Tokyo Pig

ABC Family (ended 2003)



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Tokyo Pig

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Tokyo Pig is about a nine year old boy named Spencer. After finding out the hard way that whatever he draws or writes into his journal comes to life, he decides to test his journals powers by drawing a blanket of pigs in the sky. To his amusement, it comes true and the next day there is an army of flying pigs in the sky. He decides to keep one and names him Sunny. He then finds out that Sunny has the power to make whatever Spencer imagines come to life. With this in mind, Spencer now has to control his wild and creative imagination before things get really out of hand.
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Show Opening Theme Hey, can you dig? He's a Tokyo Pig. He's an amazing little best friend. He's a hero with heart. He's cool and he's smart. He'll keep you in line. He's a friend genuine. Sunny! Tokyo Pig! But he's Sunny! Ooh! Yeah, but he's Sunny! Tokyo Pig! Sunny! Dream large. Think big. Dream large. Think Tokyo Pig!
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  • urm.. i never watched this show because i'm in the uk but i seen the commercial on an USA VHS!

    really! this show sounds funny and it sounds better than that babyish show peppa pig. i like this show it rocks man! I like that kid Spencer i could tell he was voiced by Joshua Seth cause of his voice joshua seth also voices in the spongebob movie which is awesome and good!

    it really rocks it's about a kid named spencer who has a magical pig i like this storyline and i want this show to come in the uk sometime. and i wish they had brought this show back! really!moreless
  • A classic, underrated anime show with amazing energy and a wonderful sense of humor that was, sadly, cancelled before its time.

    This sleeper hit, which sadly no longer airs on ABC Family, I feel, can hold its own with the best comedy cartoons out there now. This anime from Japan is filled to the brim with energy.

    Even the concept is neat and creative: a boy has a notebook with the power to have anything he imagines to come to life, so he makes a pig that can transform to be his new friend. He lives with his eccentric parents (thats the Weinberg-Takahama family) and his hyper sister, Dizzy Lizzy. Even better, the weatherlady (my favorite character) pops in and makes sarcastic and humorous comments on just about everything. I can relate with the main character, since I used to draw and imagine things all of the time.

    The voice acting all across the board is enthusiastic and very well done. Visual gags, puns and great jokes of consistently high quality fly.

    One could even describe the show as delightfully random, filled with energy.

    There are even more characters such as Tiffany (a southern belle in Tokyo?) and Miss Spelt (the teacher all the boys have a crush on) that provide delightful humor. Even better, there is no objectionable content whatsoever. From action, comedy, adventure to imagination, Tokyo Pig was one of the best short-lived animes to air. Let's hope that some network picks it up in the future!moreless
  • This show is cute, but random.

    This show is very cute, but if you don't like random shows then you probably wouldn't like it. The idea of this show is completely different than any show I have ever seen. It teaches kids to use their imagination and that it is OK to have fun once in a while and not be so obsessed with school work. I think it is kinda weird that Sunny Pig changes into what ever Spencer thinks. It is a good show for kids. I think they should bring it back eventhough, I understand why they stopped it.moreless
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