Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • Tokimeki Wish
      Tokimeki Wish
      Episode 25
      Riku's last day has come. While everyone is attending the school's graduation, Riku quietly leaves. Sayuri refuses to let things end the way they are and goes to see Sakurai about his special event for Riku's departure. With Sayuri's chocolate on the line, all the guys are after Riku and the only way to end the event is for Riku to make is way to Sayuri. Can Riku make it to Sayuri, and will she tell him how she truly feels about him?moreless
    • Tokimeki Farewell
      Tokimeki Farewell
      Episode 24
      Riku reveals to everyone that he is transferring due to his father's job. The news hits everyone hard, hitting Sayuri the hardest. When Tsukasa and Mina find out, they both ask him to tell them how he truly feels about them on his last day. Meanwhile Sayuri thinks of throwing away her chocolate for Riku.moreless
    • Tokimeki Present
      Tokimeki Present
      Episode 23
      It's Valentines Day and all the girls are getting their chocolate. While Mina and Tsukasa make their chocolate for Riku, Sayuri decides to give out her first chocolate. But will she be able to give it to the person it is meant for?
    • Tokimeki New Year
      Tokimeki New Year
      Episode 22
      It's New Years Day and Riku is spending it alone. Wanting to spend time with Riku, Sayuri goes to his house to find that Mina has already beaten her there. Soon after Tsukasa arrives to join the group. with all three girls present, there's no telling what will happen.
    • Tokimeki Holy Night
      With Christmas coming up, Sakurai comes up with a new Student Council event. With the news of a best couple contest and a gift exchange, the school goes into an uproar as people look for a partner. Sayuri quickly gets a lot of request to be someone's partner. When Ayame asks her about choosing Riku to be her partner, Sayuri quickly denies. Ayame then decides to choose Riku for herself, much to Sayuri's, Tsukasa's, and Mina's surprise.moreless
    • Tokimeki Thoughts
      Tokimeki Thoughts
      Episode 20
      Now knowing both Tsukasa's and Mina's true feelings, Riku doesn't know what to do. He soon falls into depression that everyone is noticing. But could some advice from Inukai bring him out of his depression?
    • Tokimeki Message
      Tokimeki Message
      Episode 19
      With Tsukasa ill, Riku continuous to take care of her, ignoring his phone. Meanwhile, Mina wonders why Riku is ignoring her messages. Her depression soon begins to affect the way she acts. But how far will Mina go to talk with Riku?
    • Tokimeki Field Trip
      When all of the second year students go on a field trip to Hokkaido, Riku finds himself returning to a place he once lived. Tsukasa begins spending more time with Riku, then her own class. Although he enjoys Tsukasa's company, he finds it hard to talk with Sayuri. But when Tsukasa collapses from a fever, Riku will understand how Tsukasa truly feels.moreless
    • Tokimeki Cultural Festival
      It is the day of the Cultural Festival and the haunted house seems quite popular. Although Riku wants to go see Sayuri's play, his responsibilities keep him busy. By the time he does get to go see the play, it has already ended. Now Riku is being dragged around by Tsukasa and Mina whose rivalry is making Riku even more depressed.moreless
    • Tokimeki Reality
      Tokimeki Reality
      Episode 16
      With Riku's class still not sure on what they are doing for the Cultural Festival, Haru goes to the class to ask them to work with the Student Council. With the idea of a Haunted House in mind, Riku goes to see the science teacher about building the tent for it. But when the tent is build ten times the size of the plan, it is up to Riku to find a way to fill in the empty space of the tent, the class couldn't fill.moreless
    • Tokimeki Reality
      Tokimeki Reality
      Episode 15
      As Riku's class continuous to argue over what they are going to do for the Cultural festival. Haruka Wakatake, the homeroom teacher, starts feeling down due to various things. When she meets a new friend on a game, her spirits are lifted. But when her new friend disappears, will she return to the way she was before?moreless
    • Tokimeki Transfer Student
      When a new transfer student turns out to be Yukari Higashino, a magazine model, the school is in an uproar. Riku's school life becomes even more complicated, when she reveals that Riku is her childhood friend. This don't get really hectic till Yukari gets into a battle for Riku's love with Tsukasa and Mina. But when Sayuri is dragged into the mix, she must decide on helping Yukari or acting on her own feelings.moreless
