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Tokyo Underground

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Preface - Deep under the ground in the capital city of Tokyo exists the forgotten and confined world called "Tokyo Underground". Rumina Asagi encounters Ruri, an escapee from the Underground, as well as her assistant Chelsea, and decides to protect them. But rather than attempting to bring Ruri back, the Underground's secret organization, "Company", sends over an intelligence personnel by the name of "Supei". Having fallen in love with Ruri, will Rumina take on "Supei" in a battle to protect his love? Characters - RUMINA ASAGI Rumina is a high school student, and is the type that is always getting into fights. He's pretty good at it too! But not good enough. One day he encounters two strange girls who change his life forever. In an effort to protect the cute Ruri from harm, Rumina fights hard, but eventually loses. Ruri's powers of life revive him, and with new life comes the amazing ability to control wind powers. Rumina joins Chelsea in protecting Ruri and joins their battle in the Tokyo Underground! CHELSEA ROURKE Chelsea is Ruri's guard, and accompanies her when escaping from the Underground. Chelsea controls powers related to gravity, and has a personality to match. She is very tough and is a strong fighter. She is very dedicated to her task of protecting Ruri, and would gladly lay down her life. Chelsea's gravity-power is very strong, and she is a tough opponent. RURI SARASA Ruri is known as the "Inochi no Miko," or the Shrine Maiden of Life. She is very polite and kind, and is the type to address everyone with the honorific "-sama." She's very compassionate, and likes Rumina a lot. This is good, because he likes her too :) Ruri uses her life powers to bring back Rumina when he is killed while trying to protect her and Chelsea. Her unusual powers make her a target for evil forces in the Underground. GINOSUKE ISUZU Ginosuke is Rumina's best friend since childhood. He has no special magical powers, but he is fairly smart, and comes up with a very useful weapon. His personality is somewhat timid, but he has a lot of common sense, and can be very fierce if he has to be. Ginosuke always wears his very thick glasses that change his appearance so much that his friends can't recognize him with out them. He's really very cute without his glasses Character Descriptions From

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AIRED ON 9/24/2002

Season 1 : Episode 26

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  • Pretty much your standard action anime featuring high schoolers with special powers but good none the less.

    The plot tells that there is a secret complex built under Tokyo which houses people with special abilities. One day Rumina Asagi encounters Ruri, an escapee from the Underground and her assistant Chelsea. Soon people come to retreve the runaways and Rumina decieds to protect them. Of course all of the main charcaters end up with powers and there is lots of fights to keep you busy.

    The characters are what you would expect as is the plot. The animation is pretty good too and the voice talent is OK. Nothing about this anime really stands out but for some reason it grew on me and by the end I came to really like it.moreless
  • Very traditional

    Animation - Very traditional. Almost nothing distinct about this anime. I can't exactly call it smooth, because the drawings are sometimes very jagged. However, whenever the characters are having a one-on-one conversation with another (possibly him/herself), time all of the sudden stops, the world turns grey, and a closeup of the character shows up on screen. I think this is an interesting idea, to bring up a point. This technique however, was overused.

    Music - I really... really dislike the opening and closing theme. Background music is suitable, but *yawns* boring.

    Storyline - Interesting for the first 2 episodes. Other than that, it has an opponent-of-the-week feeling; this is used frequently in anime such as Dragonball Z. And if you find DBZ irratating and boring, you might not like Tokyo Underground.

    Characters - I will admit that this is the first anime where ALL main characters are likeable (to me, anyways). Some anime such as Ah! My Goddess! have a great storyline, but the characters are too goody-goody. The main character of TU, Rumina, is extremely comical. By overracting whenever what seems to be minor, expect some good laughs.moreless
  • A great show which were leaded by Ruri,Genusuke, and Rumina there fight between the Underground society to save Rumina from who dares to get her.

    This is a fabuluous show that is the reason why i love watching this.My favorite character here is Ruri.If you asking me why i chooses him?In the reason i admire his bravery to fullfill the promises which he said to Rumina and to herself that whatever could happen he will save and protect her. He will be his armor and she shall be my sword. Then despite of sometimes he becomes to weird from what he thinks and acts when fighting from his enemies and being ignorance when talking about how far he can did just to rescue the one he loves most. That's the reason for now why i watch this.moreless

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