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  • OK I guess

    This show, when I first watched it, looked like a watered down version of the old classic, Tom and Jerry. There was not as much action as the old one, but this one still manages to be entertaining most of the time. An OK show, but not too great for the duo to be in. Still better than the 2014 show, "The Tom and Jerry Show".
  • Successful try

    This show has somehow managed to be very similar style but better resolution and quality to the old Tom and Jerry.
  • A bit bland but decent

    Although it does try to apeal to a new generation, Tom and Jerry Tales do fail to pass the same mark as the old artoons do. Unlike the Pink Panther, this one show cant do what it could in 50 years, renew a show with classic characters and new episodes. I would watch this show but it does`nt feel like the old show from the 50`s however.
  • Passable for kids show. But in my opinion. The old one was MUCH better

    The original turned out to be very good but about This one. I would say it is pretty decent. But i didnt like it has much heres how it started.

    Tom and Jerry Tales is an animated television series which began production in 2005, and premiered in the United States on September 23, 2006 and cancelled on March 22, 2008 on Kids' WB!. It is the fourth television show in the franchise that continues the chase and violence of the Oscar-winning cat and mouse duo and other characters since the first Tom and Jerry cartoon, Puss Gets the Boot. It is based on the famous cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry, and the cartoons in the 1940s.

    Cartoon Network has been airing re-runs of the series as of November 21, 2011.

    But to my self, i could notice the show had mixed reviews. But not the worst show ever. Absolutely not the best either. Could be in the middle somewhere. I would like this to start improving.
  • Not as great as the old ones did.

    I didn't like it that much.

    Plot: Depends on the episode name, always contains Tom and Jerry fighting.

    Characters: They went kiddish. Their quirky personalities are now gone.

    Humor: Now it's mostly targeted for 9 yr old kids and below. The violent humor is decreased.

    Art: Better, better animation.

    Overall: 6. This made me laugh sometimes, but not like before, it didn't made me laugh and roll around.
  • The wackiest duo on tv!

    Tom and the Jerry are phenomenal characters because they are funny, charming, and full of adventures. The two will keep your tv screen alive! Greatness!
  • A big disappointment that left an ugly scar on Tom and Jerry's reputation.

    Tom and Jerry was one of TV's few perfect cartoons that left everyone laughing. Born before my parents existed, Tom and Jerry is still a cult classic and always will be, but this review isn't about Tom and Jerry, this review is about it's bastard grandson, Tom and Jerry tales. Talk about turning one of my favorite cartoons modern. The shame it brings only starts with the fact that none of the sound effects from the original Tom and Jerry are in this piece of dog poop. You might think that that isn't a big deal, but it actually kind of is since half of the humor came from Tom's famous yells. Another problem is the music in this craptoon. Remember how in Tom and Jerry had an orchestra that was calibrated with everything the characters did and how they felt? Remember how nice it was? Well Tom and Jerry Tales has that too, minus the well fitting tunes that was replaced with annoying sounds. You really have to hear the orchestra for yourself to understand how much it brings this "successor" down. Aside from that , Tom and Jerry Tales remains humorless and unatractive, making it dull and a nuicance to watch.
  • How Disgracing!!!!!!!

    I'd give it a 0.9 if I can. I mean, Why does Turner Corp. have to disgrace the original with this dreadful show?!? WHY?!?!? OK, now here are the extremely low scores. Plot: 4.8 (shabby) They made the plots a little too surreal for the characters. The original plots for the original Tom and Jerry were fabulous. Graphics and Animation: 5.8 (middling) OK, its a little bit too bright. Humor: 0.7/10 (inferior) This show isn't worth watching. It's a bunch of cheap acts of Tom and Jerry! Its practically BORING!!! Dialogue and Language: 3.4 (cheap) Ugh!!! The dialogue was such a cheap quality. Sound/ Voice casting: 5.1 (middling) Ugh... it is so mediocre. Grossness Level: 5 (slightly bearable) minus 0.7 off the grade. Bottom Line: Nothing but canceling it would save this stinker. I'd give this show a 0.9 (inferior) if I can. Well, looks like my work here is done. Stay tuned for my next review.
  • This is better than original. It's nice for Warner Bros. to bring back the cartoon-style of the era of anime.

    Remember the days when character's eyes popped out of their days, the character's body smashed into two inches, or the bodies will seem to be made out of rubber... It's nice to relive those days.

    I remember the days when I was 6 years old and I would watch the old and classic Tom and Jerry Tales. It's nice to relive those days of this new animated cartoon series. I couldn't ask for more perfect Tom and Jerry series for the New Millienium. The music for the Tom and Jerry Tales is excellent (but I hated when they decided to change the music for Season 2.) Jerry's laugh is annoying but it's tolerable b/c it doesn't happen often. Somehow, the basic plot becomes more complicated but intresting. I adored how each episode seems to share a theme.

    I missed the days when Kids' WB! aired nothing c"artoonies", but with Tom and Jerry Tales, it's nice to relive.
  • Sweet

    This is one of my favorite shows. I'm embarrassed to say this, but I'm not a little kid and I still love this show. In my opinion, Tom and Jerry Tales is the pinnacle of comedy animation. One would think that the story of a cat chasing a mouse and in the process destroying the owner's house, constantly making himself odious in the sight of a mean dog, and somehow always arousing the hatred of the owner would get old. But it doesn't. This show is still an awesome source of comedy entertainment. I would recommend it to a 4 year old child as well as an adult. And I'm sort of ashamed to say it.
  • This show was good.

    This show is great! they did a very good job making for the show. This is way better than the 70's Tom and Jerry and Tom and Jerry Kids also the 80's Tom and Jerry. But the original Tom and Jerry is still the best.

    Ok, it's just the same as the original Tom and Jerry did. It's all about cat and mouse named Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. There just chasing all the time.

    They bring back Butch(the black cat), Spike and Tyke, and many more from the original Tom and Jerry. The humor was quite good. Well my brother, hated this show so much. That's all I got. Thank you and goodbye.
  • I have been waiting for this.

    I am glad this show has finally come. It is mostly about the adventures of Tom the cat, and Jerry the mouse. Remember the old Tom and Jerry episodes? This is mostly what the show is like. There is a lot of comedy. There isn't voices to the main characters, but that doesn't matter considering the comedy. This show is great for people who miss the old Tom and Jerry shows. This show really doesn't need any characters besides Tom and Jerry. I will conclude this review by saying this is a great show for anybody that wants to watch Tom and Jerry again.
  • Finally!

    Finally! Another Tom and Jerry is airing. I'm really sick of the old Tom and Jerry show because they play the episodes I have already watched. What's good in the show is that Tom and Jerry are different. Their drawings are different. So far I'm liking the show but I wish more characters would appear.
  • There's finally back in new adventures! And in the saturday mornings besides!

    I really love Tom and Jerry. And i'm glad for the back in a new cartoons series. The music and design are quietly great for a show like this. And Tom and Jerry was still cool and nice than in the early cartoon series created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. I hope only that this series continued!

    I'd give this show a 10, especially if you are a Tom And Jerry fanatic since the original show is on cartoon network. The animation and color is flawless and the chases get better and funnier. If you were me, I'd go ahead and give this show anything over a 8 of 9.