Tokyo Majin

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Tokyo Majin

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Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho: Tou - Horror, Shounen, Supernatural (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)...

In the city of Tokyo the number of murders and missing people cases seems to be on the rise. A day doesn't go by without an incident occuring and the problem is getting worse however this is actually caused by the strange and surreal goings on, in the dark of the night, involving the dead coming back to life. This is only the beginning…

In Magami High School, a mysterious boy Tatsuma Hiyuu has just transferred to the school and he is already causing a ruckus with another student. The perculiar thing about Tatsuma is that he has acquired powers to help him in combat and there happens to be 4 other students in his school who also have acquired special powers. Using these powers they get together to combat the undead and demons that now plague the city.

Season One - Dark Law Chapters
Season Two - Martial Fist Chapters

Main Characters:

Tatsuma Hiyuu - A mysterious boy who transfers to Magami High School in his senior year. He is often shown as being very silent and carefree, but is shown to have more insight on the people around him. He usually hangs out with Kyouichi and helps him fight gangsters from other schools, giving him the status of the fifth most delinquent student in Magami High School's history.Since birth, Tatsuma has had a mark on his right hand, which he was told by his father to treasure because it will one day be of important use.

Combat Technique: Hand-to-hand, Martial arts

Kyouichi Horaiji - A well-known delinquent at Magami High and boss of a gang, who always carries around a bokuto. Kyouichi appears to be very knowledgeable of the Tokyo underworld. He was acquainted with several Yakuza henchmen. He may seem to be mean to others, but in the end, he always looks out for them and tries to protect them. This is mostly seen towards Aoi, who he's always mean towards, but he may care for her more than he admits.

Combat Technique: Swordsmanship using a Bokutô

Aoi Misato - A girl from a rich family and the President of Magami High School's Student Council. Aoi is a sensitive person and gets very upset when she is unable to help someone. Later, it is revealed that she possesses the Bodhisattva Eye. It is said that her Bodhisattva Eye is capable of healing, reviving the dead, or increasing the rate at which a person age; she can cause someone to die instantly of old age.

Combat Technique: Bodhisattva Eye, Naginata-jutsu

Komaki Sakurai - Captain of the Kyudo Club and Aoi's best friend. She is quick to defend Aoi when Kyouichi says mean things about her. Unlike Aoi, Komaki is aggressive towards people who get in the way or harm those she cares about. Komaki is shown to have lost a kyudo club friend, who became an oni in order to locate and take Komaki's shooting arm.

Combat Technique: Kyudo

Yuuya Daigo - Captain of the Wrestling Club and an excellent cook. Yuuya also happens to have a crush on Komaki. When Tatsuma first transferred to the school, Yuuya had challenged him to a fight. He was on the verge of losing to Tatsuma before they were interrupted by Aoi and Komaki. Combat Technique: Hand-to-hand, Wrestling

Hisui Kisaragi - An owner of an antiques shop who has business dealings with the Misato family. He is very loyal to Aoi and has had a close relationship with Aoi since theywere little. He is revealed to be a member of a family that has killed demons since the days of the Tokugawa shogunate. He fills the group in about demons and other phenomena that are happening around the city. Combat Technique: Ninjutsu


Opening Theme: "0:00 a.m." by ACID Ending Theme: "Hanafubuki" by ACID

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AIRED ON 10/12/2007

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