Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM May 28, 1999 on HBO

Episode Recap

Spawn is trapped between heaven,hell,and armegeddon. When he chose to take form of Terri (Wanda's husband) to reclaim what was once his by getting her pregnant.
It is the prophecy. Hellspawn would plant his seed in a human woman. A child would be born. That child would decide the outcome of armageddon. The final battle between Heaven and Hell!
Malebolgia tricked the newest hellspawn once again as he always will does.He was more concerned about the prophecy being fullfilled.
Downtown Officers Sam and Twitch are dealing with their own double-cross. Somebody shot Twitch in the head. At first they thought Spawn was the assailant. Now they know it was an inside job. Chief Banks tries to throw Sam off by telling Sam that an investigation is underway that may expose a cop on Jason Wynn's payroll. He also informs Sam that Twitch is throught as a policeman.Twitch tries to put the pieces back together when he suddenly realized who it was...chief banks. Twitch arranges to
meet Banks in the subway. With Sam's help, Banks is exposed as the shooter and Wynn's puppet, but being that he is still a cop they allow Banks one last chance.
Meanwhile, Wanda is worried about her mysterious pregnancy and she reveals to Granny that she is considering aborting the child. Granny is a wise, blind woman and she knows the child is not Terry's, but still she begs Wanda not to abort. Shortly after the conversation, Granny suffers a heart attack.Granny survived as she lays in the hospital bed,Spawn visits her. Spawn and Granny talk about her husband who had died years ago. Granny believes he is her angel and to tell jack she still loves him,spawn tried to tell her he isn't from heaven and he's no angel,and leaves.
In the graveyard Spawn tells Jade about the bounty hunters, but she knows. They have come for her because of her betrayal when she spared the Hellspawn's life. She tells Spawn that his only chance for a new life is for him to use his shroud for something good and decent. The Bounty hunters attack's Jade nearly killing her.Spawn tell's them to stop if they kill her she burn in hell forever.Spawn know's what he must do,he grab's her sword and stab's her till she died.The bounty hunters can now take her body away to the place where wariors lay.Before they left they told the hellspawn that they will be back for the child.
Following Jade's inspiration, Spawn uses his shroud to grant Granny her wish. He allows the dead to speak, and the blind to see. For a moment Granny is a young woman again and with her husband Jack. They look into each others eyes and Jack tells her that he is waiting for her at the gates of heaven.
Spawn returns to Cogliostro telling him that he has had enough. All he has brought onto everyone he love's and himself is pain. Cog ask's him what is he prepared to do about it. Spawn's last breath taking words,"I want my humanity back."
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