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  • As far as spin offs go this was good, but there were some issues

    Tom and Jerry is a timeless classic that inspired many people with comedy, and like all good shows it got a spin off. In Tom and Jerry Kids Show it centers around Tom and Jerry as kids, and along with the show it has Droopy and Spike and his son Tyke. It sounds good enough, a show having some of the most memorable characters from Hannah Barbera all in one sounds really good, but it kind of falls a little short. The Droopy cartoons are by far the funniest in the entire show. Droopy has a soon named Dripple and they have to deal with their enemy, McWolf. I love how Droopy is always able to outsmart the wolf, and the slapstick comedy is great. The Spike and Tyke cartoons are also really good. It centers around Spike trying to help his son , but it all results in comedic failure. I love how Tyke is smarter than Spike, and that Spike is always getting into trouble when he is trying to make his son happy. The Tom and Jerry episodes are where the show kind of falls apart. It still has the classic cat chasing mouse plot. However certain characters like Manny Two Shoes, Butch, Toots, the gray mouse, and the duck were missing. You can get away with the fact there was no gray mouse and the duck not being there since they were young in the original Tom and Jerry, but everyone else should have been there. I think it would have been great to see a young Butch and Toots and Manny in this show. I believe that having them around would have created more stories for the show. The slapstick is good in these cartoons like the other two cartoons. Then there is a random cartoon that was usually another Tom and Jerry, but changed in season 3. They were now about about new characters like Slowpoke Antonio, the Mouse Scouts or Calaboose Cal. They were OK, but not that memorable or funny. The stories are OK, but nothing too special or interesting, and are rehashes with the slapstick of Tom and Jerry, but they are good to watch. The artwork is good, and I liked the character designs. The animation though feels stiff most of the time, and the characters seem to have little movement sometimes. Overall, as far as spin offs go this is good. It's not amazing or anything, but Tom and Jerry Kids is a decent spin off that will certainly please Tom and Jerry fans out there.
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