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  • If you're going to put them through this hell treat them right!!!!,

    Season2 Episode1 Universal Royalty

    Real fast to the father (Barry) of Ashlyn and Breanne I absolutely applaud you for how you did your part as a father and did what you should have as you did do in order to show BreAnne that her behavior will not be tolerated.

    To the mother (Jamie) of these two girls, my oh southern side sure did come out in voice terms with you as you cannot call yourself a mother the way you differentiate your girls. You belittle Ashlyn and treat BreAnne as the better child yet she showed that your actions only create the best she is. She talked bad about her sister and you do not bring your children up like this. You concentrate more on her than Ashlyn and you talk bad about AshLynn because of her face and how BreAnne is prettier than the other kids. How AshLynn is not that good and too enclosed? AshLynn was more generous, non braty, greatful, sincere, and honestly won her titles. Barry should be the leader in the relationship as far as parenting. Jamie needs more tips from him. These are many reasons why most parents don't do this other than the money wasted. You're teaching children that looks will get them through life. How about an education. I teach my children the values of respect, hard work, an education, and that looks should be valued as the appearance in public should never be ragged or displeasing because it shows you respect yourself outside as you do inside. Some of these parents if they feel they want to do this, do it for them because they want to not because you're using them as a tool to get what you want or to get what you couldn't get at their age. AND DO IT RIGHT BECAUSE YOU ARE STIIIIIIILLLLLL A PAAAARRREEENNNTTTT!!! #RantOver
  • Deal with your children!

    These parents need to learn to punish their child(ren) once in awhile. Especially coming from a person that doesn't usually judge or tell people how to raise their children, bur when they are handing awards and your child is screaming at the top of his/hers lungs while hitting/kicking people punish your damn child. These parents are fucking ***ed, i was getting mad just watching it while the parents just stood there while the kid freaks out like its no issue. Grab your fucking annoying ass child, give it a smack on the ass and take them out of the room. No one wants to hear it and frankly its just plain rude!!
  • Ridiculous

    I think that toddlers in tiaras is just a meat market for pedaphiles. It's disgusting, these little girls should be at home playing with their Barbie's not prancing around on stage trying to act like super models.
  • What Happened to the Toddlers and Tiaras that I used to watch

    This new format for this show is horrible. Mostly it's only about the scripted parents feuding. You see very little of the girls or of the pageant itself. Please bring back the old format!!
  • Brenna the Brat.

    There are lots of ridiculous parents and spoilt affected kids on this show, but never have I seen a child as awful as Brenna! I was really shocked and in appalled watching her ugly nasty behaviour and the way acted and screeched. I think that child is disturbed, and damage has been done big time! What stupid parents they are to think this is acceptable and the mum even said people who think shes bratty are just jelous! lol! The child is ruined and something is very wrong to not see how they have created a monster. She pulls these weird expressions, her face contorted and over animated when shes off stage, its disturbing to watch! Whats this child gonna do when she gets in the real world and people wont contend to her every whim?. Its so sad to watch, and the screaming she does! she is a real life Veruca from Charlie and the chocolate factory and in that film Veruca was brought up in exact the same way! wow.
  • wrong!

    I think parents need a reality check! There making their children spoilt brats that think if they lose there not pretty. I feel so sorry for the children I've seen babies being FORCED to go onto stage toddlers crying because they don't like there eyebrows being waxed! This does not look fun at all for the children it's more of a competition on who has the most money. Children are told what to wear,do,say and act and get scolded if it goes wrong . Get a life!
  • You thought Honey Boo Boo was bad? Here's a crappy ripoff of another already awful show!

    I saw an episode today and I saw one of the stupid parents using brown spray paint on their child to make them look tan. Don't these idiots know that spray paint is toxic? Also, don't you think letting your 1 month old infant is too young to be posing like a stripper in front of other failures for parents? Oh, did I say this was a ripoff of Honey Boo Boo? Actually, this is a spinoff series because Alana is in it! It just makes me sick how parents don't get arrested for doing this kind of &#*@. If I was able to call CPS, I would because parents are either too much of a wuss to discipline their children or take spankings too seriously by using some kind of dangerous weapon. The kids say that they are alright with it, but I can tell those are just their lines that the writer gave them, and in their eyes tell me that they personally say, "Help us". If I had a wife that would do this with my child, I'd have HER sign the divorce papers and me keeping the kids. Whoever made this show needs to seek counseling and help because he/she is $@&#ed in the head.
  • Bratty kids and failure parents.

