Tokyo Mew Mew

TV Tokyo (ended 2003)


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  • Season 2
    • For The Future Of The Earth, I Am At Your Service, Nya!
      As Ichigo continues to battle Deep Blue, Masaya's side begins to fight through Deep Blue's powers. Who will win the final battle?
    • The Final Battle! - I Believe In Your Smile!
      Coming soon...
    • Ichigo's Trial! - I Am A Mew Mew!
      Aoyama has been transformed into Deep Blue. The Mew Mews must fight with everything they've got but Ichigo refuses to fight as she believes that he is still Aoyama. Deep Blue easily defeats the other Mew Mews leaving Ichigo the last one standing. Can she bring herself to fight her true love?moreless
    • The Awakening Of Blue - Another Appearance!
      Coming soon...
    • The Labyrinth Of The Alternate Dimension! - Kish's Gamble!
    • The Power Of Love! - I'll Protect Aoyama-kun!
      Coming soon...
    • New Reinforcement! - Protect The Earth Together!
      Coming soon...
    • The Riddle Dissolves! - The Truth About The Blue Knight!
    • The City Turns Into A Forest! - What Protects Ichigo's Smile?
    • Friend Or Foe? - Fight Onee-sama!
      Coming soon...
    • Zakuro's Dilemma - Only Four Mew Mews Now?
      Coming soon...
    • The Wind Brings Happiness - A Heartfelt Prayer
      Lettuce is beginning to understand the aliens' feelings and realizes that they have hearts too. She doesn't want to fight but when someone precious to her is put in danger by the aliens she must chose to either fight or continue to stand by her beliefs.
    • Two Becoming Friends? - Pudding In Imminent Danger!
      When Tart's plan to collapse a dome goes wrong Pudding and Tart are trapped in an underground cave together. Though Tart can easily escape he insists on staying around to witness the end of Pudding.
    • Stolen Dream - Sweet Trap In The Lavender
      Kishu has nearly been killed by the last battle. Tart and Pai are now fighting for his revenge, Pai has a plan that he's sure will eliminate Tokyo Mew Mew.
    • Miracle Of The Holy Night - No Secrets Anymore!
      Ichigo and Aoyama have had a few secrets they've kept from each other but tonight they both come clean with each other. Their relationship will now change forever however it will benefit them more than hurt them.
    • The Shining Tear - Celebrating Christmas With Just The Two Of Us!
      Aoyama and Ichigo are about to go on a date and Ichigo now suddenly realizes that she has been lying to Aoyama for quite some time now. She compares herself to him and she's nothing compared to him. Ichigo begins to question her relationship with Aoyama and it maybe the end for them.moreless
    • Shirogane's Past: the Secret of the Mew Mews' Birth
      After being turned into a cat by kissing an iguana on accident, Ichigo is kissed by Alto, the gray cat that saved her earlier. She’s changed back into a human and decides to treat Alto to canned food but he suddenly transforms into Ryou! Ryou brushes this encounter off as normal but Ichigo won’t leave things like the way it is so she goes to Keiichiro for some help with Ryou’s secret past. And what she learns might be a bit more than she can handle.moreless
    • Don't Cry, Lonely Little Zakuro
      Zakuro is reminded of her lonely child hood when she meets a young girl named Momoka whose child hood is similar to Zakuro's. Momoka's parents always promise to be there but they end up not showing up at the last minute. Zakuro is very attached to Momoka and hopes that Momoka will grow up to be a fine young woman.moreless
    • The Most Important Matter, The Ability to Trust In Someone
      Lettuce creates homemade dolls that sell out real fast. They are so amazing that Ayano, a famous face in the doll making world asks Lettuce to create a doll with her! Lettuce agrees to and even agrees to enter the doll into an exhibition with her! Though on the day of the exhibition, Lettuce learns that Ayano might not be the very best person to trust in making dolls.moreless
    • A Fiance Appears! Puddings's Fated Marriage?!
      Pudding's father has sent his apprentice to challenge Pudding for the title of successor to KouEnJi Kenpou. His apprentice Ron, ends up winning and he tells Pudding that her father also says if Pudding lost then she would become his fiance! Pudding objects to the arranged marriage. But when Ron starts cooking, cleaning and even helping out at Cafe Mew maybe Pudding may want to change her views about.moreless
    • Princess Fight, The Hero Can't be Bought for Money
      Mint's family is throwing a party and Mint invites the girls to come to the party. At first they are unsure if they should go but the eventually accept the invite. There at the party they meet Mint's greatest rival Saionji.
    • Father's Back, One-game Match For Ichigo!
      Ichigo’s dad finds out about Aoyama and he objects to this relationship. Ichigo is upset by this and tires to keep them away from each other but eventually both men meet. They decide to settle things with a match of kendo. Can Aoyama win this match and stay with Ichigo?
    • Be Honest! Unspoken Love in the Crystal Ball
      Ichigo is having some trouble with love so she consults Mariko, a fortune teller. Mariko gives Ichigo some advice and Ichigo takes it into consideration. Later Ichigo notices that Mariko hasn't confessed to her loved one. So Ichigo helps Mariko with some of her own advice.
    • A Forbidden Love? I Can Understand Cats, nyan!
      Ichigo starts to understand cats due to the side effects of the Mew Project. A particular cat named Asano asks Ichigo for a favor. He wants Ichigo to help find his lover but his lover is a housecat and won't be allowed to fall in love with a stray. Can Asano and Ichigo find Asano's lover and reunite them?moreless
    • Kitty Panic! The Key to the Mystery is her K.I.S.S.
      Masaya is unconscious on the floor with Ichigo at his side. Ichigo tries to kiss him but she transforms into a cat!As she tries to become a human again, Ichigo has quite an adventure, including being taken in by Masaya.
    • I Love You! Aoyama-kun's Shocking Declaration
      Aoyama and Ichigo have confessed thier feelings for each other. They are truly in love. Aoyama asks Ichigo if they could go to Cafe Mew together and Ichigo agrees. How will this date turn out when the aliens attack and finally get their hands on Ichigo's staff?
  • Season 1
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