Tom and Jerry Tales

Season 2 Episode 2

Zent out of Shape / I Dream of Meanie / Which Witch

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 29, 2007 on The CW

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  • One of the worst

    Zent out of shape is an incredibly bad cartoon. Why? Well first of all, there is almost no plot. It goes like this: Tom and Jerry are in China. They live in a typical ancient chinese temple. Tom tries to work in his garden, but he can't cause Jerry keeps loudly playing typical chinese music. Thats pretty much it. And on top of that, there isn't a lot of music, just sound effects, the voice acting is crap, the animation is bad and cartoon isn't funny in the slightest. The ONLY good thing is the backgrounds. They look incredible. Still I am gonna give only 2/10 because backgrounds this cartoons horriblesness (yeah I know there's no such word). Bottom line: Astonishing cartoon, but still there are/is worse (It's greek to me-ow)