    Basically, Toddlers and Tiaras is a show where these bratty little shits (children) enter beauty pageants because their parents make them do it. The kids in this are really bratty but there's times when I pity them because their sad excuses of parents are re-living their failed dreams through their kids.

    Also, the kids (mostly girls) are sexual objects because they're wearing provocative clothing and they're doing all these inappropriate dances and they're also being put in glitzy, glittery clothes with fake tan, mascara, fake eyelashes, lipstick, blusher, foundation and they're also getting poufy hair to complete their shitty, slutty look.

    Another thing I hate about this show is when the kids cry if they don't win anything? Seriously, why would anyone cry over something as stupid as a plastic crown? Besides, beauty pageants don't help anyone in life and the only reason they're there is so people can obsess over how 'pretty' and 'stylish' they are.
  • This show

    I find this show has its ups and downs, mostly downs. No child should ever act like such a monster especially in public. But for the kids who do it because they want to not because their parents want them too i guess its okay. Natural pageants are definitely more acceptable than glitz.
  • Piece of shit.

    Pardon my French, but this show is absolute bullshit. It's about crazy parents who enter their innocent little girls into beauty pageants. It seems that they're raising their kids to be complete jerks who may be part of the popular group in high school. This review is very short because I don't watch it much and I'm sorry. TLC has gone downhill. No, downMOUNTAIN. 3/10 for bad.
  • no wonder

    these kids have no discipline and are taught to be sex objects from the moment they're born (don't deny it, in school uniforms dancing on desks, shaking their bootie, pelvis thrusts, come on parents). and this Brenna is the worst of them all, and mom and dad just smile like she's a princess. Wait til she's 18 and still acting this way. Not a show I usually watch and totally turned off now. Lets get some decent TV shows
  • America is clearly obsessed with sex

    What America? Sexualizing adults, and teens (the horrible remake of the British show skins) wasn't enough for you? You had to sexualize children?
  • Brenna - The UGLIEST CHILD EVER on T&T!!!!

    I am SHOCKED that Brenna's parents, not once, disciplined her in any way, shape or form. What responsible parent allows their child to treat them that way or talk to adults the way she does. That child is truly the most rude, bratty, disrespectful child I have ever seen. I was a Hollywood film producer for 15 years and worked with A-list celebrity stars, including child stars - and I can say, with complete certainty, that Brenna will NEVER make it in Hollywood. Yes, she may get her foot in the door and get a few things, but once her behavior becomes known around town, she will be done. No one will want to work with her or her parents. Not to mention that she will only get worse as she gets older and will have a difficult time in life. It is obvious that her parents allow her complete reign at home, telling her she is beautiful and as you saw on the show, the instant Brenna thought someone was questioning her beauty she had a meltdown (a 2 year old tantrum, really). Her parents should be ashamed that they have not taught Brenna BASIC life skills and MANNERS. Good luck Brenna. You may think you are beautiful, but you are truly the UGLIEST child I have ever seen. (I know Brenna won't understand what this means, because her parents have not taught her that beauty comes from within). Brenna's parents are raising an ugly monster!!

  • Total Disgrace on Parenting!!

    Poor Dads spending BIG BUCKS for their insecure wives too turn their babies into future strippers!!!
  • daughters of the fatty mama's

    Seeing what the parents look like is pretty yakkk . Don't the judges see that these kids are braty and really fake looking?
  • Child Protective Services isn't satisfactory at their job

    Basically these cruel mothers force their daughters as young as the age of one against their will to compete in pagents, mainly either for money or so they can live through them. Most of the preparations for the pagents on this show us putting on spray tan, wigs, ugly dresses, and putting on a ridiculous amount of make-up. Usually these families are somewhat poor, probably because they spend so much on these pagents they cant afford to live anywhere nicer. The most disturbing part is how the mothers say how their daughter loves to be in pagents but whenever they try to get them prepared they squirm trying to get away. I was unfortunate enough to come across an episode where a mother had to hold down her two year old while she put spray tan on her! The girls that are older on the show are no better either. The girls that are three years or older are either spoiled brats or just need to go to an insane asylum. Rarely do you ever see a girl on this show that actually wants to be in these pagents and compete. Based on the evidence I've provided in this review, It's clear that these parents aren't qualified to raise children and Child Protective Services needs to take these poor girls away from them and give them to loving families, who can and will raise them properly.
  • Deliciously Terrible

    Geez, I know how much you all hate these kids dressing up like hookers. I hate it, too. But put that aside, this show is so despicable that its funny. I for one like to hear about the poor child's life, not to make fun of, but to see what kind of crazy mothers are living out in the real world. Future strippers of America is what this show should be called, but really, I wouldn't go as far as saying these mothers are the worst women that had walked the face of the Earth. I understand that some kids don't want to do these pagents, and I hate when they are forced into them, but I bet, maybe some kids actually enjoy prancing around a stage in skimpy costumes while a bunch of teens judge their 4-year-old bodies.

