Tokyo Pig

Season 1 Episode 1

When Pigs Fly

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 14, 2002 on ABC Family
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When Pigs Fly
The first episode of this hyper-kinetic, ultra-hip original anime comedy series introduces the fantastic adventures of nine-year-old Spencer and his magical pet pig, Sunny. Spencer's world changes after he draws a sky full of pigs in his journal and Sunny appears out of the clear blue sky. With Sunny by his side, Spencer discovers he has the ability to make whatever he imagines come to life. Now -- with powers kids can only dream about – the duo embark on a new adventure each week as Spencer tries to keep his stray thoughts and careless scribbles in his journal from running wild and turning his life upside-down.moreless

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  • A great first episode.

    This episode was the one that started it all to a great show for all pig-lovers and for just plain anyone in need of a good laugh. It was a great and original idea to use Spencer's diary as a way for pigs to come to life. Also, it really puts you in the shoes of Spencer, because you can relate to his reactions and expressions when his mom's neck grows so long and no one notices. This episode stays in my mind the greatest for many years to come. It would be great if they brought back Tokyo Pig.moreless

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    • Spencer: Nothing can stop the onslaught of ham from the heavens. Uh, except for bedtime.

    • Spencer: If everyone wants to read my diary, then fine! I'll just fill the whole darn thing with LIES!!!

    • Angus: I'm Dino-Monic! Roar!
      Eggman: I'm Sludge-a-Saur! Roar!
      Spencer: I'm Onion and Sardine Breath Man! (roars and pretends to breath fire)
      Restaurant Owner: (caught them playing on their restaurant) Hey! You kids get out of here right now! This is my restaurant, not your playground!

    • Spencer: (checking out their card collection) Wow! Check out the Sludge-a-Saur!
      Angus: Yeah, we've got the whole set.
      Weather Lady: And what parents love is how these expensive cards will be completely worthless by next year.

    • Angus: (about their new clubhouse) It's a great place, but it does smell like codfish.
      Eggman: And a fish head fell through a crack once.
      Spencer: Maybe it's because I'm behind Eggman, but that sure isn't fish I'm smelling.

    • Spencer: Wouldn't it be cool if nobody was home and I could study in peace? Hello? Anybody home? It's gotta be my house. It's got that same smell like fried bologna and onions. Hello? Mom? Dad? Could it be? Could I really have the whole house to myself!? Yeah!

    • Mrs. Spelt: Now, who here can tell me what a diary is?
      Eggman: It's what you get from eating too much asparagus.
      Angus: No, it's milk, cheese, ice cream. You know "diary" products.
      Spencer: Milk and cheese are "dairy" products.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Sunny Pig's japanese name is Hanebuta
      If you watch Cantonese version,Sunny's name is the same when you translate it into English