become famous, while Muffy declares that she's going to get rich doing commercials. As the two get carried away, Jodie and Jeff try to convince them that they are fine just the way they are.
    • Mrs. Waldo
      Mrs. Waldo
      Episode 6
      Waldo's wife, Mattie is in the store shrunk on a shelf (a little trick she picked up) and is upset because Waldo forgot their 30th wedding anniversary. Waldo shows up in the store claiming that he didn't forget but lost track of time, He tries apologizing to Mattie without much success. The others decide to help him after having to listen to him play an awful tune on the saxophone.moreless
    • Sam and the Robot
      When a new night manager, Crandall J. Crummington, III, forces Sam to retire, Jodie, Jeff, and Muffy decide to come to his aid - even if it means losing their own jobs to help their friend. Meanwhile, Sam befriends an outdated robot named Bleep.
    • A Visit to the Opera
      While Jodie is preparing for a giant "ribbon-sale", Mrs. Pennypacker is about to go to the opera. Then Mort shows up with two tickets to go to the opera with Muffy. Also, Waldo shows up with a machine that will allow Jeff to go outside the store for a few hours without turning into a mannequin. But while they're gone Jodie and Sam must hold on to the machine and follow special instructions or Jeff will be a mannequin forever. Sam and Jodie are happy to do it for Jeff who is about to go to the opera with Waldo but when Harvey Hardcassel from head office shows up to inspect the store, Jodie and Sam may be in trouble so the others - including Jeff - decides to stay and help Jodie and Sam. Jodie and Sam show up an opera they imagine called "The Rainmakers" where they are two Apple Farmers who travel to the clouds and request rain. The rainmakers include Jeff as lightning, Mrs. P as the wind, Muffy and Mort as pitter and patter, and Mr. Hardcassel as thunder.moreless
    • A Runaway Spell
      A Runaway Spell
      Episode 3
      When Sam can't get a magic trick to work, he looks up some spells that Waldo programmed into TXL. However, the spells escape TXL's memory banks and take on a life of their own within the store.
    • The Queen of Hearts
      When Sam bakes a piecrust and is in need of four-and-twenty blackbirds to put in the pie, everyone gets on the subject of nursery rhymes. Then the Queen of Hearts shows up unexpectedly, and ends up framing Jeff as the knave who lost her tarts.
    • Mrs. Pennypacker's Problem
      Mrs. Pennypacker needs to stay home to rest for a mountain hike. While she's at home, she wants some ideas for how to use all her free time, and Jeff, Jodie, Sam, and Muffy are enlisted to help her.
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