    But, hey, its just an opinion.

  • Someone call Child Support, NOW.


    In my 20 years of watching TV, I've seen a lot of really bad shows with awful premises, but this one has got to take the cake. This has got to be one of, if not, the worst idea for a TV show ever to hit the face of television. Toddlers and Tiaras basically tells of behind the scenes looks at beauty pageants, and yes it is as bad as it sounds. All we see in this show are parents who think that it's so cute to see their kids wear dumb outfits and embarrass them on TV. It doesn't help with the fact that they also make them do these dances and fights occur as well over the parents. The kids are just as bad as the parents. Most of them have the sense they don't want to something like this and refuse to do it while some are yes kids. The costumes themselves look terrible and ridiculous to look at and some are WAY too revealing for kids and parents. Seriously if you look at some of the costumes they are rather too short for kids. This is the type of show that brings bad parents together so thankfully we know which ones to avoid and I can only hope this show is canceled and the parents of these kids are arrested for this stuff. I'm not that much into kids, but they deserve so much better than this. Stay away from Toddlers and Tiaras, it's nothing more than a disgrace to TV and shows the worst of parents.

  • Why being concerned?

    People seem to have fantasies about this. There's no relation to pedophilia if little girls are dressed to dance and pose. They're just having fun, though it's stress for them. This is considered as a start of maybe a showbiz or model career. The parents invest lots of time and money in it. There's nothing wrong.

    If you don't like it, then don't watch it and keep away.
  • WTF is this!

    This is so horrible and it encorages young girls and boys to be spoiled and bratty.The parents are too easy on them and always do whatever their children want.The pagents are horrible and stupid everything about this show is STUPID.If you want your child to be famous then just find an agency that acepts children not put them in a stupid pagent and spoil them rotten as anything.Avoid this and watch Jo Frost Extreme Parental Guidance.
  • Legalized pedophilia?

    Reality shows vary in the depths that the producers are willing to sink to provide so-called "entertainment" to the masses. This show seeks to sink even lower into the satyric depths of human nature.

    Toddlers & Tiaras is nothing more than exploitation of girl toddlers in such a manner that i'm surprised the United Nations doesn't step in & declare this a violation of human rights.

    As long as people who try to live their failed lives & crushed ambitions through their progeny, there will sadly be an audience for this Grand Guignol of Reality TV.
  • Pedo filled show.

    What is this show anyways? Oh. A pedo's plan.

    Concept: They make the kids 3-5 years old dress promiscuously. Good eh?

    Show: Had to add this one, what is this show's purpose? This is absolutely garbage and creepy at the same time, and why does the police or the children services taking and ignoring this one? They know it's controversial and we, the people see it, ALL OF US are seeing this filthy garbage! It's like the sign of New World Order. This must be it when the NWO takes place.

    Overall: -3. Because of it's lame and creepy concept, I'll give this a score lower than zero.
  • Toddlers and Tiaras

    I believe that this show is the worst thing that could ever be put on television because these parents who are forcing their children to do this are very disrespectful to those little girls. I'm sorry these parents should have DCF called on them for this because they are neglecting these babies by having them do these things that they can't even be little girls. These parents think these 3 year olds are their meal tickets and these parents are living their lives through these children, that is physical and emotional abuse if I ever saw it. So I am wondering why someone hasn't called the law and had these parents arrested.
  • About as low as we can go...

    I have rewritten this review several times, because no matter how hard I try to stay on topic I end up in an emotional rant and an all out rage against the machine that is network TV. I have abandoned the review many times. But for some reason I do feel a strange and very strong need to commit my views and concerns to "paper". So, here goes...

    Most parents are proud of their children. Most parents want to encourage them to take life on and succeed. Most parents understand EXACTLY what their role in that process is, and that part of that role is to put yourself second. Willingness to do just that is one of the things you need to look for before you decide to take on parenthood. Unfortunately, there is no accredited course we take beforehand, nor any enforcable law that monitors our readiness.

    Enter: "Toddlers and Tiaras".

