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  • A short lived, heavily cliched, fan serviced filled,and bloody good time. This anime was fun and made no bones about it's position as a roller coaster ride for two and half months. Some criticized the show for being like any other anime.

    A short lived, heavily cliched, fan serviced filled,and bloody good time. This anime was fun and made no bones about it's position as a roller coaster ride for two and half months. Some criticized the show for being like any other anime. A typical mystical story with plenty of big boobed fighting women. Even if such a critique is true since when does every anime need to be Ghost in the Shell? If your looking for a no holds barred action packed gory romp then this is the amime for you. The story of a select group of humans imbued with super powers thanks to shards from a demonic amulet. Had enough appeal to keep you involved and the characters had their own appeal. Each of the agents had a horrible back story that motivated them along with the need to stop the evil from the pits from consuming the world. The show left on a cliff hanger which I find oddly appropriate. For this anime the ideal of the story going on without us is well suited. The show lets our imagination enjoy the next chapter in the mythology and compliments the buffet of fan service the show gave us.
  • A short lived but still very enjoyable anime.

    The show centres on a unit of the Tokyo Police called TOKKO. Their job is to investigate and dispose of demons and monsters in secret. The plot concentrates primarily on Ranmaru Shindo a graduate from the Tokyo Police academy who has a mysterious past routed in a tragedy that cost the lives of his parents. he eventually gets involved with TOKKO and begins to unravel the mystery of that event.

    This is a solid show although it is only 13 episodes and it does suffer from a lack of character development or backstroy. Despite that the animation is good and the characters are interesting enough to keep us occupied. All in all a good show if a little short.
  • Interesting and Certainly worth watching if you're a horror fan But too short and inconclusive.

    Tokko is a really Good Horror Anime, Though Not Very Original, It keeps you hooked till the end But it gives you a disappointing and Inconclusive ending. The Visuals are impressive But there are some Suspect CGI. The Action scenes are Well made, Fluent enough and Gory. The Intro and Ending themes are Excellent. The Eng Dub cast did an Excellent job. The Characters are interesting, The highlight of the show is the strange relationship That Ranmaru shares with Saya and Sakura. Just like Elfen Lied or Gantz this is Very violent and also Ends Too soon. The ending was Just Stupid and The Series Should Continue where it left off in season 2.
  • Just happened to catch it...

    I'd always heard of Anime Monday on the Sci-Fi channel, but I'd never really checked into it. So last week I decided that I'd try watching Noein and Tactics, but they weren't on. Instead, some show called Tokko was. I decided to record it, and see if I liked it. I didn't like it. I LOVED it!!! OMG, this has become a favorite anime of mine! Except for that girl that wears no shirt, only a jacket that barely hides her breasts... >//> I think my favorite is Sakura... I don't know why, but there's something about her that draws me to her. I do like Ranmaru and Saya, too. But other than that, I don't know anyone else's names. I've only seen episodes 2 and 3, and I missed the pilot. Oh well, I guess I'll just catch it on youtube or something. But this is a really great show, and I highly recommend it.
  • Shindou has just become a new investigator for Tokki.On the day of his graduation, he finally sees the girl that he had seen in his dreams in real life and finds out that she's part of Tokko.Revenge for the massacre possible? Read and find out!!

    This anime is an one of a kind. I am personally in love with this anime. And I have to say it was love at first site. Tokko captures you in the first episode. With its unique characters with their addicting personalities. Though there is ONE that got on my nerves but I think every anime has to have at least ONE. haha. Also the plot IS original. If anyone says other wise it is not a copy cat, it just means Tokko was the one to be copied. Because boy can no one immitate this greatness. Who ever wrote this is a genius. Because if I must say so myself this anime, to me, beat Inuyasha. Saiunkoku Monogatari, Tokyo Underground, Shion no Oh and maybe even Mai- Otome. It is just THAT captivating to me. And then you have to romance on the side. UH!! So adorable. Though the sister is a bother. But I also will not lie. Tokko is unfinished. Incomplete. Leaving us waiting, hoping, for another season. To tie all the ends up, cause they are a few. But that cannot still deny that this is an one of a kind show.
    ALSO to those hentai's out there there is a teeny bit of nudeness though no heat so sorry!! =D THough there is plenty of action, drama and mystery with a splash of a romance developing. [ But Iwont kill the story!]
    So watch it!!!
  • Bad rip-off of similar anime/manga.

