Todd McFarlane's Spawn - Season 2

HBO (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Hellzapoppin
    Episode 6
    Spawn and Cog argue about Spawn needing to get over his past and worry about his future.
    Spawn and Wynn has a confrontation.
    Wynn being forced and threatened by Spawn he order's Terry Fitzgerald free,and to leave him and Wanda alone or else!
    Lisa Wu is almost killed by getting to close to the truth about the link between Wynn and the stolen/missing weapons.
    Spawn also becomes a better man.moreless
  • Deathblow
    Episode 5
    Washington Post reporter LISA WU has stumbled onto story of her life, maybe the story of the decade when she began investing the death of two reporters murdered in Rat City. Her investigation leads her to Senator McMillian, Billy Kincaid and then, strangely to Wanda Blake and her daughter Cyan, Billy's last victim who was rescued. Is there a connection between all of these parties? Lisa intends to find out and she will start with Wanda Blake, and the alley. She manages to bribe some of the inhabitants of the alley and discovers Spawn's hidden weapons, and gets a hot tip on someone named Al.
    In the darkness of night, Spawn pays Wanda and Cyan a visit. While he is there, one of Wynn's agents comes in to kill the mother and daughter. Spawn acts quickly and kills the agent, but in the process frightens Wanda again. Spawn tries to tell her who he really is but she is convinced that the monster before her is lying. It couldn't possibly be her dead husband, Al. When Cyan enters the room, Spawn leaves. Only after he is gone, Cyan tells her mother that he was the Sad Man who saved here from Billy Kincaid.moreless
  • 6/5/98
    Wynn is relentlessly pursuing Terry Fitzgerald and keeping a close eye on Wanda in case the traitor shows up to see her. Merrick is convinced that Wanda knows where he is and demands that she be allowed to get the truth out of her.

    A sick and twisted killer who answers to the master, Malebolgia is on a mission of death. The killer is stalking the city in search of minorities and murdering them in the name of cleansing.

    But before Terry can arrive at the designated meeting spot, he is assaulted by the mysterious killer and intends on making Terry his next victim. Terry manages to escape, but the killer is confronted by Spawn. The diluted killer is convinced that it is Spawn who is the master. Spawn rejects this notion, and takes out his rage on the killer, ending his life quickly and painfully.moreless
  • Colors of Blood
    Episode 3
    Wynn's search for the missing Terry Fitzgerald continues.
    One by one the Hellspawn eliminates the dealers until only the leader is left. In a final act of poetic justice, Spawn leaves the lead dealer to the mercy of the inhabitants of Rat City.
  • Access Denied
    Episode 2
    Spawn is tortured, and tormented by relentless dreams of Terry sleeping with Wanda. Nightmares where the two of them are happy to be rid of Al Simmons, happy that he's dead. They are the distorted fever dreams of a Hellspawn twisted by the ugly hand of Clown and his boss, Malebolgia.moreless
  • Home,Bitter Home
    Episode 1
    Spawn remembers more of his past as it taunts,torments,and tortures Spawn.
    Wynn finds out Terry has been snooping around. Wanda gets worried about Terry and wonder's where Cyan got the ring that Wanda gave to her dead husband from.
    Spawn puts Chapel in his dark place.