Today's Special - Season 4

TVO (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Ears
    Episode 15
    Sam seems to have a hearing problem after he misunderstands everyone that talks to him, and Jodie takes him to an ear-specialist. But it turns out that he had cotton in his ears the whole time to help him sleep through the noise outside his house. In all the confusion, though, Muffy gets locked out on the roof.moreless
  • Wheels
    Episode 14
    Today's Special is wheels, and Mrs. P has been assigned to count all the wheels in the store. After counting all of them in the stock room, she doesn't realize she is supposed to count all of them. So Jeff, Jodie, Muffy and Sam volunteer to help her but she doesn't think she needs help. Jodie tries to get her to accept help from friends. They eventually succeed in counting all the wheels in the store.moreless
  • Treasure Hunts
    Treasure Hunts
    Episode 13
    Sam brings his treasure chest to the store that contains a treasure hunt map and a gold coin that produces a wonderful surprise when Jeff rubs it. Pirate Pete appears in search for his treasure that is marked on the map. So Jodie, Sam and Muffy are in for a treasure hunt at first light while Jeff gets his own treasure hunt in the store. Everyone learns how to read maps and look for clues as two treasure hunts get underway.moreless
  • Cars
    Episode 12
    Sam has had his old car named Gertrude for so long and it was time to get a new car. But Gertrude is special and he is sad that he has to give it up. So he goes to Smiling Jack's used car dealer to buy a new car. And Muffy over heard Smiling Jack say that Gertrude was going to the junkyard crusher. When Sam tries to get it back, He learns that Jodie bought it back for him.moreless
  • Vacations
    Episode 11
    Muffy has eaten over 20 boxes of Breakfast Buttons cereal in order to win a vacation by sending an enrty form on the back of the box. She doesn't win the trip, but she does win a truckload of Breakfast Buttons, which she doesn't want. So Jeff, Sam and Jodie decide to give her her vacation in the store by setting up her "Tropical Island."moreless
  • The Sea
    The Sea
    Episode 10
    Mrs. Pennypacker is throwing a tea party for everyone, but Sam is excited when he thinks she said "sea party". After he learns different, he is disappointed. So Mrs. P suggests that they throw him a real sea party and they do.
  • Babies
    Episode 9
    Wanda Willoby, a possum form Possom Ridge visits Muffy in the store because her mother is having a new baby and Wanda doesn't feel important. Everyone agrees to let her stay for a while, But she keeps Muffy up all night, She wrecks Muffy's display, and sets off the alarm in Sam's computer room. Eventually they convince her to go back home.moreless
  • Storms
    Episode 8
    It's a stormy night and Jeff loves the rain, but he doesn't like thunder, in fact, he's afraid of it. Jodie tells him to snap, clap and chuckle and then he won't be afraid. To make matters worse, there's a leak in the roof and Sam must call Mitch the repairman to fix it before she is short-circuited. When Mitch arrives, Jeff helps him fix the roof and gets over his fear of thunder.moreless
  • Sharing
    Episode 7
    Muffy's cousin Mort comes for yet another visit and they are having a good time-sharing. But later a fight breaks out between them and they don't want to speak to each other. So Muffy uses a magic spell to get a new friend who suddenly appears, a mouse named Lucille. But it makes Muffy madder when she becomes friend with Mort. Eventually Muffy and Mort fight over Lucille until she disappears and Muffy and Mort finally make up and agree to share from now on.moreless
  • Butterflies
    Episode 6
    A monarch butterfly named Hazel visits the store and as everyone learns a bit about butterflies, Muffy learns that Hazel is 2 years old (which is old for a monarch butterfly) and eventually dies. Muffy is very sad, so they bury her on the roof.
  • Hospitals
    Episode 5
    Muffy is sick, her throat is sore so Sam takes her to the hospital where Dr. Bennet treats her - even though she has never treated a mouse. She then discovers that she has "mouse-tonsillitis" and she must have surgery to get her tonsils out. Jeff, back at the store is worried about her and yells at Mrs. P, unintentionally. But in the end everything turns out all right.moreless
  • Boxes and Boxes
    Boxes and Boxes
    Episode 4
    There is a new branch of the store opening up across town and the stockroom manager, Mrs. Pennypacker (Cheryl Wagner) has a list of six mannequins to go there and Jeff is one of them. So They try and show and explain Mrs. P about Jeff's magic hat but she just thinks that Jeff is pretending. Later on, when Mrs. P tries out the hat herself, she eventually is convinced and sends another mannequin in his place.moreless
  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 3
    Muffy's cousin Mort returns to the store for another visit, but Muffy is lost. After searching the store for her they discover she has been captured by Herman T. Horrible, an intruder, who plans on using Muffy in his carnival of weird animals. So everyone tries to rescue her by pretending to be mannequins but they must be careful of his magic gas that makes anyone who breathes it compliant (that's how he caught Muffy). After they rescue her, they give him a taste of his own gas and tie him up until the police arrive.moreless
  • Dreams
    Episode 2
    Jeff woke up thinking that the floor was going to cave in. So everyone goes up to the roof. After he explains what he saw, they realize it was just a dream and since Jeff doesn't sleep much - being a mannequin and all - he doesn't know what dreams are. So they all reveal some dreams they had. Muffy tells about a dream where Jeff and Jodie were "mouse-catchers" until Sam came to her rescue; and Jodie tell about a dream where she was Cinderella, Sam and Muffy were the ugly stepsisters, and Jeff was Prince Charming.moreless
  • Changes
    Episode 1
    The store is subject to all kinds of cosmetic changes when Madam Melba takes over its redesign. Everyone loves the changes, except for Sam, when Madam Melba decides his office will have to go.