Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Season 2 Episode 10

2 Girls, 1 Tongue

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on Space
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Charlotte, the Phantom of Crowley High returns to reclaim Curtis for herself by swapping lives with Hannah.

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  • splended

    Shit ya. I'd been waiting for her to come back.
  • Hell's Musical

    This episode is a follow up to the Phantom episode in Season 1 and I personally think it's even better. It's doing the same thing that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" "Once More with Feeling" episode did which is having the whole episode as a musical. I'll admit I'm not a fan of the musical genre it's just not my genre, but there are a some or at least a few I like because their close to the genre's I like/love "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog." , "Phantom of the Paridise", etc.

    It was great seeing all of the cast sing, they really are good but I feel it's the actress (forgot her name sorry) that plays Hannah that is the best of the bunch, we also get to see her without her glasses for a longer time and I'll admit she does look even better without them.

    But I also like the fact that we get to see the Phantom villian return, one of the things this show I felt lacked were reacuring villians let alone ones that were worthy, and the Phantom she is a match for Hannah, I also felt in a way the Phantom is a bit sympathtic (I said a bit, she did kill people and not for good reason) because even though the book found her it she didn't really ask for it or deserve it, and her feelings for Curtis were genuine. Unfortunately the Phantom just can't understand she just wasn't in the cards.

    My first favorate song is "Love is Heaven and Hell" that was a bittersweet song because it was about conflicted and changing feelings. What I liked the most is we actually saw Todd and even Jenny's feelings for one another, Todd really has strong feelings for Jenny, and it's natural because it means his feelings have grown and he wants more than to be friends. Jenny does feel the same way but unfortunately is in denial or confused, but I really liked that moment after she said no to the ultimatum question he delivered there was a look of regret and she then looks back at him as he is walking away which is something she's never done because usually she doesn't care but now that's changed. I thought it was funny once it got into the four way split screen as the characters were singing they were looking in the directions of the other screens.

    My second favorate is before the last song (forgot the name), where Hanna kidnaps the real Phantom and is struggling to prove that she is Curtis's true girlfriend, it was funny when Hanna activates something on Curtis's arm and that was the proof which made the trouble of asking trivia questions toward her unnessasary. I thought that knife fight was funny, we see the Phantom armed with a knife and Hanna with a pizza cutter and their singing while their swing even though both aren't that close to one another let alone both don't really know how to knife fight.

    My only problem is I did feel the way the Phantom went don't was a cheat and also didn't like Todd's song for it, I know it was ment to be a joke but it doesn't really work and feels out of place, it just felt like Curtis should of had a song for that. But this is a minor blemish I can get past.

    Overall, this episode carries a tune.moreless

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