    I have already passed judgement on some of these parents and I know I should not; I don't know their stories. But when I see little children who should not even have to THINK about this level of...LIFE... yet; when I see their little faces as they are are berated for not living up to parental expectations, or being compared negatively to a sibling, well it breaks my heart. And it boils my blood.

    And it makes me fully understand the current generation. I just hope they grow up and understand that at some point, they must take responsibility for their own behaviours in this social world, where their parents could not.

    The real crime(s)?

    1) Network TV enabling this culture.
    2) This culture creating demand for this programming.
  • I am sorry but I think too many parents try to LIVE through their children and push their children so far they can no longer be kids..They are dressing their kids up like call girls if you ask's sad..let them be children!!!!!

    this show is horrible...doesn't anyone else see that we are just focusing on the physical appearances and this could lead to self esteem issues in the teen years along with eating disorders and so on...children should be children plain and simple and none of these pageant parents give a hoot about anything but getting that crown as if it was THEM up on the stage..i would never put my child in a pageant, i'm so against it and feel it's exploiting our are dressing them up like call girls ..don't be surprised when some perverts are pleasuring themselves watching your children..scary thought eh?
  • This is a horrible, horrible show.

    Why on earth would anybody want to watch this garbage? The entire show is basically scene after scene of insane people who are clearly unfit to be parents forcing their children to wear inappropriate costumes and dance in extremely provocative manners.

    All of the kids on this show are clearly screwed up. If they're not throwing a tantrum because they don't want to do what their parents are forcing them to do, they're acting like prissy little divas who have been obviously groomed to give automated answers to who ever's interviewing them.

    Every single parent on this show needs to be arrested for child abuse. Seriously.
  • BOYCOTT TLC and all sponsors of this show!


    The mere fact that this show was ever given the greenlight by the twisted freaks running what was once known as The Learning Channel (TLC) is disturbing enough - the fact that it's been renewed for a THIRD SEASON is absolutely unconscionable. But then, what else would you expect from the same people who think "Sister Wives" is a good idea?

    Whether there actually are enough perverts, pedophiles, and unfit parents like the ones featured on this show still watching this sickening tripe every week to justify keeping it on the air, or if it's simply the TLC execs' sadistic personal agenda to keep shoveling this pig slop at my screen every time I have to see it in a commercial or in my channel guide as I scroll past it, enough is enough.

    This kind of "entertainment" serves no other purpose but to perpetuate the superficial, blinged-out, me-first mentality now running rampant through nearly every form of media like a disease, that celebrates the unrealistic notion that every woman should be an uneducated stick figure with fake parts, injections in their faces, stuck-up diva attitudes, and completely obsessed with physical appearance. What it has helped create in our country is a down-the-rabbit-hole bizzarro world culture where intelligence is ridiculed and kids from kindergarten through high school age (and beyond)who struggle with complexes over their weight, self esteem, and the idea that they're a failure because they can't be what these TV shows, magazines, etc. put on a pedestal as "perfect" - which, in reality, is the furthest thing from what they should be striving for in life.

    Just when you thought the bar couldn't be set any lower by networks like MTV, Style, E!, etc., TLC and the creators of Toddlers and Tiaras found a way to limbo under it by adding child exploitation and abuse to the mix. You can see how affected many of these "toddlers" already are by the shameless exploitation and lack of even the most basic of parenting skills. It turns my stomach to think of what must happen to some of them when the cameras AREN'T rolling. Without a doubt, these poor children are the biggest victims of this show being kept on the air, and I feel very, very sorry for them and the nightmarish issues they'll be facing down the road as a result of their immature, idiotic, self-centered parents making fools out of themselves on TV and embarrassing them for life, squeezing them into their narrow minded worldview, and using them as a way to live out their own warped fantasies in what amounts to little more than a sparkly pi**ing contest between these "parents". From what little bit of this show I've been subjected to, these monsters should all be thrown in jail and their children taken away by DHR before any further, perhaps permanent damage can be done.

    My children will NEVER be forced to do anything like this, and will NEVER be allowed to watch others having their childhood and inner beauty stripped out of them. It says a lot about where we've arrived as a society that these pageants haven't yet been outlawed and dealt with like child porn rings and the like. Let's hit these scum bags where it hurts - at the bank. At the end of the day, we all know money is all these greedy pigs care about. I will forever boycott ANY corporation who would sponsor this show, and continue to send letters to TLC and Discovery Communications (its parent company) to cancel the glorifying and encouragement of these crimes against children. Someone has to stand up for them - it sure isn't going to be their "parents"!!!