Tom and Jerry Tales - Season 1

The CW (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Piranha Be Loved By You: Tom seeks romance with a female cat (making Jerry jealous) at the boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Jersey, but a large piranha that's been rejected by fishermen is making it difficult for him.

    Spook House Mouse: Tom and Jerry's chasing each other lead them into a carnival's haunted house where they are faced with enchanted mirrors, a live roller coaster, and scariest of all, ghosts.

    Abracadumb: Tom is a famous magician and Jerry lives in the theater he performs at in the rafters and does his own similar magic show. They eventually engage in a duel of magic.moreless
  • Tin Cat of Tomorrow: Fed up with Tom's incompetence, Mrs. Two Shoes orders the Verminator 7000, an efficient robot cat which easily makes short work of Jerry as Tom gets the boot. Tom and Jerry then work together to put the tin-plated tabby out for good. Beefcake Tom: Flabby, out-of-shape Tom can't even chase Jerry anymore. When one their chases leads to a gym, Jerry decides to give Tom his own brand of exercise regime to get him back to a fighting physique. Tomcat Superstar: Tom is a famous, rich star, but he is bored. Ignoring his agent's protests, he quits showbiz and retires to a farm. However, he quickly learns his prima donna attitude doesn't cut it in the country.moreless
  • Destruction Junction: When the builders of a new skyscraper need to go to the hospital after they all get stuck with splinters, Spike is made temporary foreman and hires Tom as his lone construction worker to finish the building. Of course, Jerry is there to cause trouble as usual. Battle of the Power Tools: Tom and Jerry win the lottery and each decide to have a mansion built across from one another. With Jerry's coming out better, Tom pulls out as much money as he can to make his the superior mansion with disastrous results! Jackhammered Cat: A typical Tom and Jerry chase cause them to wind up near a construction site behind a fence as the crew has their lunch set up at a table. Tom tries various schemes to do what he can to get to Jerry and the food. But the task is difficult with Spike as the guard dog.moreless
  • Octo Suave: Tom drags Jerry out on a fishing trip in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and encounters various forms of sea life. After Tom gets an accidental makeover from various sea items, he's mistaken for a mermaid by Morizzio, a very amorous Italian octopus who gives a relentless chase.

    Beach Bully Bingo: It's Tom's best scheme to catch Jerry yet, so he creates a fiery bomb blast device. Meanwhile, Jerry has planned to go to Hawaii for the day, so instead of their usual chases, Tom and Jerry go to Hawaii for fun and romance. But their good time is spoiled when muscleheads Spike and Butch horn in on their spot. Tom and Jerry then team up and work together to get the muscleheads to battle each other in feats of strength.

    Treasure Map Scrap: Tom and Jerry are on a pirate ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and they get into an argument over a treasure map. Tom tries to trap Jerry so he can inherit the treasure. Fortunately, a friendly swordfish is able to rescue Jerry as Tom seeks the treasure underwater and is surprised when the treasure turns out to be glowing golden bits of cheese from the year 1879.moreless
  • Cat Nebula: In outer space in the future, Jerry is captain of a mouse-run freighter transversing the Cat Nebula. Tom is a green-skinned alien who attempts to get onboard and make a meal out of Jerry. Martian Mice: At a farm, giant-sized mice from Mars abduct Jerry and Tom, believing the latter is a chicken, which they need to lay eggs to make a cake for their queen's birthday party. As the two try to escape, they get mixed in with the cake batter as the queen gets quite a surprise. Spaced Out Cat: Tom is saddened when his girlfriend makes off with Spike on his motorcycle. He learns of a contest in which any amateur astronaut can build their own spaceships in which the first who successfully lands on the Moon will win a money prize of 1 1/2 billion dollars. Tom builds his rocket and blasts off, but Jerry hitches a ride and causes trouble, resulting in a crash landing. Spike arrives having built his own rocket cycle, but Tom gets the last laugh when the dog get bonked on the head and his girlfriend returns to him for a kiss.moreless
  • Ho Ho Horrors: While asleep on Christmas Eve, Tom fantasizes of finally getting Jerry. But the mouse actually enters his dream to prevent it from becoming true.

    Doggone Hill Hog: Tom and Jerry's winter chase is disrupted by Spike, who declares himself king of the hill as he hogs it with a sled, denying them any chance of having fun.

