Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Season 1 Episode 5

Souls in the Balance

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jun 13, 1997 on HBO

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  • Cyan gets kidnapped by a Michael Jackson wannabe

    “Souls in the balance” is actually one of the first Spawn episodes I ever watched, and I think it’s a great episode. Cain, a psycho grenade toting preacher holds a mute boy hostage and it is up to Spawn to save the kid. This is where we see that Spawn is not the all American hero, like Spider man, saving every one who needs help, but we see him as a watcher or a spectator. He watches as police officers are slaughtered until finally he steps in. This is a great way to show how Spawn is, as he is only motivated by his own self desires, such as Wanda. On the topic of Wanda, her daughter Cyan gets kidnapped by Michael Jackson wannabe- Billy Kincaid. This leaves the episode on a cliff hanger. Top Stuff.
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