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new episodes moniker??

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    [1]Apr 25, 2013
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    i stopped watching tom and jerry on cartoon network and boomerang because i've got extremely frustrated, and they've added blackie the cat, and the 1980s T&J comedy show slapped onto the show itself, and they've created new episodes with them without margin of error.

    is there any reason why cartoon network would add new episodes of the 2010's tom and jerry reruns? this literally makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever.

    ok, it's like this:

    this rerun does not play random episodes like in the past. instead, it often cheats by picking a selected episodes of tom and jerry, blackie the cat, and the 1980s comedy show, such as pied piper puss.

    here is my evidence of the episodes debunked:

    evidence 1: first, it plays bad luck blackie. after this episode, then it skips straight to kitty foiled as part of the new episode.

    tom and jerry fans, could you search for answers on why the new episodes moniker that makes no sense?

    cartoon network likes to cheat nowadays by repeating the same episodes of the classic MGM show we all love .

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