Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Season 3 Episode 5

Chasing the Serpent

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM May 27, 1999 on HBO

Episode Recap

Al Simmons ventures off into the heat of the jungle to retrieve Major Forsberg, a fallen soldier who sought sanctuary in a hidden temple to escape the horror of war. Simmons mission is to bring him back alive or dead.
Al betrays his friend because to Al, orders are orders regardless.

Cogliostro tells Spawn that his dreams has meanings behind them and that he better wise up. What they did not know is that Wynn was holding Forsberg all these years forcing opium onto him to keep him in captivity where he rots in his cell. Wynn wanted the mask of Genghis Khan to gain ultimate power. Wynn wants information about where in the temple where he was captured was the mask of Genghis Khan located.

The war mask of Genghis Khan is in the hands of a known Chinatown witch named Zhang Lao. Cogliostro pays him a visit. He wants the army of light to spare the newest hellspawn. But this can not be, for the prophecy is in motion. The seed of the hellspawn has been planted and there is no turning back. Lao explains it is inside of Wanda Al's former wife. While she has concerns about terry missing she also has worries about something inside of her growing.

Jade, the bounty hunter is troubled as well. Hidden in Lao's Chinatown shop, Jade tells of the fading division between good and evil, and the sympathy she has begun to feel for the Hellspawn. Meanwhile, Terry attempts to stab Wynn, but winds up a prisoner of the opium den. Wynn finds the war mask in Lao's shop and learns two valuable lessons: Lao is more powerful than he seems, and the mask is not to be worn by just anyone. Wynn is badly burned by the mask and retreats to lick his wounds. All the while, Wanda locates Terry in the opium den and attempts to rescue him, but they are surrounded, badly outnumbered by Wynn's henchmen. But, they are not alone. Spawn is there on a mission to free Forsberg, and stumbles upon the escape and lends a demonic hand.

While Wanda, Terry and the Major escape, Spawn takes the form of Terry and waits for the disfigured Jason Wynn. Spawn springs his trap and tries to kill Wynn, but Wynn's henchmen is fully armed. Jade appears at the last second and saves Spawn, and makes way for everyone to escape. Later in the church, when Spawn asks Jade why she saved him, she has no answer. Instead she removes his mask and gives the Hellspawn a passionate kiss.