Today's Special - Season 5

TVO (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Live on Stage
    Live on Stage
    Episode 21
    Jodie, Sam and Muffy are getting ready to leave for the theatre for the "Today's Special" live on stage performance. Jeff can't go since he can't leave the store, but he decides to take a chance and hides in a box that is about to be sent to the theatre. When the others arrive to the theatre, they go on stage and the costume box arrives with Jeff in it - but he's a mannequin and his magic hat won't work. So they call Waldo who arrives to help Jeff on this occasion. When Jeff comes to life, they have a great performance.moreless
  • Sam
    Episode 20
    On Sam's day off, he is on his friend Kevin O'Reilly's houseboat fishing. Kevin wants Sam to retire and stay with him on the boat. But he starts remembering good times at the store and begins to reconsider.
  • Muffy
    Episode 19
    Muffy is visiting Mort's farm and is trying to write her life story "The Story of Muffy." She writes about how she came to the store, when she met the alien from space, having her tonsils out, and being captured by Herman T. Horrible. As she is writing, she is having trouble finding a quiet place to write.
  • Jodie
    Episode 18
    On Jodie's day off, she is at her apartment and then takes a trip to the laundromat. She has been offered a better job as a store manager in another city, and is debating on whether or not to take the position. Torn between better pay and new challenges, and old friends and warm memories, Jodie must make a difficult decision.
  • Jeff
    Episode 17
    Jeff is alone in the store, but this time, he is contented as he has the place to himself to explore. He talks with the audience and clips are shown from when he first came to the store.
  • Fun
    Episode 16
    When all the nighttime work is done, Jeff, Sam, Jodie and Muffy decide to have some fun. Mort arrives too, and they play a lot of tricks, they sing songs, and Sam makes donuts that keep mysteriously disappearing. And they think there is a "donut thief" in the store who turns out to be Mrs. Pennypacker.moreless
  • Going Out
    Going Out
    Episode 15
    When Jeff and Muffy hear about Jodie going to a dance with a prince, they fear that she will become a princess and leave the store to live in a palace. When Jodie needs a dance lesson from Jeff, he sets her up by showing her a dance that will cause her to make a fool of herself.moreless
  • Storybooks
    Episode 14
    Waldo shows up in the store looking for a Robin Hood storybook that has a terrible spell in it. Muffy happens to be reading it and accidentally activates the magic spell and ends up in the land of make-believe thinking she's Robin Hood. Jeff, Jodie, Sam, and Waldo must go after her, and there they face the evil sheriff.moreless
  • Dancing Shoes
    Dancing Shoes
    Episode 13
    Jeff and Jodie got some new tap-shoes and practice tap dancing in the Children's Department. But Sam and Muffy are tired and annoyed with all the tapping noise so Jeff and Jodie try tapping in the stock room, but Mrs. P is busy hammering off beat. They then try the roof, but it starts raining. Finally they go back to the children's department but Sam and Muffy have had quite enough. So they lock Jeff and Jodie's feet in a giant boot but end up feeling too guilty about it.moreless
  • Sam's Speech
    Sam's Speech
    Episode 12
    Sam has been chosen to give a speech at the Royal Naval Academy and he must do it the next day. When he comes up empty on what to say, Jeff, Jodie, and Muffy all lend a hand.
  • Buttons
    Episode 11
    Waldo shows up in the store with his latest "wishing machine", and with the touch of a button, Jeff, Jodie, Sam, Muffy and Waldo take a whirl to a monkey maze, the moon, a clay castle, Storybook Land, and a button factory before cracking the code of the wishing machine that Waldo hadn't completely perfected.moreless
  • Help!
    Episode 10
    While playing catch with Jeff, Muffy hurts her toe after Jeff throws the ball. Jeff volunteers to do anything for Muffy and becomes her servant - but she ends up taking advantage of him, thereby preventing him from helping Jodie move a bunch of boxes.
  • Being Alone
    Being Alone
    Episode 9
    Jeff is left alone in the store when Jodie is off to her nephew's birthday party, Sam goes fishing, and Muffy goes golfing.
  • Grandmothers
    Episode 8
    Muffy's 88 year old Granny Sweet visits the store and is quite a surprise: She can ride a motorcycle like a wild mouse, she plays the bagpipes and she likes hot-chili pepper. But she's a true grandmother underneath. The gang later does a play for her: "Little 'blue' riding hood."
  • Heroes
    Episode 7
    Muffy is upset when she can't help the others with their work since she is small and she begins to hate being small. But after the other tell her a story about a mouse named Androcles who helped a fierce lion in distress, So she decides to becomes "Mega Mouse" and tries doing heroic things - but also dangerous things to show everybody that she can be important.moreless
  • Letters
    Episode 6
    Jeff is writing a letter to Wanda Willoby about events that have happened the last few days. Muffy has meanwhile gotten popcorn all over her mouse house.
  • Waldo's Hat
    Waldo's Hat
    Episode 5
    Waldo the Magnificent arrives at the store but gets trapped in his own hat after his rabbit stole his wand and bewitched his hat. Everyone in the store is susceptible to falling into the hat if they touch it, and it's up to Jeff, Jodie, Sam, and Muffy to help Waldo break the spell.moreless
  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend
    Episode 4
    A young friend of Jodie's, who is confined to a wheelchair, communicates with symbols, opening up some new understanding to Muffy, Jeff, and Sam
  • Jeans
    Episode 3
    Muffy is obsessed with designer of jeans, and it's up to her friends to show her that she is so much more important to them than what she wears.
  • Daisies
    Episode 2
    The store is in a tumult when a thief steals daisies meant for one of Jodie's displays and holds them for ransom.
  • Songs
    Episode 1
    The store is having a song-writing contest and the prize is $1000. So Jeff, Jodie, Sam and Muffy each decide to write a song on their own. Disaster strikes the ensemble as greed takes over.