    Northern Light Fish Fight: In mountainous and cold state of Alaska, Tom and Jerry each go ice fishing. When only Jerry successfully catches a fish, Tom goes out of his way and tries to make a meal out of both of them.moreless
  • Fire Breathing Tom Cat: Tom tries to be a good knight, but has a bad day of it when the king sends him forth to slay a vicious dragon. A quick game of hot potato with the dragon's fire ends up with the medieval moggy getting burned in the end. Medieval Menace: During a chase, Tom and Jerry stumble into a castle that houses a bratty princess. While there, they find a couple of magic wands and engage in a duel of magic. The Itch: In medieval times, Tom is a tax collector and Jerry is a pied piper playing for any change he can get in a mouse village. When a rat rock group comes into the picture and performs "The Itch", everyone is literally itchy as they're all covered with fleas. Jerry finds the solution on how to get rid of them and the rats reward him by letting him join their band with Tom collecting their concert money.moreless
  • Digital Dilemma: Tom builds a personal computer from junkyard parts. When lightning strikes, he and Jerry are zapped into a virtual world where they tussle in cyberspace. Hi, Robot: After a young boy plays a prank on Tom with his remote-controlled toy mouse, the cat dresses it up as female to use against Jerry. This gives a whole new meaning to the term "living doll". Tomcat Jetpack: Tom dons an expermental flying suit and has fun tormenting Spike and Jerry with his airborne antics. But eventually, they devise a scheme to take him down.moreless
  • Din-O-Sores / Freaky Tiki / Prehisterics
    Din-O-Sores: Tom and Jerry wash up on a prehistoric island where dinosaurs still exist. When they each adopt an egg that hatch baby dinosaurs, they use the animals, which quickly grow to giant proportions, to battle each other. Freaky Tiki: Tom is trying to relax on the beach of a tropical island, but Jerry continously provokes him. The chase leads to a tiki statue that when it's stuck too many times, causes a volcano to erupt and place Tom and Jerry under a spell that draws them to it. When they enter a cave, they encounter a fire goddess who tries to put a fiery end to the cat and mouse. Prehisterics: A narrator tells the tale of prehistoric times that feature Tom and Jerry's ancestors - a sabretooth cat and a cavemouse that struggle to survive a world of dinosaurs, a harsh winter, discovering ways to hunt and building fires to keep warm.moreless
  • Bats What I Like about the South: On Halloween night, another regular Tom and Jerry chase ends them up in an old southern house near a graveyard. But luckily, Jerry is able to turn the tables on Tom with the help of a friendly white bat.

    Fraidycat Scat: Tom moves into the old southern house as its already occupied by Jerry, who finds him an unwelcome guest. To get rid of him, Jerry uses scare tactics against the cat as he's watching a horror movie. But both are in for a fright when a real ghost appears!

    Tomb It May Concern: Tom and Jerry dig for treasure at the Pyramids of Egypt. But they're in for trouble when they encounter a mummy among the various perils.

  • Way Off Broadway: Tom and Jerry compete for people's attention (and money) as street performers. The competition gets really intense when various formats of music and instruments are used. Egg Beats: Jerry takes a trip out to a farm to get away from the noisy city. But now farmer Tom gets annoyed by the mouse's radio playing until he notices a hen is inspired to lay eggs by hearing the music. However, Jerry continues playing his tunes, which leads to an overwhelming amount of eggs, which is more than Tom can handle. Cry Uncle: Jerry's Uncle Pecos visits from out west which leads to trouble when his continuous guitar playing gets on his and Tom's nerves.moreless
  • Joy Riding Jokers: When Tom chases Jerry inside a clothing store, they are mistaken for valets outside a ritzy restaurant by Spike, who gives them his magnificent red convertible to park. He instructs them not to press the "button", which Tom promptly does anyway, causing the car to go at blazing speeds as Tom and Jerry take an intense joyride around the city.

    Cat Got Your Luggage?: Tom and Jerry accidentally trash a fancy hotel lobby in New York, during a chase, and the manager makes Tom work as a bellhop to pay for the damage. Jerry makes his new job all that much harder. But when Tom tells the manager of Jerry's presence, that's when the real chase begins.

    City Dump Chumps: Another Tom and Jerry chase causes them to wind up in a garbage truck (disguised as a worn couch) which takes them to the dump. While here, Tom tries to catch Jerry while he's having his lunch (Pepperoni Pizza, Root Beer, and Vegetable Lo Mein). But he has some competition in the form of Butch, who's made the junkyard his turf.

  • Tiger Cat: Tom chases Jerry into a zoo where Tom disturbs a talented, artistic monkey and ruins his paintings. Afterward, he paints Tom to look like a tiger. But trouble arises when the cat and mouse are chased by what seems to be a real tiger. Feeding Time: Tom is working at a zoo run by Spike, who orders him not to allow anyone to feed the animals. Jerry then starts to frame Tom for feeding them so he will get in trouble. Polar Peril: In the Arctic, when Tom and Butch chase Jerry, they find the mouse well protected by polar bear. They then try various schemes to get the bear out of the way, but with little success.moreless