Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Season 2 Episode 12

The Toddyssey

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 2012 on Space
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A paraplegic's wish to join the high school track team results in Todd traveling to the future where he sees what the world would be like if he's no longer part of it.

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  • Back to the Past

    It's came down to two final innings for the show, luckyly this one is a hit. I can't help but feel the method in which Todd time travels was sort of an homage to "The Flash" comic series as well as TV show since there was an episode similar to this one. We see some of the future of Crawley and it's became Hell on Earth, we see the high school is no longer a school but the new H.Q. for Atticus. But most of all I like the little bits of emotion Todd was showing from seeing what has happened to his friends, the most disheartening for me was Hanna turned to the dark side, I wouldn't say it was much of a supprise because she did have that five star pentegram on her body, which of course means she's the pure evil one I think, I don't know only the final episode can clear that for me. I'll admit it was fun seeing Hanna as a villian she was a formatable for from her over the top dark attitude as well as cat suit she was wearing, I'll admit she looked great in it as well as without glasses. Jenny turned into sort of a female version of Snake Pliskin, from her wear down to the eye patch she has on all because Hanna took one of her eyes out. And Curtis whom we saw as a really old man, all because he ate one corn chip too many which was abserd, in a way it's kinda a parody on smoking addiction.

    In a way this episode is about disalusionment, Todd is realizing the hard way the responsibility of not just what he does and the consequences of actions, but most of all how one life really does matter can affect how things as a whole go.

    One really funny moment was seeing Jenny run Atticus though and Atticus dies three times. But one moment that was touching was after both Jenny and Todd have final words together but once again Jenny doesn't tell Todd what she really wanted to say, as Todd goes off she says, "I've missed you!" this shows that her feelings can grow for him.

    I like the western like showdown between both Hanna and Jenny with Hanna armed with a lazer and Jenny the dragonslayer, it was kinda fun because this was something I've been waiting to happen seeing both Hanna and Jenny pitted against each other. What happens at the end of that battle was sad because even though Jenny deflected one beam from Hanna's lazer cannon and the bolt hit Hanna another bolt hit Jenny, and you see both of them die, even though this is an alternate future still it's not something you want to happen because I like both the characters, and we see a little emotional reaction from both Todd and Curtus. But this just makes me want Todd to go back to the past and prevent this from happening.

    Todd goes back to the past but too far but though that experence we discover a vital clue and reveal about the character Jimmy. We see that he was involved with the three metal dudes, Nikki was Jimmy's former girlfriend, but most of all Jimmy is a warlock/sourcerer and he was one of the original keepers of the book. Everything about that sequence I felt was when things were begining to fall into place, let alone the reason why I never saw Jimmy physically out of the high school once in the show. My theory is that Jimmy was tricked by the three metal dudes into conjuring some sort of spell Jimmy didn't agree to and so he fled from them, and that Nikki is a pawn for them to steer Jimmy toward the dark direction as she was for Todd, I don't know I would like for my theory to be proven or disproven depending on the answers from the final episode.

    But what holds this back from getting a higher rating is the dark future isn't explored enough which is why I felt this should of been a two parter. Other than that the episode was very good and I'm hoping the series finale (I really wish it wasn't) will be a mind blower.moreless

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