    This 2006 series pales in comparison to the anime/manga that it tries so desperately to imitate, such as "Bleach" (debut 2001) and "Blood+" (debut 2005), to name just a couple.

    "Tokko" pits ordinary humans and sword-wielding "special police" (i.e., "Tokko" in Japanese) against evil demons. Granted, there's no surprise here, because Japanese animation is rife with such plots, as befits its magnificent Samurai history and religious mythologies, but to have such close comparisons to the aforementioned series makes it little more than a poor imitation. The Tokko demons can easily be compared with either Bleach's "Hollows" or Blood+'s "Chiropterans"; Tokko even deigns to steal the other shows' characters' names!

    However, that isn't even the worst of it! The show is just plain boring (whether or not you may have viewed the other shows), and it practically screams how dull it is, by ensuring that nearly all female characters are scantily or tight-clothed, and, of course, have considerable female attributes, just for the male audience to ogle! (again, nothing new for Japanese animation, but Tokko takes it to discomforting levels!) And, of course, the men are generally clueless oafs, including the alleged hero of the show, who is slowly becoming aware of the growing power inside him. At least, in that regard, Tokko doesn't steal from the other shows, because those shows make an effort to balance the male and female characters (I didn't say that they aren't chauvinistic, as well; they are!).

    If you combined all the critical plot and obligatory, dull-after-the-first-time-you-see-it, bloody "action" scenes, they would encompass barely fifteen minutes of the thirteen half-hour episodes. That is sad, indeed (not to mention boring!).

    The only positive thing going for this show is the theme song, "Nothing", which, despite its name, is oddly upbeat - - it's chorus is "Shiny Day" - - but also has the virtue of having virtually "nothing" to do with the anime itself!

    Considering the single-season, thirteen-episode run, with little hope of new episodes ever airing, if you haven't become attached to this show, don't! (in case you're wondering, I gave it a 3.5 because I kept hoping that the next show would bring something "new", but, no such luck!)
  • We all know what its about.... i'm here to tell you what i think... not give you a summary.

    I personaly, like another here, think that this show needs to continue and pick up where it left off. It is wrong to let this anime go to waste as is and I am hoping, no i am praying, that it shall continue on. Thirteen episodes of a realy good story to end it without actualy ending it is not fair to use that devote the time to watch it. I DEMAND that this series be continued or at least a movie, but i series would enjoy a continued series much more. The ending left saying W*** T** F***.(Bleeped.out.for.censorship.reasons)
  • Intresting and exciting!

    Tokko is a section of the police that deals with strange crimes. Strange as in creatures that are not of this world. Ranmaru Shindo is young new detecive with a troubleing past. A few years ago his mother and father were both killed in a treterouse murder. Only he and his little sister servived. now he wants to find who or what did it and get his revenge. But it is easier said than done. BUt these poeple from tokko seem to have a good idea on what is going on. Tokko is a great anime. ANd kinda addicting. This anime will have you on the end of your seats. And they always have good forshodowing. It is going to drive you crazing. In one word this anime is AMAZING!!!!!!!
  • This is about Ranmaru Shindo an investegator for tokki and eventually a member of tokko. He is a symbiote and has decided that he will avenge the death of his parents who were killed by a demon. He also falls in love with Sakura Rokujo another symbiote.

    This is another action anime it has a great story that i absolutly love the only problem is that there is no end to the show. I hope that there will be a movie or maybe they will just start the anime up again. That is the only reason that this show is not a perfect 10 is the fact that there is no end, or if that is the end it resolved nothing. This show has no real romance and is spairing in the comedy there is more comedy at the beginning than the end. So this is a great action show with a great story and could only be better if it was longer.