Tom and Jerry Tales

The CW (ended 2008)





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  • A big disappointment that left an ugly scar on Tom and Jerry's reputation.

    Tom and Jerry was one of TV's few perfect cartoons that left everyone laughing. Born before my parents existed, Tom and Jerry is still a cult classic and always will be, but this review isn't about Tom and Jerry, this review is about it's bastard grandson, Tom and Jerry tales. Talk about turning one of my favorite cartoons modern. The shame it brings only starts with the fact that none of the sound effects from the original Tom and Jerry are in this piece of dog poop. You might think that that isn't a big deal, but it actually kind of is since half of the humor came from Tom's famous yells. Another problem is the music in this craptoon. Remember how in Tom and Jerry had an orchestra that was calibrated with everything the characters did and how they felt? Remember how nice it was? Well Tom and Jerry Tales has that too, minus the well fitting tunes that was replaced with annoying sounds. You really have to hear the orchestra for yourself to understand how much it brings this "successor" down. Aside from that , Tom and Jerry Tales remains humorless and unatractive, making it dull and a nuicance to watch.