Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jun 20, 1997 on HBO

Episode Recap

After torturing a stool-pigeon, Spawn learns that it was Antonio Twistelli who kidnapped Cyan while at the safe house. But Tony's boys have lost the girl to the deadly hands of Billy Kincaid. News of the screw-up travels fast and Jason Wynn confronts Senator McMillian about Billy's actions. McMillian denies any knowledge of his killer son's doings, and both men are left wondering who could be behind it.
Wynn believes the senator has nothing to do with the interference and is convinced that there are other players in the mix who are screwing with his plans. He sends Chapel off to track down the weapon thief, while he concocts his next move. Meanwhile, Antonio Twistelli prepares to leave town knowing that losing the child will cause him a great deal of trouble. But before he can leave, Spawn descends out of the darkness and makes the fat mob boss talk. All Spawn gets out of him is a physical description of Billy and that he drives an ice-cream truck.
Downtown, Twitch has uncovered the Senators bloody secret. He knows that McMillian is hiding a killer son named Billy and that the alley murders began because of an extortion plot that went horribly wrong. The senator used Tony's thugs to snuff the extortionists life before he talked to the reporters. Burke takes the explosive information and runs with it. He orders a total and complete manhunt. He wants Billy Kincaid, dead or alive.
Billy's Workshop. Billy bends down and slowly lowers the sack around Cyan's bundled form. She is blindfolded, sweaty with fear. Her huge eyes stare at Billy's massive, pocked face. She knows her time is up. Luckily she is very wrong.
Spawn emerges from the shadows. "Move away from the child. Now!"
But Billy has other plans. He throws chemicals at the Hellspawn that catch the house and Spawn on fire. Billy races from the scene with Cyan in his grip and leaves Spawn to burn. Outside, the police have located the house and give chase. Spawn recovers from the inferno and tracks down the ice-cream truck.
Stand-off. Billy is cornered by Spawn, but Billy has Cyan and the knife. One by one the players arrive on the scene as Clown watches from above, laughing at every wince of pain. Detectives Burke and Twitch are there. Wanda and Terry have been informed of the mayhem and are there, waiting, watching and praying.
Spawn makes his move. He wraps Kincaid in his cape and raises him off the ground. Billy begs for help while Clown cheers Spawn on chanting kill him, kill him over and over. Spawn is tempted, but resists the Clown and his own inner rage. He casts the killer to the ground along with the rest of the garbage. Clown is mortified. It wasn't supposed to end like this. All his work was for nothing. Spawn is still resisting, and rejecting the deal. Angered, but not beat, Clown kills Billy and vows to Spawn that the fight is far from over. After all, a deal is a deal.
In the end Cyan returns, safe to Wanda and Terry. In her hands she holds a trinket from her ordeal and hands it to her mother. It is Al Simmon's wedding band.
"Where did you get this, Cyan?"
"The sad man..."
For all Hellspawns, a time comes when the stage is set. All sides have been chosen. The world and its rules have been defined. And the real war, in all its apocalyptic horror, is finally ready to begin