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  • A Moonscoop show that is THAT good? Must be dreaming.

    Moonscoop is one of my most hated animation companies, They made 3 horrible CGI animated shows, Pet Alien, Bratz and Sebrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch. This show however is NOT horrible, and in fact respects Todd Parr's work.

    ToddWorld is about a fictional version of Todd, and his friends who have adventures in the world around them. Each episode has an educational value in respecting others).

    The voice acting is really good, the voices really suit the characters.

    The animation, If it were another show, then it would be bad, but since the animation is done in the same style as Todd Parr, then it is really good.

    Overall, Its the best show Moonscoop have made, And I recommend watching it.
  • Not bad, not bad at all.

    Wow I'm the first one to review this... wow?
    Umm well its a children's show about a world where animals, people and aliens live together. The series stars Todd as he goes on adventures with his wacky friends. Well it isn't that bad every episode leaves out a message and kids might learn a thing or two. Also theres a song at the end of each episode which is alright and well written, kind of. I'm not quite sure why its got such a low rating I mean it isn't that bad. I mean the artwork and design isn't up to scratch as other shows but its definitely full of color and imagination. I haven't watched this show for a while now but I remember that it wasn't that bad. And also this is strictly a kids show, so don't criticize it. Anyway Overall its pretty decent although the design looks rushed it is well written.