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Season 8 : Episode 13

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Take a look behind the curtain and the controversial world of child beauty pageants in this TLC docu-series.

    News Briefs: Bravo Renews Top Chef, MTV Renews Buckwild

    Plus: TLC renewed Toddlers and Tiaras, Smash returned but no one watched it, and Chevy Chase tried to fistfight Joel McHale.

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    • Brenna the Brat.

      There are lots of ridiculous parents and spoilt affected kids on this show, but never have I seen a child as awful as Brenna! I was really shocked and in appalled watching her ugly nasty behaviour and the way acted and screeched. I think that child is disturbed, and damage has been done big time! What stupid parents they are to think this is acceptable and the mum even said people who think shes bratty are just jelous! lol! The child is ruined and something is very wrong to not see how they have created a monster. She pulls these weird expressions, her face contorted and over animated when shes off stage, its disturbing to watch! Whats this child gonna do when she gets in the real world and people wont contend to her every whim?. Its so sad to watch, and the screaming she does! she is a real life Veruca from Charlie and the chocolate factory and in that film Veruca was brought up in exact the same way! wow.moreless
    • wrong!

      I think parents need a reality check! There making their children spoilt brats that think if they lose there not pretty. I feel so sorry for the children I've seen babies being FORCED to go onto stage toddlers crying because they don't like there eyebrows being waxed! This does not look fun at all for the children it's more of a competition on who has the most money. Children are told what to wear,do,say and act and get scolded if it goes wrong . Get a life!moreless
    • You thought Honey Boo Boo was bad? Here's a crappy ripoff of another already awful show!

      I saw an episode today and I saw one of the stupid parents using brown spray paint on their child to make them look tan. Don't these idiots know that spray paint is toxic? Also, don't you think letting your 1 month old infant is too young to be posing like a stripper in front of other failures for parents? Oh, did I say this was a ripoff of Honey Boo Boo? Actually, this is a spinoff series because Alana is in it! It just makes me sick how parents don't get arrested for doing this kind of &#*@. If I was able to call CPS, I would because parents are either too much of a wuss to discipline their children or take spankings too seriously by using some kind of dangerous weapon. The kids say that they are alright with it, but I can tell those are just their lines that the writer gave them, and in their eyes tell me that they personally say, "Help us". If I had a wife that would do this with my child, I'd have HER sign the divorce papers and me keeping the kids. Whoever made this show needs to seek counseling and help because he/she is $@&#ed in the head.moreless
    • Bratty kids and failure parents.

      Basically, Toddlers and Tiaras is a show where these bratty little shits (children) enter beauty pageants because their parents make them do it. The kids in this are really bratty but there's times when I pity them because their sad excuses of parents are re-living their failed dreams through their kids.

      Also, the kids (mostly girls) are sexual objects because they're wearing provocative clothing and they're doing all these inappropriate dances and they're also being put in glitzy, glittery clothes with fake tan, mascara, fake eyelashes, lipstick, blusher, foundation and they're also getting poufy hair to complete their shitty, slutty look.

      Another thing I hate about this show is when the kids cry if they don't win anything? Seriously, why would anyone cry over something as stupid as a plastic crown? Besides, beauty pageants don't help anyone in life and the only reason they're there is so people can obsess over how 'pretty' and 'stylish' they are.moreless
    • This show

      I find this show has its ups and downs, mostly downs. No child should ever act like such a monster especially in public. But for the kids who do it because they want to not because their parents want them too i guess its okay. Natural pageants are definitely more acceptable than glitz.
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