Tom and Jerry

Season 1 Episode 12

Baby Puss

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1943 on CBS
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Baby Puss
A little girl dresses up Tom to look like a baby. Jerry thinks this is hilarious, so when the girl leaves, he whistles to three alley cats to come see in order to humiliate Tom.

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  • When Tom and Jerry is good, it's very, VERY good, but when it's bad, it's horrid.

    The original Tom and Jerry is truly one of the greatest cartoons of all time and I have loved the shorts since childhood. Its music is brilliant, the famous cat and mouse duo are unforgettable characters, and best of all, it's comedic gold. Almost every single gag and piece of slapstick is perfectly timed and makes the audience laugh their hearts out. Even the not-so-good episodes like "The Lonesome Mouse" (because they talk in that one and the slapstick isn't up to Tom and Jerry standards, in my opinion) are worth watching at least once.

    When I recently bought some classic Tom and Jerry DVDs I watched some of the episodes with my mother and father and we were all entertained. But then I decided to watch "Baby Puss". I don't know what my mother and father thought about it by the end but I can tell you right now that "Baby Puss" is not only the worst Tom and Jerry short I've ever watched, but one of the worst episodes of any cartoon I've ever watched. Its music is good as always but that's its only redeeming factor. It's cruel, even for Tom and Jerry. It's sickeningly mean-spirited and there is absolutely nothing funny about it whatsoever. Re-watching the episode for this review, I didn't laugh once. Not once.

    A girl forces Tom to pretend to be a baby, wearing baby clothes and lying in a cradle with some milk. Tom is enjoying the milk but then Jerry appears, and from then on the episode is primarily about Tom being humiliated for his situation. Jerry makes baby noises in mockery of him and after a lacklustre chase scene, Jerry tricks Butch, Meathead and Topsy into seeing Tom in his situation and they, along with Jerry, proceed to laugh at, bully, and humiliate him for the rest of the episode, for being forced into a situation he never wanted to be in.

    Slapstick in Tom and Jerry is so funny because it's so well-timed. For example, in "A Mouse in the House", there's a scene where Tom disguises himself as Mammy Two-Shoes, and when Butch runs to what he thinks is Two-Shoes to show "her" Jerry whom he caught, Tom reveals who he really is to the audience, snatches Jerry from Butch and bashes him on the head with a saucepan. That was funny. However, there is absolutely nothing funny about someone being bullied or publicly humiliated, especially if they did nothing to deserve it, and whether they're real or fictional makes no difference at all. Watching this episode, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Tom; he did nothing to deserve his humiliation, and so watching him suffer is a truly painful experience.

    Tom never even gets the chance to get revenge on any of them, and then the girl comes back to punish him for leaving the cradle by forcing him to take castor oil which tastes so disgusting that he throws up. Oh, and Jerry laughs at him when he does. Laughing at someone for throwing up is beyond horrible. Jerry at least gets his comeuppance when some of the castor oil falls into his mouth and he suffers the same fate as Tom, but by this point I found myself feeling too angry at this episode's cruelty to care.

    The original Tom and Jerry shorts are brilliant and comedic gold, but "Baby Puss" is truly awful. It presents bullying and public humiliation as comedy, which is apalling even for 1943 when cartoons could get away with more. This is the only classic Tom and Jerry short I would strongly advise you against watching. I hope I will never have to watch this episode ever again. I'd rather watch the 1992 Movie.moreless
  • Baby Puss is the only episode of Tom and Jerry which I seriously think is unbearable.

    Even the greatest of cartoons has an episode which isn't up to scratch. As with Tom and Jerry, this is the only episode of the Hanna-Barbera era (1940s-1950s) which I think is not just bad, it is apalling. I can't even watch it anymore. I don't know what the creators were thinking when they made this episode, because there is nothing funny or entertaining about it in the slightest.

    The main reason this episode sucks? The little girl in it! She is just a brat with serious problems. Her voice is cringinglynasally and bossy, and her rude attitude would make me want to march right up to her and give her a slap round the face. Worse? She actually wins in the end, and why she deserves to is beyond me.

    And when she's gone, Jerry decides to get Tom's brutally stupid "friends" in to fill her role, and, would you believe it, they actually make the episode even worse. His so-called friends are nothing but mean-spirited jerks who take advantage of the situation Tom has been put into and bully him senseless. The dance sequence that occurs is very annoying and unnecessary, and watching the cats abuse and humiliate Tom in such a manner is painfully unfunny.

    Watching Tom get tortured by Jerry is usuallyhilarious for obvious reasons, but in this episode, you really feel sorry for him. Tom does nothing wrong to anybody in the episode and yet he is subjected to all of this cruelty, and personally it reminds me of the times when everyone used to kick me around like a football during my childhood.

    And after his friends leave, the little girl comes back to punish Tom once more by feeding him castor oil in a high chair. Jerry accidentally consumes an amount of that horrific stuff too, and the episode ends with them both vomiting out the window. I mean, it couldn't have ended worse. You would think Tom would get his revenge on at least the little girl for causing it all in the first place, but no, of course not. The little girl is too "innocent" apparently.

    "Baby Puss" is the only true failure in the Hanna-Barbera era of classic shorts; it's almost unwatchable, and instead of the great sense of fun the show's episodes usually have, this episode replaces that with an aggravting sense ofmean stupidity.moreless
Sara Berner

Sara Berner

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Jack Mather (I)

Jack Mather (I)

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Harry Lang

Harry Lang

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William Hanna

William Hanna

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    • The Small Cat: Look fellas, I'm dancin', I'm dancin'!

    • (After Tom falls in the fish bowl and gets his diaper wet)
      Butch, Meathead, and the Small Cat: Aww, he fell in the fish bowl!

    • Butch: Diaper.
      Meathead: Diaper! (Hands over a diaper)
      Butch: (Puts diaper on Tom) Powder.
      Meathead: Powder! (Hands over powder)
      Butch: (Applies powder to Tom) Oil.
      Meathead: Oil! (Hands over oil)
      Butch: (Applies oil to Tom) Safety Pin.
      Meathead: Safety Pin! (Hands over a safety pin)
      (Butch sticks safety pin into Tom)
      Tom: Ooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!
      (The Small Cat silences Tom with a whack to the head using a hammer)
      Butch: Forceps.
      Meathead: Forceps! (Hands over forceps)
      Butch: (Pulls safety pin out of Tom with forceps) Rubber Pants.
      Meathead: Rubber Pants! (Hands over a pair of rubber pants)
      (Butch puts the rubber pants on Tom)

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