Todd McFarlane's Spawn

HBO (ended 1999)


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  • revived my faith in the superhero genre

    Its not very often that you run into something like spawn. I don't read comic books, or actually like superheros at all, I admit I have seen all the spiderman and x-men films that are currently on release but that's as far as I went into that corner of entertainment until now. I never thought anyone could blend my love of horror and violence with superhero and make it so damn entertaining. This show is great, its dark, creepy, violent, confusing and at a lot of points downright distubing. Its sorta like one of my favourite video games killer 7 in that in the way of it using animated violence crossed with disturbing hellish imagery to try and drive you insane, its weird, I'll give it that. If I sit down to watch an episode of spawn I can't guarentee I'll be the same when I get up again twenty five minutes later, I just love the impact this show has had on me, I've only seen episodes 1-3 (mainly because its so damn difficult to get hold of here in the UK) and I'm wondering why I hadn't heard of this show before now. I mean, all three seasons are on general release here but not that many people know of it, which is a damn shame as its one of the best cartoons I've seen in years