Tom and Jerry

Season 3 Episode 2

Down and Outing

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1961 on CBS

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  • Rather short..

    This cartoon is rather short. And this being one of the cartoons.. in fact, the second cartoon (I think) directed by Gene Deitch, it's a little different. But it has it's own style to it that makes it quite unique. It's a little different.. well, a lot different perhaps than the original Tom and Jerry cartoons before that but whatever.

    Tom and Jerry goes fishing. While Tom is just minding his own business and probably wouldn't even bother Jerry, the evil mouse Jerry kicks Tom off the moving car. This is the style of Gene Deitch's cartoons of Tom and Jerry I think. It makes the rating lower. Tom's the one who should start the fights, not Jerry. Mouses probably wouldn't even try to start a fight with a cat.