Tom and Jerry

Season 3 Episode 46

Advance and Be Mechanized

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1967 on CBS

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  • Can I Be Editor????? I Want To Be An Editor!!!!!!!!!

    Chuck Jones envisioned the future really well. He created "Duck Dodgers And The Return Of The 24 1/2 Century", and a future of Tom & Jerry with Robots, and computers. Yes, they had computers in both of these. I liked when Marvin said "Oh Drat these computers are so naughty and so complex! I could Pinch Them!" And then he says "....How Am I Going To Solve The Earth's Problems? That's Easy! I'm Going To Blow It Up!" But I didn't like when T & J blew each other up in "Guided Mousile Or Science On A Wet Afternoon". But this one was the best exapmle of the future ones. And I enjoyed the end where they get injured and take control of T & J and they keep smaking each other........