    • Tokimeki Secret
      Tokimeki Secret
      Episode 13
      With the Cultural Festival a month away, Class 2-A having problems as it still can't think of what it is doing for the festival. As the class argues, Riku notices Sayuri is constantly being overworked. This makes it that much harder for Riku to ask Sayuri to audition to be in a play for the Drama Club. When Sayuri snaps from all the pressure and disappears, it is up to Riku to find her.moreless
    • Tokimeki Night
      Tokimeki Night
      Episode 12
      When a large black sphere, with one red eye, begins roaming the school grounds and attacking people at night. The school starts closing before dark everyday, making it hard to work on the Cultural Festival. Now Riku, Mina, and Tsukasa try to find the origin of the sphere and figure out why it is attacking people. Could the mysterious and oddly dressed woman, with no memory, hold the key.moreless
    • Tokimeki Memories
      Tokimeki Memories
      Episode 11
      With her recent victory in a school swimming tournament, Mina's popularity quickly grows. Wanting to thank Riku for helping her and tell him her true feelings, Mina continuously tries to talk to Riku. Unfortunately for her, every time she tries to talk Riku, they are always interrupted. She soon finds getting his phone number is even harder, then talking to Riku.moreless
    • Tokimeki Twilight
      Tokimeki Twilight
      Episode 10
      When Riku's friends decide to get part time jobs, Riku is forced to get one as well. Unfortunately for him, they choose to get jobs through the school's Store girl. Now with Riku's friends eliminated one by one, Riku finds himself the only one left. But can he really survive the jobs the Store girl has in store for him?moreless
    • Tokimeki Sea
      Tokimeki Sea
      Episode 9
      Deciding she wants to spend some time alone with her "boyfriend", Tsukasa makes Riku go to the beach with her. Though Tsukasa tries her hardest, every-time she tries to be alone with Riku, someone always interrupts them or someone is where Tsukasa drags Riku. How far will Tsukasa go to be alone with Riku?moreless
    • Tokimeki Time
      Tokimeki Time
      Episode 8
      Due to the event from the previous day, Sayuri is finding hard to be around Riku. As Riku tries figure out a way to clear up what exactly happened, he runs into Mina. After arriving at a shrine, Riku prays for Mina to be able to swim well, but Mina has a prayer that surprises Riku.moreless
    • Tokimeki Confession
      Riku is tricked into giving up half of his summer vacation by the student council to work on the Cultural Festival. Not only that, he is forced to audition for the Theater Club's play. But when he accidentally confesses to Sayuri while auditioning, working together becomes a lot tougher for the two of them.moreless
    • Tokimeki Rain
      Tokimeki Rain
      Episode 6
      When Riku's classmate, Inukai, misses a day of school, rumors go flying about him getting into fights. Although Inukai has barely even talked to Riku, Riku sets out to clear his name. But what lies behind the silent Inukai?
    • Tokimeki Accident
      The day of the Sports Festival has finally arrived. Although Class 2-A can barely win anything, Riku gives everyone a boost after winning a Student Council Event. When Sayuri injures her ankle midway through the festival, Riku must step up and fill in her for. But when he and Sayuri get locked in the storage shed, there's no telling what will happen.moreless
    • Tokimeki Water's Surface
      Riku continuously tries to return Mina's handkerchief to her. Although he nearly succeeds several times, he is always interrupted. From getting dragged off by his friends, to another Student Council Event. Will he ever succeed in returning the handkerchief to Mina?
    • Tokimeki After School
      Things have become even more complicated for Riku. With his surprising relationship, with Tsukasa, starting, Riku must survive her fans. But first he must survive her cooking. Can Riku's life get any worse?
    • Tokimeki Destiny
      Tokimeki Destiny
      Episode 2
      Three of the Big Four Sportsmen have taken an interest in Riku and each devises a plan to have him join their club. Thankfully for Riku, he manages to make it through each miraculously. The big surprise is when Riku ends up with a girlfriend!
    • Tokimeki Encounter
      Riku Aoba just transfered to Tsumugi Private High School. Unfortunately for Riku, things are a lot stranger at the school than any other. From students wearing animal ears to extremely strange teachers. Can Riku survive his new school?
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