Tom and Jerry Kids Show

FOX (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Order in the Volleyball Court: King Wild Mouse-10th Wonder of the World: Space Chase

      Order in the Volleyball Court: At the Beach, Droopy n Dripple compete against Mcwolf and His Son, Stinky Jr. and the Winner will get &100,000, and a Date with Volley Vavoom.

      King Wild Mouse: A Lazy Zookeeper assigns Tom to Capture Wild Mouse at an Island.

      Space Chase: Tom and Jerry are selected in an Outer Space Assignment, and and must Learn to Live together to Succeed.

    • Dirty Droopy; Two-Stepping Tom; Disc Temper

      Dirty Droopy: Mangler McWolf is captured by Dirty Droopy, but gets into trouble by Tickling Mcwolf to Death (with a Feather Duster.)

      Two-Stepping Tom: Tom is hired by a Hollywood Director to protecta Mouse-Shot Elephant Singer from Any and All Mice, including Jerry.

      Disc Temper: A Dog (from Flippin' Fido) is told by a Lifeguard to keep other Animals from Entering the Beach, and Tom n Jerry are His Targets!

    • Droopy Hockey: Hawkeye Tom: No Tom Like the Present

      Droopy Hockey: Team Droopy and Team McWolf is competing for a Gold Trophy in a Hockey Game. (and Dripple is the Referee.)

      Hawkeye Tom: A Hawk attempts to capture Jerry so He can eat Him, but Tom attempts to hinder the Hawk's attempts.

      No Tom Like the Present: Learning that He's down to His ninth and last life, Tom tries ways to keep himself alive, but Jerry will take advantage of the kitten's situation.

    • Bride of McWolfstein: Hillbilly Hootenanny: El Smoocho

      Bride of McWolfenstein: Coming soon.

      Hillbilly Hootenanny: Tom's hillbilly cousins come to help Him deal with Jerry while they cause a ruckus in the house.

      El Smoocho: Coming soon.

    • Mutton For Punishment: Cat Councelor Cal: Termite Terminator
    • Fallen Archers; When Knights Were Cold; The Mouth is Quicker than the Eye

      Fallen Archers: in the Finals of the Father-Son Archery Contest, the Last Competors are composed of Droopy with Dripple and SirWolf-a-lot-of-Wolf-minster with His Son, Stinky-minster.

      When Knights Were Cold: In Medieval Times, When the Knights were too Cowardly to Slay the Fire-Breathing Wildmouse, Tom (a Page) becomes a Knight and goes to Slay Wildmouse.

      The Mouth is Quicker than the Eye: Calaboose Cal becomes a Party Magician for a Rich Woman's Bratty Birthday Boy.

    • Right Brother Droopy: Cheap Skates: Hollywood Droopy

      Right Brother Droopy: Droopy and Dripple as the Wright Brothers try to invent the Airplane.
      Cheap Skates: Jerry Mail-Orders a Pair of Skates to escape Tom, but the Kitten does the same. however has to face a Gang of Roller-Derby Dogs.
      Hollywood Droopy: Desperate forMoney to Support Dilapidated Studios, Flops McWolf hires Droopy and Dripple to star in a Movie.

    • Droopy Man Returns: Tom Thumped: Droopnet

      Droopy Man Returns: Droopy Man and Dripple Boy try to stop a Rat Scientist from turning the City's Population into Rats.

      Tom Thumped: Tom tries to give a lascivious white kitten a mouse, and Jerry's It.

      Droopnet: Droopy and Dripple try to find a Car Thief ad Tei only clue is red Hai Dye.

    • Musketeer Junior: Galaxy Droopy: Return of the Ants
    • Martian Mouse: Dark Wolf Strikes Back: Knockout Pig
    • Alien Mouse: Droopy Man: Abusement Park
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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