Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Season 3 Episode 2

Twitch Is Down

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM May 24, 1999 on HBO

Episode Recap

An abandoned church. Fragment's of Spawns memories taunt's him even more. He dreamed of a dark knight beheading him. Once he awakes his emotions turn's to rage
as he take's his rage out on the alley in search for the old man ( Cogliostro ) demanding answer from him. The old man, once a hellspawn himself, attemps to guide Spawn.
Cogliostro reveals that he is the black knight Spawn had seen in his dream and tells him of the old mans past as hellspawn and that once he took the cloak off he was known as Merlin a dark sorcerer of magic. Cogliostro tells Spawn that he can break the curse only if he is willing to except who and what he is, and take off that wretched red cloak.

Meanwhile, Jason Wynn is doing some investigating of his own. Using his list of crooked connection he uses chief Banks, Wynn wants the red cloaked man found. The alley is being investigated by Sam and Twitch. Bank orders the duo to find the red cloaked man. Spawn not only has these guys hot on his trail but also a reporter named Lisa Wu
is on top on a investigation on her own.

Sam and Twitch visit Chapel in his cell. Chapel babbles about dead men and cloaks and finally coughs up something that grabs Twitch's attention; the name Al Simmons. The lead brings Twitch and Wu together where they begin to make connections between alleyway rumors and secret military dead men. Wanda is interviewed. She too has seen this dark, mysterious, red cloaked man. She is starting to think it is her dead husband, Al Simmons.

In the alley, Twitch has found Spawn. Spawn tells Twitch that he is not the man that they are looking for and that he should try looking for Jason Wynn and the NSC who at the same time is uncovering Twitch's uncoverings of Wynn's unlawful and sinister ways.
For Twitch's good detective skill's he recieve's a point blank shot inbetween his eye's by no other than chief Banks.
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