Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Season 2 Episode 13

Black Tie Showdown

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 2012 on Space
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It is the day of the Crowley High Semi-Formal and the gang has a lot on their minds. Jenny and Todd try to solve the mystery of the Metal Dudes, while Curtis and Hannah head to the retirement home to uncover what Atticus has in store for everyone.

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  • Final Chapter

    This really shouldn't of been the end, if there isn't going to be one or two more seasons then at least make a mini series or movie, but even I can't confirm any guarntees of that happening, what a shame.

    But anyway to me this if probably my favorate episode of the show because everything just comes together. One of the best things as well as what would of lead to more if a third season was made was discovering the secret of Hannah's pentagram mark as well and her hidden past, it really makes sense since I never really known much about the characters past. Her parients use to be scientists for the Satanic cult and have conducted some sort of genetic cloning experement to link a human being to the book. But the biggest thing is that Hannah isn't really their daughter but actually a clone.

    However the best thing about the episode was seeing the friendship between both Todd and Jenny actually evolve into more. I really like how both of them were a little more low key in this episode, in a way it almost felt like the actress and actor were playing themselves which made the warming up all the more believable. I like how Jenny was being soft with Todd and Todd was actually acting comfortable and confidant around Jenny. From seeing both work together down to the dance where both after a while forgoten about the mission and were focused on each other, and a great moment was when both of them were about to kiss, unfortunately the get interupted by Aticus and his cult, damn it couldn't it of waited one more minute.

    The final conflict was good despite not being much of a fight, I like the fact that Curtis disarmed the sittuation with the cult by giving them actually facts about Satanism all because he read a book about it, I find it funny and also interesting, it really showed that Curtis is capable of being smart when he actually exercises focus; but also how roles were switched because usually it's Hannah that would do somthing like this.

    Then it gets down to an intense sittuation where Jenny's life is held hostage by Aticus and he's going to kill her if Todd doesn't open the book, to determine who the pure evil one is. I thought it was strangely touching because it shows his feelings for Jenny are genuine.

    When Todd turns into the pure evil one despite for only a brief time, it doesn't disapoint from that voice down to those red glowing eyes I always felt red eyes were creepy. He of course zaps Aticus with the book traping his soul in it and then it looked like the world was next, I'll admit at that point I couldn't really be sure of anything, due to this being the final episode of the show it could've gone either way. But we see a profound and touching moment when Jenny stops Todd by saying he has a choice not to destroy the world but most importantly that she loves him. In a way I can't help but feel that is part of what Todd's journey has been it was for him to grow into a man and like all men and women gain the sense of controling one's own destiny. But also that moment with Jenny showed that love of another can truely save a persons life.

    I like how the suspense is delayed fruther for a moment we think Todd is about to destroy the world but he doesn't which leads to a profound moment where he makes the choice of using his superpower to destroy the book alone. And this was all because he loved Jenny back and wanted her to continue living on this earth. But then it comes to a moment which made my heart completely sink where we discover the destruction of the book also ment the death of Hannah.

    Hannah was my favorate female character of the bunch so you get how sad I felt but I was even sadder for Curtis as we see his face he is just broken and this has made him

    take the loss hard and is no longer friends with Todd and Jenny because he blames them for killing Hannah, this I feel is a sign Curtis is going to the darkside. The final minutes that as I said before Hannah was a clone but it turned out she was phase one, one of the sarcoficus opens up and we see another clone of Hannah so the death of Hannah has activated phase two, what could this mean?

    My theory is that Hannah and Curtus would probably be the next main bad guys since both would turn to the darkside; friends turned into enimies isn't uncommon it's happened in "Star Wars Episode 3" with Anikin Skywalker. And the immortal metal dudes would be back and help them out. Probably the sceme would be to find or reconstruct the Book of Pure Evil. And it's up to both Todd and Jenny now a romantically involved couple to stop them, but it would be complicated since it could mean killing their former best friends. There would probably be another guy and girl character to fill the empty spots of their gang.

    I don't know this is all theory unless any of the three things I said eariler to coninue this story happened. Oh well, Todd, Curtis, Hannah, and Jenny it was a great journey and I'm going to miss you, like any good/great book I wish this wasn't the end but where there is a begining there is always an end, so farwell.moreless

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